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Sermon Based Curriculum

Sermon Date: April 18, 2010

Sermon Title: Fishing for More

Sermon Text: John 21:1-14

Small Group Text: John 21:1-14 & Mathew 4:18-22


When have you worked hard at something but for all your effort still saw no productivity? In John 21:1-14, we see the followers of Jesus attempting to do what seems to be natural for them – in fact, it was their job. But for all of their efforts, they came up empty. Jesus uses this occasion to teach an important lesson: To accomplish the work of the Church, success cannot occur without the power of God added to the mix of human effort. Read John 21:1-14


1. Where does this story take place? In what familiar activity are the disciples engaged (21:2-3)? 2. To make the point that their work would be more productive under His power and authority, what directive does Jesus give the fishermen? 3. Now, read Mathew 4:18-22. In what ways is John 21:1-14 a symbolic picture of what Jesus wants to teach us about “fishing for men?” 4. Whether Jesus causes the fish to be there on right side of the boat or whether Jesus knows the fish are there, what is one undeniable fact about how these “fishermen” are able to catch so many fish this particular morning? 5. Read again, John 21:9-14.Even though Jesus has already prepared a full breakfast of bread and charbroiled fish for his disciples, what does he invite them to do with the fish they have caught (v. 10)? 6. Obviously, Jesus doesn’t “need” the fruit of their labor. Why, then, does he invite them to add their efforts to what He has already accomplished?


1. Just as these earlier disciples were engaged in their everyday activity when they encountered Jesus, what can you do this week to stay alert and listen for the voice of God in your everyday life? 2. God is in the business of redeeming this lost world back to Himself and He has invited you (and His church) to co-laborer with Him. In what way(s) are you “fishing for men” to connect them to Christ and eternity? 3. Can you think of one person you regularly encounter who needs to know the message of salvation through Jesus Christ? 4. Just as these fishermen came to understand the importance of Christ’s presence and direction in the performance of their task, name two things you can do this week to demonstrate your reliance upon Christ as you “go fishing for men?”

Sermon-Based Curriculum

Apr. 18, 2010 Curr.  

Apr. 18, 2010 Curr.