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My convic)on  is  that  great   design  cannot  happen  without   passion,  intelligence,  and   personal  commitment.     Por$olio  at  a  glance  

Featured are  various  design  projects   handled  both  as  a  employee  and   consultant.  1997-­‐  2013    

PRINT & PUBLICATIONS With a  career  spanning  over  15  years  in  the   Design  &  Digital  industry,  my  experience   includes  a  wide  range  of  integrated  crea)ve,   branding  and  communica)on  solu)ons.     Featured  -­‐  BETTER  INTERIORS  -­‐    12  PublicaIons   1997-­‐98-­‐  Tata  Donnelley  Ltd-­‐Mumbai-­‐Senior  Art  Director  

PRINT COLLATERALS Industries in  my  Por/olio:  >  Fashion  >  Retail  >  Real   Estate  >  Logis:cs  >  Eco  friendly  Services  >  Educa:onal   Ins:tutes  >  Entertainment  Industries  &  NGO’S  

“To have  good  ideas  you  must  first  have  lots  of   ideas”  Pauling  Kamb  (2001)     Featured  –  Brochure  -­‐  Aqua  logisIcs  India  Pvt.  Ltd.  –   Group  CreaIve  Head  –  Mumbai     Digikore  -­‐  Brochure  –  ConsulIng  CreaIve  Head   2007-­‐  2009  

Brochure: Logistics

A communication agency


Special Edition

2007-­‐ 2009-­‐  Femina     ConsulIng  CreaIve  


Print Promotions

Crea)ve thinker,  problem   solver,  business  developer  &   strategist.   2007-­‐  2009-­‐  Film  PublicaIons   ConsulIng  CreaIve  

ADVETORIALS: Two main  resources  that  affect  crea)vity  are   “)me  and  money”.     Balancing  these  resources  is  a  Designers  job.   2007-­‐  2009-­‐  Times  Of  India   ConsulIng  CreaIve  

PACKAGING: Tasa / NIgeria Independent Client  


Design thinking  influences  the  success  of  new   product  crea)on  or  infuses  life  into  an  exis)ng  one.  

TELEVISION: Show Packaging

Adapt crea)ve  thinking  to  a  variety     of  budgets.   1999-­‐2001-­‐  TMG  Enter-­‐Technology  Media  Group   Television  Channel-­‐  Print  /  On-­‐air  /  On-­‐lline   (Asst.  General  Manager  Graphics)  Bangalore   Handling  a  team  of  12    


SGI-­‐PLATFORM Discreet  Logic  |Composi)ng  SoUware     (On  –  Air  Graphics)   (Worked  on  VIZRT  -­‐  News  Broadcast  specific   soUware  .   2002  –  2003-­‐  Manager  Graphics       Star  News  –  Star  India-­‐  Mumbai   Handling  a  Team  of  16   Branding  /  Show  packaging  

HOSPITALITY My role  is  to  analyze  data  and  devise  strong  companion   visualiza)ons.   I  support  produc)on  in  various  medias  and  mul)ple  industries.   Develop  ini)al  crea)ve  concepts  and  design  direc)on.   Design  for  mul)ple  programs  simultaneously  

2005-­‐2006 -­‐  “  The  Harbour  Market  ”   (Bangalore  –  India)  CreaIve  Consultant   2009-­‐2010  –  Sea  food  Restaurant-­‐  (Mumbai)   2012-­‐2013-­‐  Iburrp  –  Fast  Food  Chain  –  (Uaarakhand   Dehradun)      

WEB “User-­‐Centred” approach     Every  project  is  approached  intelligently,   Communicated  crea)vely  and  craUed  with  passion.     2008-­‐2013-­‐  Developed  Websites  for  various  industry   sectors.  (Backend  team  of  5)  

Personal Â

Raffles InternaIonal  Mumbai  

Priyadarshini Rao  

Brand -­‐  Mineral  

AqualogisIcs Â

NGO-­‐ Ecofarm  


Design is Everything Everything is Design With every  passing  year  the  grey  strands  in  my  hair  add   to  my  knowledge  as  well  as  the  students  I  interact  with… that  the  crea)ve  process  of  designing  is  researching  and   experimen)ng,  geang  lost,  trying  again  and   unexpectedly  realizing  that  the  design  is  right  there!  

Portfoilo at a glance  

Ubcreative Design is Everything Everything is Design

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