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Growing Show… Thai Water 2013…

6th June,


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Welcome Indonesian delegates

PERPAMSI, the Indonesia Water Supply Association, has brought 79 delegates from Indonesia to visit Thai Water 2013. (PERPAMSI is one and only organisation for its members in their struggle to improve piped water service for all Indonesian people. Their primary focus is on developing the capacity of its members to improve their performance in water supply.) The June 5-8 show was the 2nd presentation of Thai Water, the inaugural event being held in Bangkok in 2012. Today, water plays an ever more critical role in our lives and the significance of Thai Water 2013 cannot be underestimated. Thailand is highly dependent on this essential element, even more so following the impressive growth of industry throughout the Kingdom. And there will be more to come with the opening of the AEC in less than two years. The first day of the event received excellent feedback from those in attendance and visitors numbered 4060. More than 20 groups were present and visitors from a wide variety of industries were observed. Following the Advisor to Deputy Prime Minister’s address his Honor presided over the International Conference which began with the first Plenary Session Chaired by Dr. Chongrak Polprasert at 10:30 am. Three other Plenary Sessions will take place throughout the day and on 7th June the panel discussion

Korean in Thai Water

will be discussed on “Moving towards Green and Clean Water” Subjects cover by the Plenary Sessions prove both fascinating and potentially profitable for entrepreneurs and businesses. They will cover everything from Water purification for 21st Century industry to Flood Management and Waste Water-to-Energy. The speakers, all experts in their field, will be eagerly sought following the official luncheon and at the numerous coffee breaks held throughout the day. Thailand is now actively pursuing a professionally planned Thai Water Program that has been designed by experts. The goal is to prepare the country for the extra demands industrial expansion will bring when the Asean Economic Community becomes a reality in 2015 and water plays an even more significant role in all our lives. Mr. M. Gandhi, Managing Director of UBM Asia (Thailand), the show organiser since its inception, extends his grateful appreciation for the ongoing support of JGSEE and KMUTT for their professional support of this major event.

developing the water and wastewater works and educating water industry employees, giving a certification for water related products and public relation for citizen and then some. Especially for establishing the global relationships to expand the water industry of Korea around the world, we have operated WATER KOREA in Korea and KOREAN PAVILION in overseas exposition. KOREAN PAVILION of THAI WATER 2013 is to advertise the superiority and competitiveness of the Korean water industry and I hope that you have a chance to interact with 10 companies representing the Korean water industry players in Bangkok, Thailand.

Mr. Park Won Soon, the president of KWWA said "Water for human beings, is our Power and Future. It is the best way to advance of the Water Industry if you are with Korean businesses and researchers." KWWA (Korea Water and Wastewater Works Association) under the supervision of the Minister of Environment is a non-profit organization to lead technological advancement, promote the interests and rights of members related to water field through the dissemination of new technology, and activate national publicity and international exchanges of water and wastewater works. For this, KWWA does several businesses such as researches of

Network Reception


Booth No. S 7

Clean-PVC Valve (Strainer, Check Valve), C-PVC Valve (Lined Diaphragm Valve, 3-WAY True Union Ball Valve, Swing Check Valve), PP Fitting, PP Pipe, PVDF Pipe, C-PVC Pipe


Booth No. S 9



Booth No. S 6

Solar Power Flow System, Ultrasonic Clamp-on, Counter Sniper Detection System, Sea Oil Collection System, Anemometer, Flow Tube, Gas Flow


Booth No. S 2


Booth No. S 5


Booth No. S 4


Booth No. S 3


Booth No. S 1


Booth No. S 11


Booth No. S 8

Waterproof pH Meter, Digital Thermometer, Filter Monitor with Volumizer, In-Line Single TDS Monitor, Dual Control Dosing / Injection TDS / EC Controller Butterfly Valves for Seawater Service, butterfly valve for seawater, fresh, sewerage service, Double Seared soft seal(Resillient) sluice valve, Soft (resillient) sluice valve with indicator dial set electromagnetic flow meter, Equipment for diagnosis and maintenance of valves, Digital leakage finder of interacting multipointe Circular valve chamber for tap water, Earthquake proof bell-clip type shockproof water pipe, Hook type high strength PVC double wall pipe fitting with socket/general type, DH pipe, C-PVC Pipe Sanitary Ball Valve, Welding Nipple, Stainless Control Type Stop Valve, Stainless Steel Snap Tap with Saddle, SU-Joint, Sleevein-Joint ESLON RAINSTATION, S.P.R(Spirally Pipe Renewal Method), U-trap type PVC House Inlet (MEGA House Inlet), All-In-One Type High Strength PVC Double Wall Pipe, ESLON NV PIPE


New Technology at IWAKI

Mr.Saksit Prasatkeaw, the General Manager of IWAKI Thailand has briefed that Trend of Pumps and Valves usage in Thailand is still growing due to the continuous expansion in the industry and Thailand becomes hub of industrial production. Every factory always installs pumps and valves for their chemical distribution or at least for their waste water treatment process. “IWAKI (Thailand) Co.,Ltd has joined Pumps and Valves Asia event for years and we think that Pumps and Valves Asia 2013 is ONLY a show in Thailand for Pumps and Valves Technology. From our experience, UBM Asia always bring in quality visitors from various countries thus it can help IWAKI to expand business internationally” said Mr. Mr.Saksit Prasatkeaw , General Manager of IWAKI (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Mr.Takeshi Ohashi, Research and Planning Manager of IWAKI said In Pumps and Valves Asia 2013, IWAKI team would like to show our newest technology on controlling Water Quality and chemical distribution pumps in this event. The highlight of this year, you will find IWAKI’s Electromagnetic metering pump with non-gas lock system.

Volume 2 Thursday 6th June, 2013

Function International

The situation of Water Scarcity and dirty water resulted from flooding and drought. We see the requirement of the system that we can convert salt water and dirty water to drinking water. In every industry, there are increasing requirements from climate changes, as the entrepreneur we have to innovate new technology and develop manpower to cope up with the changes. These all development will be part of our organisational development. Function International is the distributor of “The Newest innovative water-maker reverse osmosis from Italy”. With well proven quality material and RP TRONIC (HP patent) that automatically adjust the system working pressure with any kind of salinity and temperature of sea water. This is new technology that can produce high capacity of Water that can bring down the cost of water production per unity. Function International is also the member of Department of Export promotion and launch in new market in neighboring countries.

New product Launch at KC Mahanakorn

KC Mahanakorn Co.,Ltd is a leading authorized distributor of high quality valves and accessories imported from Japan. The company is established for more than 20 years with the mission of “AS YOUR TRUST”. KC Mahanakorn has participated in Pumps & Valves Asia event for many years. This year KC Mahanakorn is presenting new products of “YOSHITAKE” and “KAWAKI” brand. “Pumps & Valves 2013 is an international event that created good opportunity for buyers, sellers and supplier to meet each other. Valves producer has to adjust themselves for surviving in the global competition. So we as a leading distributor in the industry we have to give our customers the better quality product with our standardized services.” said by Mr. Vinai Kamchokechai, Executive Vice President of KC Mahanakorn Co.,Ltd

Thursday, 6th June 2013 Time


08.00-16.00 MR 221

Water & Wastewater Treatment in Food Industries Co-organised by: Food Science and Technology Association of Thailand (FoSTAT) and UBM Asia (Thailand) Co Ltd Language : Thai Admission Fee : FoSTAT Member / Government THB 2,500 or General THB 3,000

08.00-16.30 MR 212- International Conference “Thai Water 2013 : Water for the Future” MR 213 ● Water Safety/ Water Purification (Room 214) ● Residue Treatment & Sludge & Water Technology/ Flood Management (Room 215) Co-organised by: The Joint Graduate School of Energy & Environment (JGSEE) , Center for Energy Technology and Environment Center of Excellence on Energy Technology & Environment (CEEPERDO) King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) and UBM Asia (Thailand) Co Ltd Language : English / Thai Admission Fee : Private Company 1 day THB 3,210 or 2 days THB 5,350 Government 1 day THB 1,605 or 2 days THB 2,675 / Student 1 or 2 days THB 1,070

Technology Presentation by Exhibitors Time


10.00-10.40 103-B How to test monitor your water before recovery and reuse by Eco Scientific Co.,Ltd (Hall 103) Language : Thai 11.40-12.20 103-B Sustainable water management through recovery and reuse by Bermad Ltd (Hall 103) Language : English 14.20-15.00 103-B Innovative Solutions for Wastewater Aeration and Process Control by Techno Pump Co., Ltd (Hall 103) Language : Thai

* Figures include RE, EP, PV & THW

“SWA members can benefit from presenting their water-related technologies at THAI WATER 2013 to customers not just from Thailand and the ASEAN region, but also internationally” Mark Wong, Singapore Water Association (SWA) “SWA is collaboration amongst private sector leaders’ intent on bringing vibrancy to Singapore’s growing water industry. The association aspires to play a role in efforts to profile and promote Singapore as a one-stop centre for water-related services and as a water technology hub”, said Wong. “Six of our members look forward to networking with water industry professionals.” Wong detailed that these SWA members are presenting the following products and services; ● Bentley Systems Singapore Pte Ltd (R9 + R11) - providing

comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure. ● GFS Filtration Pte Ltd (R10 + R12) - provide complete filtration product lines and services ● Huber Technology Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (R1) – solutions to municipal and industrial water and waste water treatment. ● Marshall Cavendish Business Information Pte Ltd (R4) publisher of business information trade directories for water-related companies. ● Pan Asian Holdings Limited (R7 + R8) – provider of more than 750 items and accessories for water purification and wastewater treatment. ● Universal Filtration Solutions Asia Pte Ltd (R5) - supplier of liquid filtration system

“We believe that THAI WATER 2013 will bring relevant and genuine buyers and stakeholders from water-related government bodies, state-owned companies, building consultants, residential, commercial and industrial building developers to meet face-to-face to showcase our solutions and generate sales leads. It is also an opportunity for SWA members to meet with potential distributors and discuss business opportunities.” said Wong

E-Show Daily2 Thai Water 2013  

E-Show Daily2 Thai Water 2013

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