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Resolution #R-03-10 The University of Alabama Student Senate 2010-2011 A RESOLUTION CREATING A BEFORE BAMA EMAIL PROGRAM WITH UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSIONS Authored By: Ryan Flamerich Sponsored By: Jeff Elrod WHEREAS: “Get on Board” day can be overwhelming for many freshmen new to the campus; and WHEREAS: many freshmen would benefit from being informed of campus groups prior to arriving on campus; and WHEREAS: Undergraduate Admissions keeps demographic information from students when students apply to the University; and WHEREAS: this information can be used to create personalized mass emails about campus groups and programs based on students’ interests. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT: the University of Alabama Student Senate creates a Before Bama email program through a partnership with Undergraduate Admissions. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT: copies of this report sent to Mary Speigel, Director of Undergraduate Admissions; Brian Jones, Undergraduate Admissions, Web Communications Specialist; Teri Terry, Director of Testing & Technology Support Services; Dr. Kathleen Cramer, Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and SGA Advisor; James Fowler, SGA President; Meg McCrummen, SGA Chief of Staff; Aaron Zucker, SGA Vice President for Academic Affairs; Chad Clark, SGA Advisor. A copy of this resolution shall also be sent to the Crimson White for informational purposes. Adopted by the University of Alabama Student Senate on June 10, 2010.

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R-03-10 Before Bama Email Program  
R-03-10 Before Bama Email Program  

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