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Table of Contents Intro Next-Gen Competency #1 - Collaboration Next-Gen Competency #2 - Communicative Next-Gen Competency #3 - Creative Next-Gen Competency #4 - Flexible Next-Gen Competency #5 - Whole Systems Thinking Next-Gen Competency #6 - Critical Thinking Next-Gen Competency #7 - Globally Oriented Contact Us and Get Started





ongratulations on signing up to receive Ubiquity University’s free guide to “The 7 Next-Generation Competencies needed to become a High-Impact Entrepreneur”.

By signing up to receive this guide you have acknowledged that we are all participating in one of the great transitions in human history. It is happening right now, in real-time. And it’s happening faster than we think. We live in an age of interconnectedness, hyper-complexity and technological change that will not only challenge how we survive and prosper as individuals and collectives, but how we shape our future as a planet. Will we see an evolutionary crash or a great leap forward? Will humanity choose to survive at the expense of other living systems or will we find a collective approach that maximizes our human potential in a way that promotes and sustains planetary thriving for all? Are we even prepared to face the challenges of a new world? The answers to these questions are more far-reaching, profound and impactful than we can possibly imagine. Your interest in Ubiquity University tells us that you already know this. Perhaps you have seen and experienced this change all around you. Or perhaps you can feel it in your gut. You can sense where you want to go, but you are not sure how to get there. Well, guess what? Your instincts are not wrong. And you’ve come to the right place. In Ubiquity University, you have found the world’s leading community of progressive thinkers and change-makers that share your instinct, your passion and your purpose. You are not alone. You are not the only one who senses these seismic shifts. You are not the only one sensing the need for a profound change in education and skills development to prepare us for these changes.

The No. 1 CEO challenge is hypercomplexity. Higher Ed is not equipping graduates with the right mindset or skills - 1,500 CEO’s on Education, IBM Global CEO Study.

Students don’t believe traditional education drives job skills. Bottom line. Skills matter. Hard to get them.

Global gap between the skills job seekers have and the skills employers’ need...represents 3.7 million job in the US alone

- McKinsey on Education

- US Chamber of Commerce.



n short, education today is broken. It is not equipping graduates with the skillset, the mindset or the tool set they need to thrive in a hypercomplex world. To add to this, higher education today is entirely unaffordable. Ubiquity seeks to address these shortcomings by offering an integral whole system approach, an approach that will develop holistic, competency based, solution-focused skills. And it will do so at globally affordable rates. At Ubiquity University we want to spark a global revolution in education that will help you, and the millions around the world just like you, to build out the skillset, the mindset and the toolset you need to face the challenges of this new day, so that together we can create a world that works for everyone!

So, how can you do this? Do you have the skillset you need succeed in your work or find your dream job? Do you have what it takes to become a street-savvy, resilient and resourceful entrepreneur who knows how to leverage all the wealth in your ecosystem? Do you know how you can really bring your passion, creativity and skills to the world? How can you best use your skills, and leverage them and the passion of those around you, in this world of unprecedented interconnectedness, hypercomplexity and change?

The answer is simple. You need a whole new kind of education because it is a whole new kind of world. You can’t solve today’s problems with yesterday’s thinking. You need to build out the specific next-generation competencies that are critical to success in the emerging global paradigm. And you need to do it now, because the world is changing fast. This is the time to upgrade yourself.

Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no-one alive that is you-er than you!

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire - William Butler Yates

- Dr. Seuss

Today’s connected economy is full of ambiguity, and the characteristics needed to navigate that ambiguity are collaboration, creativity and communication - Australian CEO, IBM CEO Study, 2012

This guidebook is the first step in what we hope will be a life changing journey in educational content, self-mastery and positive, tangible global change that will be felt by all. By the end of this guidebook you will know exactly which competencies you need to survive and thrive in today’s world. You will be able to assess your own points of strength and weakness and, through this insight, you will be able to plot your own path to a life of wealth, self-mastery and meaningful purpose.

You are now a member of our tribe. You are now a part of a revolution in education. You are now an integral part of the global mission to achieve sustainable planetary thriving. And you are committed to becoming the best version of you, for yourself and all those around you. You are local but you are also global. You are connected to everything and everyone. You are an independent global citizen that makes a difference in the world, living the life you were born to live. You are truly ubiquitous. You are Ubiquity. But more than anything, do not forget that…

We are so happy that you have joined us on this revolutionary journey in education, an education that is designed to ignite, nurture and amplify the profound genius of you. We hope that the next few pages will give you some insight into how you can map your journey towards a life of realized potential, holistic wealth and planetary thriving.


Next-Generation Competency #1 Collaboration


The ability of people and ideas to work dynamically together in the creation of something greater than the sum of its parts. You are not alone in this world. Work together. Find your chemistry. Create greatness.


Human collaboration is the foundation of human endeavor and the engine of our progress as a civilization. Work together to nurture our similarities and learn from our differences.

LIMITLESS POTENTIAL Collaboration rips apart the limitations of the individual and gives us the chance to embrace, experience and reap the benefit of a living, breathing, collective genius that is without compare. Today we are connected to each other more than we have ever been. And that means we can do anything.



or fought over. This is no longer a zero sum game. In fact, the interconnectedness birthed by new technologies means that we live in a world where possibilities to collaborate are infinite in size and scope. They are only hindered by the human apacity, our own capacity, to engage and leverage this technology towards enhanced collaboration. From positive and constructive collaboration, we will birth creativity, innovation, holistic wealth and a better future.

The simple truth is that, in today’s world, if you are not an expert collaborator, you will be left behind. You will never truly know the extent of your potential as an individual or an organization. But if you embrace this critical competency, you will begin to see and experience a world of infinite possibility. Why? Because the best kind of success isn’t birthed from isolation, competition and normative thinking. The best kind of success is sparked from collaborative creativity. It is nurtured by people and interactions that inspire you to think out of the box, take risks and change your life.

We have always known the importance of collaboration. Two heads are better than one. Teamwork makes the dream work. And all the other cliches. But this is a new world. Cliches don’t cover it. The truth is that possibilities are endless.

It’s a new day. It’s time to say “so long” to solo. There is literally nothing standing between you and the rest of the world, a world of infinite possibility.


hy? Because technology has ripped apart barriers to human linkages and given us the ways and means to communicate, ideate and execute in real time, no matter where we are. We live in a world where markets, societies and governments are connected and interdependent. We have seen an unprecedented convergence of the digital, social and mobile spheres. The old rules have changed. We cannot and should not create alone. We must become a part of the explosion in collaboration that is happening all around us. Or risk getting left behind. Today, you can pretty much collaborate with anyone, anywhere. All 7,176,809,319 of us. Technology has made this completely and utterly possible. What this means is that collaboration, and the positive dividends that come from it, is no longer an absolute good. It is not a pie that needs to be split

Never doubt that a small group of concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has - Margaret Mead

Strength lies in differences, not similarities - Stephen Covey



f collaboration is the engine of growth, then communication is undoubtedly the fuel. When you collaborate, you must inevitably communicate. You must learn to observe, listen and learn. And you must be prepared to speak well and speak wisely. Global reach, brilliant teams and innovative ideas are nothing if not for effective communication to bring it all together. This is why communicative skills are ranked #2 in IBM’s watershed 2012 study that surveyed over 1500 global CEOs for their thoughts on what individuals need to succeed in today’s world. This is not a surprising finding. Indeed, as CEOs move towards greater levels of openness and collaboration within their organizations, they are also on the lookout for employees that can thrive in these evolving environments. Employees, more so than ever, are being encouraged to speak up, exercise personal initiative, work closely with each other within and across borders and innovate across geographical, corporate and cultural boundaries. We can truly change the world by changing the way we communicate.

We are all different in how we perceive the world. Yet, there is much that we have in common, much that we can learn from one another and much that brings us together. Communication is the fire that forges this human connection. It is one of the keys to personal and professional success. And fortunately, communication is like riding a bike. It is a skill you can learn. And it is one that you will never forget. If you are willing to work at it, you can improve almost every part of your life. It’s time to get started!


Next-Generation Competency #2 Communicative LISTEN

Embrace the human connection. Tune yourself into everything in the world around you. Every, little thing. Tap into the glorious one-ness of the Universe. Are you really listening?


Be sensitive. Empathize. Truly understand. Then speak, solve and resolve.


Create bonds on every level. We cannot live well without connecting to everyone and everything around us. Together is how we make things happen.



he desire to create lies at the heart of every human endeavor and every human soul. Creativity, oiled by collaboration and communication, breeds innovation. And it is innovation that lies at the heart of success in today’s hyper-complex world. In fact, more than 50% of CEO’s surveyed in the 2012 IBM study identify innovation as one of the key sources of economic value today.

Creativity can be so difficult to channel. It is that intangible secret sauce that sets you apart from the rest and powers the engine of growth, wealth and thriving. How is it that some of us just know how to be more creative than others? Are some of us just born creative? Are the rest of us doomed? Definitely not. While some of us are certainly more creatively gifted than others, creativity is a skill that must be honed and developed. Whoever you are, you have ideas inside you waiting to be unleashed. You just need to learn how to set them free.

To be creative you must learn to open your mind to a world of infinite possibility. You need to embrace the zany madness within you and then learn to hone that wild, free spirit with a disciplined eye and a proven toolset. You must learn to connect experience and synthesize new things. You must be courageous in the knowledge that the greatest barrier to creativity is a fear of failure. You must learn to break out of the established pattern of things, to look at things in a different way and live outside the box. You must learn to trust your instincts. And you must know that creativity is infinite - the more you use it, the more of it you have.

Disruption and innovation are the drivers of success in today’s world. Just look at Facebook, Snapchat and Whatsapp. Just look at how India sent a spaceship to the moon for less than it cost took to make a movie about the same subject (Gravity). Just look at the Hemopuri-

“ “ “

Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Creativity is intelligence having fun - Albert Einstein

The enterprise that does not innovate inevitably ages and declines. And in a period of rapid change such as the present...the decline will be fast - Peter Drucker

Next-Ge Compe Creativ


eneration etency #3 ve fier, a simple device that hooks up to your dialysis machine and cures Ebola. Just look at the amazing new developments in wireless electricity, clean energy, lifestyle and wellness. The speed and proliferation of new ideas, and the potential to synthesize and expand on these ideas is truly mindboggling. It is almost an understatement to say that the possibilities are endless. (YOU COULD DO CASE STUDIES OF SOME OF THE GREAT INVENTIONS OF 2014)

of disposal income in the US alone. From an economic productivity standpoint, the “innovators”, who are looking at progressive solutions in sustainable economy, healthy lifestyles, ecological lifestyles, alternative healthcare and personal development, account for a 260 billion USD market in the United States. These demographics, and their approach to the world, are growing in number and influence. Do you want to be a part of this movement? If you do, then you need the skillset, the mindset and the toolset to unleash your inner creative.

You don’t need to be ordinary. You shouldn’t be. Ordinary is boring. Ordinary is limited. And you are anything Let’s look at some of the statistics. The cultural creative market but ordinary. It’s time to bring your unique self and your currently stands at 34% of adults that account for $1.2 trillion brilliant ideas to the world.

FREE SPIRIT A truly creative mind is unencumbered. Let your mind and your spirit go anywhere, conceive anything.

FEARLESS INNOVATION The winds of change are on your back. Welcome the change, embrace the creative in you and let your ideas soar. Everything is new and alive. No safety net, no fear.

INFINITE POSSIBILITY Your creativity has limitless potential. It does not come from a finite pool. The more of it you use, the more of it you have. The possibilities are endless.



The measure of intelligence is the ability to change - Albert Einstein


he world is changing incredibly fast. Faster than ever before and in so many ways that we have yet to see manifest. What will the world look like tomorrow? Climate change is accelerating at record rates. What will the jobs economy look like? Are we entering an age of freelancers and globally connected changemakers? How will the rising cost of energy affect our lifestyles? The answer is, we just don’t know. What we do know is that everything is changing fast. What we do know is that a change in one corner of the world can have far reaching consequences in far off places. Our personal lives, our businesses, our politics, our finances and our human connections can turn on knife’s edge in this hypercomplex world. This means that we need to be able to adapt if we hope to survive and thrive as a people and as a planet.


Be like a bamboo tree. Learn to adjust as the winds of change blow around you. Bend, but do not break.


Know the world around you and be prepared to shift on the turn of a dime. Get ahead and stay ahead


The world is changing at lightning speed. Be alert. Be nimble. Change.


Next-Generation Competency #4 Flexible

Flexibility is a requirement for survival in today’s world. Whether you are concerned with personal development or institutional growth, you must develop the ability to bend with the winds of change without breaking in the face of the inevitable juggernaut that is hyper-complexity. You must be flexible in thought and in action. You must be approach each day with an open mind and welcome new alternatives. You must have the clarity and presence of mind to embrace these new alternatives and the objectivity to let go of obsolete strategies.

To put it simply, many of us wish to live a life that nurtures people, planet and profit. The famous 3 Ps. We’d like to add one more to the list - PIVOT. The ability to be nimble, openminded and flexible are critical to survival in world of complex and dynamic change. With flexibility we might just be able to achieve those lofty ambitions that we all aspire to.


Next-Generation Competency #5 Whole Systems Thinking PATTERNS

Look closely. The butterfly effect is in full effect. There are patterns in everything. Learn from them.


We are made of building blocks and we, in turn, are building blocks. Nothing exists in isolation. To succeed you must see the world as a living, breathing, connected whole.

WHOLE SYSTEM DESIGN Design is everything. Whole system thinking is everything. When you put them together you get exponential everything. By Design. This is the #1 competency for next-generation creative leaders to design the future.



o, we live in a world of tremendous uncertainty. Each day we see changing faces within our own communities, we witness emerging technologies and environmental uncertainty, we see communities divided and economies broken. The future is not written and everything is changing rapidly. If everything is changing fast, everything is connected and everything is dependent on everything else, then how on earth can we expect to survive if we consider our personal and professional challenges as independent and isolated problems? The answer is...we cannot! It’s simply not possible to live and function in a silo. Not in a world where everything is more connected than ever before.

However, looking at the world and all its moving parts can be complicated. For many changemakers like you, whether you work in small communities around the world or large organizations that oversee global trends, it can be difficult to see broader national and global forces shifting beneath our feet.

And it’s not just that. Not only should we be shifting to an integral, whole-systems approach when looking at the world, we should be thinking integral about ourselves. After all, in order to be your best and most productive self when you engage with the outside world, you need to nurture and groom yourself to be the best version of you that you can be. You need to know yourself, your own strengths and weaknesses, and learn how they translate to the external world. You can do so by working closely with Ubiquity through its self-mastery modules which range from exercises and experiential learning in health, meditation, general wellness and personality development. It is when the internal and external live in harmony that you will begin to glimpse the true greatness you are complicated.

Ubiquity courses have been designed to build this competency through and through. In fact, the entire University is entirely modular. This means that you can pick and choose the courses, certificates and nano-degrees you wish you take based on how you need to adapt to the world around you. In other words, your learning journey can be shaped entirely by you and what you need. Flexibility, after all, is the name of the game!


If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it - Mary Engelbert


he art of critical thinking and appreciative inquiry can help you to conceive and execute your own unique vision. This is as applicable to you as it is to your own organization or team. In order to succeed, you will need to learn to see the opportunity in everything, think critically and holistically about how you approach problems and embrace a “can-do” attitude that will permeate through you and your team in a way that enhances productivity and achieves goals.

In a sense, critical thinking is essential in helping you to dream, design and deliver. You need to build this portfolio of skills and tools in order to create a realistic vision of the future. You need to learn how to incorporate the plans of your employees, partners and peers in visioning this future and designing an inclusive and realistic roadmap that leads to this vision. You need to be able to critically pick apart and refine the resources and methods needed to execute your plan.

All this doesn’t usually come naturally. Just like anything worth its salt, this is a competency that takes work and effort. And just like anything that is worth something, the work and effort will be worth it.


Next-Generation Competency #6 Critical Thinking


Harness the power of a positive attitude and a critical mind. Draw strength from past successes and be fearless in fresh pursuits.


Listen to those around you. Ask the right questions. Select the right answers.


Dream. Design. Do!


Next-Generation Competency #7 Globally Oriented GLOBAL CITIZEN You are a citizen of the world. Local talent deserves global success and local challenges require global solutions. Are you ready?


We live in a porous world. A world without boundaries. You are not limited by where you are. Today, you can be completely ubiquitous. Do you know how?

UNDER STANDING We must be sensitive, open and understanding in our collaboration, communication and innovation. How we approach our world and function within it will play a huge part in our collective future. Will we witness a clash of civilizations or a world of synergy, collaboration and collective thriving?



biquity’s global community of thinkers and change makers already spans over 50 countries around the world. And we haven’t even scratched the surface!

The truth of the matter is that we live in a globalized world. And to succeed in this world we need to be globally oriented. Innovators and change-makers are global and multi generational. If we want to make the most of the talent, the resources and the opportunities that are available to us, we must learn to look outward and think global. Local success can and should be translated across borders and cultures. But we can only truly harness humanity’s stunning geographic, cultural and human diversity if we, as individuals, train ourselves to embrace and make the most of these differences.

Ubiquity is the world’s first, truly global, next-generation University. Our social learning platform has been designed, from the ground up, to optimize global networking and human connection. Our coursework prepares your local talent for global success. And really, if you think about it, you need to go global if you truly want to go the whole way!


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What were you born to do? Who do you need to become to do it? Do you believe in sustainable living and planetary thriving? Do you want to go the whole way? If the answer is yes, then the you are ready to become a part of the world’s first ubiquitous social learning and innovation community that liberates human purpose, genius and creativity to go the whole way and create a world that works for everyone. Why? Because at the end of the day, in our true heart of hearts, we all pretty much want the same things in life. We want to love and to be loved. We want to stand out. We want to fit in. We want our children to shine, our families to flourish, and our communities to prosper. We want to live our life the way we want to live it. We want to make a difference. In service to something bigger than ourselves. We dream of a life filled with passion, purpose, adventure and meaning. We are driven by a self-actualizing imperative to thrive and help others to thrive. Bust most of all, we deeply desire to create a world that works for everyone. And everything. We want all of life to thrive. We want to go the whole way. And we need an education that can help us achieve this.

We welcome you into Ubiquity University. A whole new kind of education for a whole new kind of world. The kind that works for everyone.


7 Next-Generation Competencies needed to become a High-Impact Entrepreneur (by Ubiquity University)  
7 Next-Generation Competencies needed to become a High-Impact Entrepreneur (by Ubiquity University)  

The answers to these questions are more far-reaching, profound and impactful than we can possibly imagine. Your interest in Ubiquity Univers...