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dean’s message

Dear Friend of the Faculty, Since taking up the post of Dean this August, I have been humbled and inspired to learn of the incredible generosity of our alumni and friends who give to our Faculty in so many different ways. This support has been particularly evident during UBC’s start an evolution campaign, which is raising $1.5B for the University whilst also ensuring an even greater level of engagement with alumni. We will be celebrating the one-year anniversary of the opening of our new building on September 18, 2012. This is a place where innovative education, world-class research, and engagement with the community is developed and fostered within one of the most dramatic spaces on the UBC campus. It is only with the support of our many stakeholders – government, industry, alumni, students, friends, faculty and staff – that the vision of my predecessor as Dean, Dr Robert Sindelar, has been realized in creating this space. I want to take this opportunity to extend my deepest gratitude to you for being such an integral part of our success and for ensuring a bright future for our Faculty. The achievements of our educational, research and practice programs have helped ensure our outstanding reputation – one that extends well beyond our national borders. With such a strong foundation in place already, I am eager to meet and continue to work with you so that, together, we can make this the premier school of pharmacy in the world. Sincerely,

Michael Coughtrie, PhD Professor and Dean

______________________________________________________________________ Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Campaign Update 2012/13


The University of British Columbia’s start an evolution campaign (April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2015) has a dual goal of raising $1.5B and doubling the number of alumni engaged. The Faculty’s goals as part of the campaign are $21M and 1300 alumni engaged annually, by campaign completion.


Fiscal 2012/13







Fiscal 2013/14

______________________________________________________________________ Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Campaign Update 2012/13


33% TO GO! FACULTY’S start an evolution FUNDRAISING GOAL $21M

$6.9M $14.1M


______________________________________________________________________ Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Campaign Update 2012/13


student support AWARDS In support of our future pharmacists and researchers, the following awards have been established during the campaign period. We thank our donors for their generosity in providing these gifts that provide financial assistance and recognition of educational excellence and achievements. If you would like to know more about contributing to, or establishing your own award, please contact June Chow. Frank S. Abbott Scholarship

Dr Dario Alberton PharmD Scholarship

Gurdial S. Ghag Memorial Bursary Huston Family Award in Pharmaceutical Sciences

London Drugs Limited 60th Anniversary Celebration Undergraduate Scholarship

Andreas Baur Shoppers Drug Mart Outreach Award

Conrad Cruickshank Memorial Bursary in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Lotus Light Charity Society Mu-Shu Lee Memorial Scholarship in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Peoples Drug Mart Award in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmaceutical Sciences Rural Communities Placement Award

The R & Z Bailey Bursary in Pharmacy

Marion L. Pearson and James M. Orr Bursary in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmaceutical Sciences Travel Abroad Award

H & H Blomquist Scholarship

Finlay Angus Morrison and Dorothy Ellen Morrison Scholarship

Cheryl L. Olma Memorial Bursary in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Calvin Sawyer Memorial Scholarship in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Waters Limited Graduate Student Travel Award

Marcel St. Jean Memorial Award in Pharmaceutical Sciences

______________________________________________________________________ Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Campaign Update 2012/13


LEARNING SPACES Since completion, our building has been honored with numerous accolades related to design and function. For our students, one design aspect stands out amongst the rest: ample spaces for attending class, studying, hosting events, meetings, or just relaxing. Our alumni and industry partners recognize the immeasurable value of the learning spaces in our new building and have given generously towards room namings. These namings are a source of inspiration and remind us of the support our community has contributed towards the success of our Faculty. If you would like more information, please contact Janis Horne or June Chow. London Drugs Lecture Theatre London Drugs Limited BCPhA Student Commons BC Pharmacy Association Paul & Lita Kwari Classroom Paul Kwari, BSc(Pharm)71 Lita Kwari, BSc(Pharm)71 Lilly Kwari, BSc(Pharm)93 Vera Kwari, BSc(Pharm)02 Maria Kwari, BSc(Pharm)02 Dr Lianny Kwari John Kwari Pharmasave Seminar Room Pharmasave Drugs (Pacific) Ltd Satnam Singh Lalli Seminar Room Satnam Singh Lalli, BSc(Pharm)80 Andrea Hyndman Brian, Jennifer, Trevor and Rebecca Lalli Pure Integrative Pharmacy Seminar Room Bob Mehr, BSc(Pharm)95 Mahtab Shafaee-Mehr, BSc(Pharm)94 Ranna & Tara Mehr Toy Family Seminar Room James Wo Chang Toy, BSc(Pharm)61 Lucille Toy Galen Toy, BSc(Pharm)91 Malaine Toy, BSc(Pharm)93 Junine Toy, BSc(Pharm)95 Moiz Lalani Seminar Room Moiz Lalani, International Pharmacy Graduate Nadia Lalani Omar, Hussein and Aly Lalani Hassan Lalani, BSc(Pharm)10

Save-On-Foods Pharmacy Seminar Room Overwaitea Food Group Save-On-Foods Pharmacy Purcell Family Seminar Room Stephen Purcell, BSc(Pharm)78 Liliana Purcell Nikolas Purcell, BSc(Pharm)10, JD13 Genna Purcell Macdonald’s Prescriptions Fairmont Seminar Room Vince Zuccaro, BSc(Pharm)74 Ben D. Lee, BSc(Pharm)75 Jeffrey Curtis, BSc(Pharm)93 Emilio Dente Alumni Seminar Room Kent Chiu, BSc(Pharm)78 Benjamin W.O. Fu, BSc(Pharm)79 Paul C.Y. Fu, BSc(Pharm)78 Alex Tam, BSc(Pharm)78 McKesson Seminar Room McKesson Canada Graduate Student & Alumni Lounge (dedication) Dr Helen M Burt, PhD(Pharm)80 Dr Arda-e-Viraf Minocherhomjee, PhD(Pharm)82,MBA84 Dr David Wing Kee Kwok, BSc(Pharm)84, MSc(Pharm)87, PhD(Pharm)91 Dr John & Sharon McNeill In Memory of Dr Madan T Wasan In Honour of Dr Sidney Katz

______________________________________________________________________ Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Campaign Update 2012/13


faculty highlights

MAY Pharmacy students host sun care info booth at Alumni Weekend. JANUARY


Pharmaceutical Sciences Building wins 2012 Canadian Architect Award of Excellence.

First Faculty Alumni Relations Manager joins the Faculty.


SEPTEMBER MARCH Faculty hosts Celebrate Research event focusing on personalized medicine.

Pharmaceutical Sciences Building opens and VIP reception held for the Story of Medicines. Faculty hosts its first Alumni and Community Open House. Digital Alumni Yearbook launched - a first at UBC!

NOVEMBER Pharmacy student Yvonne Huang administers flu shot to President Stephen Toope as part of campus Immunization Clinic. .

Pharmacy students film lipdub to celebrate the new building - almost 25,000 views!

______________________________________________________________________ Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Campaign Update 2012/13


JANUARY Dean Robert Sindelar appointed President of Providence Health Care Research Institute. Faculty hosts first Medication Reconciliation Interprofessional Event. Faculty launches first student-run pharmacy journal in Canada. Pharmaceutical Sciences Building wins 2013 Wallpaper* Design Award for Best Lab.

APRIL Dr. Michael Coughtrie appointed new Dean. Pharmaceutical Sciences Sequencing Centre (PSSC) officially opens. New Pharm Sci Alumni enewsletter launched.

AUGUST Dean Michael Coughtrie begins his term.

Uniquely UBC held in new building.



Professorship in Medication Adherence launched.

Know Your Birth Control Rights video launched at Faculty Celebrate Research event.

Faculty hosts Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences (CSPS) Conference.



Annual Dean’s Reception held in the new building for the first time.

White Coat Ceremony event held in the Pharmaceutical Sciences building for the first time.

Faculty hosts Alumni Weekend in the new building for the first time.

______________________________________________________________________ Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Campaign Update 2012/13


research Great institutions are characterized by the breadth and quality of their partnerships. With these professorships, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences has sought to create exemplary models of partnerships that are fair, open and honest; where members can exchange ideas and build on common goals. Thanks to our partnerships, we have the means to create new knowledge that will be the catalyst for further learning opportunities to aid in improving health outcomes for those we serve.

THE INITIATIVE FOR SUSTAINABLE HEALTH CARE As Canadians, we agree that the health of our citizens is paramount. We also share a deep concern about ensuring the viability and economy of our health care system. The Initiative for Sustainable Health Care aims to provide the opportunity for ongoing dialogue between industry, government and academia. The goal is to facilitate unbiased, credible research on economic principles of health care sustainability, with a focus on the role of Pharmacy and pharmaceuticals in effecting change. The Story of Medicines, also featured in this report, is the community outreach and education arm of the Initiative. The Faculty would like to recognize the following partners who have supported this innovative project: Amgen Canada Inc Astrazeneca Canada Inc Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd Eli Lilly Canada Inc GlaxoSmithKline Inc Hoffman-La Roche Limited LifeScan Canada Ltd Lundbeck Canada Inc Merck Canada Inc Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc Pfizer Canada Inc The Initiative will be led by a Professor of Sustainable Health Care who will work in conjunction with an Advisory Council comprised of industry partners, academia and government. A search committee has been formed and recruitment is in progress.

______________________________________________________________________ Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Campaign Update 2012/13


THE ABBVIE PROFESSORSHIP IN MEDICATION ADHERENCE Poor adherence to medication is an enormous, but largely overlooked issue in our health care system. Every day, patients fail to pick up their prescriptions, inadvertently skip doses, take their medications incorrectly or simply stop taking them all together. This problem seriously undermines the health of the patient, and the value of health care dollars spent. Generously supported by the AbbVie Corporation, this new Professorship has been created with the aim of researching, promoting and developing practical methodologies that will improve medication adherence. Starting July 1, 2013, newly appointed Dr. Mary De Vera (BSc01, MSc06, PhD10) will be leading the way in creating a strong, innovative, multi-disciplinary program of research, with a focus on the role of pharmacy in collaboration with other health care disciplines. Students and health care practitioners will be educated with an increased emphasis on the clinical skills required to support medication adherence.

Dr. Mary De Vera, Assistant Professor and recipient of the AbbVie Professorship in Medication Adherence, speaks to guests during the official launch of the Initiative for Medication Adherence at UBC in Vancouver, B.C. June 20, 2013. Photo by Jeff Vinnick/ CNW/AbbVie (CNW Group/The University of British Columbia Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences).

______________________________________________________________________ Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Campaign Update 2012/13


community engagement THE STORY OF MEDICINES The Story of Medicines illustrates pharmacy’s essential contribution to human health and is the community outreach component of a larger endeavour: The Initiative for Sustainable Health Care. To promote and increase engagement with the community, a multi-year marketing strategy has been implemented to raise awareness of The Story of Medicines at UBC, the Lower Mainland, and in time, beyond. A public tour program is being developed in addition to downloadable web content for school groups. The Story of Medicines is free to the public and open for viewing from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, please contact the Faculty’s Communications & Marketing Office at

Family enjoying the Origins & Evolutions of Pharmacy exhibit during Alumni Weekend 2012. Photo by Ivan Yastrebov.

______________________________________________________________________ Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Campaign Update 2012/13


EXHIBIT ZONES Origins & Evolutions of Pharmacy traces the history of Pharmacy from ancient times to the modern world, with a focus on B.C. and our Faculty’s evolution.

The Journey of a Drug Through the Body exhibit explains pharmacokinetics: how medications are metabolized in the human body.

The Role of Pharmacy illustrates the many roles and career paths within pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences.

Research and scientific discovery are integral to the profession of pharmacy and delivering optimum patient care. Six Drugs That Changed the World focuses on the history of the influential medications of our time: anaesthetics, antibiotics, the birth control pill, vaccines, analgesics, and insulin.

All graduating UBC Pharmacy classes, from 1949 to the present, are included in the Interactive Alumni Yearbook.

Additional zones include the E-Postcard Kiosk, where visitors can share their Story of Medicines experience with friends and family, and the Pledge of Professionalism, a student commitment to building and reinforcing a professional identity founded on integrity, ethical behaviour, and honour. There is also the Impact Media Wall, a display that projects Twitter-style facts (140 characters in length) onto a custom-designed background.

______________________________________________________________________ Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Campaign Update 2012/13


contact info Thank you for your support. If you have questions, or would like more information, please contact us: Janis Horne Director of Development & Alumni Engagement 604 822 1328 June Chow Associate Director, Development 604 822 1772 Arti Maharaj Development Coordinator 604 822 8029 Caely-Ann McNabb Alumni Relations Manager 604 827 1411

______________________________________________________________________ Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Campaign Update 2012/13


start an evolution UBC generates ideas that start evolutions. Ideas that change the way people think and the way the world works. We see this change as an evolution, one that improves upon what has come before and inspires the generations that follow. Our start an evolution campaign has two ambitious goals—to raise $1.5 billion and to double the number of alumni engaged in the life of the University. Why? To increase our capacity to change the world for the better, through student learning, research, and community engagement.

Yvonne Huang, BSc(Pharm)13, prepares to administer a flu shot as part of a UBC Flu Clinic in November 2012. Photo by Martin Dee.

University of British Columbia Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2405 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z3

Campaign Update 2012/13  
Campaign Update 2012/13