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Graduate Students

Scholarships, Fellowships & Awards Graduate Student Funding 2012 – 13 Adequate funding of our graduate students is a priority in the Faculty of Forestry. More than $4.3 million was invested in graduate student stipends in 12/13. The average annual stipend for doctoral students (during the first 4 years of their program) was just over $24,000; for research-based master’s students (during the first 2 years of their program) it was just over $19,000. Graduate research assistantships ($1,868,435) were the secondary source of student stipends for PhD students, and primary source of stipends for master’s students, while graduate teaching assistantships contributed about 8% of our student funding ($323,190). Competitive awards (not including tuition awards) contributed about half of doctoral student stipends and about 39% of master’s student stipends ($2,118,684). Eighteen Forestry graduate students received Tri-Council (NSERC and SSHRC) scholarships. Tri-council scholarships accounted for 31% of the $2.1 million received by our graduate students in competitive awards in 12/13. Sara Fryer Barron was announced as the first recipient of the Future Forests Fellowship. Jose Arias received the Kloshe Tillicum Aboriginal Health Research Master’s Award. The Faculty of Forestry allocation of Four Year Fellowship – Graduate Entrance Scholarships (FYF-GES) were awarded to incoming doctoral students Shalom Addo-Danso, Nathan Furey, Anya Reid, Devyani Singh, and Kai Tsuruta. FYF designations are given to students who win Tri-Council scholarships and students who were awarded

Graduate Teaching Assistantships 8%

UGF in 2009/10 transitional year. Faculty of Forestry Strategic Recruitment Fellowships (SRF) were awarded to an additional 31 incoming MSc and PhD students. The SRF program is funded through the Graduate Student Initiative program at UBC. A total of 56 Forestry graduate students received University Awards (FYF-GES, FYF, SRF or Affiliated Fellowships) worth $747,612, which accounted for 50% of the total received in competitive awards. Endowed, merit-based, Faculty of Forestry awards continue to be a vital resource for our graduate students; this year 30 students received part of their stipend from these internal awards. Louise Blight held the Graduate Fellowship in Sustainable Forestry, sponsored by the Koerner Foundation. Research Forest Internships (supported through a private foundation) were awarded to Christian David and Timothy Philpott. In keeping with our international student body, several of our graduate students received funding from international scholarships; these include the Chinese Scholarship Council (8 students), National Council for Science and Technology of Mexico (CONACYT – 3 students), National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research of Chile (CONICYT – 5 students), Brazilian Scholarship (1), Colombian Government Scholarship (1) and a Canadian Rhodes Scholarship (UK – 1). Additional student support came from programs such as TerreWeb (NSERC CREATE – 5), MITACS (4) and Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (1).

Aboriginal Graduate Future Forest Fellowship Fellowship 1 1 SSHRC 3

Vanier 1

FYF 3 Mitacs 4

Graduate Research Assistantships 43%

NSERC 15 Competitive Awards 49%

Breakdown and percentages of all graduate funding sources ($4,310,309) 2012/13

12 UBC Faculty of Forestry

Strategic Recruitment Fellowships 31

FYF-GES and Affiliated Fellowships 22

Internal 30

Breakdown of major competitive awards 2012/13

UBC Forestry Annual Report 2012  

The Faculty of Forestry Annual Report for 2012.

UBC Forestry Annual Report 2012  

The Faculty of Forestry Annual Report for 2012.