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Resolution #R-05-10 The University of Alabama Student Senate 2010-2011

A RESOLUTION ENCOURAGING THE PLACEMENT OF TRASH BINS AROUND LAKE PALMER Authored By: Ryan Flamerich Sponsored By: Ebony Smith and Jonathan Thompson WHEREAS: there are no trash bins or recycling bins around Lake Palmer; and WHEREAS: this is one of the most heavily trafficked area of campus, and pedestrians have been disposing their trash in the lake and in the immediate area; and WHEREAS: this lake is home to a number of animals as well as the center point of the northwest area of campus, and trash should be disposed of in a responsible manner. THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: The University of Alabama Student Senate encourages the placement of trash bins around Lake Palmer to help keep the area aesthetically and environmentally sound. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT copies of this report be sent to Scott Beville, Associate Director for Housing and Residential Communities; Chad Burke, Manager of Grounds Maintenance; Dr. Kathleen Cramer, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Senate Advisor; James Fowler, SGA President; Grant Cochran, SGA Vice President of External Affairs; Kelly Corr, SGA Executive Secretary; Chad Clark, SGA Advisor; and the Crimson White for informational purposes.

Adopted by the University of Alabama Student Senate on April 22, 2010.

_______________________________ Secretary of the Senate

_______________________________ President of the Senate

_______________________________ President of the SGA

R-05-10 Lake Palmer Trash Cans  

_______________________________ Secretary of the Senate _______________________________ President of the Senate Resolution #R-05-10 The Univ...

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