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Ministry Plan Mid-Year Review • Executive Summary • Date

Ministry Plan Key Words Complete Incomplete Rescheduled* Revised* Voided* Hold

Definitions complete to date incomplete to date new due date for key activity new or changed key activity not doing the key activity items on hold

Instructions for for Mid-Year Review:

*These key activities should be shaded in light yellow on your Ministry Plans. Please note: revised and voided items need LT approval.

1. Update the status of each key activity in your ministry plans. Use one of the Ministry Plan Key Words (see above) in the “Status” column. 2. Update the executive summary by completing the instructions on this page. Please make sure each broad emphasis, i.e. Begin, Connect, Live is kept to only one page. An abbreviated sample is listed below. 3. Bring 17 copies of your area’s executive summary to your scheduled presentation time. Email your updated ministry plans & org charts to leadership team one business day prior to your presentation time. SAMPLE

Ministry Area: Broad Emphasis Results Please write a summary of the results of your “Broad Emphasis”goals here. 1. There are currently 754 people in Small Groups. We will have a new/updated number by the end of Feb. because of GroupLink (Feb. 8).

Wins List here details on any goal progress that you would deem a success. 1. We have reached 84% of our goal of having 900 people in Small Groups.

Learning & Roadblocks List here anything you have learned and/or any roadblocks you have faced in completing your goals. 1. We need a better way to connect people to Small Groups. Recommended Corrections List here any corrections to your goals and/or key activities that you would recommend be made. 1. We have found a database that is web-based that we are planning to implement in order to make finding a group and joining a group easier. Date printed: 2/23/10

Ministry Plan Mid-Year Review • Executive Summary • Date

Ministry Area: Broad Emphasis Status 1. 2. 3. Wins 1. 2. 3. Learning & Roadblocks 1. 2. 3. Recommended Corrections 1. 2. 3.

Date printed: 2/23/10

Ministry Plans Mid-Year Review Summary  

Ministry Plans Mid-Year Review Executive Summary Template

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