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Sermon Based Curriculum

Sermon Date: May 23, 2010

Sermon Title: Mary Magdalene

Sermon Text: Matt. 27:55-66; Matt. 28:1-10; Luke 8:1-3

Small Group Text: Matt. 28:1-10


What is your response to a truly remarkable experience? Describe a time in your life when you were part of a breath-taking event? Mary Magdalene had that kind of encounter. The Scriptures tell us that Jesus healed her from a serious ailment (Luke 8:1-3.) From that point on, Mary became a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ. She and others followed Him in His travels. She supported Him financially. She was at His crucifixion (Matt. 27:55-56) and was among those who prepared His body for burial (Mark 16:1.) It seems only fitting that Mary would be among the first to see Him after His miraculous resurrection. What a breath-taking event! Let’s see how she responded to this amazing phenomenon.


Read Matt. 28:1-10 1. What problems do you think Mary Magdalene expected to confront as she approached the tomb? (see Matt. 27:60-66) 2. If you could mentally or visually place yourself at the empty tomb with Mary, what emotions or thoughts would you be experiencing? 3. What new attitude did Mary have knowing that Jesus was alive – raised from the dead ? 4. How did Mary respond when she met her resurrected Lord?


Mary Magdalene (and the other Mary) were the first to see the resurrected Lord. Their encounter with Christ caused them to respond in three ways: •

With a joyful urgency, they hurried away from the tomb, afraid yet filled with joy.

With an expression of worship, they clasped His feet and worshipped Him.

With a story to tell. Jesus said, ”…go and tell my brothers…”

1. Which of these three responses have you experienced since encountering the resurrected Lord? 2. Do you wait until Sunday worship service to express your love for Jesus? If not, how do you express worship to Christ for what He has done in your life? 3. In 60 seconds or less, how would you tell the story of God’s amazing power at work in your life? 4. God made us in such a way that, to fully experience something great, we have to wrap it in words and share it with someone else! Are you fully experiencing the joy of Christ’s resurrection power? •

If you’re not, what holds you back?

If you are, how might you plan to share this with someone this week?

Sermon-Based Curriculum

May 23, 2010 Curr.  

May 23, 2010 Curr.