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Extramural Funding & Sponsored Research

• Canada Research Chair in Advanced Biomaterials for Dr. John Kadla (Canada Research Chairs $100,000) • SENTINEL research network - Nanoscale fibrous structures through electrospinning of novel cellulosic systems (NSERC, industry $64,659) • Advanced materials from natural polymers (NSERC $14,663) • NSERC biomaterials and chemicals strategic research network (NSERC $115,822) • Renewable resource based hybrid biocomposites for automotive applications (The Automobile of the 21st Century (AUTO21) (NCE $22,500)

KOZAK, Robert

• AdapTree: Assessing the adaptive portfolio of reforestation stocks for future climates (co-investigator) (Genome Canada/Genome BC $126,533 ) • Assessing the enabling conditions and constraints facing alternative business models on publicly held forestlands: case studies in Canada and central west Africa (SSHRC $20,800) • Fostering community forest enterprises with a multilateral funding mechanism for mitigating climate change: examing REDD+ and the roles of social capital, gender and institutional legitimacy (SSHRC $40,068) • Rethinking sustainable supply chains: A case study of paper and digital media (NSERC VCO Strategic Network $22,720)


• Geotagging – augmented reality tool for virtual soil science learning resources (British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education $29,180)

LAM, Frank

• Timber engineering education in China – faculty exchange with Tongji University (Council of Forest Industries of British Columbia $8,940) • Performance of OSB, rimboard, and OSL (Ainsworth Engineered Canada LP $2,000) • Moment resisting self-tapping screw assembly under monotonic and reverse cyclic load (British Columbia Ministry of Small Business, Technology and Economic Development $4,420) • Structural performance of timber connections with long shelf (NSERC $19,000) • Withdrawal resistance of Rampa inserts in Canadian CLT and glulam (Rampa Tec Inc $14,500) • High performance post & beam wall systems (Coast Forest Products Association $46,500) • Earthquake resistance of structal wire stucco shear wall system (NSERC $25,000) • NSERC Strategic Network on Innovative Wood Products and Building Systems (co-investigator) NSERC $1,060,000) • Fire safe glued massive timber members (BC Forestry Innovation Investment Ltd $45,000) • Connection design for post and beam construction (BC Forestry Innovation Investment Ltd $45,000)


• Fort St. John pilot project deciduous multi-block survey and compiler (Canadian Forest Products Ltd $21,600) • Calibration and development of a coastal deviation from potential (DFP) table project (BCMoFLNRO $15,000)

52 UBC Faculty of Forestry

• Forest fertilization trial in a Mildred Lake jack pine stand (Syncrude $48,666)


• Pre and post burn monitoring on West Vaseux WMA property (Environment Canada $4,800)

LYONS, Kevin

• Field testing a remotely operated falling wedge (WorkSafe BC $42,369)


• Wood First – supply side (co-investigator) (Forestry Innovation Investment Ltd $98,985) • Wood First – demand side (Forestry Innovation Investment Ltd $154,100)


• Laboratory for wood cell wall characterization (CFI $10,000) • Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Centre (US Department of Energy $164,50) • Artificial sweetener? A functional genomics interrogation of the impact of soluble carbohydrate metabolism on poplar cell wall biosynthesis (NSERC $56,000) • The dual effect of tubulin manipulation on Populus wood formation and drought tolerance (US Department of Energy $90,108) • TREES: Tools for remediation and efficient energy supply (BioFuelNet NCE $25,000) • FiberCITY Phase I (Composites Innovation Centre Manitoba Inc $200,000) • National theme leader (feedstock) for biofuelnet (BioFuelNet NCE $7,500) • Popcan: Genetic improvement of poplar trees as a Canadian bioenergy feedstock (project leader) (Genome Canada/ Genome BC $2,492,820) • WoW: Working on Walls (co-investigator) (NSERC $300,000)


• Alpine and forest landbird ecology and conservation research (Environment Canada $67,500) • Ecology and life history of alpine birds (NSERC $54,000) • Northern alpine avian ecology and climate variation (NSERC $15,000)


• Estimating carbon storage and emissions from harvested wood products from British Columbia (Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions $50,000)

MEITNER, Michael

• Where do we want to go? Have we arrived? Improving transparency, rigour and knowledge in complex multistakeholder planning contexts (MITACS, NCE Province of BC, Western Economic Diversification Canada, EcoPlan International $50,000) • Improving TimberWest’s forest management in visually sensitive areas (NSERC $25,000)


• Drag and resistance in mangroves (NSERC $22,910) • Cultivating forest stewardship (TLEF $45,000)

UBC Forestry Annual Report 2012  

The Faculty of Forestry Annual Report for 2012.

UBC Forestry Annual Report 2012  

The Faculty of Forestry Annual Report for 2012.