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Sermon Based Curriculum

Sermon Date: Jan. 31, 2010

Sermon Title: All The Kings Men

Sermon Text: John 4:43-54

Small Group Text: John 4:43-54


When have you ever relied on faith in the face of a crisis? We are probably all familiar with “fox-hole” religious experiences – when the enemy is attacking and we finally call out to God to get us through. Some of us only turn to God in a crisis. However, God desires our confidence in Him to grow beyond crisis faith! Today we are taking a look at a man in John 4 who moved from crisis faith through confident faith and finally into contagious faith. Let’s see what we can learn to help our faith grow.


Read John 4:43-54. 1. When do we usually find ourselves asking God for help? 2. What is something people typically put their faith in even though they can’t taste it, touch it, smell it hear it, or see it? 3. The royal official in verse 46 had traveled about 20 miles to see Jesus. What crisis motivated him to come so far? 4. “John 4:48 was not a rebuke of this nobleman. Rather, it was our Lord’s lament at the spiritual condition of the people in general, both in Judea and Galilee. ‘Seeing is believing’ has always been the pragmatic philosophy of the lost world, even the religious world.” (W. Wiersbe) In verse 48, people had obviously gathered expecting to see a miracle. For what reasons are people interested in Jesus today? 5. How does the second half of verse 50 indicate that the official’s confidence was moving from crisis faith to a confident faith? 6. In verse 51, what happened as a result of his confident faith? 7. From verse 53, how can we tell that his confident faith became contagious faith?

8. In this true story, we have a man whose faith moved from crisis faith to contagious faith when he took Jesus at his word. Why is it sometimes hard to take Jesus at His word? 9. What are some things God has told us in His Word that are hard for you to believe?


1. As the sick boy’s father went to Jesus in his time of crisis, how can we “go to Jesus” in our times of need? 2. Practically speaking, how can we “take Jesus at his word” today? 3. What would it look like for you to trust God this week to handle a situation over which you have no control? 4. Leader Suggestion - Break into groups of two or three. Discuss these questions: a. What level of faith are you exercising in your life today? i. Crisis faith – I come to God only when I experience a crisis and, usually, as a last resort. ii. Confident faith – I come to God regularly and I take him at his word. iii. Contagious faith – I come to God, I take him at his word, and I share what happens with family and friends. b. What is one thing you can do to move toward contagious faith? c. What can another group member do to encourage you to move toward contagious faith this week?

Sermon-Based Curriculum

Jan. 31 Curriculum  

Jan. 31 Curriculum