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This 53 - year - old traditional manufacturing business thriving only on OEM

despite its half-century of expertise is what led us to the decision of developing a design brand with decades of experience and professionalism.

With our roots in Taiwan, we incorporate design ideas of a new era into our 50 - plus years’pursuit of brilliant steel craft and quality hoping to bring about distinct living experiences. Attending to every detail and each piece of

material, each curve and all that are to be felt are carefully crafted with skills and craftsmanship passed down from our predecessors. Touch one of our

works with your own hands and it will convince you of our persistence,

artfulness, longstanding devotion, and our pledge to the brand.

100 million for each unit


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Replace the disposable products We hope to encourage consumers to choose sustainable goods through improving the functionality and value in our products. This way, not

only the amount of waste can be reduced, but we can come closer to

the solutions to problems like waste-related environmental hazards, waste disposal problems, and resource consumption as a result of manufacturing single-use products.

User will perceive the care and coziness from the product. We select

suitable materials and use the best elements to truthfully fulďŹ ll the original intention behind each design. Using the product long-termly will bring people and products closer.

Natural resources are limited, however, creativity,

innovation and the values we try to deliver can be endless.

Ingenuity of design That’s what Design is all about !

Simple and natural-this is the philosophy of using without boundary.

No more and no less, to incorporate ingenuities into such simple and

perfect design will add more intuition and simplicity to the interaction between the product and living experience.

We do not just design environmentally friendly products, but also strive to create goods that we believe better serve their purposes and are

reasonably affordable for consumers. As long as a product is reusable, it would well serve to reduce waste. We will keep launching new designs to satisfy all kinds of needs in daily life.

(+)Add up little inspirations (-)Take down the excess

(×)Multiply our user experiences

(÷)Divide up costs for reasonable prices.

One Shake salt & pepper shaker

Besides the 360 - degree design, you can sprinkle

with different angles and use it with any gestures. Its reflux groove design makes it hard to spill.

Material:SUS 316 / Silicone / ABS Size:Ø 45.5×91.5 mm Capacity:20 ml Weight:95 g

The subtly curved offers a comfortable grip stable operation. After that, just gently put it on table and the cover will close hermetically to securely block ingress externally.

basic lunch box

Dividers separate your side dishes

from sauce and broth. Not even a picky eater can resist this!

Material:SUS 304 / Silicone / PP Size:L178×W118×H63 mm

Capacity:800 ml (dish 200ml) Weight:450 g

Complete non - curled rims make zero

blind spots for filth. Integrated structure

is incorporated because hygiene means just as much as aesthetics.


insulated bowls set

Semitransparent silicone lid grants you the comfort of being able to see your bowl

and its contents. Food-grade protection keeps contamination at bay.

Material:SUS 304 / Silicone Size:Ø 130×75 mm

Capacity:S 250 / M 350 / L 450 ml Weight:485 g

Thoughtfully designed double insulated heat

protection means you can easily hold the bowl whether the content is cold or hot. Carry this 3pc

set for your trip and relax knowing there are always enough bowls when you need them.

Share Cup party cups

Made of thick stainless steel with non-curled

rims, this mug set highlights cleanness and sanity. Gulp down your favorite drink and

wave your worries aside!

Material:18-8 stainless steel Size:Ø 70×90 mm Capacity:230 ml Weight:140 g

Unique handle design maintains the perfect

gap when the mugs are stacked. Anytime you

want to share a drink, rest assured you can easily pull a mug from the pile.


portable coee dripper

Expand the leaves, insert couplers into the grooves and press down to fix up, then place a cone filter and you’re ready for your coffee fest.

Material:SUS 301

Size:L104×W72×D4 mm(folded) Capacity:1~2 cup Weight:25 g

Slim and compact like a business card holder when folded. Proprietary design with 3 parts connected by spindles grants

easy assembly—simply expand, buckle up and it’ s good to go!

unibin trash bin

The silicone pad on the base of the trash

bin prevents scratches or collision when placed on any texture of floors.

Material:Beech / PP / Baking paint / Silicone Size:Ø 23×29 cm Capacity:6 L

Weight:1.8 kg

Toss along a parabola and make it your day! The unique one - piece technology preserves the pure figure and make it more than a regular trash bin and turn it into a spotlight of a room.

C reat i v e D i re cto r

王 冠 翔 James WKH He used to be an edgy youth who indulged in his punk band and showed all his creativity in music. After the band broke up in 2010, he turned to stainless steel as his new art medium for his family business! He taught himself a unique way of design and mastered the style of expressing natural

gravity in the products. Aspiring to a build brand of his own, he started in 2015 the brand“uanuan” against all odds. Then in April 2016 he left family business in to officially set up the design team.

At first, we were simply trying to face up to our responsibility as an employer and seek corporate transformation for our family-owned

traditional business , then little by little we realized we could wield some influence in the world and do something more meaningful. A belief is not just something said; it is what we should implement.

We want to influence more people with our“Uanuan products”, and to do things that make sense with our eco-friendly allies for a plastic- free world. In addition to our design principles, there are values and spirits we want to convey. Plastic-free living that we

promote does not mean utter elimination of plastics, but rather a design that re-uses and finds alternative solutions.


YUANMIN CO., Ltd was founded 2015

Established“源 源 鋼 藝 yuansteel” 2016


Officially set up“uanuan design team”

Won the Reddot DesignAward in Germany

Won“the annual best design”of the Golden Pin DesignAward in Taiwan 2017

Started a crowdfunding campaign on Zeczec, total funded NT$798,090 One Shake - salt & pepper shaker officially launch in Taiwan Interviewe by design magazine La Vie/ Design

Cooperate with Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival

Launch the new product - Tierce (portable coffee dripper) Attended to Taiwan Design Expo 2017

Attended to Chiang Mai Design Week 2017 2018

Attended to Ambiente. The show. ‒ International Consumer Goods Fair Attended to International Home & Housewares Show 2018 Attended to Seoul International Sourcing Fair 2018 Launch the new product - unibin (trash bin) Launch the new product - basic (lunch box)

Launch the new product - Triplets (insulated bowls set) Launch the new product - Share Cup

Attended to Creative Expo Taiwan 2018



M A I L ┃ h e l l o @ u a n u a n .cc

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B H ┃ 8 : 3 0 a.m. - 5 : 3 0 p.m. o n w e e kd a y s

A D D . ┃ N o. 1 3 , X i n h e Rd . , S o u t h D i st . , Ta i n a n C i t y 7 0 2 , Ta i wa n ( R . O . C . )

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