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Resolution #R-06-10 The University of Alabama Student Senate 2010-2011 A RESOLUTION ENCOURAGING THE CONSTRUCTION OF A BACK ENTRANCE TO LAKESIDE DINING Authored By: Ryan Flamerich Sponsored By: Jonathan Thompson WHEREAS: there is only one main entrance into Lakeside Dining; and WHEREAS: this entrance requires one to descend a number of steep steps, and it makes many students uncomfortable; and WHEREAS: many students who live in the Lakeside, Ridgecrest, Blunt, Palmer, and Summerville Communities would prefer to have an additional entrance to the dining hall on Lake Palmer; and WHEREAS: there is already an emergency exit on this side of the building that can be converted into an entrance to the building. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT: the University of Alabama Student Senate encourage the construction of a back entrance to Lakeside Dining. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT: copies of this report sent to Paul Marcaurelle, Director of Operations for Bama Dining; AJ Defalco, Resident District Manager for Bama Dining; Virginia Johnson, Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services; Dr. Kathleen Cramer, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Senate Advisor; Mr. James Fowler, SGA President; Mr. Stephen Swinson, SGA Vice President of Student Affairs; Kelly Corr, SGA Executive Secretary; Mr. Chad Clark, SGA Advisor; and the Crimson White for informational purposes. Adopted by the University of Alabama Student Senate on April 22, 2010.

_______________________________ Secretary of the Senate

_______________________________ President of the Senate

_______________________________ President of the SGA

R-06-10 Back Entrance to Lakeside Dining  

_______________________________ President of the Senate _______________________________ Secretary of the Senate WHEREAS: there is already an...

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