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Constellations ‘Glorious Year (Turn Of The Century)’ has an awning alongside a forsaken appeal that is accentuated by the rhythm. The delightful vocals creep through and the agreeable manner that it picks up as it travels also sees it right. The precise attributes are rather distinct here and show. An understanding is gloriously convened with ‘Constellations’. The drumming is felt and then a layered approach comes in over that on the intro. That garners before giving way and the rhythm drops down completely when the vocals come in. It is an end to end clean offering. The first collaboration the album is ‘Lady Vengeance’. This is an ambient offering and one that is granted a keen affluence that proves its worth. The strength of depth also works its magic in a contended way. The repose to ‘The Night Is Young’ is delightful. The minute details in the running fall kindly for it. A collective softness resides on it but the balletic qualities longingly come to pass and add heart in a resounding way. ‘Between Two Mirrors’ is another collaboration that is redeemed by the lucrative turning in the delivery. The enlightened flourishes wash over it and the lucid

10 charm of the song presents from this. A saunter is called out on ‘So It Goes’ which steadily gathers momentum. It is very choice. The mechanics in the rhythm sit well, while the eccentric card played with the vocals is one that adds the necessary lift needed. An oriental influence brings decorum for ‘Land Of the Midnight Sun’. This is channelled in an evident way that is proportioned in a consolidated way. There are detailed tidings hidden away in the arrangement that are scintillating and really find absolution. Again their innovation shows on ‘Elegy’. The lighter touches in the tune freely come around but it is a staged offering with marvellous gestures hanging in the toils that are indicative of a requited nature. The opus carried across marks it out and the string section adorns it deliberately. ‘The Observatory’ is this enigmatic tour-de-force that is a thrilling and captivating effort. The clever way it comes through classifies this with an underlying precision very much coming to pass in a beneficial way. The last track here is ‘Keep It A Memory’. This fits the scope of how the album has proceeded up to this point and it retains a distal showing. The gentle calling of the vocals courses through along with the enlightened texture which heightens the listening experience. A thrilling album from beginning to end. - 39 -

Unsigned & Independent (July 2014)  

The July 2014 issue of Unsigned & Independent features an interview with Vann Music. We also talked with Crow Black Chicken to discuss Texa...

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