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Office of the Dean

Faculty and Staff ANDERSON, Geoffrey B Com (Newfoundland) Coordinator, Cooperative Education 604.827.5196 BELANGER, Leisa BSc (Brit Col), CGA Director, Finance 604.822.5542 CHOI, Felix BCS (Brit Col) Manager, Computer Lab 604.822.6793 CHOU, Julie BSc (Brit Col), MBA (West Texas A & M) Senior Assistant, Finance and Operations 604.822.2727 COTTLE, Laura BScF (Alberta), BEd (Brit Col), RPF Executive Coordinator, Dean’s Office 604.822.3542 CURCIN, Ana BA (Brit Col), MA (Victoria) Officer, International Recruitment 604.827.5195 DRAKES, Renita BA (Brit Col) Coordinator, Education and Web Technology 604.822.0024 JOHANSSON, Carl BSc, PhD (S Fraser) MCSE Director, IT Systems 604.822.4061 KELLETT, Janna BA (S Fraser) Officer, Alumni Relations 604.827.3082 KOSH, Gayle DipT (Calgary) Manager, Graduate Programs 604.827.4454

KWEI, Robert BBA (S Fraser) Assistant, Web Support 604.822.1861

PALMER, John BA (Hons), MA (Oxford) Coordinator, Master of International Forestry Program 604.827.1555

LEE, Nicole BSc (Brit Col) Administrative Assistant, Dean’s Office 604.822.2727

POIRIER-VASIC, Robin BAA (Ryerson) Admissions Coordinator, Graduate Programs 604.822.6784

LONGHI, Chiara BA, MA (Pisa, Italy) Director, Student Services 604.822.9187 LYALL, Andrea BSF, (Brit Col) Coordinator, Aboriginal Forestry 604.822.5294 MATHEW IYPE, Deepti BA (Delhi, India), MSc (Sikkim Manipal, India) Officer, Development 604.822.0898

TULLY, Emma BA (Glasgow) Director, Development 604.822.8716 WANG, Guangyu PhD (Brit Col), MBA (Marylhurst, Oregon) Director, Asian Strategies 604.822.4407 WONG, Denise BBA (S Fraser) Assistant, Undergraduate Programs 604.822.1834

MCNABB, Caely-Ann BA (Brit Col) Manager, Alumni Relations 604.822.8787

YU, Jill BBA (S Fraser), CGA Manager, Finance 604.827.3082

MORIZAWA, Caryn Assistant to the Dean 604.822.2176

ZHU, Xinxin BSc (Ocean University of China), MF (Brit Col) Assistant, Asian Strategies 604.822.3570

MYERS, Jamie HND (London) Coordinator, Editorial and Graphic Design 604.822.4072 NAIDU, Dan Coordinator, Graduate Awards and Scholarships 604.822.6177 NEUVONEN, Jorma MBA (Brit Col), MSc (Finland) Director, Special Projects 604.822.2807

Office of the Dean Forest Sciences Centre 2005 – 2424 Main Mall Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4 Phone: 604.822.2727 Fax: 604.822.8645

2012 Annual Report 23

UBC Forestry Annual Report 2012  

The Faculty of Forestry Annual Report for 2012.

UBC Forestry Annual Report 2012  

The Faculty of Forestry Annual Report for 2012.