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oming to school open days, it is high time for student to achieve their goals. The world is a passing phenomenon. Knowledge has no limit and learning is an endless process. No matter you are in London, Shanghai or Taipei, we hope U&I Magazine can broaden your mind, whether it's through reading, thinking or your own virtuous activities. With us you'll embrace these tools to inspire yourself, to broaden your horizon.


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3. 房屋内部的设备损害时,由谁维护? 5. 应付多少押金

(Deposits) ?押金通常为一


金。请向房东索取押金收据,以做为退费的 凭借。退租时,如果房子太脏或破坏严重, 会被扣押金,如无大问题,一般都能全额 退还。


什么是Tube? T

如何申请国民保险号码 (NI Number)?   申请社会保险号National Insurance Number 如果需 要交纳National Insurance Contributions,就必须申请一 个英国国家社会保险号通过这个号码才能交纳NICS。在英国, 个人的National Insurance Number,NI Number就像我们 国家的身份证号码一样将伴随自己终生,而且只有本人才能 使用,所以要妥善保管以防被坏人利用。先打电话:0845 600 0643(8:00-18:00周一到周五),当地的就业服务中 心负责确认申请人确实需要而且从未申请过NI Number。然 后,就业服务中心会给申请者安排一次面谈,做一下身份 证明的核实。他们会确定面试的时间、地点,然后通知申 请者本人,并告知面试时要带的文件或信息资料。如果没 有任何官方文件,只需要提供能证明自己身份的信息资料即 可。   在面谈时,工作人员会确认申请者本人的身份、打工的 地点、为什么要申请NI Number、审查是否具有在英国境内 打工的资格、审查申请人携带的文档或信息资料,做一些相 应的背景调查。除非需要口语翻译,否则面谈是一对一进行 的。申请人完成NI Number申请表格的填写和签名。如果在 面谈时就完成了NI Number的申请过程,Job Centre Plus 会通过信函的方式告知申请者本人是否成功申请到了NI Number。

没错!在英国看电视,除了必需拥有、购买或租赁一台 电视机,法律要求您购买电视执照(TV License),费用约为 每年140英镑。有了电视执照,就可以合法地收看基本频道, 如想收看更多频道,便要向Sky或Virgn等公司处购买额外 的套餐。

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Q & A


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Study in the UK Q & A By Tinky Source: Official London city guide, British Council, Working holiday UK

It’s hard to deny that the act of living in another country, you wanted to evolve, to change something, to put yourself in an uncomfortable new situation that would force you to into a new phase of your life; Parent send their children to study abroad expect their children get more experience and learn many things such as how to be independent. However, studying abroad poses many questions for students, but quite a few for parents as well. The type of questions that can cause serious stress and anxiety. So for both parent and students, don't worry! It's not as bad as it may seem. And we are here to help you, here are a few tips to get you through this exciting, and sometimes overwhelming time in the UK.

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The UK Background


he United Kingdom includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. There are currently a total of 66 official cities in the United Kingdom ( 50 in England, 6 in Scotland, 5 in Wales and 5 in Northern Ireland ); the capital London is located in Southeast England.

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Q & A



How to choose a good Universityďź&#x;


he Times newpaper is published annually (The Times Good University Guide),survey based under 116 universities and 62 higher education institutions. The Times university rankings take into account eight criterias : Student satisfaction, Quality, Entry standards, Student-staff ratio, Services & facilities spend, Completion, Good honours, Graduate prospects. Check the website http://www.thetimes. you can find the ranked of British universityies.

2013 the ranked top 10

British universities, as follows

1. Oxford University 2. Cambridge University 3. London School of Economics and Political Science 4. Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine 5. The University of Durham 6. University of St Andrews 7. University College London 8. University of Warwick 9. The University of Bath 10. Exeter University

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Where is the safest city to study in the UKďź&#x;


afety is the largest concern for most parents and student of students studying abroad. Study abroad tragedies are few and far between, but to stay safe and take precautions is necessary. The figures pubished by Endsleigh, which identify the top ten safest towns and cities in the UK for your reference.

top 10 Safest City to study in the UK

1. Guildford 2. Swindon 3. Dundee 4. Bath 5. Coventry

6. Brighton 7. Aberdeen 8. Cheltenham 9. Edinburgh 10. Belfast

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Q & A

When are school term dates in the UK ďź&#x;

Secondary and Further education Most schools operate a three term school year Autumn Term : The academic year usually from early September until mid-December. Spring Term: From early January to Easter. Summer Term: From Easter to mid July

--->Each term divided in half by a week holiday as the Half Term break. --->The Christmas holidays (2 weeks) separate the autumn and spring terms. --->The Easter holidays (2weeks) separate the spring and summer terms. --->The summer holiday begins in late July, and is usually about six weeks long.

University An academeic year,the time during which an educational institution holds classes. The schedules adopted vary widely. In general, the academic year begins in autumn and ends during the following spring or summer. The academic year into three terms, which are usually 8–11 weeks each.

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What are Bank holiays and Public holiays In the UK ďź&#x; UK Bank holidays


1 January

New Year's Day (Bank Holiday)

7 January

Extra New Year's Bank holiday (Scotland )

1 March

St. David's Day

17 March

St. Patrick's Day (North Ireland Bank holiday)

29 March

Good Friday(Bank Holiday)

31 March


1 April

Easter Monday (England, Wales, North Ireland Bank holiday)

23 April

St. George's Day

6 May

Early May Bank Holiday

27 May

Spring Bank Holiday

12 July

Battle of the Boyne(North Ireland Bank holiday)

5 August

Summer Bank Holiday(Scotland)

26 August

Summer Bank Holiday( England, Wales, North Ireland)

31 October


30 November

St. Andrew's Day

25 December

Christmas Day(Bank holiday)

26 December

Boxing Day(Bank holiday)

Other information Currency: Great Britain Pound (GBP) (ÂŁ) / Time Zone: UTC +0:00 (BST=British Summer Time;GMT offset) UK plug adapter : 3 prong voltage adapter plug for 220 volt power outlets International country code: +44

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Back to School! Study In the UK

Q & A

Studying in the UK, what type of visa will I need ?


here are five different type of UK visa for students, the follow information is from British Council will help you decide which is the most appropriate for your application. The type of student visa you require will depend on your background, the type of course you wish to study, and the length of your course. If you want to come and study in the UK for up to 6 months (or up to 11 months to take an English Language course , you can apply:

1. Child visitor: You can apply as a child visitor if

you are under 18 years old and you want to come and study in the UK for up to 6 months.

2. Student visitor : You can apply

as a student visitor if you are at least 18 years old, you want to come and study in the UK for up to 6 months (or up to 11 months to take an English Language course), and you do not want to work while you are here. You cannot switch and apply to extend your stay as a Tier 4 (General) student.

If you want to apply the following visa, the college or university which you study have to be on UKBA registered sponsor list:

1. You can apply as a child student under Tier 4 of our points-based

system if you are between 4 and 17 years old. If you are between 4 and 15 years old, you must be coming to the UK to be educated at an independent fee-paying school.

2. You can apply as an adult student under Tier 4 (General) of our

points-based system if you are coming to the UK for your post-16 education. you will need to apply from the country where you live.

The following visa is for a prospective student who wants to come to the U.K to finalise the arrangements for Tier 4 course of study:

1. Prospective visa: You can apply as a prospective student if you

want to come to the UK to help you finalise the arrangements for your Tier 4 course of study (for example, by attending an a univer sity which interview at has made you a conditional offer).You will be able to switch into the Tier 4 (General) or Tier 4 (Child) category while you are in the UK.

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If you want to visit your children who are studying in the UK, wh at kind of visa do you needďź&#x;


here are five different type of UK visa for students, the follow information is from British Council will help you decide which is the most appropriate for your application. The type of student visa you require will depend on your background, the type of course you wish to study, and the length of your course.

Family Visitor The family members you are visiting must be permanently settled or have asylum/humanitarian protection status in the UK. They must also be related to you in one of the following ways: spouse, civil partner, father, mother, son, daughter, brother or sister;grandfather, grandmother, grandson or granddaughter;spouse or civil partner's father, mother, brother or sister;son or daughter's spouse or civil partner; stepfather, stepmother, stepson, stepdaughter, stepbrother or stepsister; or a person you have been living with in a genuine and subsisting relationship, like marriage or civil partnership, for at least 2 years before the day you apply. If you want to visit a family member who is not listed above, or if they are permanently not settled or have asylum/humanitarian protection in the UK, then you should apply as a general visitor and complete VAF1A.

This could include:

1. Travel booking confirmation (can be email or copy of tickets) 2. Travel agent confirmation of both 3. If you are visiting a friend you may wish to include a letter of invitation from them as well as their financial documents.

4. You should also consider supplying evidence of their immigration status in the UK, this could be copies of: pages from their passports B.valid visa or immigration stamp from their passport C.Home Office letter confirming permission to stay in the UK Check more detail informtaion, please go to :

Does a Taiwanese student need a visa to study in the UK no longer than 6 months ?


f you want to work while you are studying here, you must obtain a visa before you travel to the UK.Or if you plan to switch and apply to extend your stay, you must apply for a visa under Tier 4 of the points-based system. None of the above circumstances, you do not need a visa.

What does this mean in practice?


rom March 3 2009, Republic of China passport holders (with personal ID number) visiting the UK for six months or less will not require a visa unless they intend to work or get married. For visits of more than six months, or for employment, settlement, or study , Republic of China passport holders(with personal ID number) will still require a visa. A student visa is required if they intend to extend, change status or work in the UK during their studies.

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Q & A

Do I need a visa to visit the UK no more than six months for business, such as attending meetings, training course, or exhibition?


: In general no need a visa for Republic of China passport holders but must check the website for detailed guidance on particular requirements. UK Border

PACKING With limited baggage , what to pack to the UK ?


o talk about British weather, you might relate to rain. Britain experiences a typical maritime climate, rains a lot, the average temperature is about 14 °C. In summer is about 10-20 °C , the maximum is around 30°C, evenings have more daylight. In winter the weather is extremely cold, the average temperature is between 1-5 °C. While the length of daylight hours in the morning and evening decrease equally as the year moves from summer to winter. In January it rains a lot. When it is cold, wet, and windy, bring a raincoat with you is more useful. It is unpredictable and changeable so what to pack to the UK has everything to do with the weather. Great items to have are light clothes, some clothes to warm up,a pieces of sweater and a waterproof jacket. When it’s cold enough for a coat, with a cotton clothes to make outfits a little warmer and easy to take off.In fact, that Britain is one of those places where if you forget anything, you’ll be able to pick it up when you get there and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. We’ve got so many useful tips show up what to pack from “Working holiday U.K “ website, as follow:

1. Photocopy of passport, VISA and CV ( Quite hard to find a photocopy shop)

2. Passport-size photographs of yourself

3. Backup glasses, contact lenses and contact lens solution( The price is more expensive in the U.K, you may need some waiting time to get it.)

4. Instant noodle, home made food, snacks( These do not take up a lot of space, and the price is much cheaper)

5. Scarf and overcoat. (To warm up) 6. Tablets ( for stomachache, headache) 7. Plug adapter ( UK is 3 prong adapter plug, European one is 2 pin), voltage adapter( except laptop, mobil phone and digital camera which for 110-240 volt power outlets, some devices from Taiwan which for 110 volt power outlets can not be use.

Do I need a Certificate of No Criminal Record?


o study abroad or to immigrate, you may be asked to present a “certificate of good conduct” or “lack of a criminal record” for a variety of reasons for use abroad, including school attendance, employment, etc. Be prepared, to avoid unnecessary trouble at any time.

UK Border

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How to apply a Certificate of No Criminal Record in China?


ccording to the latest requirement from Public Security Bureau, the students apply for the "no criminal record" have to meet certain conditions.

1. Conditions (1) Civil service examination (2) Chinese Communist Party organizations new members meet the Civil

(3) Certificate of No Criminal Record authenticated by Notary

(4) Citizens engaged in laws, regulations, rules must be no relevant with criminal record duty

(5) The provincial municipality issued that criminal record is needed

2. To get a certificate (1) Application form if you meet the condition to apply (2) A noitce of Authorization issued by Notary service examination

Entering the UK Arriving at the UK border, what travel documents are accepted ? 1. A vaild national passport 2. A vaild UK visa 3. A completed landing card


ustoms use scanners to ensure that passports, landing card and visas are genuine, and to detect forgeries and check that people have the right to enter the UK. Passengers will need to provide their fingerprints each time they travel to the UK with a visa, entry clearance or biometric residence permit. If you don’t hold a vaild passport and visa, you will be refused entry to the U.K.

(3) A China Certificate of No Criminal Record should be authenticated by institution

(4) Registration of Residence (5) A certificate of no criminal conviction should be issued by the public security

How to apply a Police Criminal Record Certificate in Taiwan?


ou can apply a Police Criminal Record Certificate in any police office, if the application is approved then a PCRC will be issued up to two and a half working days.

What questions do UK cus toms ask you when you arrive at the border? 1. What is the purpose of your trip? 2. How long are you staying? 3. Where do you study ? what’s your major? 4. Where do you live? 5. What was your occupation?

How to apply a Certificate of No Criminal Conviction in Hong Kong?


he issuance of Certificates of No Criminal Conviction is a charged service provided by the Hong Kong Police Force. All applicants should attend in person the Certificate of No Criminal Conviction Office, which is located at: 14/F, Arsenal House, Police Headquarters, 1 Arsenal Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

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f you are travelling from outside the European Union, certain goods are restricted or banned completely from entering the UK, Even if some types of food which are for yourself. There are very strict controls on what food products you can bring into the U.K. This is because food products can carry pests and diseases, which can devastate environment and economics. Banned and restricted foods: • any meat or other animal products • any products containing milk, cream There are restrictions on bringing such as fish, fish products, eggs, honey and fruits,vegetables into the UK. It is important that you declare any banned food products that you are bringing in the U.K, speak to a UK Border Agency officer in the Customs Red Channel or on the Red Point telephone. If you declare any banned or restricted food items ,these will be taken away and destroyed and no further action will be taken. Bringing in goods that are banned is illegal, and there are heavy penalties for smuggling. If you fail to declare any items that are not permitted,you could face prosecution.

Q & A

What else do I have to do after arriving in the UK ?


ou need to register your stay with the police within seven days of your arrival in the United Kingdom. It is not a hard work, just get prepare all materals which required and get there early as you can, as many students go to register during new school term, it can be very busy.

Why do I need to register with the police?


ome Nationals of countries are required to register with the police within seven days of arrival in the United Kingdom where they are given leave to enter for more than 6 months. If you do not register within seven days. After registering you will receive registration certificates, this certificate is as important as your possport. A change of address must be reported within 7 days at either the Foreign Nationals Registration Office or one of the police stations. You will not be charged any fee.


Banned goods The following goods are banned completely

can I bring into the UK? What are banned?

1. Illicit drugs 2. Stun guns 3. Flick and gravity knives 4. Indecent and obscene material 5. Counterfeit, pirated and patent-infringing goods 6. Endangered species

When do you need to declare cash?


  f you are travelling from outside the European Union   and you are carrying 10,000 euros or more (or equivalent in another currency), you must complete a cash declaration form. You also need to declare cash if you are carrying 10,000 euros or more (or the equivalent value in other currencies) and you are leaving the UK to travel directly to a country outside the EU. You may be fined if you fail to declare the money or if you give incomplete or false information.

What do I need to bring with me to register with the police ?


o register, you will need your passport ,two passport-size photographs of yourself,the registration fee £34. The offer letter from school and your address are also required. You will need to complete a registration form, after registering you will receive a registration certificate. If you are staying in the Metropolitan Police area in London, you should take these items to the Aliens Registration Office. If you are not staying in the Metropolitan Police area, you should contact your local police station for information of other police registration offices.

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Useful Information Is it expensive to get a SIM card in the UK ?


ou can purchase or get a free SIM card from grocery store, telecom store or on-line with a “Pay as you go” plan, then you will get a new phone number. If you choose a Top-Up deal, just topping up 5 pounds to 20 pounds or more, use to call or send text messages, the cost will be higher, it suits for short-term study or passengers.

Or you can choose a SIM on Pay as you go monthly plan, by paying 10 pounds or 15 pounds, you can get unlimited texts or about two hours to call. The cost is relatively cheap, and no contract. This scheme is more popular among students, we highly recommend it.


The other option is “contract payment”. You can sign a 12 months or longer contract to get a new smart phone with a telecom company. You pay monthly get mins,texts, and data to use. To apply this scheme you will need to provide address in the U.K and bank statement.

Where can I get free WiFi ?


any chain coffee shops, restaurtant, supermart ket, department store, train staion and bus stop provide free Wi-Fi, you need to fill in personal details and E-mail.

What do I need to pay attention to access Internet at home?


f you stay at a student accom modation, do not worry about the Internet , as the school will provide Internet access. If you rent a house make sure you confirm with landlord whether the cost of Internet is included in the rent bill. if not, you may need to pay extra, or even to apply a broadband network by yourself.

How to apply broadband Internet?


ou can apply broadband Internet if your place get BT telephone or cable jack (wall socket. You will be required to sign a contract between twelve to eighteen months. If there is no BT telephone or cable jack at your place, you will pay over a hundred pounds of installation fees.

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Q & A


UK hea lth Care System

How to register with a GP practice?


  n the U.K, you can normally see any doctor within your GP (General Practitioner) or you can also visit an NHS (National Health Service) which can provide treatment for minor injuries or illnesses. If you live in the U.K over 6 moths, You can register with a GP practice of your choice, as long as you live within its catchment area and it is accepting new patients. Visits to the surgery are free. Sometimes, you may not be able to register with a GP surgery, if you live outside the area that the surgery covers. A number of universities have a dedicated GP practice for their students. To register the GP is free of charge, all you need is to submit a registration form.

What documents do I need to register with a GP practice?

1. Passport 2. A registration form (you can get it from the GP)

3. Proof of your address( ex:bank statement) 4. A confirmation of employment from employer Check more information :

Where to buy tablets?


  n the UK you can buy non-prescription tablet in personal   care chain stores and supermarket, it is very convenient. If you hold a doctor's prescription, it is necessary to get medicine in a pharmacy." Many personal care chain stores provide pharmacy service.

How to find a dentist?

   veryone should be able to access good-quality NHS   dental services. There is no need to register with a dentist and it’s free of charge, just to phone them to see if any appointments are available. You can also find a dentist pay by yourself,even if it doesn't provide NHS care.

Where to get glasses and buy contact lenses?


  n optical shop there is a professional optician for your     eyes examination like visual acuity, but for optometry is not free, customer may have to pay a little. You should notice that in the UK h to get contact lenses you will need a prescription from opticians , also the price is more expensive, so we suggest that you get more contact lenses and contact lens solution as you need.

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Looking for an accommodation What is most important factor while looking for an accommodationďź&#x;



  t can be hard to find a nice place while you studying abroad. Getting onto the property ladder is increasingly difficult for thousands of first-time. No worries, we are here to give you some tips to help you find a house/ room quickly and safely.


Tips for renting a house/room

2. Bath room / Toilet checking. 3. Kitchen facilities checking, such as:

Public transport / Location Renting a house/room outside of London, the rent can be cheaper, but you have to consider the commute distance to work, access to public transport, the ransportation spending may cost you a lot.

Secruity / Safety When at night, some streets may have a hidden crisis out there. No matter what gender you are, all have to pay attention on your neighborhood environment. You can identify if your neighborhood have nice cars, it means they might have a higher income with certain quality level of life.

1. If there is any supermarket nearby ? is it convenient for daily shopping ?transport, the ransportation spending may cost you a lot.

washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, microwave and storage space.

Room 1. Heating facility provided ? 2. Basic furniture: wardrobe,


table and chairs.

3. Any

outside the windows make room airy ?

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Q & A

Why should I need an agent?

Live in Homestay is better?




o not know which area is safer? Do not know what procedures are needed for renting an apartment? Do you want to find a ideal home easily ? We recommend that you ask Letting Agencies and Estate Agents for some advice.

You can select for your dream house, from choosing some conditions such as location, house size, rent, starting day etc. The agent will help you to find a house you want. Some agent is free of charge to show you the house, while others may have service charge. Ther service charge is usually a few weeks' rent. There are many Letting Agencies and Estate Agents around the UK. They are familiar with some particular area, for examply if you want to find a house near school, then you could try to find Letting Agencies and Estate Agents nearby.

What is important for renting a room?


efore you sign a contact with landlord you must make sure some details, for exmaple: water, electricity, Internet, gas fee, starting date and other details. In addition, students do not need to pay the Council Tax.

The other way is to rent a house then you sublet to others. The rooms which you sublet can be higher and you share less of rent, but this can result in a rental disputation.

Renting useful Note 1. what

include in the rent: water, electricity, gas bills? should state in the contract to be clear.

2. Check all the terms of the contract, landlord's oral agreement should clearly state in the contract.

3. Housing facility damage, who should take reponsibility? 4.

Who have to paid Council Tax ?

5. How much deposit should I pay ? Deposit is usually one month's rent, according to British law,deposit can not exceed two months' rent. Please keep a copy of deposit receipt until you get a refund from landlord. If the house is dirty or damaged, deposit will not be refunded. In general if there is no any damage, it can be refunded in totally.

6. The length of the lease. Give a notice a month before you move (or the lease prescribed period) If you want to extend your stay, you may need to re-sign a contact, if not, you can move any time.

t depends on individual need.

Want to be a part of the British family to experience the most English culture, also get a chance to speak English with host family, these are the benefits to live in homestay. Some family even provide daily meals. However, you are always a guest, host family should have their live habits and personal privacy. So, watch out your living habits, respect your host family. Looking for homestay, you can find details through school or some related website (eg:。

Live with friends?


f you are afraid to be alone then you can live with classmates or friends, you can enjoy new life, also have a good company with each other. However, it can be quite difficult , first you have to find a house which provides some available rooms for you and your friends, in this case you can sign a contract together or separately. Simply, you may share a double room (twin room) with a friend, you can get a cheaper rent. But living with a friend can have negative consequences, for example you might dislike the living habits of your friend, so that you have conflict with each other, who can bear this ?

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Transportation What is Oyster?


  iving in London, almost everyone has an "Oyster Card", with this card you will be able to take the Tube, buses, trains, trams etc. It is very convenient as the transportation fee will be deducted from Oyster card every time you take a journey.




How to apply an Oyster card?


xcept order on line you can get an Oyster in any Tube staion in London. You will need to pay a £5 deposit when you get a new Oyster card. You can get the deposit refunded when you return your Oyster card to TFL. Student can get a student Oyster photocard to save 30 per cent against the price of adult rate Travelcards and Bus & Tram Passes season tickets. A £10 administration fee is payable at the time of application. More information :

What is Oyster Pay-as-You-Go?


yster pay-as-you-go cards are charged with an amount of credit of your choice. You can make as many journeys as you like in a 24 hour period (4.30am-4.30am) and you will be charged less than you would pay for a paper ticket. If you make lots of journeys, the Oyster card will automatically cap the day's charges at the price of an equivalent 1-Day Travelcard. The aim is to ensure that Oyster always charges the lowest fare. Include:Bus, Traims, Underground, Overground, DLR and Railway but not include river tour and Emirates Air Line.

You must touch your Oyster card on the yellow card readers when travelling by Underground, Overground, DLR and National Railway, so that your journey can be charged the right fare if you're using pay as you go. If you don't touch in and out, you may pay a maximum pay as you go fare of up to £8.30. You could also get a Penalty fare or be prosecuted.

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Q & A

Can i have discount when using oyster on the bus and the tram


us & Tram Discount card (7 Day Bus Pass or longer) can be used on bus and traim, touch in on the yellow card readers at the start of every journey. Pay as you go user can get 10 per cent off single tickets on Thames Clippers. You also can use your pay as you go credit to purchase a paper ticket. You can get a third off single tickets if you have a Travelcard.

Can I get a discount to use Oyster to travel on the Emirates Air Line?


ay as you go fares are cheaper than paying cash to travel on the Emirates Air Line. To get the pay as you go fare, touch your Oyster card on the yellow card reader at the Emirates Air Line gate at the start of your journey and touch out at the end. Oyster card holders who want to travel on the Emirates Air Line as part of a 360° tour will need to buy a Boarding Pass - available at the discounted rate when you show your Oyster card.

What is tube? "


ube" refers to the London Underground, its history dates back when the world's oldest underground railway opened. Today, London Underground is serving 300 stations and is still expanding, wherever you are in London, you will find a station nearby. Since then a number of extensions have seen the DLR (Dockland's Light Railway) links to City of London and Docklands area in East London.

The surrounding area are calculated in accordance with the London zones system and assigned to six zones. Zone 1 covers the central area and zones 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 form concentric rings around it. More informtaion :

How to take the bus?


he London bus network has seen many improvements in recent years with new buses, more frequent services.

If you are from outside of London travel to another area (non-central London), you may need to transfer buses, in then out of central London.Buses generally run from 06.00 to 23.00, but some routes operate a 24-hour service. Night buses are marked with the letter N (eg: N24). London's buses run throughout the night. Night bus services cover the period between the close of the Tube and the start of daytime bus services. In addition, many London bus routes run for 24 hours. Some night bues run as same routes as daytime bus services, while others with different route, or operate along the metor route.

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When the bus is due to arrive at the bus station, you will need to raise your hands to the bus stop. You can use oyster card to take bus. Getting around London by bus is not so difficult. Just to locate the bus stop on the street,check the numbers under the stop name to confirm it is the correct stop for your route. Or you can down load an application with “London Citymapper”. The journey planner tool allows you to find automatically the best route to get to your destination with London bus. Interactive map to choose your stations for the route.Simple and easy.

How to buy a train ticket?

   K's National Rail network are    operated by several companies, you can buy tickets at the train station, or by phone or online booking. Although the National Rail fare is not cheap, but if you book in advance , you can save a lot of money. The main rail staions in London : King's Cross St Pancras, Liverpool Street, Fenchurch street, London Bridge, Charing Cross, Waterloo, Victoria, Paddington, Euston, and Marylebone. More information :

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Back to School! Study In the UK

Q & A

How to get a Taxi?

Rules for cyclists in the UK?



ondon's famous taxis (black cabs) can either be booked in advance or hailed on the street or from designated taxi ranks,or you can call a minicab from private company. You can requested the location to pick you. Normally there is a device in the Taxi to measure the meter of your journey. If you want to book a taxi, as the charge may vary so please check when booking.

Driving in the UK?

t is easy to get a public bike in London to get around the city, also many students would get a secondhand bike through the campus, It’s also a great benefit to both healthy and economically aspect.

Rules for cyclists



n Britain, you must drive on the left-hand side of the road. The minimum age for driving a car in the UK is 17. For international student who holds a non-European Community licence or an international driving permit can drive in the U.K for up to 12 months.


If you are a student holding a non-European Community licence or an international driving permit( China issued) you can drive in the UK for up to 12 months, later you may apply to exchange this for a British licence.


Before getting behind the wheel you need to have car insurance and a driving licence. You need to register your car and pay tax. If your car over three years old used on public roads in the United Kingdom, your car is required to do a text of automobile safety in MOT (Ministry of Transport). Check mor details on UK Department for Transport

Wearing a helmet is not a mandatory requirement when you ride a bike on the road but for your personal safety, we strongly suggest you wearing it. At night your cycle must have white front and red rear lights lit,and wear light-coloured and reflective clothing which help other road users to see you. On the road, You must obey all traffic signs and traffic light signals. You can keep within bus lane on the sidewalk when you pratice, if there is a special sign allow you to do so. You must not ride when under the influence of drink or drugs, including medicine.

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How to open a bank account in the UK?

Can I work while studying in the UK?



herever you are when you want to open an account with any bank, it always takes some time to make progress, this can be a harrowing experience. You need to make an appointment with bank consultant and you will be asked to provide evidence of your identity and confirmation of your address.So you will need your passport, driving licence, ID card and a valid proof of address. Some banks even require you provide a confimation of employment from your employer.

Different Types of Bank Card, how to choose?

Cash card If you have a Cash Card you can take out money from bank or a cash machine with PIN number.

Debit card If you have a Debit Card you can use your card to pay for things such as shopping at the shopping mall,shops or supermarket. Without a check or cash you will be able to shop, your expenditure will be deducted from your current account.To use debit card you will need the correct PIN number.

Credit card A Credit Card is a Bank Card with which you can pay for items from shops and, at the end of the month, you will be sent a bill. To use credit card you will need the correct PIN number too.

Do any bank provide service to customers who speak Chinese?


or some students who have less confidence on English speaking, you can go to the Chinatown HSBC branch where the staff can speak Mandarin and Cantonese. Also the Bank of East Asia (BEA) where the staff are overseas Chinese from Hong Kong, Singapore Malaysiaca and China who are able to speak Mandarin, Cantonese and English. They are well positioned to help Asian customers on financial questions and needs.

f you study for a course more than six months and hold a student visa, you are allowed to work part-time during term for up to 20 hours a week and full-time during the holidays. But there is a restriction for students who study less than six months.

Do I need to pay income tax?


f you work in the UK while studying you’ll normally pay income tax. During holiday, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week, any amount you earn above your allowance is taxed at 20 per cent initially. While you find a part-time job, you will have to apply a NI number from Job centre Plus. The National Insurance contributions and tax you pay are properly recorded against your name.

How to apply a National Insurance number (NI number)?


our National Insurance number is your own personal account number. It is unique to you and you keep the same one all your life. It makes sure that the National Insurance contributions and tax you pay are properly recorded against your name.

You will need to telephone Jobcentre Plus on Tel 0845 600 0643 to arrange to get one. Lines are open 8.00 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday. Jobcentre Plus will arrange an ‘Evidence of Identity' interview for you or send you a postal application. If relevant, they will confirm the date, time and location of your interview and what information/documentation you need to support your application. You will also have to prove your identity so bring as many identity documents as you can to your interview. The interview will usually be one-to-one (unless, for example, you need an interpreter). You will be asked questions about why you need a National Insurance number, your background and circumstances. During the interview a National Insurance number application form will be completed and you will be asked to sign it. Jobcentre Plus will write and let you know whether your application was successful and what your National Insurance number is.

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Q & A

A part-time job wage rate?


art-time jobs are available for students to earn extra money.If you’re student looking for a part-time job, the best place to start your job search is right on campus. There are tons of on-campus job opportunities, such as work in library, student restaurants or as a teaching assistant. There are opportunities for part time work off-campus, too. You can work in a coffee shop, supermarket, and shops. The wage rate in campus is higher then off-campus. The National Minimum wage rate per hour is £ 6.19.

How to find a job?


here are many ways to find a job, the key is be clear on what you want, believe in yourself and keep going. You can go directly to the coffee shop or store, submit your resume (CV), ask for an interview. Do not afraid of your English is not good enough, many employers require their employees to have basic English speaking ability, as long as show you are a hard working person, you have a great passion on the position then you are likely to get a job.

Job seekers should pay more attention on shop window and newspaper’s informaion of vacancy, or go to job centers, recruitment agency to enquire if there is any job available, for specific position, you can be arranged an interview directly. Of course, looking for a job via Internet would be the best choice. Job center website

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UK has hard water, and it will result in hair lossing ?


ost of the UK has hard water - water with a high miner al count. But there is no scientific evidence that drinking hard water will lead a hair lossing problem. However, if you are worried about health problem, you had better buy a water filter for drinking or drinking mineral spring water.

Another rumor from Internet is the mineral water contains calcium and substances, it may combine with the shampoo lead to clogged pores, cause hair lossing.But there is no medical evidence to support this, so if you are concerned, you can choose a natural organic shampoo.

What do british people eat? Breakfast


The traditional English breakfast consists of baked beans, bacon, sausages, and toast. eat this big and high calries Even though not many British people will eat this big and high calries meal for breakfast everyday. Now-a-days, however, a typical English breakfast is more likely to be a bowl of cereals, a slice of toast with jam.

A typical British meal for dinner is meat or fish with vegetables or salad. And It is very common people choose frozen food in the U.K. Not only does frozen food give people a quick and convenient way of fitting in a meal but also get all types of food such as Indian, Chinese, Italian, Greek and Japanese Cuisine.


What do british people eat?

During lunch time, many people will get a 'packed lunch' from a supermarket or fast food shop, this typically consistsof a sandwich, a packet of crisps, and a juice or a cup of coffee . The 'packed lunch' is said to be a simple lunch.

Afternoon tea The traditional time for tea was four or five o'clock but not every afternoon tea is accompanied by luxury ingredient. Normally, get prepare a tea cup, vessel bowl and teaspoon, making English tea, having biscuits, cakes or chocolate, this is common English afternoon tea.


he most fit your taste, and to economize on food is go to the supermarket to buy local food to cook home made dish by yourself. Fruit and vegetables are more expensive in the supermarket ,you may pay for £ 2 but get less quantity. By contrast,some food like pork, chicken, milk, bread, cheese cost less and good quality.

The supermarket chains in the United Kingdom are dominated by Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, and Iceland ,its primary product line is frozen food. There are large Chinese communities throughout the UK, you can find any home made dishes even thought it is more expensive.

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Q & A

Except restarent, what else in china town


hinatown exist throughout many cities in the U.K, like Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow.It contains a number of Chinese restaurants, for any fanatic Chinese cuisine. You will also find Chinese-run businesses such as barber’s shop, beauty salon, karaoke, law firm, travel agency, Chinese medicial clinic , souvenir shop, language school etc. in Chinatown.

Entertainment Watching TV legally?


n the United Kingdom, any household watching or recording live television transmissions is required to hold a television licence.The annual licence is about £140. One TV Licence allows the use of any TV equipment at a property to watch basic TV programmes, for more channels you can get a package deal from Sky or Virgin Media etc.

You can buy or renew a TV Licence on website or through 16000 PayPoint outlet. Just remember, those without a valid licence are breaking the law and run the risk of a court prosecution and fine of up to £1,000 per offence, plus costs.

How can I access to public libray in the UK ?


here are plenty of public libraries in the U.K. To get a library card you will need a valid identification and one proof of your address then, you will be able to access the services.Public library provides the public with access to books ,CDs, DVDs, newspaper, periodicals, and free Internet.Some libraries may also offer free or cheap meeting space for community organizations and social activity.It's a place to learn about anything at all whether you're going through a hobby, finding a job, learning specific subjects, some class is free of charge.

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How can I access to public libray in the UK ďź&#x;


very aspect of life in the UK can and will be influenced by pub culture, you can see more U.K social culture in a local pub rather than a museum. It is quite common for British people go for socialing drinking with friends after work in a pub. Before you poping in a pub, better to know what is the legal age to purchase alcohol in the U.K! People aged 18 or over are allowed to buy alcohol in a bar, pub or off-licence. You will have to show ID to prove you are over 18, remember to have your passport or driving licence with you before going to a pub.

Other questions How to call to emergency services, if you need a helpďź&#x;



mergency calls are always free from both landline and mobile phone. Emergency telephone number which allows the caller to contact emergency services for urgent assistance. These services are Police, Ambulance service and Fire Brigade etc. When you call 999, an operator will ask you which emergency service you need, your name, exactly what has happened and the phone number you are calling from. You can require an interpreter if you need.

999 is an official emergency telephone number for the United Kingdom. Calls are accepted on the European Union emergency number 112, which allows the caller to contact emergency services for urgent assistance. All calls to 999 and 112 are recorded, any hoax emergency calls can be prosecuted.






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Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge By VisitBritain

Insert intro as appropriate with info that comes out whenborn – gender, name etc. Here are some royal-inspired family-friendly places to visit in Britain, guaranteed to create special memories for your own little prince or princess.

Home sweet home

Dressing up



   ensington Palace, where the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry grew up, will be where the young family make their home. The royal homes are in the private side of Kensington Palace, but visitors can explore the side open to the public seven days a week, and see the King’s and Queen’s State Apartments, and the fascinating Victoria Revealed exhibition, which tells the story of one of the Palace’s most famous residents.


ith such a glamorous and stylish mother, the new baby is likely to be equally well dressed. He/she can get some inspiration from his/her ancestors at the new Fashion Rules exhibition at the Palace, featuring dresses from some of Britain’s best dressed women: The Queen, her sister Princess Margaret, and the Princess of Wales. The Palace is perfectly located for an afternoon’s exploring of fashionable Notting Hill where both mummies and babies

0 5 9

will find plenty of hot threads to buy; No added sugar is a fab little boutique selling unique and just-the-right-side-ofquirky baby clothes – perfect for any budding British style icon. Talking of cute baby outfits, the Earl and Countess of Strathearn – as Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are known in Scotland – may want to kit out their newborn in a typical Scottish outfit, and who could resist doing the same with their little one? Little Legs Baby Kilts is a Glasgow-based company that specialises in making sure tiny ones can stay true to their Scottish heritage, or simply emulate the adorable triplets seen on last year’s Oscar-winning animation Brave. As well as kilts, the company makes utterly adorable pinafore dresses, and it’s the done thing to kit your child out in your family tartan.

Exploring country and coast


   he Queen and Royal Family usually spend their Christ mas celebrations in Norfolk, at Sandringham, a beautiful estate that is open to the public to visit; it’s fully buggy-accessible and has picnic tables dotted about . The Duke, Duchess and baby will also enjoy a country home in Norfolk, which is one of England’s prettiest counties, and a lovely place for families to holiday in Britain. After Sandringham, spend a sunny afternoon on the nearby north Norfolk coast, which is famed for some of Britain’s prettiest beaches. Holkham Beach is one of the loveliest, which anyone who saw Shakespeare in Love might remember from the final, dreamy scene with Gwyneth Paltrow walking off into the sunset. Further south you’ll find the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads, the ideal place for a family mini-break; Britain’s largest protected wetland is a haven for a lazy boat trip, so pack a picnic and enjoy some quality family time.

Anglesey in north Wales has been the Duke and Duchess’s main home since they got married and is where the Duke of Cambridge has been stationed for work. A beautiful and untouched part of Britain, it’s an ideal getaway for young families, where you can play on the beach, eat delicious food (try the Pilot Boat Inn towards the north of the island at Dulas, which has great food and is super family-friendly) and buy some fun new outfits for baby at Tinkers and Belles in Beaumaris (a seaside town on Anglesey).

Royal connections


   hrough the summer it is possible to visit Buckingham Palace, where the Duke of Cambridge was christened and home, of course, to the new royal arrival’s great-grandmother The Queen. This year there’s a special exhibition to accompany the summer opening that celebrates the Queen’s Coronation 60 years ago; see the robes worn, the Diamond Diadem and even the personal invitation sent to a then 4 year old Prince Charles to the occasion. The Palace has a drop-in learning room where older kids can design their own carriage to go home in. Open 27 July – 29 September.



   he Duke of Cambridge took his first steps in public in the grounds of Kensington Palace, where the new royal baby will spend his/her early years. A stone’s throw away is the Diana Memorial Playground, a popular place for both locals and visitors to London to take their kids to play; it was inspired by J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan stories, and features an enormous pirate ship!

There are hundreds more places to go and play in Britain for older kids; Windsor is a great place to head to, and only an hour by car or train from London. Not only is it home to The Queen’s residence Windsor Castle, which you can visit (there are fab kids’ activities too), but it’s there that you’ll find the children’s magnet that is Legoland Windsor. Up in Edinburgh in Scotland, Holyroodhouse Palace is a fantastic place to explore royal history and dress up like a king or queen! There are loads of children’s events, and beautiful gardens to explore – look out for the mysterious golden rabbit and hear about when a lion lived there!

由伦敦出发,路线预定经过法国 – 德国 – 捷克 – 奥地利 – 斯洛维尼 亚 – 克罗埃西亚– 蒙特内哥罗共和国 – 阿尔巴尼亚 – 希腊 – 土耳其 – 乔治亚 – 俄罗斯,全长约17,000公里,最后抵达蒙古首都乌兰巴托。

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Dream Journey! NTU Students Challenge “International Mongol Rally ”

NTU students challenge

“int ernational Mongol Rally. ”

By Tinky

In our life we are always chasing and rushing. Some people are busy for career; another wants to find their own happiness. Parents dash around between work and home, wishing their children could grow up soon.

In this busy world,you might ask yourself, do I still have time to dream?


his summer, July 13, there are four Taiwanese young people ages 22-24 in a second-hand 1200cc car, they are challenging the "International Mongol Rally". From south-east London coastDover Castle departure. Across Eurasia, spanninga quarter of the earth, and finally arrived in Mongolia Ulan Bart as the destination. Their dream through this event, set foot on the Genghis Khanexpedition route, all the way east across the land. Along the way, looking at

the evolution of civilization, all the way to prove that they have their own strong soul can breakthrough the difficults repeatedly , reach the end. Finally, back to their starting point, hope this contest lead young people to explore the world fashion, I also hope the 43 days trip will inspire you - as long as we are still alive, we have time to chase our dream make it come true! Let us follow them, start the long march now!

0 7 3


hat is the "International Mongol Rally"?


t organized by The Adventurists, since 2001 Rally competition held yearly, from the beginning of six teams through to the 13th race last year it reached 400 global participantteams, is aninternationally renowned event. Traffic restrictions: age of the vehicle within a decade, displacement 1200cc following cars. Route: Self-set (starting in London and finish Mongolia; go through the desert, snow-capped mountains, plateaus, and other terrain) Application Fee: Each year the organizers cooperate with a charity, this year is the collaboration with Cool Earth.The organization in the global recovery and conservation of tropical rainforestsspare no effort. Each team is required to raise one thousand pounds in cash, along with race vehicles donated to local charities in Mongolia, the activity is in addition to the individual and teamchallenges, more positive meaning of social charity . Memo: This whole event, the organizers are not responsible for any of the way the safety of participants or any logistical support throughout the process of any possible risks and difficulties,the participants themselves have to overcome. Reference Site

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Dream Journey! NTU Students Challenge “International Mongol Rally �


mall car filled with enthusiasm


his year a total of 278 partici pating teams, Chinese team in addition to Taiwan , there are the same as the island of Singapore and Hong Kong competition. The four team members of Taiwan are from National Taiwan University, named Geng Hong Shen, Roger, Jing Wei Li and Yun Ru Wang, which Geng Hong Shen and Roger are the third grade of medical department student, Jing weiLi is

the chemical department student in fourth grade, Yun Ru Wang is graduated from Biological Industry Communication and Development Department, she quit her fashion work in order to achieve this adventure dream. Hope to accomplish this "no prize ultimate task". Life is like the "International Mongol Rally," how to make the

Their thinking and appearance both are cool

way, by their own decision! They named their group as Diguarion (Chinese means Sweet potato people), this authentic original word represents Taiwan "unafraid danger, putting down roots" in the spirit of sweet potatoes. Through of their personally taking part, inspires people who have extraordinary dreams to care about the world and in their areas, brave to go for it.

0 7 5


esistance can't stop the determination


onvener Geng Hong Shen said: last September he had just returned Mongolian volunteer trip, he was very excited to see the report of the Taiwan team had finished the race, immediately he calledfriends to join him. At the beginning everybody was enthusiastic, but unfortunatelybecause of the time and money they gradually gave up, this left the whole experience on the verge collapse.Fortunately, owing to his believing and insistence, he can meet the other three team mates by the end of April this year and keep his dream alive.

Members Roger said when the decision of participation was made, everything has to be solved by your own strength. Research complex international visa, traveling through different countries, vehicle has to purchased, planning the route of the whole journey, convince firm sponsorship for the

team. Finally embark on the journey; also has to overcome the snow mountains, across thedesert steppe terrain, climate and political challenges. A team member became ill through loss of temperature was sent to hospital. In 2008 as a team was driving through the Republic of Georgia they found it to be a war zone. This was no ordinary backpacking, it is the most shocking education.

The only female member Yun Ru Wang said: she was looking forward to adventure since she was young, although there are several wild adventure experiences, but because of the environment she couldn't fulfill her ambition. After final consideration she found the opportunity too good to miss. She decided to quit her job after all, I have just graduated from school, the opportunity costs were low.

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Dream Journey! NTU Students Challenge “International Mongol Rally �

My life can re-start and be rearranged easily at a late date, but this adventure and my health may not always be there!

R oute Start from London, planned route will go through France - Germany - Czech Republic - Austria - Slovenia - Croatia - Montenegro Republic - Albania - Greece Turkey - Georgia - Russia, the total length of 17,000 km, and finally arrived in the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar.


e are all racing with ourselves


he unknown future, we have all sorts ofconcerns, we have been hesitant to step out...therefore stoodstill. How much of the unexpected good scenery you have missed ? Before the competition, sweet potato people try to reach out their hands to explore the future road, they start to find that every step is a challenge. Up to 16,000 kilometers of adventureon the way through the mountains, deserts, prairies and other terrain. Members specifically find a small truck to practice shifting gears, to learn car repair and tire change. Prepared with wisdom and courage to complete a journey of a lifetime, an adventure full of challenge.

t I

o the people trapped in the comfort zone.

t's very common to feel anxious for the future. It's nothing wrong to require a secure, comfortable and stable life, why take the risk? Why not stay in their comfort zone? You might think only those young people would do such impulsive things ! But sweet potato people want to tell you: If You want something you don't have, do something you never did. When you complain aboutrepeated tasteless life, have you ever wondered how numbing your life is ? Sweet potatoe people were convinced to do something you dare not do, life will be more sparkling. They will make apersonal demonstration, driving a car to seek out this big world, write a rich episode for the life.

0 7 7

Fortunately we could conduct this interview before sweet potatoes departure. The process of this interview , is the four fun loving laughing youths revealed the mood of excitement and expectation, of course, "fun" is one of the reasons they participate the "International Mongol Rally", but their ultimate hope, which is their passionate spirit inflicts on others! Therefore, in addition to travel , but also filming a documentary, they are planning after going back to Taiwan to participate in film festivals and sharing sessions. With their positive energy to influence, promote, encourage more people to be active and not lead a blank life; in this hurried life please stop a moment and think about, the life you have now is what your really want? If you do not try, you will never know howmuch you can do? Bless them, and bless you successfully to reachyour dream!

Members Introduction Geng Hong Shen (Billy), 22 years old, a native of Taipei, and now a third year medical student at National Taiwan University. Each person has been writting a composition called "My Dream", when the other child's dream was to be a president or a teacher, only I wrote a taxi driver, at that time I thought all the classmates are very stupid, driving a car around everywhere that can meet the different passengers everyday, this is definitely the most wonderful profession of the world! I was such a strange person, a little bit romantic, a little bit naive, a little bit offbeat, love of freedom, not hard to imagine why I would participate in such a rally! You must be very curious aboutwhat my parents said at the time, well actually I have forgotten, seems to be patted on my shoulder and said : come on, maybe they thought I was naive and I was joking, but I believe they areunconditional support every of my dream! Maybe I was protected too much from childhood, I always think things very simple, but "know nothing fear nothing" it's not bad, I always up and go, whether cycling around the island orbackpacking, at beginning I always make a decision very impulsive, and often things done can't be undone . Fortunately, the fate of God always gave me a push in the final. Apparently I look likea dream practitioner, but in fact is God blessing, I think! Everyone has got their own dreams, and very often, fulfill the dream just needs the courage to make a decision. You may be hesitant "will you regret it"? Worry about it "will it be successful"? fear"is it worthwhile"? but in fact, when the moment that you make a decision , everything is worth, as long as you have made the first step out, you have definitely got much more than expected! I do not know if you have read a book called "Shepherd boy fantasy trip", it says "When you really want to accomplish a thing, the world will unite to help you! "But whether it is true or false, Ibelieve! " Roger currently attending grade 3 National Taiwan University Department of Medicine, from Malaysia. "I grew up as a a child very obedient and easy to discipline , often my parents took me outfor doing someththing, I was able to play with my fingers for several hours, now I memory about it, I was so easy to be looked after, haha. And after I was growing up, the impression I gave my friends is a very nice and very warm person, I think this is one of the reasons I study medicine. When I was in university I began to observe what's different between my own and the others,Whether I was in clubs

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Dream Journey! NTU Students Challenge “International Mongol Rally �

or with classmates I have found myself a very easily complacent, not willing to try something new. Very often I have a lot of ideas and ideals but lack of execution to achieve it, maybe experiencing some of the different opinion or hinder was persuaded not to do what I think is right. Not defend my own dreams. This time to participate in the Mongol Rally is aconstant invitation from Billy, there are butterflies in my stomach, I think I should make some changes. Sometimes people need some impulse in your nerve , it will ignite a spark in your life. When I decided to join the Mongol Rally that moment, I know I've left my comfort zone to challenge myself, do not let myself be a day dream er and standstill. Li Jingwei (Brian), born in Taiwan, grew up in Taiwan, currently Taiwan University Department of Chemical Engineering. "Scorpio blood type O, when I was a child my parents said my blood type was A because all the family are type A , but a blood test in the high school they found me to be type O. In our home we have got a couple of mugs, saying "type A Smart Doctor," "type Ohome jolly dog". When I was young I always considered myself naturally gifted clever, but since I knew that I was type O, I realized that I have been lively and uncontrollable since I was young, isnot without reason. I like novelty, but hate review what I have learned on the past, hate

(From left to right) Roger,Geng Hong Shen, Yun Ru Wang, Jing Wei Li


0 7 9

ponder but love to know new. My childhood dream is to be an astronaut, I thought be able to enter outer space is a very cool thing. I loved to show off when I was a child, a lot of things I learned by myself and alone to complete. But later on I found that it is very lonely, on the way of learning no one can move forward together is a very difficult process. When I was in high school I realized there are always people who are better than you. I was not as capable as I thought, so I joined a club, learning to work with others, also actively involved in activities in university, which is also a turning point in my personality. I often take a long time to think about my next step, because I am concerned every step of the affection to me. Perhaps this is safe and security, but I have also developed an indecisive personality. This Mongol Rally is the rare event I promised straight away, and I believe this event will change me a lot. I dare to talk about my dream before, because of fear, afraid to face the arrogant future. But this Mongol Rally makes me feel more confident, and gradually feel my own capability, nothing is absolutely impossible. Giddens said: "speak out the dream it would have been laughed , it has the value of practice. " I think everyone's dream not necessary has to be naive or to be despised, but brave to dream, will have more courage to live.

Yunru Wang (Pheobe), from Taipei, Virgo blood type A, after graduating from NTU Biological Industry Communication and Development Department into the Italian fashion brand to work, nowresigned, whole heartedly devote the Mongol Rally. If you use an animal to describe my personality , I am a little bit like a dog, curious about the outside world, where is fun I will go forward. I have been sitting alone in front of the Star sky, and face the whole beach to hear the sound of waves, also I have been in the wild mountain climbing, river trekking, visited the northern Thaicountryside served as international volunteer. This experience made me discover that I like the middle of nowhere more than the civilization, I like the unknown challenge more than the easy andcomfortable environment. In addition I like the mystery suspense stories more than action films. From childhood photos I can be found out that I was a girl difficult to be controlled ha ha ha. In a photo my mum holds me in her arms, I want to break their shackles, explore the world freely, because I am full of a lot of curiosity of this world, I always asked "Why? since I was a child. If I didn't get the answer, I feel my whole body was wrong. Now there is just a question mark in my life. I want to take part a trip personally , I have seen and heard to answer my own doubts. I have dreamed of changing the world and becoming a Giant, but these seem to be growing up, slowly engulfed by reality, hidden in the crowd, forget that we have dreamed to change this society, until I join the Mongol Rally I have found, that in fact, through sharing of our actions, it will affect the young people surrounding us to see our living world, listen to the sound of different cultures, then I realized that the original enthusiastic blood, still have not to be changed.

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Paragliding to Embrace the Mountain and Sea View of North Taiwan


t's really like an angel from the heaven!" It always makes people jealous seeing birds flying freely in the sky. Indeed, flying is a gift that every creature admires. There is a group of people in Taiwan who are enthusiastically obsessed by "flying". Located in the Wanli Taipei, the paragliding base is a famous paragliding training place in Taiwan. It is said to have the most beautiful paragliding scenery, and you can easily realize your dream of flying under the guidance even for travelers who have never been trained before.

aragliding to the Mountain

North By Cheng

One afternoon with blue skies and blue-green seas, my friends and I drove up the steep hill along a winding path. Upon opening the door, the magnificent landscape refreshed us immediately from the drowsy afternoon. The hill is by the North Sea which has breathtaking scenery. It owns the bay view with rocks and beaches. The beach near the hill has a beautiful name---the Green Bay. Walking to the edge of the cliff, you can see the other end of the cape extending itself into the sea and also a beautiful island with green covered all over--Keelung Island. Mountains by the seashore are around the sea, which forms an arc-shaped bay with all the above pleasant scenery. This landscape of the earth embracing all nature creates an extraordinarily harmonious atmosphere, as if it is saying: Don't worry! Just enjoy the all the divine charms of the scenery while flying!

It's also enjoyable to watch other paragliding landing after we landed on the white beach.

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Embrace and Sea View of



he Unbelievable Experience of the First Paragliding


efore we lost ourselves in the scenery, the first paragliding started as the airflow was stable. The instructor asked us to change clothes, wear helmets, and tie the fastenings and buckles immediately. We were drove to the edge of the cliff before watching any demonstrations. During the whole process, an instructor will follow and control the paraglider at back. Besides, another instructor will help pull the paraglider when starting running, so travellers can save their worries and just run under the guidance. I ran towards the edge following the instruction worrying that I might drop with the paraglider if the wind was still that weak. Just at that panic moment, I soared, together with the rainbow-like paraglider. My feet, however, did not realize that they have already left the ground, so I still walked a few steps in the air. The vivid green woodland was like Miyazaki Hayao's cartoons roaring passed me. The paralider then led us to the overhead of the road on which we saw the vehicles moving slowly like toys. All these stoning sceneries will make you feel that you are in the dream!

On the paraglider, the vehicles below moving slowly like toys

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Paragliding to Embrace the Mountain and Sea View of North Taiwan

The flying was unexpectedly "tender". The whole procedure did not involve any sudden shake nor loss of control caused by strong wind. What we had was the joy of sea breeze, sunshine, the green valley, and the blue sky and sea. When we are going to land near the seashore, we can see clearly the people on the beach. It was so amazing when we were watching each other, as if I were a wonder woman brought here by the lucky bird ciconia. Soon, we landed safely on the white beach. The landing was so light and tender that it was like angels came to earth. Although it seemed to lack some expected excitement, it still surprised us that people can fly only with such a tender power of nature. After we packed the paraglider, we got into the instructor's van and went back to the peak though a weed-ridden shortcut. We talked with the instructor and learned that many of the instructors were retired soldiers from air forces and they were obsessed by the feeling of flying for the entire life. No wonder whenever is going to take off, they act like army instructors shouting "run! run!". The vigorous powerful voice may make you feel like being in the air force camps.


n Extreme Sport that Needs Professional Judgement



he wind is weak, so it may shrink the flying time. If there is upflow in the valley which lifts up our paragliders, we then can fly higher and longer", the instructor following me explained while controlling the paraglider. I then observed that some even flied over the sea by a stronger air flow. They were like seabirds embracing the blue ocean.

These paragliding professionals say that not every flight is successful. Things could happen such as a failed takeoff, and paragliders may hang over trees. All these depend on the judgment and ability to control of the players. They need to know something about the air mechanics and need to be able to observe the environmental factors such as the wind direction and terrain. Besides, they have to be courageous and strong to face all the possible risks. There are so many things to learn before you can fly freely like a bird. This makes this sport a much professional activity. However, due to the uncertainty it owns, paragliding has become extremely attractive. And because of this, not all the flying dreams can be realized. On the rainy north seashore, paragliding is hardly available. As in spring and summer, one has to look out for the quickly changing weather, cumulonimbus and lightning stroke, and in winter, one has to be careful of the sudden-increased wind speed caused by northeast monsoon frontal surface. Therefore, travellers have to call the organization to affirm the weather before paragliding. I also experienced many rejections before I finally got a chance to paraglide this time, but the stoning flying experience and breathtaking sceneries make the ten minutes worthwhile.

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njoy the Delicious Food on

fter paragliding, you can feast on the famous goose on Jinshan traditional street. Walking towards south from paragliding base, you will soon get to Jinshan. The goose is so popular that in weekends, you will see crowds of people go through the old street and help themselves with dishes. It also abounds with sweet potato which are

made into all kinds of delicious dissert, such as sweet potato pie, sweet potato crackers etc. If you are a picky eater and still hesitating, you can set off towards north to Keelung. The renowned Keelung Miaokou food market has a wider selection of delicious food, not to mention the fresh and savory seafood‌ Delicious food in Taiwan is appreciated by people all over the world, and they always feel that they can never get enough of it.

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Lingering in Memory! There is Something You Miss, It Can Be an “Old Place”

By Tinky

Lingering in memory! There is something you miss, it can be an



The key to happiness lies is spending quality time with family and friends, especially having delicious meals in some kind of well decorated restaurants. While you are living abroad, you might start feeling homesick. What reminds you of being home ?


various local dishes like Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil and Stewed Potato, Green Pepper and Aubergine instead of ordering Mapo Tofu or Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs.

The restaurant opened in October 2006, it was originally dominated by Chinese customers, serve affordable authentic traditional dishes. Food is very cheap, fresh ingredients coupled with delicious taste, we noticed how the restaurant is completely full up, and always a long queue outside the restaurant. Surprisingly British eaters delve around the

Poached Sliced Pork in Hot Chili Oil, Dry-Fried French Beans with Preserved Vegetables and stir dry beans, Sauteed Chinese Lettuce with Sour Sauce are patrons’ favorite dishes. Right! Northern dishes taste heavier, hot and sour flavor stimulate your taste buds. This time, we do not point those familiar dishes, but to introduce you some house special menu. Here we go!!!

  n London, there is a restaurant serves true Northern Chinese food! “The old place” (Gourmet San) is known as a good place to eat, not only local Chinese people but also foreigners do love to come to have meals.

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First one

Veggies with clear noodles ( cold dish)


he cuisine that emphasizes the harmony of colour, smell, taste and delicate. Basically this dish is clear noodles with some vegetables such as carrot, Cucumber, black fungus. Soy sauce and sesame oil is the main flavoring sauce. Sweet, salty and crunchiness of sesame seed give

Second one Cola chicken wings


very simple home-made cooking, once you have it, it is only want it more. The sweet sauce makes you feel like having sweet and sour pork,or grilled chicken wings. You will taste delicious chicken with full flavor, and making your finger licking good!extra flavor. You cannot without this appetizer in summer time.


BIANCO RISTORANTE & PIZZERIA Where Fine Food, Wine and Service Meets Italian Ambience. IL BIANCO Ristarante&Pizzeria

OPENING HOURS MONDAY TO FRIDAY 12:00-15:00 & 18:00-23:00 SATURDAY 12:00-23:00 SUNDAY 12:00-22:30

TEX/FAX: 020 7987 2998 / 020 7093 2079



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Lingering in Memory! There is Something You Miss, It Can Be an “Old Place”

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5 Third one

Egg yolk baked sweet corn and scallops


he unexpected taste is hidden by the golden yellow color. Sweet corn cob and delicious scallops have been tightly wrapped by egg yolk, tastes of salty and sweet at the same time, it is such a variation of delicacies.

Fourth one Braised assorted seafood



eafood contains high levels of several important nutrients, also tastes fresh and delicious, both adults and children love this dish which is from Dailian. The the seafood flavor enhance the level of palate. Rich sauces make beautiful color to the dish, the squid and shrimp are fresh and tasty, the fish pieces with thin, crispy crust, mixed with the aroma of black pepper, crispy outside and tender inside

Fifth one The squirrel-shapped mandarin fish



he head of the fish, its mouth positioned wide open, and the tail bent upwards, gives the overall look of a squirrel. The restaurant picks up bass, which is characterized by its lack of bones and the softness of its meat. The chef cuts the fish body into rhombus pattern, and fries it until it is brown. It is finished with a sweet-and-sour sauce and thus the Squirrel-shaped Mandarin Fish is complete in color, shape, and flavor. Squirrel-Shaped Mandarin Fish have a test of sweet and sour, crispy outside and tender inside. Such fish-meat refreshing and delicate with extraordinarily delicious juice. of the fish. It is a large portion, fair enough to share with family and friends!of the fish. It is a large portion, fair enough to share with family and friends!

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Sixth one Fish, Lamp and Pickled Cabbage Soup



ou can find Sichuan famous dish “Pickled cabbage fish soup in many places, but if you are looking for the best one in London then you must try it in “ The old place “ (Gourmet San restaurant). As a known the Chinese word "fresh ” , is combined with “fish” and “sheep” character, there are many seafood with meat dishes have been made, but how it tastes like, is it in particular palate? The fish, lamp and pickled cabbage soup is really tasty, spicy and appetizing. With this dish the mutton has no smelly taste, fresh fish makes soup even more smooth, delicious ; the taste of salty and sour makes the dish unique and it contains plenty of nutrients.

Seventh one Mix of OX's Tendon


ome kind of tendon meat, such as ligament and heart. Looks like to taste a hot spicy pot soup, all kinds of spices into the sense of smell, with a mild, mellow flavor. Tendon is tasty, not smelly, greasy. It is only leaving a rich aftertaste

Gourmet San Address:261 Bethnal Green Road, E2 6AH (Near Bethnal Green Tube Station) Tel:0207 729 8388

Special recommendation : BBQ Lamb Skewer From the review comments this dish was described as almost the same as Xi'an Street food made tasting! Make diced lamb as brochettes, then put on the barbecue tank, with cumin powder and chili powder, the smell of flavor spread to every corner of the restaurant. Lamb with charcoal smoky and flavor spices, certainly gave the lamb an interesting aroma. It is hard to say no to this dish.


he best meal is all about taste and who being with you. It may be a simple meal, but to meet your appetite and warm up your heart.No matter you are hungry or tired just take time to enjoy a good meal in “The Old Place”. (Gourmet San)

House recommendation : The squirrel-shapped mandarin fish 《 U&I Magazine 》 recommendation :Braised assorted seafood

Information: The portions are large, spending 10 pound per person is enough to


satisfied your appetite and for someone who has big appetite can

Open time:Monday to Friday, from 4:30 PM till 11:00 PM

definitely full up, if you cannot finish dishes then you can take it home.

Saturday to Sunday, from 11:30 AM till 11:00 PM

For lunch time, they provide free delivery to your office or home in East London, when you order over 10 GBP.

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Enterprise Planning

Isle of Man Offers Alternative For Chinese Investment Into EU

Isle of Man

offers alternative for Chinese investment into EU


ccording to the findings of a recent survey by the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, Chinese companies are highly interested in making additional investments in the EU, but the majority of respondents have reported encountering operational difficulties in this market.

For many reasons, the Isle of Man might well be the answer to some of these location issues and a rich source of ‘how to’ advice. 74 Chinese enterprises that invested in the EU in January 2013 were surveyed. Its findings indicate that 97% of the respondents also plan to make future investments in the EU, with 82% planning to invest higher amounts than their current investments. Equally significant is that 78% had reported encountering difficulties in the EU, mostly related to issues of bureaucracy and high costs, while 48% reported encountering regulatory approval obstacles in Europe, with these mostly arising at the local level.


A senior representative from the Isle of Man observed that the EU is by no means as difficult to do business in as the report suggests if the correct location is chosen and good professional advice is taken first. Commenting on the survey’s findings, the Hon. John Shimmin MHK, the Minister for Economic Development of the Isle of Man, said that ‘selecting the right base from which to trade in the EU can avoid those challenges including high operating costs and regulatory red tape found in some countries’. ‘The Isle of Man is a tax neutral area (zero per cent) regarding profits of companies and for those Chinese enterprises that set up a “real presence” in the Isle of Man, they can access capital and other grants of up to 40% as well as trade freely with the EU’. Some 85% respondents of the aforementioned survey are in Europe in order to sell their goods and services in the EU market. ‘Through establishing a presence in the

1 0 1 Isle of Man, the necessary VAT registration can be obtained along with access to automated customs clearance systems, and without the goods having to go to the Isle of Man as they can go straight to their market, eg to a UK customs warehouse prior to sale and entry into free circulation in the EU. Additionally, inward processing relief is available where goods imported to the EU are subsequently re-exported to another country,’ Shimmin said. As an international business centre located in the middle of the British Isles and on the doorstep of Europe (EU), the Isle of Man economy is one of the fastest growing in this region, with real GDP growth having averaged 6% a year for a decade and GDP per person that is now over 135% of the EU average. Although it is not a member of the EU, it has full EU market access for both manufactured and agricultural goods sold into the market. This independent nation also has effective legislation to protect intellectual property and company law suited to stock market listing whether in the UK or Hong Kong. For automation of customs clearance arrangements, the Isle of Man has its own electronic Entry Processing Unit (e-EPU) which offers its businesses a high standard of service. Importers, exporters and/or their agents are able to electronically declare their imports or exports of goods from and to non-EU countries into or out of the Isle of Man using this system for the Isle of Man and the UK. Eventually EU member states will standardise their import and export procedures to enable goods to be processed in any port or airport using such systems. Such a‘One Stop Shop’ approach will then allow Isle of Man e-EPU users to import/export goods anywhere in the EU while accounting for their arrival/departure via the Isle of Man e-EPU.

For further information contact: Miya Yun, Paradigm Communications: +86 10 8580 0783 Katrina Zhang, Paradigm Communications: +86 21 6360 5511

Isle of Man The Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown Dependency centrally located in the Irish Sea between England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of State and is represented in the Island by the Lieutenant Governor. We have our own government, laws and currency, but are inextricably linked to the UK through our shared history, community bonds and economic partnerships especially with the City of London and North West England business community. Tynwald, the Isle of Man’s parliament, was founded more than 1,000 years ago and is recognised as the oldest continuous parliament in the world. The Isle of Man’s political system is not based on party politics, and its ministerial style of government is led by the Chief Minister and acts by consensus. This has helped to create an environment of political stability and an approachable Government that promotes social inclusion and economic growth. The Isle of Man is a leading international business centre renowned for innovation, professionalism and a long-standing policy of positive engagement with international initiatives and standards. The Isle of Man is at the forefront of best practice in international regulation and has been praised by global bodies including the OECD, G20 and IMF for its commitment to upgrading financial and supervisory standards. Perhaps best known for its financial services industry, the Island has successfully encouraged the diversification of its economy in recent years and is now home to a wide range of high performing sectors, including:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Private and Corporate Jet registration Wealth management Clean-tech and bio-tech E-business High-tech manufacturing Ship and superyacht registration and management Space commerce Tourism


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SHANGHAI “中英时刊”伦敦、上海与台湾三地同步发行





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