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UAPB Founders’ Convocation speaker Dr.Dr. Charles Nelms talks ofDr. HBCU challenges UAPB Founders’ UAPB Convocation Founders’ speaker Convocation Dr.Charles Charles speaker Nelms Dr.talks talks Charles ofCharles HBCU Nelms challenges talks of HBCU challe UAPB Founders’ Convocation speaker Nelms talks of HBCU UAPB Founders’ Convocation speaker Nelms of HBCU challenges By Michael S. LeeS.S. | PINE COMMERCIAL ByMichael Michael Lee| BLUFF | PINEBLUFF BLUFF By Michael COMMERCIAL Lee | PINE BLUFF COMMERCIAL ByS.Michael S. Lee | PINE BLUFF COMMERCIAL By Lee PINE COMMERCIAL

Those attending the 140th Founders’ Convocation Nelms said the personal touch that for sofor long Those attending the140th 140th Those Founders’ attending Convocation the 140ththe Founders’ Nelms Convocation said thepersonal personal Nelms touch said that the for personal solong long touch that for so lon Nelms said the personal touch that fo Those attending 140th Founders’ Convocation Nelms said the touch that so Those attending the Founders’ Convocation an education hascharacterized largely beenbeen lost. characterized HBCU education hasan largely HBCU been education lost. education has largely an HBCU hasb characterized an education has largely lost. Thursday morning at theatat University ofThursday Arkansas attheatUniversity Thursday morning the Thursday University morning Arkansas at atat characterized of Arkansas atanHBCU morning the University of HBCU Arkansas atcharacterized Thursday morning the University ofofArkansas served people with with awith kind of love and quality “Weserved served people akind kind served love people andquality with quality a kind qu “We served people withofa love kindand of lov “We a“We ofof love and Pine Pine Bluff were told black colleges and PineBluff Bluffwere werethat toldhistorically thatPine historically Bluff were black told colleges that historically and black colleges and Pine Bluff were told that“We historically blackpeople colleges and told that historically black colleges and that they never forgot, ” Nelms said. “We have gotten that they never forgot, ”Nelms that Nelms they said. never “We forgot, have ”gotten Nelms “Wesaid. have“We go that they never forgot,”said. Nelms that never ”of said. “We have gotten universities mustmust do asdo much to recruit students universities must doasasmuch universities much recruit must students doof asallmuch to recruit students offorgot, all universities must do as much tothey recruit students all universities totorecruit students ofof allall from that. This isto not about money but about away from that.are This away not about from money that. This but isabout not about money abo away from that. This is not aboutbut mone away from that. This isis not money but about racesraces as predominantly whitewhite institutions are towhite races predominantly races white asinstitutions predominantly aredoing doing institutions are doing races as doing predominantly white institutions doing toabout asaspredominantly institutions are totoaway Any Any faculty members who who do not have the attitude. Anyfaculty faculty members attitude. who Any do faculty not have members the members who do not attitude. Any faculty whohave do attitude. members do not have the recruit blackblack students. recruit black students. recruit black students. recruit black students.attitude. recruit students. right attitude wantwant to think about changing it. right attitude might want right think attitude about might changing want to about changi right attitude might want to think abou right attitude might totothink about changing Charlie Nelms, a 1969 alumnus of Arkansas Charlie Nelms, 1969alumnus alumnus Charlie Nelms, ofArkansas Arkansas aNelms, 1969 alumnus of Arkansas Charlie a 1969 alumnus ofmight Arkansas Charlie Nelms, aa1969 of social landscape since UAPB was “The social landscape has “The changed social landscape since UAPB has was changed since UAP “The social landscape has changed si “The social landscape has changed since UAPB was A. M.A.A. &M. N. UAPB), toldA.the assembled in UAPB), M.&(now &N. N.(now (nowUAPB), UAPB), told M.crowd &the N. crowd (now UAPB), assembled told crowd in has changed A. M. & assembled N. (now told theassembled crowd assembled in told the crowd ininthe“The founded, Nelms said. said. “Today a black student can go founded, Nelms said. “Today founded, ”black Nelms student “Today cansaid. go a“Today black student founded, ”said. Nelms a black ca st founded, ”L.”Nelms “Today aablack student can go the H. O.H. Clemmons Arena ofthe theof Kenneth the H. Clemmons Arena H. of O. the Clemmons Kenneth Johnson ofArena the Kenneth Johnson the H. L. O.Johnson Clemmons of ”the Kenneth L. Johnson the O.O.Clemmons Arena the Kenneth L.L.Arena Johnson where they want to gothe they have the grades to in. where theywant want goin theyhave have they the want grades to get go if they get in. have thehave grades where they want to in. go if they thetog where they toiftogo ififwhere they the grades toto get HPER Complex that in order to remain relevant ininthe HPER Complex that HPER order Complex remain that relevant order inthe the to remain in HPER Complex that in order torelevant remain relevant the HPER Complex that ininorder toto remain relevant in For the outstanding black student today race israce now For theoutstanding outstanding black For student the outstanding today black now student race is For the outstanding black today student today For the black student today race isisnow global educational landscape, HBCUs mustmust focus less less global educational landscape, global educational HBCUs mustlandscape, focus less HBCUs must focus less global educational landscape, HBCUs must focus less global educational landscape, HBCUs focus often an advantage instead ofoften theofof hindrance was often anmost advantage instead an the advantage hindrance instead was20 of 20 the hindrance it w often anit advantage instead of the hindr often an advantage instead the hindrance itit20 was on their heritage and more on the most ontheir theirheritage heritage andmore more oncreating their oncreating creating heritage the and most more onmore creating the on their heritage and on creating the most on and on the most years ago. ”ago. years ago. years ago. ” ago.” years years ”” academically rigorous programs possible. academically rigorous programs academically possible. rigorousrigorous programs possible. academically programs possible. academically rigorous programs possible. Nelms said are faced with with several issues as Nelms saidhistorical HBCUs arefaced Nelms faced with said several HBCUs issues are faced with several Nelms said HBCUs faced withissu se Nelms said HBCUs are several issues asas are “The“The future is notisis determined by our historical “Thefuture future notdetermined determined “The future our ishistorical not historical determined by our historical “The future is not determined by HBCUs our not byby our they move forward. they move forward. forward. they move forward. they move forward. legacy, ” Nelms said. said. “We have ahave legacy that must be legacy, Nelms said.“We “Welegacy, Nelms legacy that must “Wesaid. have be “We a legacy must be must bethey move legacy, ”said. Nelms have athat legacy that legacy, ” ”Nelms have a”alegacy that must be is ain for black students, ” ” ”competition “There isaagrowing growing competition “There is“There afor growing black students, competition for blackfor stub is astudents, growing “There is competition for black remembered and appreciated but in order to succeed remembered andappreciated appreciated remembered but order and appreciated succeed but“There in order togrowing succeed remembered and appreciated but order tocompetition succeed remembered and but ininorder totosucceed Nelms said.HBCUs “There is a perception among some Nelms said.“There “There isaaperception Nelms perception said. among “There some is“There a perception among some Nelms said. is a perception amo Nelms said. ishave among some as anasacademic institution today HBCUs have asan anacademic academic institution as today an today academic HBCUs institution musthave have today HBCUs must have as anmust academic institution today must institution HBCUs must black parents and students that predominantly white black parents and students black that parents predominantly and students white that predominantly black parents and students that predomw black parents and that predominantly white contemporary relevance and contemporary be responsive to their contemporary relevance and responsive relevance their and be responsive to their contemporary relevance and be responsive tostudents their contemporary relevance and beberesponsive tototheir institutions are better than than HBCUs. We are also student body.body. ”body. institutions arebetter better than institutions HBCUs. are We better arealso also than HBCUs. We are also institutions are better than HBCUs. We student student body. ” body.” institutions are HBCUs. We are student student ”” PHOTOGRAPH BY BRIAN T. WILLIAMS PHOTOGRAPH BYBRIAN BRIAN WILLIAMS PHOTOGRAPH BY BRIAN BY T. WILLIAMS PHOTOGRAPH BRIAN T. WILLIAMS PHOTOGRAPH BY T.T.WILLIAMS

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