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Fall 2010 REVIEW

The Bar T he

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C h am p i o n s

Raised the Bar In their inaugural season, The Bar went undefeated and won their first Co-Ed Super Flag Bowl V Championship. Philly Flag magazine got an exclusive interview with Bryan P. team captain and All-Star reciever.

Q. What were you expectations before the beginning of last season?

Q. How did it feel to have so many of your teammates win awards?

Bryan: I think our mind set was just like everyone else’s. We wanted to win it all. If you are not shooting for that, why play at all? So for us, it was Marshall Cup Champions or bust.

Q. What would you like to see added to league next season?

Q. Are you planning on getting any new players? Bryan: It’s a possibility, The core of the team is all locked up, though. We still have roster spots for spell positions. Q. Are you planning on losing any players? Bryan: We lost one due to a regrettable incident. We plan to play our first drive of the season opener with one man down in remembrance of Colin. Q. Why does the Bar team play so well together? Bryan: We are all too competitive to accept failure. We are like one big family, and at the risk of sounding cliché, “a family that plays together, stays together.” Q. What role do you play as captain? Bryan: I mainly try to keep it fun, with some OTAs, sending out weekly wrap up text messages to the team, and relay messages that the league addresses throughout the season. In the off season, I got sponsorship for the team as well as designed the jerseys. Q. Any advice for the new teams coming into the league? Bryan: Respect isn’t given, it’s earned. Also, you might want to keep your players away from the bald guy in the Patriots jersey, he might make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Bryan: I’d like to see the league grow and enhance the competitiveness of the league. It also would be pretty cool to tape the games and get highlights throughout the season. It’s a tall order, but I think the players would appreciate it a lot, and I’m not going to lie, the pod-casts get me through my workday, lol. Bryan: Awesome, it was like Lauryn Hill at the Grammy’s. I love my team, they deserved it, hands down. Q. Each team brings a different approach to the league. What is The Bar philosophy? Bryan: Be a play maker on defense and do something cool before you get your flag pulled on offense. Q. How did it feel to win the championship in the first year? Bryan: As a team I think the overall feeling was a mix of I told you so and did that just happen…The first one is always great, but we are definitely hungrier for the second to really solidify the franchise. Q. Can The Bar repeat as Champions? Bryan: Is Too Tall Jones, Too Tall? Is having a snowball fight with Randy Johnson a bad idea? Does a rolling stone gather no moss? Next question. Q. One word to describe your team? Bryan: Explosive

“Awesome, it was like Lauryn Hill at the Grammy’s. I love my team, they deserved it, hands down.” - Bryan P.

From Left to Right: Greg K.: Male Championship MVP, Tyla J.: Female Championship MVP), Chuck D.: Male League MVP, Stephy R.: Female Rookie of the Year, Sean D.: Male Rookie of the Year, Laura L.: Female Defensive MVP

MARSHALL CUP The Marshall Cup trophy represents the pursuit of flag football excellence. The Bar won Super Flag Bowl V with a 47-31 defeat of the Patriots. Greg K. and and Tyla J. were the championship game MVPs. The Patriots completed the season with a second place finish for the 3rd straight season. The Bar and Patriots advanced to the finals by defeating the Niners (46-19) and Stallions (37-12). The Niners secured a third place finish with a 20-13 defeat of the Stallions.

Fall 2010 The Bar Stomp out the competition in First Season!

Week 1 Female Ambassador Tara O. (Patriots)

Male Ambassador Fred R. Rice (Niners)

Two new franchises, Team America and The Bar, played their first games in league history while the Chargers and Silent But Deadly were looking to extend their spring 2010 winning streaks. Dragons and Stallions were looking for new beginnings with new players from other teams. Patriots and Niners were looking to get off to a good start in their pursuit of the Marshall Cup Championship! Dragons (14) vs. The Bar (46) Team America (19) vs. Chargers (6) Stallions (33) vs. Niners (14) Patriots (35) vs. Silent But Deadly (32) Week 2 Patriots are 2-0 on the season and Dragons lose their 9th game in a row. Stallions are 2-0 on the season and Team America loses first game. Silent But Deadly scored the most points in one game. Chargers drop to 0-2. The Niners lose second straight game and The Bar remains undefeated.

Female League MVP Kristine B. (Chargers)

Silent But Deadly (48) vs. Niners (20) Chargers (21) vs. Stallions (32) Patriots (27) vs. The Bar (28) Dragons (34) vs. Team America (21) Week 4

Silent But Deadly defeat the Stallions and give them their first loss of the season. The Chargers lose 4th straight game while the Patriots rebound from a tough week 3 defeat. Niners last minute comeback give them their first win of the season over the Dragons. The Bar remains undefeated and score the most points in one game with a victory over Team America, who drop to 1-3. Silent But Deadly (40) vs. Stallions (20) Chargers (6) vs. Patriots (36) Niners (21) vs. Dragons (20) The Bar (70) vs. Dragons (24)

Patriots (37) vs. Dragons (12) Stallions (35) vs. Team America (25) Chargers (12) vs. Silent But Deadly (61) Niners (19) vs. The Bar (43) Week 3

Male Defensive MVP Marc E. (Stallions)

Silent But Deadly improves to 2-1 while the Niners drop to 0-3. Stallions remain undefeated while Chargers lose their third straight game. Patriots lose their first game of the season and The Bar continues with a 3 game winning streak. Dragons break their nine game losing streak and Team America loses 2nd straight game. Female receivers combined for over 15 receptions.

Player of Week 1 Scott M. (America) Chuck D. (Stallions) 1

Player of Week 2 Greg K. (The Bar)

Mark. E. (Stallions)

5 Rec, 3 ReTD, 1 ReTD

ReTD, 3 PaTD, 1 RuTD 3 Rec TD,1 Int TD, 4 Int

5 PaTD, 1 RuTD

J.D. (SBD)

Player of Week 3 Stacey H. (Dragons) 4 Rec, 8 Tkls

Player of Week 4 Dom R. (SBD)

Player of Week 5 Dave P. (Dragons)

Natasha C (Niners)

Tara O. (Patriots)

5 PaTD, 2 RuTD

1 ReTD, 1 ReTD

Greg M. (Patriots) 1 KrTD, 1-IntTD

3 Rec, 3 RecTD 4 Rec, 1 ReTD

Review The All Star Game and Skills Competition selections were based on statistics, participation and team value. All eight team are represented and the number of players selected were based on roster size.

Week 5 The Bar remain undefeated after their win over the Stallions who suffer their second straight loss. Silent But deadly win their third straight game against Team America who have lost 4 in a row. The Dragons bounce back against the Chargers who remain winless on the season. Patriots hold on to 2nd place spot with defeat over the Niners who drop to 6th place. The Bar (58) vs. Stallions (27) Dragons (49) vs. Chargers (25) Team America (6) vs. Silent But Deadly (73) Patriots (45) vs. Niners (20) Week 6 Niners win second game of the season against a tough Team America. Stallions pull out a come from behind victory against the Patriots who drop to 3rd Place. Silent But Deadly fall out of race for first place with loss against Dragons who win second straight game. The Bar are the regular season champs and clinch the #1 seed throughout the playoffs.

SBD (14) vs. Dragons (38) Chargers (26) vs. The Bar (58) Week 7 The Bar finish the regular season undefeated after their victory over Silent But Deadly who lose their 2nd game in a row. Dragons defeat the Stallions for the first time and move into third place. The Patriots capture 2nd place with their defeat of Team America who lose their 6th straight game. The Niners win their 3rd game of the season and escape the Chargers who go winless in the regular season. The Bar (68) vs. SBD (16) Dragons (49) vs. Stallions (19) Patriots (68) vs. Team America (22) Niners (32) vs. Chargers (30)

Player of Week 7 Bob D. (America)

Hank B. (Stallions)

Sean Dvn. (The Bar)

2ReTD, 4PaTD 3PaTD

Scott M. (Niners)

2PaTD,3Tkls,2 RetTD

2Rec, 2PaTD, 1Int 5 Rec, 3 ReTD

Bill P. (Niners) 2Rec, 2PaTd

Fastest Man Sean D. and Tyla J.

Congratulations to The Bar! The Bar are the Fall 2010 regular season champions and clinched the #1 seed through the playoffs.

Team America (18) vs. Niners (38) Stallions (22) vs. Patriots (20)

Player of Week 6 Mark C. (Dragons)

Punt & Pass Tyla J. and Herb B.

QB Challenge James L. and Djenawa B.

All-Star Game Punt & Pass Herb B. (Patriots)

All-Star Game QB Challenge James L. (Patriots)

All-Star Game Fastest Player Sean D. (Patriots)

Tyla J. (Bar)

Tyla J. (Bar)

Djenawa B.

Male Champion

Female Champion

Male Champion

Female Champion

Male Champion

Female Champion

SPRING 2011 PREVIEW Register Now!

The Bar The Bar have youth, teamwork, speed, chemistry and excellent female players. The only team that can beat The Bar is The Bar.

Silent But Deadly Injuries left the Spring champions unable to defend their title. A healthy QB and roster will get them back in the hunt.

Stallions The Stallions are back! but need better production from offense. They were one catch away from Super Flag Bowl V.

Fall 2010 Champions

Spring 2010 Champions

Spring & Fall 2009 Champions

The Patriots 3 straight Super Flag Bowl defeats have them looking for free agents and a starting QB. Their GM will bring in the talent.

The Niners The Niners not only need to start strong but finish strong to make the Super Flag Bowl. This may be their breakout year.

Dragons Dragons now have a franchise QB and good mix of veteran players. Lots of talent but can they keep their fire burning? Register Now! If you have any questions or concerns regarding payment please contact: Sudha Suryadevara (610) 265-107)

Team America Team America had a tough first season but now with experience and tons of talent they look ready to compete for the Cup

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IN THIS ISSUE: Exclusive Interview with, The Bar Captain Bryan P., League MVP Awards, Fall 2010 Review, All-Star Photo and Spring 2011 previ...

Philly Flag Magazine  

IN THIS ISSUE: Exclusive Interview with, The Bar Captain Bryan P., League MVP Awards, Fall 2010 Review, All-Star Photo and Spring 2011 previ...