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1940s Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Nelson’40 1940s 11-03-2012. Far West Region

Mr. Henry Shed’62 Mr. Henry Shed’62 10-05-2012, Far West Region Mr. Bennie 10-05-2012, FarCox’64 West Region Mr. BennieSouthwest Cox’64 Region 10-04-2012,

01-17-2013. Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Mr. James McKissic’62 Mr. James Pine McKissic’62 02-14-2013. Bluff, Arkansas

02-02-2013. Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. Wanda Taylor Nelson’64 Mrs. Wanda Taylor Nelson’64 11-26-2012 , Great Lakes/Eastern Seaboard

Mrs. Mary Far Elizabeth Nelson’40 11-03-2012. West Region Mrs. Verna G. Mixon’44 Mrs. VernaPine G. Bluff, Mixon’44 01-17-2013. Arkansas

10-04-2012, Southwest Region

Mrs. Earnestine Terry Johnson’47 Mrs. Earnestine 02-02-2013. Chicago,Terry IllinoisJohnson’47

02-14-2013. Pine Bluff, Arkansas

1950s Mr. Lannie A. Smith’51 1950s

11-26-2012 Region , Great Lakes/Eastern Seaboard Region

Mr. LannieSouthwest A. Smith’51 9-27-2012, Region

7-30-2012, Southwest Region

Mr. George T. Watkins, Jr.’53 Mr. GeorgeSouthwest T. Watkins, 11-01-2012, RegionJr.’53

11-01-2012, Southwest Region

Mrs. Alberta Brown Williams’53 Mrs. Alberta Brown Williams’53 01-21-2013 Eudora, Arkansas

01-21-2013 Eudora, Arkansas

Dr. Eryn Earle White Moore’54 Dr. Eryn Earle Moore’54 10-11-2012, GreatWhite Lakes/Eastern Seaboard

10-11-2012, Great Lakes/Eastern Seaboard Region Region

Mr. Thomas L. Stevens, Jr. ‘54 Mr. Thomas Stevens, Jr. ‘54 01-31-2013. LosL.Angeles, California

01-31-2013. Los Angeles, California

Mrs. Vhaness Dalton Henderson‘56 Mrs. Vhaness Henderson‘56 12-26-2012. PineDalton Bluff, Arkansas

12-26-2012. Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Mr. Leonard J. Bynum’65 Mr. Leonard J. Rock, Bynum’65 02-14-2013. Little Arkansas

02-14-2013. Little Rock, Arkansas

Mrs. Gloria B. Neal’68 Mrs. GloriaPine B. Bluff, Neal’68 04-02-2013. Arkansas

04-02-2013. Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Jimmie Lee Martin Edwards’69 Jimmie Lee Martin Edwards’69 02-12-2013.

02-12-2013. Sherrill, Arkansas Sherrill, Arkansas

Dr. Carl A. Hyman’72 Dr. Carl A.Southwest Hyman’72 Region 9-20-2012 9-20-2012 Southwest Region Mr. Dolye E. Frazier’76 Mr. DolyeSouthwest E. Frazier’76 9-14-2012, Region

Mrs. Marva Maxie Tennyson’76 Mrs. MarvaMonterey Maxie County, Tennyson’76 12-30-2012. California 12-30-2012. Monterey County, California Reverend W.T. Washington’76 Reverend Washington’76 11-18-2012,W.T. Southwest Region

11-18-2012, Southwest Region

1980s Mr. Michael Hurst’85 1980s

Mr. Michael Hurst’85 10-08-2012, Southwest Region Mr. Nolan McMuarry’61 Mr. NolanSouthwest McMuarry’61 8-15-2012, Region

8-15-2012, Southwest Region

Mr. James B. Mauldin’04 Southwest Region

Southwest Region

Mr. Jason L. Leary’05 Mr. Jason L. Leary’05 03-25-13 Jacksonville, AR

UNSPECIFIED Ms. Thomasyne D. Adams-Howard. UNSPECIFIED Ms. Thomasyne D. Texas Adams-Howard. 01-24-2013. Texarkana,

01-24-2013. Texarkana, Texas Brunette H. Allen Brunette Allen Los Angeles,H.California

Los Angeles, California

Mr. Mack Armoster, III Mr. Mack Southwest Armoster, III 9-20-2012, Region

9-20-2012, Southwest Region

Mrs. Rosemary Holmes Aytch Mrs. Rosemary Holmes Aytch 8-18-2012, Great Lakes/Eastern Seaboard 8-18-2012, Region Great Lakes/Eastern Seaboard Region Mr. Gregory Boston Mr. Gregory 03-28-2013. PineBoston Bluff, Arkansas

03-28-2013. Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Mr. Clarence Blackwell’71 Mr. Clarence Blackwell’71 10-04-2012, Southwest Region

9-14-2012, Southwest Region

03-06-2013. Little Rock, Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas

2000s Mr. James B. Mauldin’04 2000s

Mrs. Jerleaner Girley Helton’70 Mrs. Jerleaner Girley Helton’70 11-06-2012, Southwest Region

10-04-2012, Southwest Region

Jo Marva Davis Rancifer’60 Jo Marva Davis Rancifer’60 03-06-2013.

PRIDE Magazine PRIDE Magazine

02-24-2013. Normandy, Missouri

7-20-2012, Southwest Region

02-19-2013. Memphis, Tennessee Memphis, Tennessee

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Mr. CharlesNormandy, L. Ballard’70 02-24-2013. Missouri

11-06-2012, Southwest Region

Mrs. Dortha Jean Meekins Beasley’60 Mrs. Dortha Jean Meekins 02-19-2013.Beasley’60

In Memoriam provided courtesy of Mrs. Staphea Campbell, executive director of the UAPB/ AM&N National Alumni Association.

1970s Mr. Charles L. Ballard’70 1970s

1960s Mrs. Virginia S. Henderson’60 1960s Mrs. Virginia S. Henderson’60 7-20-2012, Southwest Region

02-26-2013. Pine Bluff, Arkansas

12-14-2012. Shreveport, Lousiana Shreveport, Lousiana

Mrs. Nina Beth Dokes Parker’54 Mrs. Nina Beth Dokes Parker’54 02-26-2013. Little Rock, Arkansas

02-26-2013. Little Rock, Arkansas

Shandy (Shana) Adway Marchbanks ‘99 Shandy (Shana) Adway Marchbanks ‘99 02-26-2013. Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Mr. Andrew J. Perkins’12 Mr. Andrew J. Perkins’12 12-14-2012.

Mr. Allen Grissom’53 Mr. Allen Southwest Grissom’53 7-30-2012, Region

12-02-2012, Great Lakes/Eastern Seaboard Region Region

2012, Southwest Region

03-25-13 Jacksonville, AR

9-27-2012, Southwest Region

Mr. Billye Thompson’53 Mr. Billye Thompson’53 12-02-2012, Great Lakes/Eastern Seaboard

Mrs. Maeola Roaf Jeffers’99 8-16Mrs. 2012, Maeola SouthwestRoaf RegionJeffers’99 8-16-

10-08-2012, Southwest Region

1990s Mrs. Helyn Wine’91 1990s

Mrs. HelynSouthwest Wine’91Region 10-06-2012,

10-06-2012, Southwest Region

Mrs. Anita M. Burgos-Brooks Mrs. Anita M. Burgos-Brooks 01-27-2013. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

01-27-2013. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Mr. Franke L. Carr Mr. FrankeMilwaukee, L. Carr Wisconsin 03-25-2013.

03-25-2013. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Ms. Katina Q. Jones Ms. KatinaPine Q. Bluff, Jones 02-13-2013. Arkansas

02-13-2013. Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Mrs. Carolyn F. Wilkes Nelson Mrs. Carolyn Wilkes Nelson 03-08-2013. PineF.Bluff, Arkansas

03-08-2013. Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Ms. Marolynn S. Williams Ms. Marolynn S. Williams 9-04-2012, Southwest Region

9-04-2012, Southwest Region

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