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Sermon Based Curriculum

Sermon Date: Oct. 31, 2010

Sermon Title: I Am Second

Sermon Text: Acts 10:38

Small Group Text: Acts 10:37-38 & I John 3:7-11


It’s been fun practicing how to “be nice.” Lots of stories have been shared about what happens when we show kindness. But people who do not have a relationship with Christ show kindness as well. What is the difference between “being kind” and showing the love Jesus modeled throughout his ministry? Today, we want tie together the practice of kindness with both the power and purpose behind it. We’ll discover that when we live in the power of God’s Spirit, and imitate the practices of God’s son, we can accomplish God’s purposes! Let’s see how this works.


Read Acts 10:37-38 Peter was meeting with a non-Jewish (Gentile) man named Cornelius. In the conversation, Peter tells him the Good News of Jesus. In the process, some very important facts about Jesus’ life and ministry become evident. 1. Where did Jesus get the power to accomplish all He did? 2. What was the practice of Jesus’ life; what did he do? Name some specific examples. Read 1 John 3:7-11. In these verses, John helps us recognize that Jesus didn’t just have “power” and “practiced doing good.” He also had a Godly purpose. We are called not only to rely on the same power and engage in the same practice, but also to live for the same purpose! 3. In 1 John 3:8, what purpose does Jesus accomplish? 4. How does doing good in the power of God’s Spirit help “destroy the Devil’s work?” 5. How do we most effectively “do good” according to I John 3:11?


1. Upon what power do you rely to “do good?” How do your “good deeds” differ from the “good deeds” of others who do not know Christ? Is there really a difference? 2. Can you identify your purpose for “doing good?” 3. Jesus said that His purpose was to “destroy the Devil’s work.” How might knowing this, change the way you view your purpose for “doing good?” 4. What are some specific ways you can imitate Jesus’ ministry? 5. What is one thing you can do this week to validate the power of the “Good News” (Gospel) to change lives?

Sermon-Based Curriculum

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