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Friday, Aug. 31, 2012

“About You, For You�

Making the Most Out of Underage Tailgating A list of creative ways to make the most out of game day. Full Story, Page 4

Get Psyched For Game Day A list of songs sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Full Story, Page 4

Razorbacks Get Sweeter New Razorback Poptarts hit the shelves. Full Story, Page 2

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Kristen Coppola Sports Editor

He’s garnered the attention of many in Arkansas as the “crazy uncle,� a phrase that was peppered throughout Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly during the summer and with increasing frequency in the week leading up to the Razorbacks’ first football game of the season. But John L. Smith doesn’t seem to take notice. It didn’t stop him from calling the defensive ends “pretty,� Tyler Wilson a “rose� or wearing cowboy boots with his suits. For the interim head coach of the Razorbacks, “you have to be yourself.� And if that means he has to “go slap those guys in the tail and show excitement and, I guess, a little bit of craziness at times�, then so be it. “He brings a level of lightness I think,� said senior quarterback Tyler Wilson. “There was a dark cloud over there for a little while. When you see his face you can’t help but smile, and I think that’s a tremendous bit that he brings to the table.� Wilson isn’t the only player that admires Smith. Junior kicker Zach Hocker was recruited by Smith and is happy to see him as interim head coach. “I love Coach Smith to death,�

Andrew Hutchinson Contributing Writer


Tomorrow Thunderstorms 86 / 68°F

Hocker said. “He recruited me out of high school, and we’re on a good, personal level. Coach Smith is really encouraging. When I miss, I’m going to come off the sideline and still be encouraged by him. “The laid back atmosphere and just knowing that the team has my back and the head coach has my back gives me confidence to go out there and make everything this year,� he said. And that encouragement is key to his personality. “I think that it’s when you try to be something that you’re not that everybody’s going to see that,� Smith said. “In the realm of the coach, in the realm of somebody

that (the players) are looking at everyday, you try to be an inspiration, a leader, a guiding force. They’re going to know it if you’re not yourself. “You better be legit in whatever it is you do.�

see SMITH page 8

Photo Illustration Marcus Ferreira

Crowe Returns )5'*#(!5 ),5 as Competition Saturday’s Game

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Vol. 107, No. 9

Tomorrow will be a homecoming for Jacksonville State head coach Jack Crowe, as he was the head coach at Arkansas from 1990 through the first game of the 1992 season. The reason many Hog fans still remember him is because of the way he left Arkansas. After a 6-6 season in 1991, Arkansas left the Southwest Conference for the Southeastern Conference. Crowe knew the SEC was difficult, as he was the offensive coordinator at Auburn from 1982 to 1985, but neither he nor anyone else expected their first non-con-

ference game of the season to be challenging. “Some people were saying (Arkansas) needed to be better, but no one felt like a coaching change was imminent,� said Rick Schaeffer, former UA sports information director. The Citadel was the first Football Championship Subdivision (formerly Division I-AA) school Arkansas ever played. Many fans were “looking ahead� to the next week’s game against South Carolina, their first SEC game, and considered it a “forgone conclusion� that Arkansas would beat The Citadel, Schaeffer said. Instead, the Bulldogs pulled off a shocking 10-3 upset. “Everyone was stunned,� Schaeffer said. “About 37,000 people were there and the stadium was dead silent.� Besides the outcome, everything else after the game was normal. The media wrote their stories and the team shifted their focus to rebounding against South Carolina. The following day, plans that would lead to the temporary downfall of Crowe

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Jack Suntrup Asst. News Editor

Students hoping to be first into Razorback Stadium to see the the Jacksonville State game Saturday will have to keep their tent stakes stowed away for a few more weekends, officials said. Several factors led administrators from student government, the division of Student Affairs and Athletics

to prohibit camping outside the stadium for most games this year, said Rudy Trejo, assistant director of Student Activities. A factor in this week’s decision was the fact that thunderstorms from the remnants of Hurricane Isaac will most likely leave northwest Arkansas a muddy mess, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, according to “Weather is always a consideration,� said Scott Flana-

gin, director of communications for Student Affairs, “Isaac coming through with torrential weather.� Because of this, “student safety� had to be taken into consideration, Trejo said. For the same reason, students will not be allowed to line up outside the gates until 2 p.m., Saturday, whereas normally students could line up at 8 a.m., Trejo said.

see CAMPING page 3

Changes Made for Gameday R5 &&5 !-5 #(&/#(!5 %*%-65 ((35 packs and camera bags will not be allowed in the stadium. Purses are allowed if they meet certain size requirements and will be checked upon entry.

option to print off their tickets at home. R5)(--#)(5-.(51),%,-5,5()15&5 to accept credit cards and debit cards that can be read without entering a PIN number.

R5 ĝ5 -)/."5 (5 ) 5 ."5 -.#/'5 1#&&5 R5 ĝ5 )&#(!5 (5 *0#&#)(5 .5 ."5 be closed to pedestrians because of AT&T Fan Zone will be opened construction of the new football building. to the public and more kids’ games and activities will be added. R5 7.#%.-5 1#&&5 &&)15 --)(5 .#%.5 holders to assign their tickets to someone else. Fans using e-tickets even have the Reporting by Jaime Dunaway

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Friday, Aug. 31, 2012 Äť5,%(--5,0&,51-**,

Razorbacks Get Sweeter Kathie Xiao Contributing Writer

This year, Razorback fans will have a new party favor to celebrate Razorback football season. Kellogg Co. officials have released a new limited edition Pop-tart, suitably

named “Razorback Red� to match its frosted strawberry flavor. UA officials were first approached in January by the Collegiate Licensing Company about partnering with Kellogg, said Brian Pracht, the UA associate athletic director of Marketing and Licensing. “This is an opportunity to partner with a respected, national company to promote the Razorback brand in a new and unique way.� Razorback fans will not be the only ones to benefit from the new partnership with Kellogg. “We expect to generate new royalties in a growing category� but that “the partnership extends beyond licensing royalties as Kellogg’s is also a sponsor through IMG College,� Pracht said. UA senior Caroline Heintzman’s reaction to the news of the new Pop-tarts

was favorable. “I’m excited for the new Pop-tarts,� she said. “The only way they could be better is if they were bacon-flavored in honor of the Razorbacks.� Other students seemed to share her enthusiasm. Junion Hayley Mitcham, said she would “definitely be buying the new Razorback Pop-tarts for tailgating this Saturday.� Darren Rovell, ESPN sports business analyst, was the first to break the news about the new Pop-tarts via Twitter. He said that Arkansas would be one of five major universities to get the collegiate Pop-tarts, along with the University of Georgia, the University of Florida, the University of North CarolinaChapel Hill and the University of Michigan. “It says a lot about the fan support we have, the success of our teams and the over-

all popularity of the Razorbacks,� Pracht said about the UA mascot being featured on the Pop-tart. The Razorback Pop-tarts are officially available in stores, just in time for the first Razorback football game tomorrow.

COLLEGE SKI & BOARD WEEK Breckenridge Keystone

• •

Vail • Beaver Creek Arapahoe Basin

20 Mountains. 5 Resorts. 1 Price. FROM ONLY

plus t/s


1-800-SKI-WILD • 1-800-754-9453

UAPD will have more officers posted in and around the Donald W. Reynolds Razorback stadium and other parts of campus to ensure the safety of fans and students during Saturday’s game, an official said. More than 170 police officers will be stationed in and around Razorback stadium to handle emergencies and direct traffic flow, said Lt. Gary Crain, spokesman for UAPD. “We’ll have a few more officers this year,� he said. “In the past we generally have at least 150 officers but we did anticipate that this is a big and exciting season for Razorback football.� The Fayetteville Police Department is providing about 30 officers for pre-game and 45 for post-game, said Matt Partain, FPD’s sergeant of Special Events. Most FPD officers will be posted on the perimeter of campus directing traffic, monitoring parking in surrounding neighborhoods and providing

motorcycle escort for the football teams, Partain said. UAPD is prepared for a full capacity game — preparations have not changed from previous seasons, Crain said. “I think the stadium holds 78,000; that’s how much we expect,� Crain said. “The big emphasis is always safe driving, safe walking and the ability to move.� Crain encouraged students and fans to check out the game flow map on the UAPD website. “The City of Fayetteville also offers traffic flow material to deal with traffic around the city and interstate,� Crain said. Parking and traffic flow maps are available at with instructions that urge pedestrians and drivers to be patient with slow moving traffic. Although they are not expecting any problems, FPD is keeping an eye on weather conditions as a result of Hurricane Isaac, Partain said. Hurricane Isaac was downgraded to a tropical depression and will arrive in Arkansas late Thursday or early Friday bringing with it heavy rains

Monday-Thursday: Lunch 11-2, Dinner- 5-9 Friday-Saturday: Lunch 11-2, Dinner 5-10 1021 South Razorback Road (479) 521-5939

Featured Menu Items Fungy Bianco Marinated Jumbo white mushrooms baked and topped with chopped shrimp, mozzarella drizzled with gorgonzola cheese sauce

Smoked Gouda Dip

Made with Italian sausage, white wine, and fresh tomatoes, served with toasted bread Fritto Calamari Beer-buttered calamari served with a traditional spicy homemade marinara sauce

Mesclun Salad

Spring mix tossed in a dried fig vinegar dressing, topped with roasted red bell peppers and goat cheese

Pasta and Risottos

Pecatore Pasta Homemade white fettuccine pasta with shrimp, clams, mussels, and calamari in a white whine tomato broth

Main 479 575 3406 Fax 479 575 3306

Editorial Staff

Fresh pasta made daily!


ggo5 #'*&5&& University of Arkansas Fayetteville, AR 72701

UAPD Prepares for Game Miranda Campbell Staff Writer



Siciliana Pasta

Penne noodles with Italian sausage, spinach, roma tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil and crushed red pepper in a light white wine cream sauce

Risotto Fruttidimare

Italian rice, clams, mussels, shrimp and calamari in a white wine marinara sauce

Ossobuco Ala-milanesa Pork shank braised and slow cooked with red whine and balsamic sauce Chicken al pistacchi 10 oz Pistachio crusted chicken breast served with red wine demiglace

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Friday, Aug. 31, 2012

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Free Off Campus Parking and Bus Routes

from CAMPING page 1 The no camping policy will most likely be in effect for most home games. Students not attending class to camp and not enjoying the weekend were the factors in calling off other possible campouts, Trejo said. “It’s a case-by-case basis,� he said. “For this game, it wasn’t appropriate or need-

ed.� After consultation with other SEC schools and considering attendance from the last Alabama game, camping before the Alabama game will probably be the only exception, Trejo said. “I believe ASG requested camping for the Alabama game, but that will be the

only one,� Flanagin said. There will be major excitement surrounding the LSU game, but ASG has so far not requested for students to camp out. Complications with cold weather and lack of staffing because of the Thanksgiving holiday will likely prohibit any camping that weekend, Flanagin said.

Courtesy of Parking and Transit Above graphic displays the parking available off campus for gameday as well as the Gold and Silver transit routes that are available for gamedays.

UA Marching Band Gets a New Groove Kayli Farris Staff Writer

The Razorback Marching Band has made changes for the 2012 football season, members said. The band has expanded significantly in recent years. With 314 band members allowed to march in the pregame show and 347 members total, the band consists of

more than 2 percent of the UA population, according to the UA band’s website. The Razorback Marching Band will include alternates this season because of the continuous growth and improvement of the musicians throughout the past few years, said Brittany Hinds, senior color guard member. They established a competitive system of alternates because the tradition including creating the “Big A� on the field at the end of pregame, Hinds said. “If we add people, the ‘Big A’ may get distorted or may seem too crowded,� Hinds said. “Therefore, every section has a set number of alternates and if those alternates want to be on the field, they have to challenge someone for a spot.� By implementing this method, each section has a certain number of alternates who must challenge others for a spot on the field, Hinds said. “It’s unfortunate that not everyone can participate, but this system helps the band to improve even more,� Hinds said. “People are constantly having to fight for their spot which holds each person accountable to know their music, drill or routine.�

“The success of the band is directly linked to the talent and work ethic of our members,� said Nathan Cunningham, head drum major and senior music education student. A tradition among the color guard and twirlers, which had been phased out in recent years, will be reinstated this season, Hinds said. “It has been brought to our attention that we are one of the only SEC [Southeastern Conference] bands who don’t have poms for our auxiliary,� Hinds said. The UA color guard and twirlers will use poms while in the stands to incite enthusiasm among the band, students and fans. They will also have coordinated routines to coincide with the band’s performances during games, Hinds said. “The band is improving year by year and this promises to be our best year yet,� Cunningham said. “We are excited about the 2012 season.� While the band will keep all the traditional school songs, such as “Arkansas Fight� and “William Tell,� along with popular stands tunes like “Hey Baby� and “NFL Today,� they plan to introduce some new songs later in the season, Cunningham said.

“Making Your Journey Worthwhile” Companion Editor: Nick Brothers Assistant Companion Editor: Shelby Gill Page 4

The Arkansas Traveler Newspaper

Friday, Aug. 31, 2012

Taking the Win to Dickson: Best Post-Game Bars

Emily Rhodes Photo Editor

After the game is over, thousands of Hog fans will undoubtedly take a stride from the stadium down to Dickson Street to carry on the celebration from our hopeful Hogs win. After we’ve sang along to “O Lord, it’s hard to be humble,” and battled the thousands of fans dressed in their Razorback best, it’s time to head down the hill and enjoy our Saturday night with friends and fellow fans. But where are the best bars to head to after the big

game is over? Dickson Street is lined with what seems like hundreds of drink and food specials, but how can you get the best bang for your buck this weekend? Whether you are grabbing a bite to eat or carrying on the party with a few drinks Saturday, our list of the best bars in Fayetteville is here for those post-game celebrations.

friendly atmosphere and inexpensive drink specials, it’s hard not to stop in and take advantage of the tasty beverages Saturday night. Grubs offers outdoor and indoor seating, bars both upstairs and downstairs with friendly, fun bartenders and staff, beer pong and big screen sports coverage. Try one of their signature shots like the Woo-woo ($2), or grab a well drink ($3) and relax on the patio. Offering both well drink and shot specials until 2 a.m., Grubs is a great place to start or end your big night out. Grubs is located on West Street across from the Walton Arts parking lot.

Grubs Bar and Grill

A popular bar for the weekday and weekend drinker, Grubs gets our vote for one of the best after-thegame spots to celebrate with friends. With its relaxed and



One of the most popular weekend bars on Dickson Street, Shotz! lives up to its name by offering the best shot variety in town. Located right on the Dickson strip between Infusion and Brewski’s, Shotz! is jam packed on the weekends with students and locals. Try their Wedding Cake or Razzmatazz ice shot ($3.50), or support the Hogs even after the game by enjoying a Razorback shot ($3.50) off the college football menu. Though a smaller bar, Shotz! offers back patio seating, beer pong tournaments, their legendary ice shot glasses and plenty of drink specials

such as $2.50 well drinks. Head down directly after the game to beat the crowd, grab a booth and enjoy a few inexpensive drinks after the game.

Dickson Street Pub Though the pub is further up Dickson Street, many times getting overlooked by students because of its location, Dickson Street Pub is a great place to enjoy the Dickson Street weekend atmosphere and get some of the best drinks in Fayetteville. Offering more than the average bar, the pub has rooftop seating, allowing guests to

grab a drink and enjoy the sights and sounds of Dickson away from the busy street. Try their legendary masonjar “Hog Punch,” ($5), a Vegas-bomb ($5) or for those of us on a budget, their $1 beer special (Pabst Blue Ribbon) is a great deal. The rooftop seating is hard to beat, and with a wide variety of drink specials, the pub is the place to go this weekend.

Dickson Street Social Club

The Social Club is one of the newest bars on the street,

see BARS page 5

A Game Day Art: Tailgating

Nick Brothers Companion Editor

Theme from “Requiem for a Dream” Clint Mansell

Run This Town Jay-Z and Rihanna


Little Black Submarines


Rage Valley

Why Do We Fall?

Punching In A Dream

‘Till I Collapse

Infinity Guitars



The Black Keys

Beastie Boys

Knife Party

Kings of Leon

Hans Zimmer


Kanye West

The Naked and Famous

Sleigh Bells

Childish Gambino

Emily Rhodes Photo Editor Austin Bonner grills hot dogs and hamburgers for his fraternity tailgate at a Little Rock game last season.

Making the Most Out of Underage Tailgating Carly Pingel Contributing Writer

Although 21 might seem like the golden age for tailgating, students who haven’t quite struck gold can still reign in on the tailgating fun. While drinking is one of the popular pastimes of tailgating for Razorback games, you don’t have to drink to have a good time. If this is your first season of Razorback football, there a quite a few things to be prepared for as well.

1. Tail(eating)

For the more daring students, it might be worth it to try socializing with the tailgaters and work your way into their party. All you have to do in order to participate in this activity is simply walk around the parking lot among the tailgates and

introduce yourself. If you’re lucky, you’ll be offered some of their food. This is the art of tail(eating). A great ice breaker could be “How ‘bout them Hogs?” or just start talking about anything pertaining to Razorback Athletics. Remember your southern manners, make sure to compliment them on their unique tailgate and be gracious for their hospitality.

2. Join in on the fun

At a typical tailgate, one will usually participate in a few casual games of Horse Shoe or Baggo. Pre-game parties are the perfect atmosphere to start up a game of touch football or just throwing around the ball to get you in the game day spirit.

3. Get in line

This is a pretty obvious

activity choice but if you’ve never waited in line for four plus hours for a Razorbacks game, here are some tips. Bring food -- make sure to pack granola bars and water to keep you nourished and hydrated in the summer heat. Cliff Bars and Snickers Marathon Bars are good choices and you can pick them up at Club Red on your way to the line. Delivery isn’t out of the question. You can have anything delivered from pizza to Jimmy Johns (479-5710600) or chinese. This could potentially save yourself from some hunger pains if you’re without options.

see TAILGATING page 5

How to Enjoy Game Day Without an Access Pass Alex Golden Staff Writer

If you never got around to purchasing a game pass, cannot afford tickets or do not have either for some reason, you are not doomed. The game itself may be the highlight, but game days have much more to offer. You do not necessarily have to physically be in the stands to get in on the Razorback football experience. Of course, you could be a hermit and stay cooped up in your dorm room and watch the game on TV alone, but that would not allow you to experience Razorback Nation at its best. For most students and fans, the fun of game day starts way before kickoff. Tailgate parties are a lively tradition that are sure to continue this year. Join in on a friend’s tailgate or pop your trunk and host your own

with drinks, grilled burgers, hot dogs and the works. Arrive early enough for a good spot, check on the regulations beforehand and get a group of students together. You could even invite your parents or friends you have not seen since move-in to tailgate. You could watch the game on TV or tune in to the radio afterward. Get creative with your display of school spirit. Few places exist where it is socially acceptable to wear a red plastic snout with an elastic string on one’s nose, but the UA campus happens to be an exception, so feel free to be decked out in Razorback gear. If tailgating in the hot sun all day does not strike your interest, you may consider hosting an indoor football party. You are not the only student without game access, so invite friends over for food and drinks while watching the game on TV or listen-

ing to the radio broadcast. You and your friends could even go play your own game of football afterward. There may not be quite as much hype surrounding it, but depending on your skills, it may not be something you want televised or radio broadcasted anyway. You could also attend or host a pre-game party with friends who are going to the game. The same goes for an after-game party. Fayetteville is packed with sports bars and barbecue restaurants ideal for enjoying sporting events without actually having a ticket. Foghorn’s Wings, Burgers & More on 15th Street and Sassy’s Red House on College Avenue will be showing the game. Farrell’s Lounge Bar & Grill on Dickson Street is available for private parties for up to 35 guests, which means you could invite up to 34 family members, friends

see DAY page 5

Friday, Aug. 31, 2012

Page 5 The Arkansas Traveler Newspaper

Game Day Tips for Any Classy Razorback Mauri Lester Contributing Writer

Game day attire is different for any Razorback fan. For some, a T-shirt and cargo shorts will suffice. For others, full body paint is a must. Although, there are a good portion of fans who will dress to impress with women in their finest cardinal red or black dresses, and men stepping right out of a Razorback-themed Eddie Bauer fall fashion magazine. Here are some tips on how to look both fashion-forward and practical for game day. Stripes, animal print, tribal print and houndstooth are just a few patterns that can spice up any red ensemble. For an edgier look, try out adding black leather. Whether it’s leggings, a vest, a jacket or a purse, leather is sure to upgrade any outfit on game day. “Mixing prints with red is going to be really big this year rather than combining the usual red, black, and white,” said UA senior Lauren Peterson, a Belle Boutique sales associate. Dress up a maxi dress or skirt by styling your hair in a high-polished bun or for a more bohemian feel, try a low bun. For a more laidback look, dark or whitewashed denim button-ups are great when worn as a blazer and paired with crochet or lace shorts/skirts. DIY embellishments or clunky jewelry are easy ways to dress up simple outfits. There are always those girls who claim they “have nothing red to wear” but adding red lipstick and a temporary hog tattoo to a black and white outfit is the perfect fix. To kick it up a notch, try add some red flair to your nails. Studded loafer-style flats and bold lace up oxfords are an ideal choice when paired with rolled up pants while

“There’s no such thing as too dressy for an Arkansas Razorback football game. Just don’t be that guy in the jersey” Mr. South


providing needed comfort in the stands. By simply trading in your wedges for heeled boots, you can make your dress look like a whole new outfit. “Girls dress up in trendy outfits more now than the everyday simple red dress. You will see all sorts of different outfits on game day” said sophomore Nikki Monroe. As far as guys go, any little thing that can set you apart from the fan in the seat next to you is worth wearing. A complete wardrobe change isn’t necessary, but try adding a little character to your own personal style. The best way to accomplish this is by sporting unique shoes, accessories, color, and patterns to stand out from the crowd. Change up basic athletic shoes with bold lace-up sneakers for a more tasteful yet laid-back look. Leather moccasins can serve as a replacement for worn-out Sperrys and give off a more polished and classy vibe. For guys who prefer more sartorial type shoes, such as Mark McNairy for Pro-Keds, socks can make all the difference. A pop of color and pattern from socks is an easy thing to do

for men’s fashion and they are a great way to showcase your personality. Cowboy boots may be trending across the nation right now, but they always have and forever will be fashionable at Razorback Football games. Southern pride is not something to neglect when reevaluating your style. Ralph Lauren button down polos will always be a classic staple of male Razorback fans, but this year add a

twist to it. “Wearing a tie or bow tie with casual jeans is always fun” said Katy Robbins, a New York fashion stylist. If you’re a t-shirt kind of guy when it comes to games, try an athletic, short-sleeve razorback polo instead. As much as girls hate to admit it, guys have been ahead of the game when it comes to wearing bold patterns at the UA. Hog printed pants and shorts are a common yet classic style at Razorback games. Red jeans are another option to pump up the spirit while tailgating and may win you some fans of your own. Some eye-catching accessories include Timex eighties inspired wrist watches, Flud Big Ben wood watches, retro sunglasses, classic croakies and bold hats such as five panels and beanies. Colors and patterns are what make or break these items. Always choose whatever best suits your personality. It’s okay to wear something outside of your everyday fashion zone. Start this season by taking more chances, bigger risks and pushing the limits of college fashion. It’s time to let your personality and Razorback spirit “hog” the spotlight.

see BARS page 4 but a student favorite because of its great drinks and “barcade” fun. Those interested in having a blast on Dickson further than downing a few beers can enjoy a game of giant Jenga or pinball, play on a few vintage arcade games such as Pacman or Mario Bros., or sit and relax with friends at one of their many booths or tables. Saturday is sure to be bustling with students and fans looking for a place to enjoy some downtime after the game, and with $4 wells and some great beer choices, this is not the weekend to miss out. Social Club has a relaxed feel with dimlighting, lots of comfortable

see DAY page 4 or fellow students to enjoy classics with a twist and drinks while watching the game a mile away from the stadium. Buffalo Wild Wings on Joyce Boulevard, Whole Hog Cafe on College Avenue and Hutch’s Sports Bar on Colt Square Drive are also options to consider. JJ’s Grill & Chill features live music in addition to broadcasting the game. On Sept. 1, the night of the first football game against Jacksonville State at 6 p.m., acoustic/rock/soul artist Jovan Arellano is scheduled to play at JJ’s at 8:30 p.m. Boar’s Nest BBQ, located on Steamboat Drive, will be playing the first game on the radio and the rest of the

games thereafter on television. All of these restaurants can be found on urbanspoon. com or the Urbanspoon app, which provide reviews, menus, price ranges and other information, so you can plan ahead where to eat and enjoy the game before game day. Just because you are without a ticket or game pass does not mean you are bound to spend all day pouting in your dorm room. The stadium is not the only place to enjoy the excitement of football games. No UA student has an excuse to miss out on the school spirit of Razorback football season, game pass or no game pass.

see TAILGATING page 4 4. Taxi Service This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you can’t drink, why not take advantage of what you can do? All you have to do in this activity is spread the word (preferably throughout the parking lot during the tailgate) that you will be offering transportation services after the game is over. It’s a helpful and could potentially entertain you. Whether you decide to charge for your services is up to you.

Courtesy Photos

seating and lots of games that anyone can enjoy. The Social Club is located directly across from the Arsaga’s Creperie on West Avenue. Whether you prefer the more relaxed side of Dickson or want to amp up the fun this Saturday, make sure to pay a visit to Dickson and take advantage of all of the specials being offered. Dickson Street has something for everyone, from icy shots and fruity creations to a wide variety of beer and well drinks. So this weekend, don’t forget to call the Hogs, cheer on the team and then head down the hill to carry on the celebration.


This is an activity that


anybody, whether sixteen beers deep or 100% sober is able to participate in. All you need do in order to participate in this classic ritual unique to the UA is raise your arms, wiggle your fingers, and call those hogs—just like freshmen orientation. While most Razorback fans Saturday will be drinking legally, feel lucky to be able to call yourself a Razorback, even if you’re an 18-year-old Razorback. A certain law shouldn’t stop you from having fun. Appreciate each year you have, it goes by too fast anyway.

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The Arkansas Traveler Newspaper

Friday, Aug. 31, 2012

Crossword ACROSS

1 Chandelier danglers 7 It’s east of Yucatán 11 Nervous reaction 14 Prophet in Babylon 15 Short mystery writer? 16 Evergreen State sch. 17 Cairo’s location? 19 Miss a fly 20 Get licked by 21 Place to fill a flask 23 She played Honey in “Dr. No” 25 Flood zone structure 26 Letters followed by a colon 29 [I’m in trouble!] 31 Neuter, as a stallion 32 Backrub response 33 Short race 35 “Holy Toledo!” 37 More succulent 39 Breakfast in a bar 42 Red herring 43 Paint ineptly 44 Walked away with 45 Two-timers 47 Briquettes, e.g. 49 Exclusively 50 “Aida” setting 52 Texas slugger Cruz

55 Where some manners are important 57 Sports negotiating group 60 “Need __ on?” 61 Havana’s location? 64 Blue __ 65 Sheet music symbol 66 Bit of roller coaster drama 67 Hosp. worker 68 Help with an answer 69 It has 100 seats


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Stephan Pastis

Non Sequitur Wiley Miller

Sports Editor: Kristen Coppola Assistant Sports Editor: Haley Markle Friday, Aug. 31, 2012

The Arkansas Traveler Newspaper


Razorbacks Ready to Play Saturday Night

Haley Markle Asst. Sports Editor

Don’t fret, football fans. The most wonderful time of the year is finally here. The first kickoff of the season is now only a day away and the team is as anxious as we are. “We just need to play somebody,� said interim head coach John L. Smith. With the weather moving through town, many fans have expressed concern about how it will affect the game. Smith, however, is not concerned by the chance of rain. “That field’s not gonna be slick,� Smith said. “We don’t have a plan B. Our plan A and B are all worked into it. The only thing that would change slightly was the amount of times that you would throw the football, and it might (change) their plan as well.� Smith said there is always a plan in place for the chance of rain, but the staff doesn’t expect it to be an issue this weekend, because, as Smith put it, “the sun always shines on the Hogs.� The Razorbacks will be the focus of a lot of national at-

tention this year and there are rumblings that the team will be in the hunt for the national title, but Smith said he does not want that to be something the team thinks too much about and instead wants them to focus on playing the game at hand. “We’re thankful to be where we are,� Smith said. “And the only thing we’re wanting to do is take care of ourselves. We have to have singleness of purpose, singleness of vision and make sure that we concentrate. It can’t be next week. It has to be this week, it has to be this play, this moment in time.� Smith has made it clear that he is going to let his coaches coach and he said he does not expect to interfere with play calling. In addition, Smith said the game day routine for the players will be the same as it has for the past few years. “We do the same things over and over,� Smith said. “I guess that’s why we’ve had success with it. We believe in it, we preach it, the kids believe in it.� And I believe in it to. This is a team that can and, I believe, will do something special this year.

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Friday, Aug. 31, 2012 The Arkansas Traveler Newspaper

Arkansas vs. Jacksonville State Five Keys vs. Jacksonville St.

Zach Wheeler Staff Writer

Advantage: Arkansas


Advantage: Arkansas

Pass Defense:

Passing Game:

Arkansas’ passing game is poised to be one of the best in the nation this year. Led by senior quarterback Tyler Wilson, wide receiver Cobi Hamilton and tight end Chris Gragg, the Hogs always bring the threat of quick scores, but Jacksonville State poses an offensive threat as well. The Gamecocks return two quarterbacks who started last year, as well as their leading receiver. Both teams should be able to move the football.

Advantage: Arkansas Running Game:

Arkansas will be led by senior running back Knile Davis. Davis is looking to stay healthy after missing all of last season because of injury. Jacksonville State will be led by former Georgia running back Washaun Ealey. Arkansas also has Ronnie Wingo Jr., Dennis Johnson, Kody Walker and several more ready to fill the void if they are called upon.

Arkansas’ secondary is led by cornerback Tevin Mitchell and strong safety Eric Bennett. The Hogs do have some unanswered questions in the secondary, but coach John L. Smith has indicated freshman cornerback Will Hines could help strengthen the secondary. Jacksonville State is very young and inexperienced on the defensive side of the football. They return just one senior in the secondary at cornerback. Look for Arkansas’ offense to have their way.

Advantage: Arkansas

Special Teams:

Kicker Zach Hocker and punter Dylan Breeding will highlight the Arkansas special teams. Coach Smith, former special teams coordinator under Bobby Petrino, will find a way to plug players into the return game as well. Jacksonville State will not be as athletic as Arkansas, and also lacks the big play makers as well.

Advantage: Arkansas

Run Defense:

Arkansas will field names such as linebackers Tenarius Wright and Alonzo Highsmith. Highsmith is the leader of this bunch, with the defensive line being the strength of the entire defense. Arkansas is very deep on the defensive line and they hope to get good pressure on opposing quarterbacks this year. Jacksonville State brings along one established senior at defensive end, but the whole defense is still young and very

Coaching Staff:

Head coach John L. Smith begins the year with the staff intact from the end of last year. Offensive coordinator Paul Petrino, defensive coordinator Paul Haynes and the rest of the position coaches are poised and ready for the season. Jacksonville State head coach, Jack Crowe, brings in a group of good coaches as well. Arkansas has a staff of coaches with more experience, but coach

Crowe will have his players fired up at the opportunity to play against Arkansas.

Advantage: Arkansas

Overall: Arkansas returns a good number of players who went 11-2 last season, with a win over Kansas State in the Cotton Bowl. Jacksonville State returns some talent on the offense, but the defense brings a lot of youth to the table this year. Arkansas is very deep on the offensive side of the ball, and coach Haynes is looking to turn the Hog’s defense into one that will be intimidating to the opposing team’s offense.

Andrew Hutchinson Contributing Writer Fresh Faces

By now, most Hog fans have heard of true freshman wide receiver Mekale McKay. He will be starting tomorrow as one of the replacements for Joe Adams, Greg Childs and Jarius Wright, who graduated and are now in the NFL. It is key for McKay, as well as Keon Hatcher, Dayvon McKinney, Will Hines and Rohan Gaines, to get acclimated to college football and gain some confidence for the rest of the season.

At a press conference April 23, Athletic Director Jeff Long announced the hiring of Smith as interim head coach to fill the hole left by Bobby Petrino, who was fired at the beginning of the month after a motorcycle crash revealed his infidelity with an employee that he played a role in hiring over a large pool of applicants. “Of course, I’m close with these coaches, and that’s where it all generated from,” Smith said. “In conversation with the coaches and what was taking place and their, I assume, hope that they can keep things in place, and I would be able to work it out where I could come back.” Smith had left Weber State, a Division I FCS program, his alma mater. He had been hired as the head coach of Weber State after three seasons with the Razorbacks as linebackers coach and special teams coordinator. “There was some difficulty, yes,” Smith said of leaving Weber State. “I have three years

invested over here with guys that you know, you love, and a staff that you’ve been with prior, too, and the hard work that has gone into this program and you look at in and you say, ‘Well, could I provide a stabilizing force to help and show loyalty to those guys.’ “It outweighed to me the other one. Yeah, there was a little bit of hesitancy and a little bit of decision making, but in the end you might say once you weighed it out, it was a pretty clear decision,” he said. It was the relationships with coaches and players that pulled Smith’s heartstrings and brought him back to Arkansas. “In my heart I felt like I have to do that; I have to go back to those guys,” he said. “That’s the reason you get in coaching — to make an influence on young men, to be a part of their life, to hopefully help them on their adventure.”

Past Coaching Record

Weber State wasn’t Smith’s first head coaching position at a Division I school. It was his fifth. Smith also coached at the

University of Idaho, Utah State, the University of Louisville and Michigan State. Smith earned a 110-59 (.651) combined record at Idaho, Utah State and Louisville and won two conference titles at each school. Michigan State was a different story. In 2003, Smith’s first season with the Spartans, he took the team, which the previous season had gone 4-8 with only two of those wins in the Big Ten, to a 8-5 record with a bowl game appearance. However, the Big Ten proved to be difficult, and the record dropped the next three years until 2006, when the Spartans went 4-8 with only one conference win. Michigan State bought out Smith’s contract, and he ended his tenure with Michigan State with a 2226 (.458) record.

Goals for the Razorbacks

Despite the coaching change and player difficulties during spring football, Smith and the Razorbacks are not shying away from openly saying that the goal is to be a National Cham-

!"#$%$"&'( !)"*$+',(,""-! 4602 N. College Ave. 479-443-7148 Mon-Thurs 8-6 Fri 8-7 Saturday 8-6 Sunday 12-4

In recent memory, Arkansas has been notorious for allowing smaller schools to stay in the game longer than they should. Last year, a mid-third quarter interception pulled Troy within ten points of Arkansas, before a fourth quarter Joe Adams touchdown reception made the lead more comfortable. The Hogs must score early and score often, not letting their foot off the accelerator, in order to take a lead that Jacksonville State can’t overcome. The Gamecocks are led by junior quarterback Coty Blanchard, w h o played in all 1 1 games last year, starting nine of them. Not only did he throw for 1,703 yards, but he was also the third leading rusher on the team, with 427 yards. Jacksonville State also has senior 2011 First Team All-Conference running back Washaun Ealey, who gained 1,082 yards on 178 carries last year. Arkansas struggled against dualthreat quarterbacks last season, as well as in overall run defense (74th out of 120 teams). In order to come out on top tomorrow, the Hogs must shut down Blanchard and Ealey.

Advantage: Arkansas

pionship team. “You have to embrace that,” Smith said. “We’ve brought that on ourselves, so to speak, and we’ve wanted that. (It’s) nothing more than a compliment to these kids, to the fans and to the program to get to a point where we can throw it out there.” As for the pressure that may cause, Smith said that’s what makes the team. “I think we operate better under pressure, if that is the case, and better under those expectations and better under those demands,” he said. Players like the pressure that Smith puts on the team to be successful. “You can’t hesitate in any thing you do,” Wilson said of Smith’s calling the Razorbacks a National Championship team. “I like that about him. We haven’t hesitated in five years to say that word.”

Score Early, Score Often

Stop the Run

SMITH continued from page 1 Choosing Arkansas

fire if Wilson or Davis try to do too much, possibly resulting in costly interceptions or fumbles. These turnovers keep games close when they should really be blowouts, leading to the next key.

Avoid an Appalachian St. Repeat

Photo: Ryan Miller Heisman Hopefuls

Senior quarterback Tyler Wilson and junior running back Knile Davis have received a lot of hype concerning the Heisman Trophy during the offseason. When players are considered Heisman contenders, they and their coaches tend to “pad their stats” against smaller opponents, such as Jacksonville State. However, this can back-

Everyone remembers Appalachian State of the FCS (formerly Division IAA) upsetting then-#5 ranked Michigan in their home stadium in 2007. Arkansas isn’t immune to such upsets either, as they fell to The Citadel of the FCS in 1992, leading to the firing of Jack Crowe as Arkansas’ head coach. Crowe, now the head coach at Jacksonville State, hopes to be on the winning side of an upset tomorrow. In order to prevent this, John L. Smith must stress that this game isn’t a “cupcake” as everyone makes it out to be. They must take it seriously and not look past the Gamecocks.

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CROWE continued from page 1


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were set in motion. Crowe held his weekly Sunday press conference, then went straight to Athletic Director Frank Broyles’ office, where he was informed he had been fired. “The media was still upstairs, but no one knew what was going on,” Schaeffer said. An hour after Crowe held his press conference, another one was held to introduce defensive coordinator Joe Kines as the interim head coach. Crowe went on to be the offensive coordinator at Baylor for three years, before dropping out of coaching and going into private business in Birmingham, Ala. “He was doing well from what I was told,” Schaeffer said. “He was a brilliant guy. He had a major in chemistry and was pre-med.” However, in 2000, Jacksonville State approached him about becoming their next head coach and he took the job. In 2010, he was on the winning side of a similar up-

set, as he led the Gamecocks to a double overtime 49-48 victory over Ole Miss. Ironically, the Rebels were coached by former Arkansas head coach Houston Nutt. Nutt was also a “rising young assistant coach” on Crowe’s 1992 Arkansas coaching staff, Schaeffer said. Tomorrow, Schaeffer expects Crowe to use the Ole Miss upset as an example of “It can be done, a David and Goliath story.” Likewise, Arkansas head coach John L. Smith will use it as an example. “He can tell them that this team beat Ole Miss two years ago, so don’t go out and lay an egg,” Schaeffer said. No matter the outcome, Schaeffer believes it will be a “great homecoming” for Crowe. “He’s a great guy and I’m happy for him. I’m expecting a nice ovation from Hog fans, but it ends there. Arkansas still wants to win the game,” Schaeffer said.

August 31, 2012  
August 31, 2012  

John L. Smith an Original, Crowe Returns as Competition, No Camping for Saturday's Game