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Spiritual diseases, Spiritual treatments Writhing,fuming & strange letters resulting fromblack magic, & its treatment.

Sad stories, bitten by black magic!

Reply:A human being is based on illusion & believes. In terms of religion,this is called doubt & faith. Allah forbids placing doubts in the mind& orders to firm the belief. This doubt & believe keeps effecting our brain cells all the time. The more the doubt increases, the more it will damage the brain cells. Our nerves work under the influence of these brain cells & human life is actually the movement of nerves. When the mind is dominated by doubts, one gives the status of reality to his assumptions. These thoughts increase the feeling of failure & defeat for example, fear of having wasted the good deeds &hopelessness about the future etc… The purpose of describing these things is that while keeping away from doubt &suspicions as much as you can, strengthen your belief & keep your fears about future altogether away from your mind. If you intend to do some work, don’t focus on anything else. Say your prayers regularly, after Fajr&Isha prayers recite “Surah Fateha” 21 times & blow on your heart. Insha’Allah very soon your mental confusion will be over. Friends make fun of me:


I do not suffer any physical illness but I have lost mental concentration. It seems as if some invisible power has bound my mind. There is a chain of never ending problems at home, family misunderstandings have increased. Sometimes I think of leaving the house due to this environment. Considering the circumstances please give your opinion & advice. (Nadeem Ahmed, Karachi) Reply: One cannot completely change his surroundings or stay absolutely unconcerned. However in these circumstances one should keep himself away from distress & anxiety so that his mental energy is least wasted.Moreover, reciting “YaHayuYaQayumo” in abundancewill be useful in every respect. Recite it in abundance.

ُ ْ َ َْ َّ ‫ات‬ ‫ﺎﰲ‬ ِ ‫اﻟﺴ ٰﻤ َﻮ‬ ِ ‫اﻟﻌﻈ َﻤﺔ ِهلل ِ َﻣ‬

forty one times, blow on water & drink it. Continue this practice for ninety days. Insha’Allah with spiritual practice & treatment, your mental & physical health will be restored. No marriage proposals I am the only daughter of my oppressed mother. My mother was divorced before my birth. I have never seen my father. I have completed my graduation recently & now I’m planning to do masters. So far, there are no marriage proposals for me although I’m polite & beautiful & there are no financial problems. When people meet me, they are impressed by my personality & appreciate me, & value my sincerity as well. However, presently there are no marriage proposals for me.(HinaHayder, Lahore)


To acquire mental concentration

Reply: In the night at a fixed time, recite the following words for five minutes, “Al AzmatuLillahe Ma Fissamawat” after this, keep sitting silently for ten minutes. Continue this practice for at least two months. In the early morning, recite

ar i.o




Reply: If there is no defect in the structure of tongue, the following practice will be Insha’Allah useful. Recite “KaafHaaYaaAeinSuaad” one thousand times & blow on a paper, also write these letters on that paper. Keep this paper inside your pillow. Remember that your pillow should not be used by anyone else. At night, before sleeping, slowly repeat these letters eleven times. Always talk slowly & give pauses so that you get more & more control over your tongue movement.

my bones show, heart perturbs, hands & feet become cold. I am also taking m edical treatment. (Nadeem Ahmed, Gujrat)

bq ar i.

I am a student. My speech is well but I’m unable to speak some specific letters with right pronunciation. I try my best to speak properly but do not succeed. Due to my sudden incorrect pronunciation, the situation becomes hilarious & I face embarrassment. That’s why I try to keep away from my friends & relatives as much as possible. (Sheikh Amjad, Lahore)

enthusiasm for any work &I feel very bad to talk to anyone. Often when I think of future, extreme pessimism surrounds me. Suddenly I feel like crying. Before this, I used to participate in routine activities but now the situation is unlike that. At one time,I intend to do something & then some other idea takes over my heart. In short, my mind is always captured by a strange dilemma.(Tahira, Multan)


Unable to speak properly

or g

Please don’t send any kind of cash in the envelope. For issues requiring attention, send response envelop (with address written on). Write briefly &just on one side of the page. Do not use additional gum, tape or stapler because it tears the letter while opening. Privacy will be ensured. Write your name, city’s name &your complete address clearly on the response envelop otherwise your letter will not be responded due to incomplete address.

ُ ‫“ َاي َو َّﮬ‬three Reply: After Isha prayer, recite ‫ﺎب‬


w w


hundred times (with DurudShareef eleven times before & after) & imagine for five minutes that you are under Allah’s divine throne. After this, pray to Allah & continue this practice for forty days. The days when this practice cannot I am a student of class 10 & my age is nineteen be performed should be counted & completed years. My condition is such that I can’t do any afterwards. work; all my body aches& my body is unable to cope up with my intentions.All the time I keep Weakness of bones thinking about my illness. I am suffering from the disease of weak bones. Hopelessness occupies My health is poor & hands & feet are very weak, I am all the time occupied by mental confusion; Sometimes it comes to my mind perhaps I will home environment is also bitter & tense. I am sudden despair & depression overcomes me. lose my life now. This illusion is stuck to my suffering from anemia & have dark circles Neither I take heart in studying, nor is there any mind. Myfriends make fun of me. I’m very weak;

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