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or our first year holding the AUS Humanities and Social Sciences Conference, we have adopted the AUS motto “Think Bigger” as a theme. This theme reflects some of our main purposes in holding the conference. Foremost, we want to encourage you, our fellow students, to Think Bigger than the everyday classroom experience, beyond simply sitting in a lecture hall waiting for a paper to be graded and then never seen or read again. Submitting a proposal to present at our conference could mean taking that same paper and making it part of a larger idea-sharing experience. We want you to take this opportunity to present your ideas to a wider audience of your peers and professors, to receive feedback on them, and then to give feedback on others’ ideas. It will be a chance not only to do something bigger with your undergraduate career, but to prepare yourself for future work in your discipline and beyond.

“...WE WANT TO ENCOURAGE YOU, OUR FELLOW STUDENTS, TO THINK BIGGER...” This conference is also aimed at Thinking Bigger by highlighting the importance of undergraduate thought in a larger process of development as a scholar. A university education allows students to evolve in their engagement with learning and research methods, equipping them with the tools to enter into scholarly conversations. While this evolution takes place over some years,

we believe that every level of it, including undergraduate ones, deserves recognition. To recognize the undergraduate scholarly experience, we want to offer a platform for undergraduates—from first year to final year—to present their research. By giving them a chance to enter into scholarly dialogue with their peers and professors, we hope to encourage students to use their undergraduate experience to develop into fullfledged participants in scholarly communities.

UBC’s Faculty of Arts houses a hugely diverse range of disciplines from within the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Fine Arts, and with this diversity comes a wide range of methods for learning and research. Together with students from UBC and from around the province, we hope to create a forum in which this diversity can be showcased and celebrated. At the same time, this forum will give students a chance to Think Bigger by seeking dialogue that goes beyond this diversity and fosters cross-discipline connections.



he AUS Humanities and Social Sciences Conference will be held on January 17 and 18, 2014. We are now welcoming submissions of presentation proposals from all universities and colleges in BC, and we highly encourage students from every level of undergraduate study to send in their submissions. Presentations may be of work done for a variety of purposes, including honours theses, independent research projects, or term papers; well-developed works in progress are also eligible. Presentations should be no longer than 15 minutes, in English, and should represent work done while the presenter was an undergraduate student. We encourage you to consider various options for presenting your work, and to choose the one that you believe will be the most effective in conveying your own scholarly narrative; this may mean utilizing more traditional formats, such as a 15 minute PowerPoint presentation or panel discussion, or a poster presentation. We are also interested in accepting proposals for presentations formatted in less traditional styles; these might include a roundtable discussion, an interactive presentation, or other alternative formats that you may be interested in proposing. This option of proposing an alternatively formatted presentation may be of particular interest to lower level students who have not written substantial enough papers with which to fill a full, 15 minute presentation. For example, if you are a first year student who would like to present a class paper, you might consider putting together a roundtable, panel, or other similar discussion of several shorter

papers that together will total 15 minutes. Alternatively, you are welcome to send us a proposal for a single short presentation, which we will be happy to organize ourselves into a full session, along with several other complementary presentations. Presentation proposals should be sent by email to aus.conferencesubmissions@ubc. ca, as either a Word or a PDF attachment, by November 22, 2013. In your proposal, please let us know what the visual components, if any, of your presentation will be (e.g. PowerPoint, poster). If your proposal involves a less conventional presentation method, please include a description of why you believe this format will be an effective one.



ore specific guidelines on what to include in proposals for various types of presentations can be found at conference/resources, courtesy of UBC’s Arts Studies in Research and Writing (ASRW). Throughout the coming months, ASRW will also offer several workshops on writing proposals, delivering oral and poster presentations, and delivering responses to presentations. All dates and locations will be posted at as they are determined, and all students who submit proposals or register to attend or volunteer at the conference will receive notification of these.



ll student presentations will take place on Saturday, January 18, 2014, a day to experience and to celebrate undergraduate student work.

We will also be holding Opening Night events on January 17th . This evening will feature an opening talk by UBC’s Dr. Simon Bates, followed by a reception. It will be a chance for students, professors, alumni, and visitors to come together over their interest in undergraduate teaching and learning.



tudent presentations will be up to fifteen minutes in length and will be followed by a period of questions and discussion. They will be of a wide range of student work, from upper level research projects to lower level class papers. Many presentations will be formatted in conventional styles, with lecture, PowerPoint, or poster components. However, as the AUS strives to celebrate student innovation and to create forums in which engaging exchanges of ideas can take place, we will also be considering submissions from students who wish to propose alternative formats of presenting their work, such as lower level students taking part in short roundtable discussions.



message from Professor Simon Bates, UBC’s Senior Advisor, Teaching and Learning, and Academic Director, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology:

I spend quite a bit of my time in my role here at UBC thinking about how best to build teaching experiences that are effective in helping people learn. In doing so, I have come to firmly believe that ‘learning’ is not a process we (professors) can do to you (students). Instead, it is a very personal and social experience, comprising a complex set of processes that happen within the mind of the learner. In the same way, and in keeping with the theme of this AUS conference, your undergraduate experience here at UBC should not be a purely passive one, a time when things are ‘done’ to you in lecture halls and seminar rooms. Instead, I urge you to see yourselves as co-producers of your own learning and that of your peers as well, as contributors and collaborators not just consumers. At the nexus of teaching and research, this conference presents members of a rich and diverse collection of disciplines the perfect opportunity to indulge in some Big Thinking.

CONFERENCE LOCATIONS The conference’s main location will be UBC’s Buchanan Complex. This hub for much activity within the Faculty of Arts can be found at 1866 Main Mall.

TENTATIVE CONFERENCE TIMELINE FRIDAY, JANUARY 17, 2014 Opening Night Talk and Kick-off Reception SATURDAY, JANUARY 18, 2014 Morning: Opening Remarks Throughout the Day: Student Presentations Afternoon: Closing Remarks and Send-off



Registration as an attendee is simple, and it will ensure you a spot at the Opening Night talk and reception, the conference, and food and refreshments during both. To provide all of this to you free of charge, we require you to register by January 16, 2014, at ausconference.eventbrite. com. Prior to the conference, you will also be sent a detailed schedule of student presentations.

We warmly welcome all university and college professors who wish to attend the conference. Though not required, we encourage you to complete a simple registration process at ausconference., in which you will be asked for the discipline of your research and/or teaching.

If you do not wish to register, you may still attend the Saturday’s main conference events for free; however, please be advised that you will not be reserved a spot at the Opening Night events, and will not be guaranteed food or sent a presentation schedule. We are also looking for students to volunteer as respondents to presentations. If you are interested, please email aus. conferencesubmissions@ubc. ca with a statement of your own scholarly interests. We will use these to match you with a presentation and will provide you with the student’s proposal ahead of time. Students presenting at the conference are welcome to volunteer as respondents for other students’ sessions.

In addition to providing you with a full schedule of student presentations, we will notify you specifically of presentations which will be taking place in your field, and will provide you with an abstract of these presentations in advance. You will still be free to attend whichever presentations you wish throughout the day, and we will be happy to provide you with abstracts of additional presentations upon request.

WHAT IS THE AUS? The Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) is comprised of over 12,000 undergraduate Arts students at UBC’s Vancouver Campus. The AUS is committed to enhancing the experience of Arts students at UBC, by hosting and promoting a

wide variety of academic, social, and philanthropic events. This year, one of the ways in which we aim to follow our motto to “Think Bigger” is by expanding our range of exciting academic events, in part by hosting the AUS Humanities and Social Sciences Conference—an event organized by students, for students. The conference will be taking place at the end of AUS Arts Week, a week-long celebration of Arts Faculty spirit. Throughout this week a variety of academic and social events will be hosted around campus. This provides a backdrop for Arts students to explore their faculty’s many academic and extracurricular opportunities, and to develop a stronger sense of community. Arts Week will be holding its finale celebration on the night of Friday, January 17, at the Pit Pub, a studentrun pub on campus. All students who present at the conference will receive an exclusive invitation to this celebration, which will take place after the conference’s Opening Night events.

ACCOMODATION OPTIONS If you will be coming to UBC from out of town and wishing to spend a night nearby, there are many accommodation options for you to explore. ON CAMPUS: Triumph House 5835 Thunderbird Blvd, UBC, Vancouver, BC (604) 222-7633 West Coast Suites 5961 Student Union Boulevard, UBC, Vancouver, BC (604) 822-1000 OFF CAMPUS: Park Inn and Suites 898 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC (604) 872-8661 Holiday Inn Vancouver Centre 711 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC (604) 872-7520


AUS Humanities & Social Sciences Conference 2014  
AUS Humanities & Social Sciences Conference 2014  

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