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Financial Affairs Committee Student Organization Funding Request Packet 2006-2007

Eligibility All student organizations seeking funding from the Financial Affairs Committee must be registered with the Office of Campus Activities and/or the Coordinating Council for Student Organizations.

Funding Guidelines

The Financial Affairs Committee (FAC) funds projects and activities that benefit the student body as a whole. In order to help ensure equitable allocation of funds, the FAC uses certain flexible guidelines in making their decisions. Flexible guidelines are used in an effort to allow for the funding of projects at the FAC’s discretion that promote the goals set out herein. Any firm guidelines that follow are broken down according to requests that are commonly heard by the FAC. Travel – The FAC generally funds travel for student organizations, other than Sports Clubs, for conferences that enhance personal development and promote the University of Alabama. Organizations can be funded for transportation (gas, airline tickets, bus tickets, etc.) lodging, and any registration fees as long as original receipts are submitted. An itemized hotel folio detailing all room expenses is necessary to receive reimbursement, including: phone charges, room service, movies, etc. (all of which cannot be funded). The person attending the conference must be a member of the organization presenting the request. The conference must be related to the mission statement of the organization. Food and Beverages – Food and beverages may be funded only in circumstances where they are the focus of the project or activity. However, food and beverages for regular student organization meetings are not considered necessary items. Examples of projects that involve food and beverages that may be funded are festivals that use food to promote cultural diversity. Projects and activities will be looked at on a case-by-case basis and will be funded at the discretion of the FAC. Examples of request include: o Office Supplies – Office supplies that are necessary for the function of student organizations are generally funded by the FAC. Examples of office supplies are envelopes, poster board, chalk, markers and staplers. o Speakers – Honorarium, lodging, travel, and meals. o Postage – Mail-outs, membership solicitations, general information, etc. as long as the mail-outs are directed towards university students. o Printing – Newsletters, fliers, posters, and directories. Alternate sources of funding should be sought for the following: - national dues - awards/plaques

Request Instructions

Student activity fees shall be allocated based on projects and activities coordinated by student organizations. Funds are not guaranteed and the responsibility for requesting and correctly complying with procedures contained in the FAC funding request packet is up to the student organizations. The FAC looks at the following factors when determining allocation amounts. - Nature of the project or activity - Number of students affected by the project or activity - Size of the student organization - Adherence to guidelines - Outside funding sources (encouraged by FAC) - Co-sponsorship* *two or more student organizations joining forces to put on a project or activity Student organizations that wish to receive funding from the FAC should adhere to the following procedure: 1. Speak with the Vice President of Financial Affairs or Treasurer prior to the meeting. 2. Fill out an FAC funding packet, available on the web (“search” for FAC packet at or in the SGA office. 3. Make note of the FAC meeting dates, times, and deadlines. 4. Fill out the FAC funding request packet correctly (all requests must be typed). Follow all instructions in the packet. Failure to do so will result in the request being heard at the next appropriate meeting. 5. Return the FAC funding request to the SGA office by the deadline. 6. Sign up for a time to speak at the FAC meeting (Sign up sheet is located on the SGA secretary’s desk). Attendance of the FAC meeting is mandatory for the request to be considered. Once you have completed this process, the FAC will review each request and determine the amounts to be allocated. The funding amount will be final after SGA Senate approval. Reimbursement Information

Student organizations that have been allocated funds by the FAC must follow certain procedures in order to receive reimbursement. The allocation amount will be emailed to the organization. Pick up a reimbursement form from the secretary if you have been allocated a specific amount. Receipts cannot be accepted if they are over 60 days old, and retain all original receipts in order to be reimbursed. Invoices that do not show proof of payment will not be adequate to receive funding. In special circumstances, student organizations may obtain the funds in advance. See the Vice President of Financial Affairs for this procedure. Return the receipts and the reimbursement form to the box of the SGA Vice President of Financial Affairs in the SGA office. (Be sure to keep photocopies of all your receipts to ensure reimbursement if the receipts are misplaced during the accounting process.) Reimbursement checks or departmental transfers to the party specified on the reimbursement form will take 3-4 weeks if the form is followed exactly. If any pertinent information is missing, the process could be significantly delayed. If you have any questions, please contact the Vice President of Financial Affairs at 348-5715, or come by the SGA office on the 3rd floor of the Ferguson Center.

The University of Alabama Financial Affairs Committee

Student Organization Information Sheet

Student Organization Name: Campus Address: Campus Phone Number: President’s Name: President’s Phone Number: President’s Address: President’s Email Address:

Advisor’s Name: Advisor’s Phone Number:

All above information is required in order for the request to be considered.

Estimated number of student members: _______ Number of Active members: ________ Does your organization collect dues? _______ Have you received any outside funding? (From sponsors or fundraisers)________

The ____________________________ (name of organization) has applied for funding by the Financial Affairs Committee for the 2006-2007 school year. In requesting these funds, the above-named organization and the undersigned (hereinafter referred to as “we”) agree to abide by any restrictions and requirements placed on them by the Financial Affairs Committee. Should our organization receive funding, we realize that we will be held responsible for spending our allocation in accordance with Financial Affairs Committee funding regulations. In addition, we have read and fully understand the funding procedures and agree to abide by them. Signed: _______________________________ Organization President

____________ Date

_______________________________ Organization Advisor

____________ Date


Student Organization Name: ___________________________________ Name of Person Presenting Request: ___________________________________ PROJECT/ACTIVITY INFORMATION Dates: Location: Number of Persons Involved: Brief Description of Project/Activity:

DETAILED ITEMIZATION OF EXPENSES (include quantities, unit costs, mileage, etc.) 1)





TOTAL: ______________________

Office Use Only Date of Review. Student Organization FOAP Comments:

Amount Allocated: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Approved



SGA Vice President of Financial Affairs

Financial Advisor

Reimbursement Form For Funded Student Organizations Student Organization Name: ________________________ Date Submitted: _________________ Name of project or activity to be reimbursed and date(s) of event: ________________________________________________________________________________________

Party to be paid: (if a person is not specified the check will be made out to the organization) Name:(required)____________________________________________________ Address:(required)__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Phone Number:(required) ____________________________________________ Email Address:(required) ____________________________________________ Social Security Number(s): (required if the party to be reimbursed is an individual) CWID (required)____________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

Itemization of Expenses: (Vendor Name)_________________________________________$__________ _____________________________________________________$__________ _____________________________________________________ $__________ _____________________________________________________ $__________ _____________________________________________________ $__________ Total $__________

Please allow 3-4 weeks for the reimbursement process. The check will be mailed to the address specified above. If you have any questions please contact the SGA Vice President of Financial Affairs or the SGA Treasurer at 348-5715 or come by the SGA office.

___________________________________ Student Organization President or Treasurer


Financial Affairs Committee Student Organization Funding Request Packet 2006-2007 The University of Alabama Examples of projects that involv...


Financial Affairs Committee Student Organization Funding Request Packet 2006-2007 The University of Alabama Examples of projects that involv...