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Children’s page Dear children avoid the curses of speechless creatures


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“O brother, don’t get angry, the birds that you are shooting are also living beings like us. If these birds fail to reach their home, their young ones will die. You will be held responsible for their death likewise, if your parents…..” The boy stopped them from saying more with furious eyes and said “O, you don’t need to tell tales. Understand! My father presented me this catapult on my passing the examinations. It’s very expensive and if I don’t kill sparrow with it should I kill rat with it?” Shahzad said “Brother, this catapult is only for aiming at. If your father had spent this amount of money in some other

Sparrow’s operation:Shakila at once said, “Dear Mother, the sparrow got well soon after Shahzad gave it the medicine and dressed its wounds. Plus it was topped with the blessing of Allah Almighty. We did not tell you as you might get offended.” The mother said, “No, my children. You have done a great job indeed, you really deserve a pat on your back for this deed, and everyone will appreciate you. If we feel for other human beings like this, certainly all our problems will be solved. We should take lesson from these animals. We should take care of others as these animals and birds do. You see when a bird dies; all other birds gather and mourn over the death of their companion. I am very pleased to know that you have tried to save the life of a sparrow” Shakila said, “ Brother, the sparrow is trying to come out of your fist” Shahzad said, “Freedom is so dear to all but we shall set it free tomorrow.” The mother said, “My dear children, don’t waste a moment in doing a good deed; set the sparrow free right now.” Both the brother and sister looked towards the sparrow and she also glanced at them and tossed her head as if thanking them.The sparrow flew away and sat on the wall of the house. Shahzad again ran to catch her but his mother stopped him and said, “Let her go son. Now it will fly by herself; she is thanking you both.” Tears flooded their eyes. Shahzad and Shakila waved their hands as if saying Salaam to that innocent creature.

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Innocent Birds Are Also Living-Things: One day they were coming back from the school. They saw a boy who was shooting birds with the help of a catapult. Shahzad said to Shakila ‘look. That boy is hunting the birds; let’s stop him from doing so ‘both the brother and the sister went to him and said ‘O brother! Why are you killing the innocent birds? What wrong they have done to you?’ The boy saw them in anger and said “Who are you to stop me”

coming from the beak of the sparrow. Shahzad was very upset. After dressing the sparrow, Shahzad put her in his cupboard. Next morning, the mother got upset to see both of them missing from their bedroom. She saw both the brother and sister in the lawn, trying to make the sparrow fly. On asking, they told her the whole story.

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Shahzad and Shakila were considered the best students in the school because they always got excellent marks. Thus, the principal often excused them for their mischiefs.

good thing, he would have surely got blessings, but now these dumb creatures would curse him.” The boy got angry at this. He aimed his catapult to them and said, “Go or I shall shoot you” Shakila instantly caught hold of Shahzad’s arm and both moved away to home. When they reached home, their mother said, “My son! What is the matter? You seem a bit offended. Have you got much homework today?” Shakila said, “Dear mother, you know Shahzad’s habit. A boy was shooting birds with a catapult. Shahzadforbided him from doing so but the boy got angry and directed his catapult towards us and that’s it”. Droplets of Blood on Book; How? The mother said, “My son, I have often advised you not to quarrel with boys. Here people kill humans; not to speak of animals and birds. It is useless to advise others these days. Shahzad said, “But my dear mother, it is our duty to save wildlife and to look after them. The animals are also living beings like us having children and parents as well. Their parents also feel if someone kills the young ones as you do. Dear mother, how will you feel if someone hurts us?” The mother replied, “Please forgive me my son; you are right I just said it by the way.” One day Shahzad and Shakila were busy in their homework at home. Suddenly they saw splashes of blood on their books. They got frightened and stood up to see here and there. After a few seconds, some tiny feathers fell on them. Shahzad looked up to the ceiling fan and said, “something might have stuck with the fan” Then instantly a throbbing sound came from under the sofa seat. He bowed down and was shocked to see a sparrow fluttering her feathers desperately. Shahzad held her in his hands very cautiously and asked Shakila to bring first aid box at once. When Shahzad wanted to make her drink some water from the glass, the water in the glass became red due to the blood


Shahzad and Shakila were siblings. They were very naughty. The inhabitants of the neighbourhood often complained against them to their mother. Their mother took them into account but they both got free with the help of their innocence and with their soft words. Then their mother used to get got offended with neighbors. At this both the naughty children laughed at the simplicity of their mother and when she ran to punish them, they hid themselves behind their father. Their father loved them both very much.

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Syed OwaisMehmood; Karachi “My son, I have often advised you not to quarrel with boys. Here people kill humans; not to speak of animals and birds. It is useless to advise others these days”. “Mother, it is our duty to save wildlife and to look after them”

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