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Events of China and UK in CHINA。


By Xiang Feizi


ugust 31th, the 12th National Games of the People's Republic of China were held in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. Shenyang contained the principal venue, other 13 cities also involved in the games. A total of 9,000 athletes took part in the competition, a total of 350 events,40 sub-items in 31 sports were held at the games. The 12th Chinese National Games closed on 12th September afternoon, the delegation of Shandong Province beat other teams to top the final medal tally with 65 gold medals.


ctober 28th, said as a terrorist attack a jeep ploughed into pedestrians and caught fire in Beijing's Tiananmen Square Golden Water Bridge, five people were killed and 38 people were injure. According to the investigation, “10.28” incident was an organized and premeditated terrorist violence plan. At present, the case has been identified the relevant circumstance, five fugitives involved in this case have been arrested.



eptember 29th, China (Shanghai) Pilot Free-Trade Zone was launched. It is comprised of the four customs supervision areas, such as Shanghai Waigaoqiao Bonded Zone. It is the first free-trade zone launched by the Chinese government. The Negative List covers main sectors, which means that foreign investment in all sectors should be allowed unless listed as prohibited or restricted under the negative list. A month after Shanghai FTA established, about 280 enterprises have settled, including 258 domestic and 22 foreign-funded enterprises.

ovember 9th -12th N 3rd Plenary Session of 18th CPC Central Committee held in Beijing. A total of 204 full members and 169 alternate members attended the plenum. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, delivered a work report to the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. China must build on the paramount reality that it remains in pursuing comprehensive, deeper reform. The 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) approved a decision on “major issues concerning comprehensively deepening reforms” at the close of their four-day meeting.

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ugust 8th, the Edinburgh International Festival is an annual festival of performing arts in Edinburgh, Scotland, from around the middle of August. In fact, there are 12 main International Festivals hold in Edinburgh. The International Festival brings top class performers of music, theatre, opera and dance from around the world to perform. The festival also hosts a series of visual art exhibitions, talks and workshops. During this period, more than 25,000 artists, actors and thinkers gather in the city, more than 1,000 performances on the state daily.

ctober 14th, Visa applications for Chinese visitors entering the UK will be simplified, Chancellor George Osborne has announced. There are three visa schemes: First, under the plan, Chinese nationals visiting the EU will not need to submit separate UK visa applications if they book with selected travel agents. Second, a 24-hour “super priority” visa service will also be available in the future. Third, A VIP visa service. Visa rules for Chinese coming to the UK will be relaxed to encourage more Chinese tourists coming.



eptember 19th, Vodafone London Fashion Week took place in Somerset House. It transformed into Britain’s most exclusive fashion and designer shopping experience, brimming with catwalk shows, pop-up shops, hair & beauty and educational panels from leading industry experts. Style-savvy fashion lovers can get their autumn/winter wardrobe fix from best-loved designer brands.

ovember 17th, Britain’s central bank held its benchmark rate at 0.5 percent and voted to maintain its program of economic stimulus at 375 billion pounds. Bank of England deputy governor said: To keep the key borrowing rate at this level, most of UK's homes and businesses will have confidence to borrow and to invest.He added: “Britain's economy has out of the mire of recession, but has not yet returned to normal growth.”

金 融 城 的 今 昔 与 未 来

Shanghai & Taipei the Past and the Future of the Financial Cities

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The First Free-Trade Zone in China Launched in Shanghai


he financial services, transportation services, commerce and trade services, professional services, cultural services, and public services sectors are selected to be enlarged and opened in Shanghai Pilot FTZ. The market access restrictions such as requirements concerning the qualification of investors, limitations on foreign participation, restrictions concerning business scope, will be suspended or cancelled, in order to create an environment of equal market access for the benefit of all investors. On 17th October Spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce said the essence of the free trade zone is policy innovation, through such innovation to expand room for economic growth and offer new drive for reforms. Some foreign investment interests are encouraged by the hope that the negative list will be pared down over time. Let’s get to know Pilot Free-Trade Zone in China, what are the implications ? What is the determination for Chinese government to build the first free trade zone in Shanghai?

Major Tasks and Measures 1. Opening up of service sectors. The financial services, transporta-

Scope of Implementation


he China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone is comprised of the four customs supervision areas, including Shanghai Waigaoqiao Bonded Zone, Waigaoqiao Bonded Logistics Zone, Yangshan Bonded Port and Shanghai Pudong Airport Free Trade Zone, and based on the ongoing results of the implementation , as well as to develop industry and the need to spur the radiating effect, the scope of implementation and the scope of the pilot measures will be progressively expanded, forming a supporting mechanism for building Shanghai as an international economic, finance, trade and transportation center.

tion services, commerce and trade services, professional services, cultural services, and public services sectors are selected to be enlarged and opened, and market access restrictions such as requirements concerning the qualification of investors, limitations on foreign participation, restrictions concerning business scope, will be suspended or cancelled, in order to create an environment of equal market access for the benefit of all investors. 2. Explore the “Negative List” administrative approach. The China

(Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone will reform the administrative approach of foreign investment based on international norms. Trial national treatment on investment permission and a “Negative List” mechanism will be implemented within the zone. For the projects that are not stated in the “Negative List,” foreign investors and domestic investors will receive the same treatment, by going through filing procedures instead of approving 3. Set up a system to support outbound investment. The China

(Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone is aiming at the reform of outbound investment administration by principally implementing the filing system on the setup of overseas companies and on the

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6. Accelerate the innovation of the financial system. Under proper general outbound investment projects. The Shanghai Municipal risk control, the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone will pilot People's Government will be in charge of the filing procedure on RMB capital account convertibility, interest rate liberalization, general outbound investment projects to facilitate the convenience and the cross-border use of RMB. In China (Shanghai) Pilot Free on outbound investment. Trade Zone, the assets by the financial institutions will be at 4. Promote the transformation and upgrading of trade. The China market rate. The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone will (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone is cultivating new trading types explore the trial of a foreign exchange administrative system that and functions, aiming to increase China's competitive advantage is in line with international practice to better facilitate trade and and enhance their position in the global trade value chain by investment. focusing on the development of technology, brands, quality and 7. Enhance the financial service function. The finance sector will be service. More efforts will be made to promote Shanghai as the international trade settlement center, and to expand the function of fully opened to private investors and foreign invested financial the special account on cross-border receipt or payment and institutions. Foreign-invested and Sino-foreign equity joint financing under trade in service. venture banks will be allowed to incorporate in the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. 5. Elevate the capacity of the shipping service. Transition and LCL businesses will be further promoted. Foreign ships owned or 8. Strengthen protection through regulatory system enhancements. A indirectly owned by Chinese invested companies are allowed to regulatory system of high standard investment and trade rules will pilot the coastal shipping between domestic coastal ports be developed rapidly to serve the needs of the China (Shanghai) Waigaoqiao, Yangshan and Shanghai Pudong International Pilot Free Trade Zone. In regard to the content of the pilot, some Airport is encouraged to increase the number of flights for cargo administrative regulations and provisions in the State Council’s transition. The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone will documents will be terminated according to the prescribed implement the international ship registration policy. The procedures. The government departments shall support the application process on permitting international shipping will be expansion and opening of service industry in the China (Shanghai) simplified to create a more efficient ship registration system. Pilot Free Trade Zone, the deepening of pilot reforms on the implementation of “National Treatment” on investment permission and “the Negative List” management approach, and solve the problems in regulatory protection during the pilot period.

Explore a supporting tax regime 1. Simplify the import supervision model to realize “Frontier

Opening.” Enterprises are allowed to bring goods into the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone with import manifests before completing the customs declaration formalities with entry and exit record list. The simplification on entry and exit record list as well as the formalities on international transit, LCL and distribution business will be explored. The supervision techniques and approaches will be improved to pilot the model of “import quarantine and relaxed import/export inspection.” The construction of relatively separated

goods trading area (focusing on trade facilitation) and service trade area (focusing on opening up of service sectors) will be explored. Under the condition of ensuring effective supervision, a categorized supervision model will be explored to monitor goods based on their import status. With respect to exploration on function expansion, under the condition of strict implementation of tax collection on imported and exported goods, exhibition and trading platforms for bonded goods may be set up within specified areas of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. 2. Strictly enforce “Second-tier Effective and Efficient Control.”

The Customs administration process will be optimized while the administration of “frontier” (i.e. goods flow between overseas and the zone) and “second-tier” (i.e. goods flow between the zone and other domestic areas) will be coordinated by improvement on e-information network, entry and exit record lists cross check, accounting books management, physical verification, and risk analysis. An inspection and quarantine model of “easily import and export, with strict quality and safety risk control” will be promoted. Actions will be taken to strengthen the management of electronic Customs

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The First Free-Trade Zone in China Launched in Shanghai

books and facilitate the smooth flow of goods moving between the China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone and other domestic places in the charge of different Customs offices. Enterprises within the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone in principle will be allowed to re-invest and conduct business outside of the zone without geographic restriction, unless specific procedures required under the applicable laws and regulations. The government will enhance the connection of enterprises' operation information and the government's supervision system, through which effective supervision can be realized through risk monitoring, third-party management and security deposits etc. The government will, through the development and utilization of Shanghai’s credit system, accelerate the formulation of policies and mechanism in respect of enterprises' business credit management and exclusive jurisdiction of business activities. 3. Enhance cooperation among authorities. Under the principle of protecting national security and fair competition in the

market, collaboration will be strengthened between the relevant departments and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government to improve the capability to protect the economic and social security. The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone will collaborate with relevant departments of the State Council to strictly implement the provisions in respect of anti-monopoly investigations. In order to streamline supervision, cooperation among various government bodies will be enhanced, including that between the Customs, Inspection & Quarantine, Industry & Commerce, Taxation, Foreign Exchange and other administrative authorities. The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone will set up a port supervision institution with integrated functions, and explore the feasibility of applying an electronic monitoring system and setting up of effective risk management system. 4. Implement tax policies to boost investment. For enterprises or individual shareholders registered in the China

(Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone that carry out investment using non-monetary assets, the income tax payable due to the increase in asset valuation can be paid by installments within a five-year period. Where enterprises within the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone award highly-skilled employees or employees in short supply by means of shares or capital contributions, the relevant individual income tax may be paid by installments as same as the policies piloted in Zhongguancun. 5. Implement tax policies to promote trade. Financial leasing companies registered or project companies set up by

financial leasing companies with registration in the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone may enjoy the pilot policies of export tax refund for qualified financial leasing business. Import VAT and consumption taxes will be applicable in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, on the products manufactured or processed by a company within the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone but sold to the Mainland China outside of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. Enterprises will be provided with the option of calculating import duty according to the duty rates applicable to the finished goods or the imported parts. Currently, the imported machines, equipment and other goods required by manufacturing enterprises as well as manufacturing service companies that are set up in the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, may be exempt from import taxes, other than those imported by consumer services companies or those which cannot enjoy import taxes exemption as stipulated in laws and regulations. Tax refund policies on the port-of-departure will be improved, and the expansion on pilot scope will be studied.

Opening Up Services Sectors

1. Financial Services 1

Banking service (Classification of National Economic Industries: J Finance industry – 6620 Monetary banking service)

Opening up measures

(1) Qualified foreign financial institutions will be allowed to set up wholly foreign-owned banks and Sino-foreign equity joint venture banks with eligible private capital within the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. Restricted license banks will be allowed to be incorporated under certain conditions. (2) Qualified Chinese banks will be allowed to conduct offshore business under the condition of improving related regulations and enhancing supervision.

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Specialized health and medical insurance (Classification of National Economic Industries: J Finance industry – 6812 Health and accident insurance)

Opening up measures 3

Setup of foreign invested specialized health and medical insurance institutions will be allowed.

Financial leasing (Classification of National Economic Industries: J Finance industry – 6631 Finance leasing service)

Opening up measures

(1) There is no minimum registered capital requirement for a project company (i.e. single-ship/aircraft company) set up by financial leasing companies within the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. (2) Financial leasing companies will be allowed to conduct commercial factoring that are related to its primary businesses.

2. Transportation Services 4

Ocean transportation (Classification of National Economic Industries: G Transportation, warehousing and postal industry – 5521 Ocean transportation)

Opening up measures


(1) Limitations on foreign participation in Sino-foreign equity joint venture and Sino-foreign cooperative joint venture international shipping enterprises will be relaxed. The transport administrative authorities of the State Council shall be in charge of the rulemaking. (2) Foreign ships owned or indirectly owned by Chinese-invested companies are allowed to pilot the coastal shipping between domestic coastal ports and Shanghai port.

International ship management (Classification of National Economic Industries: G Transportation, warehousing and postal industry – 5539 Other water transportation auxiliary service)

Opening up measures

Incorporation of wholly foreign-owned ship management enterprises will be allowed.

3. Commerce and Tade Services 6

Value-added telecommunications (Classification of National Economic Industries: I Information transmission, software and information technology service – 6319 Other telecommunication service, 6420 Internet information service, 6540 Data processing and storage service, 6592 call centre)

Opening up measures

Subject to the network information security, qualified FIEs will be allowed to engage in specific value added telecommunication services. Approval by the State Council is required if the limitations exist in current administrative regulations.

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The First Free-Trade Zone in China Launched in Shanghai

Entertainment and gaming consoles sales and service (Classification of National Economic Industries: F Wholesale and retailing – 5179 Wholesale of other mechanical and electronic products)

Opening up measures

FIEs will be allowed to engage in the manufacturing and sales of entertainment and gaming consoles. The consoles with content passing the censorship by the culture administrative authorities will be allowed to be sold in the domestic market.

4. Professional Services 8

Lawyer service (Classification of National Economic Industries: L Leasing and business service – 7221 Lawyers and related legal service)

Opening up measures 9

Credit inquiry (Classification of National Economic Industries: L Leasing and business service – 7295 Credit service)

Opening up measures 10

Sino-foreign equity joint venture tourism companies registered in the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone will be allowed to engage in overseas tourism business activities, with the exception of Taiwan.

Human resources service (Classification of National Economic Industries: L Leasing and business service – 7262 Professional intermediary service)

Opening up measures


Incorporation of foreign invested credit information companies will be allowed.

Tourism companies (Classification of National Economic Industries: L Leasing and business service – 7271 Travel agency service)

Opening up measures 11

Cooperative mechanism between Chinese and foreign law firms will be explored.

(1) Setup of Sino-foreign equity joint venture human resources agencies will be allowed with the foreign participation at 70% or below. Investors from Hong Kong and Macau will be allowed to set up wholly foreign-owned human resources agencies. (2) The minimum registered capital for foreign invested human resources agencies will be reduced from USD300,000 to USD125,000.

Investment management (Classification of National Economic Industries: L Leasing and business service – 7211 Headquarter s management)

Opening up measures

Incorporation of foreign-invested joint-stock holding companies will be allowed.

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Engineering design (Classification of National Economic Industries: M Scientific research and technology service company – 7482 Engineering investigation and design)

Opening up measures


Foreign-invested engineering design (excluding engineering survey) companies registered in the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone may be waived from the requirement to provide the investor's previous project records on initial application of the relevant qualifications for those applicants providing services in Shanghai.

Construction service (Classification of National Economic Industries: E Construction industry – 47 Housing construction industry, 48 Civil Engineering Construction, 49 Construction and Installation, 50 Building decoration and other construction)

Opening up measures

Wholly foreign-owned construction enterprises registered within the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone will be allowed to conduct Sino-foreign joint construction projects in Shanghai regardless of the extent of foreign participation in the project.

5. Cultural Services 15

Entertainment artist agency (Classification of National Economic Industries: R Culture, sports and entertainment – 8941 Culture and entertainment agency)

Opening up measures

The limitation on foreign participation in entertainment artist agencies will be removed. A wholly foreign owned entertainment artist agency will be allowed to set up to provide service in Shanghai.

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The First Free-Trade Zone in China Launched in Shanghai

Entertainment facilities (Classification of National Economic Industries: R Culture, sports and entertainment – 8911 ballroom recreation activities)

Opening up measures

Wholly foreign-owned entertainment facilities will be allowed to set up and provide service in the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone.

6. Public Services 17

Education and training, vocational skills training (Classification of National Economic Industries: P Education – 8291 Vocational skills training)

Opening up measures 18

(1) Establishment of Sino-foreign cooperative joint venture education and training institutions will be allowed. (2) Establishment of Sino-foreign cooperative joint venture vocational skills training institutions will be allowed.

Medical service (Classification of National Economic Industries: Q Health and social work – 8311 General hospital, 8315 Specialized hospital, 8330 Out-patient department)

Opening up measures

Establishment of wholly foreign-owned medical institutions will be allowed.

Note: The opening up measures above only applicable to the enterprises registered within the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone.

Investment Project


he China (Shanghai) Pilot FTZ pioneers an unprecedented degree of openness in relation to foreign investment and international trade in goods and services, finance, taxes,

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exchange rates and other aspects of preferential policies with the objective of promoting and leading the development of an open Chinese economy. Through Shanghai Sunland Waigaoqiao company’s project, overseas investors can access to China's first free trade zone. The project is located in the heart of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone. On the basis of development of Free Trade Zone, Shanghai Sunland Waigaoqiao Company’s project is planning 6.01 square kilometres, a total investment of 60 billion Yuan, with a total construction area of 2.55 million square meters, will completed in 2017. It will bring commercial office, five-star hotel, international residential area, free-trade zone; golf sports parks, yacht clubs and other format portfolio. Shanghai Sunland Waigaoqiao Company assists investors in understanding the China (Shanghai) Pilot FTZ. and provides the perfect trade platform to help investors identifying and seizing emerging opportunities in various industries. Please contact following for discussion China:, UK:, 020 7038 8088.

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The Past and the Future of Taiwanese Financial City


he Past and the Future of Taiwanese Financial City     By Cheng

March 2009 the City of London Corporation announced the investigation of 62 global financial centers. A survey found that all financial cities are affected by the global financial turmoil, no exception. Taipei is the first time included in the survey ranked 41. In September the same year, the City of London Corporation announced focusing on the survey of 75 global financial centers, Taipei was ranked 24 soared up to 17. In 2010 Taipei was ranked to 21 from 25 in which it was in September 2009.It can clearly be seen the important position in the global financial of Taipei.


   aipei the city created by Taiwan, besides the well-known delicious food, also has the economic impact that can not be ignored in the world today,what process of development makes this small island has such unique power? How did Taipei exert the local glamor to become Taiwan's economy humanities development headlights and as the global vision illuminate this bustling city? Let us explore this Taiwanese financial city's development context from the past to the future.

Began as tea export into the world economy

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   oday the Taiwanese island is the most booming city Taipei, in fact, until the early Qing Dynasty is a developed slowly wilderness area, Taiwan's political and economic center of gravity originally began from the south. Until Taipei big lakes deposited into Taipei Basin, southern Taiwanese people gradually reclaimed north, they found that north down terrain suitable for planting great amounts of tea, it can be exported to make profit, Taiwan's economic and political center of gravity began to move northward gradually.

After domination of Japan and China, Taipei region development was at its peak, until now it is still the most popular in Taiwan, the construction of the most developed region. Around 1860s, tea, sugar and, camphor are the three output products. Taiwan began into the world economy, less than a decade, Taiwan from the trade deficit into surplus, goverment carried out large scale construction, in addition to Shanghai in China, Taipei became the only place that have wires and tap water, also Taiwan was the first place to have postal and the longest railway. Taipei because of the tea production linked with the world economic system in 1866, Taipei Tataocheng District manufactured oolong tea exported to the United States as Formasa tea brand, it also opened up the European market, “Taiwan tea” became a well-known international beverage, suddenly tea shops, tea houses and tea stations everywhere, overflowing with tangy tea. Tataocheng became a worldwide famous tea market, it also became a financial city of Taiwan at that time, foreign traders multinationals began to set up branches in Tataocheng. The governor in Tataocheng implemented many modernization, however Tataocheng from drying rice plaza transformed into acommercial center . Although

there is no grand official building, but the locals with the ability to make money created a lot of Western-style buildings, many buildings deliberately created Easternand Western merged Taiwanese style, so far Dihua Street in Taipei, Yanping North Road stillretained many features of this building, the formation of ancient and modern staggered alternative views, also it has became one of the important sights that witness the booming track of Taiwanese past trade.

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The Past and the Future of Taiwanese Financial City

10 Major

Construction Projects

It has gone through several migration of economic gravity


  n the 1960s, the government actively seeked foreign investment in Taiwan, the proportion of Taiwan's national economy in industry begins to exceed agriculture, there with Taiwan was the role as the processing relay station became a part of the international division of labour. After that until the first oil crisis, for long-term Taiwan maintained average double-digit annual economic growth rate, also maintained long-term prosperity of trade surplus situation. In the early 1970s, Taiwan's diplomatic setback due to the oil crisis and other factors, private investment decreased, economic growth was impacted, therefore government adjusting the economic policies, launched a series of ten major construction projects the large-scale public investment programs, domestic investment environment improvement, the

economy and employment rates werelifted, Taiwan became a newly industrialized country, was also with Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore tied for the “Four Asian Tigers.� In the late 1980s, Taiwan was facing land prices rise, environmental awareness and consciousness of labour and a series of factors that are not conducive to investment, so once again the government promoted economic restructuring, established Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park in 1980, srongly encourages domestic and foreign manufacturers to invest integrated circuits, computers and other high-tech industries, hoping to reduce energy consumption, low pollution technology-intensive technology industry to replace the traditional industries, the traditional labour-intensive industry has gradually been replaced by the high-tech industry, most of the computer electronic components in the world are produced in Taiwan, the Republic of China, Taiwanese electronics industry was just like the tea industry in those days, in the world economy plays a pivotal role, therefore Taiwanese economy was more international.

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The development of the Taipei financial city


   rom Taiwan's past economic development context, it can see Taiwan's foreign trade has been an important economic lifeline, Taipei was the trade business center also was highlighted in aninternational fame, Xinyi District-among national business people frequent contacts, how did it become an international trading hub? Xinyi District, that was located in east Taipei is the trade center of Taiwan---- World Trade Center Exhibition Hall, TWTC Exhibition Hall, 1990 Taipei City Government City Hall, Xinyi District administration building, etc. after administrative authorities have also entered, Xinyi District has become the political and economic center of Taipei city, in the vision of “Taipei Manhattan” the area was focused to welcome multinational financial institutions, high-tech information industry. With the world's tallest building Taipei 101 financial building operations completed in 2004, coupled with high-speed roads and subway transportation network, also main office buildings, such as China Trust, China Petroleum, International Financial Center and Taipei international financial center have gradually completed the construction, this area became one of Taiwan's leading commercial center, these commercial organizations not only promote the prosperity of Xinyi District, but also let Taipei city gravity successfully move eastward and achieve greater development hinterland. Plus Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store, Warner Village Cinema and other international shopping center stationed, Taipei city business district and exclusive residential district officially declared move eastward to Xinyi District. With the transport network gradually throughout, the overall environmental improvement plan, the area by a floor price of one square meter is one million NT dollars became the new luxury group stationed in the area.

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The Past and the Future of Taiwanese Financial City

101 Construction significance Brought Taipei to the world


  t was the world's tallest building, Taipei 101 is located in the central business district of Taipei-Xinyi District, this skyscraper basis on a BOT in 1997 from Taipei City Government to obtain this public land development rights, in 2003 complete the construction, at that time the height was higher than the world's first high Petronas Towers in Malaysia. Originally it was intended to complement the Government's “Asia-Pacific operations center” policies to build a financial services facilities, and then into a comprehensive commercial buildings, next to the main building there are six floors, about 60 meters high “podium,” main planning for the shopping center, ground floor there are all kinds of exotic gourmet snacks, 1-5 Floors, mostly well-known international brand counters, attracted many shopping crowds; the main building is a commercial rental use, major financial insurance, foreign companies coming to the 101 high-rise make it commercial office space. Taipei 101 is in a soft geological seismic zone, windproof and shockproof construction technology has become one of its major highlights. About shockproof the building, based on a 380 bedrock depthof 20 meters or more piles to support the weight of the structure, the whole building steel structure weighing one hundred and seven thousand tons, it became one of the world's leading steel consumption building; about windproof between the 87-92 floors, it got the world's largest windpassive damping system (Tunned Mass Damper), it can significantly reduce the tower in a strong wind the swing shift. Therefore, Taipei 101 can with stand 17 strong winds and frequent earthquakes shaking, the building was also named in the first of “Seven Engineering Wonders of the World” by Discovery Channel. In addition, it is also the world's tallest green building, while architects in the design stage of Taipei 101, implant the injection of environmentally friendly eco concept to the control system, including double insulated glass curtain wall, transportation and waste reduction systems, energy management control systems. Taipei 101 broke a lot of records, it also broke the Guinness world record for the fastest elevator, the speed of 1,010 meters per minute, 37 seconds per trip uplink and 46 secondsdownlink. Taipei 101 was designed by an advocating oriental classical art architect CY Lee, in fact, the most important construct meaning is “Bringing Taipei to the world,” This Hope Project from the outset the building name has far-reaching implications, “101” this name, in addition points out the total number floors of the building, also the apex in its field. Look the exterior, each layer is clear, from 27 to 90 floors which is a total of sixty-fourfloors, eight floors in a layer, a total of eight layers, accord to Chinese unique auspicious number “eight” which

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square shape was inspired by China's “Ding.” Also for Chinese people, it's a representatives of a noble character manbamboo. Each section of the top of the arc expand bring up a thriving atmosphere, upward appearance associate the rich flowers, achieve “a flower a world, a stage a Tathagata, stage and stage are the world, step and step are the future” this creative idea. Coordinate Taipei 101 financial topics, on the24-27 floors appearance decorate with a diameter nearly four-storey square hole shape like ancient coins, hope Taiwan's economy could have been rising and vigorous upward. Chinese and Western combination work shows the designer's concept wanted to bring Taipei to the international world, just as TAIPEI 101 claimed build and design a representative high-rise building, the most difficult part is not construction technology but cultural manifestations, 101 skyscrapers tried to balance the regional culture and international cultural manifestations.

Challenges facing

City of London Corporation Mayor - Sir David Lewis visited Taipei in 2008, he said, Taiwan andChina due to geographic proximity, close trade, In contrast, the volume of trade with the EU is still lots of space at the market, if Taiwanese businessmen want long-term diversification business, can go to Europe lay out. Learn from Britian, Mayor Sir David Lewis said: as a global financial center, not by dazzling building, but that can attract talented people to work, hundreds of thousands offoreign talent is an important asset in London's financial industry. Hong Kong and Singapore, the same as Taiwan lack

of resources, are relying on talented people joining this important international financial city, he believes that as long as Taipei is able to relax immigration rules, it will be able to attract more international talented people to boost the economy. In fact, in 2009 the U.S. investment environment risk ratings, Taipei is ranking fifth in the world, 85% of Taiwanese bank headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan still has a solid foreign exchange reserves, how to make good use of making the investment environment more flexible in order to attract foreign investment, will be a major test of the ruler from now to the future.

in the future


  tand higher for seeing further, however in the Taipei 101 glorious moments of construction, in 2001 Taiwan joined the World Trade Organization-WTO, Taiwanese domestic market remained open, a large number of foreign products impact the domestic product, especially agricultural and livelihood industry. While reducing production costs, many companies left and went to China and southeast asia, caused by industrial hollowing out phenomenon. Economic liberalization also caused domestic financial industry is highly competitive, causing potential financial risks and other issues.

By Xiang Feizi


Possibly the Best Living Writer in Britain?

eoff Dyer

was unveiled in Shanghai Book Fair Geoff Dyer is named as quite possibly the best living writer in Britain by Daily Telegraph, his published works 《But Beautiful: A Book about Jazz》,《Yoga For People Who Cant’ Be Bothered To Do It》etc, which have won a number of literary awards such as The Somerset Maugham Award, National Book Critics Circle Award for Criticism, Winner of the 2004 W H Smith Best Travel Book Award, Winner of the E. M. Forster Award. He wrote about a wide range of topics include Music, Literature, Film, Travel, Photograph. Critics believe his writings are elegant, sensitive, witty, clever, good in humor and profound themes. Known as the best British writer Geoff Dyer was unveiled in Shanghai Book Fair in China.


eoff Dyer 55, described himself as an atypical British writer. He is always on casual shirt and sandals. Geoff believes that he is now the state of freedom of writing and travel - not writing while traveling, nor for travel and writing. He wrote about a wide range of topics include Music, Photograph, Film. Combination of fiction, travel, biography, reviews, memoirs and other genres blended to form of fascinating “Geoff Dyer.” “I am the only child in my family, I always feel lonely.” Geoff talked about his childhood experiences. Graduated from University in Oxford, Geoff did not become a middle class instead of being a writer. He said “The best thing in University is it did not have many lectures, and seminar only once a week, I could do things that I want at any time.” Geoff called himself as a lazy person, so writing blends with his life. “Creation is a part of my life, the shadow of my own life is visible in the creation.” To talk about travel literature, Geoff said his parents have never flown in an aircraft, in his own childhood idea was “like a tree does not move.” And when he began reading, he realized that how big the world is, there is too much needs to be understood, then he started traveling. Geoff said, the biggest attraction about travel is that you can be in a foreign

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Possibly the Best Living Writer in Britain? Geoff Dyer was Unveiled in Shanghai Book Fair

country for a long time, this experience can either maintain your habit which has been formed and you can still try to explore new things. “For instance, in this world there are so many countries, but I come from one of the richest countries. Sometimes I go to some places, no matter how poor the people are, surprisingly you would never robbed or be eaten.” Geoff said when he began traveling, he just realized that the life in the UK should not be the same way as he used to be, he started to understand it. Although Geoff known as a but he does not like this classification approach: “In England, if you go to a bookstore, you'll see a lot of literature on the shelves close , various types of history, so if you like this kind of classification, then a good bookstore has given you a roadmap, of course, this is also helpful, but I prefer uncertainty, or those books you cannot find a place on the guide map.” In his view, the limitations of a writer's work in some form of literary category is not appropriate, the authors should be given greater freedom in creation. Geoff Dyer is often described as an “uncategorizable” writer, because of his hostility to a well-policed border between

fiction and nonfiction. These books combined authenticity and falsehoods both related to his interests in the past.《But Beautiful: A Book about Jazz》 he wrote about jazz, the history of many famous jazz musicians all appeared, but it is still difficult to tell in the end of story what is true or false. With some model of writing, Geoff did enjoy it also. Like travel literature which already has a very fixed pattern, one typical pattern is to find a deceased person or literary figures, follow their footsteps and see what has changed. He always wants make a change and innovation. He wrote a book about supermarket shopping cart round the world. “I hope to make the readers thinking when they read, this book is not a fiction or a prose. What kind of this book? How should I read it? Who can answer these questions are only readers themselves.” Italian Italo Calvino's novel 《Invisible Cities》has brought a significant influence to Geoff. “I want to write a novel like this. When you start reading it, you will think this is a detective story, but keeping reading you find that it is the imagination of the world, some scenes become more surreal, but the process does

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not make people feel awkward. The key point is that it is not the story, but rather a technique used to generate a gradient plot.” “To set the transition gently and imagination and reality become fill with details. When writing surreal story, tone should not be changed, this will make people in the real but not perceive between its surreal fantasies.” Geoff said. The first existentialist philosopher Soren Kierkegaard wrote a sentence: “The knight is separated from his companions and lost in the wilderness in which he now finds himself.” These words have been put on 《The Search》its title page by Geoff. This indicates that《The Search》 philosophizing : “People are looking for themselves eventually.” To expound the wisdom was not the original intention of writing the novel. “I wrote this book, the original intention was to focus on how to narrate the story, rather than explain how profound philosophy is. Maybe at the end it contains philosophical meaning, but my mind does not mean so.”

《Otherwise Known as the Human Condition》The title of the book may imply a narrative in sarcasm. It is reminiscent of the theory of rigid analysis, but in fact hiding under the cover is soft and humane character. In which he told people where to buy the best donuts and croissants, how to get a perfect coffee. “This is what I really care about in life.” Geoff said. In the end of Book Fair Geoff said “I have always been not to consider some of themes nor to consider the meaning of death and other issues, the more I care about in life is some kind of tiny things. These details might even be a bit boring, but those less significant things are transformed to essential details. That’s the way it goes in life and world.”

Sources : 《Beijing News》Jiang Yan,《First Financial Daily》 Sun Xingzhi, Wang Xusong : 《Shanghai Labor Daily》 Guo Yifei

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“Jane Eyre” is Not Simple, Have an Exotic Love Across the Ancient and Modern

“ Jane Eyre “ is Not Simple Have an Exotic Love Across the Ancient and Modern by Tinky

Movie “Journey to the West. Moonlight,” “there is a story:” If you want to set a deadline for love, I hope it is ten thousand years. Exaggerated promise easier said than done, but in reality, how many people can beat seven year Itch curse? Whether eternal love simply does not exist as the elixir? We are still in doubt, meanwhile someone had already found the key to maintain love forever and freshness. Now let's talk about this timeless love story - the modern ballet drama “Jane Eyre.” It's not only the combination of literature and dance, but also the innovation performance of Chinese and Western fusion culture, read the story of deep meaning, you would find everything is not so simple, also discover the hidden secret of love story, that is the secret to preserve love fresh by centuries.

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The Breakthrough of Love


ane Eyre” is a beautiful love story, people are fascinated by the author who made a women image of perseverance, refined and attractive. In the 19th century Britian, there was no “feminism” concept, it was completely subvert the traditional thinking, from today's perspective to compare with Romeo and Juliet dramatic fatal Love, is even closer to the era and closer to the trend, not with platitudes feeling. The time of 19 century Britian, the status of women is low, the traditional view that women should stay at

home to take care of children, do household chores, they should not set foot in society, and shouldn't do outdoor activities. Therefore, the writer Charlotte Bronte deliberately chosen a masculine name for her pen name, even boldly let “feminism” consciousness infiltrated the novel, breaking the limitation of women is weak and living for men, let readers to view woman in a new light, also encouraged girls are brave to pursue their love.

“Jane Eyre” Synopsis “


ane Eyre”, a girl's life miserable and rough. Orphaned at an early age, adopted by her uncle, unfortunately, a year later, her uncle passed away, the task of taking care of Jane Eyre falls upon to her harsh aunt, so she grew up suffering from bullying, never tasted true love. Until she was ten, her aunt sent her to a charity school for receiving orphan girls, to let her fend by herself.

married, an unexpected intruder broke into the church, claiming that the wedding cannot be conducted, the reason is Rochester married his sister Bertha 15 years ago, Rochester admited With a strong will, Jane Eyre finally completed her studies; in eight years, she came from a student this fact. So the truth is promoted to the school teacher. But two years later, she a corner of this manor was can not stand the loneliness and indifference there, she lived in by a crazy woman that decided to leave the place where she grew up, to is his legal wife Bertha. Thornfield manor be a tutor. “Jane Eyre” left Thornfield manor heartbrokenly, and expandJane Eyre on the way to Thornfield manor, her first time ed her endless rove. to meet the manor owner of Rochester, a cantankerous man, who was nearly twenty years older than her. Since When she returned to Thornfield manor again, the entire he met her, he believed the girl in front of him is his estate had become a ruin. Few months ago, Rochester's wife the mad woman fired the house, for saving her, soul companion. Afterward, Jane Eyre started thrilling love affection with him. Although they two truly loved Rochester was burned and blinded. Jane Eyre learned all of this, running in the ruins, looking for, full of fear, loss each other, but attributed to traditional constraints, the disparity of identity, status and age between them, it is and grief, finally Jane and blind Rochester met each other not easy to be together. The day when they were again, love rekindled.

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“Jane Eyre” is Not Simple, Have an Exotic Love Across the Ancient and Modern

“Jane Eyre” Synopsis


n innovative work, achieved a brand-new performance. Shanghai Ballet in 2012, used “Jane Eyre” novel as a blueprint, created a modern ballet drama, to follow the “bold” style of author, combine the 19th century British literary masterpiece and dance, plus the oriental elements, creating the feeling of freshness that we are always expecting and pursuing, with this love across time and space, geography and language, no time limit preservation.

Poetic Love


ance is poetry! Sometimes abstract, up and down full of infectious; sometimes graceful, every movement shows poetic form. Story is a painting! The form structure and illusion, each scene is beautiful, Rich emotion flowing from each word and sentence, delicate sections are worth seeing a hundred times. When poetic and pictorial splendour are together, changes in the highest level of dance. Be bold to delete all the texts and using another form to tell a story is a great challenge! Inject the Western classic into Eastern beauty, to make a harmonious effection of Chinese and Western works, it's hard work! The ballet drama invited outstanding choreographer Patrick de Bana, screenwriter Rongjun Yu, and stage designer Jerome Kaplan worked together, to break down the barrier of text. In a global language “dance” elaborates Jane Eyre delicate emotions. Because the essence of ballet is poetry, painting, line art, a noble language, dancer without saying a word, can touch every audience, no matter what race, language or cultural backgrounds, can drive the same emotions, feel the emotions of the story masters synchronously, not only an art, but a spiritual communication.

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Not Afraid of Difficulties' Love


he Shanghai Ballet has been known for classical ballet, but this show they broke the custom of Classic with classical, make a “subversive” challenge. Information shows that on 10th September 2012, the troupe started rehearsals spent a total of 70 days front stage and backstage to endow the new vitality to “Jane Eyre,” which includes the director's dedication and actors' variorum.

They described this ballet drama in the “manor and the city,” “reason and madness,” “luxury and original” formed a delightful contrast in stage, highlighting the refined elegance of Shanghai style. This London trip, as one of China's five major ballet, the dancers wanted to show the world, they have reached the international level, in line with the trend of world ballet art.

The dancers specialize in classical ballet who are not accustomed to the action of contemporary ballet style, body movement and muscle strength control, they spent two months with intensive training to adapt to a new style of performance, bringingt surprises and stunning the audience.


of the Dancing Troupe

S crew.

hanghai Ballet was founded in 1979, formerly known as the folk ballet “White-Haired Girl”

Over forty years, “White-Haired Girl” became one of the most important drama in their attempt to nationalize ballet, the establishment of the Shanghai Ballet foundation, the play won the classic works of Chinese 20th century dance awards and holds the stage year after year, further Shanghai Ballet established the status of domestic first-class. In 1986 Jiang Zemin (previous Chinese Prime Minister) wrote an inscription to Shanghai Ballet: “I wish Shanghai Ballet successfully perform on the international stage.”

Since self regiment, Shanghai Ballet's young actors successively was awarded 27 medals at the international Ballet Competition, in the domestic competition has also made remarkable achievements. In addition to perform in the entire country, the dancing troupe established a wide range of friendly and cooperative relations of arts groups and artists from home and abroad, ever been to Japan, Korea, France, Canada, the United States, Indonesia, New Zealand, Spain, Singapore, Australia, etc countries, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, etc regions to perform, acclaimed by domestic and foreign counterparts and audiences. Profile: Shanghai Ballet official website

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“Jane Eyre” is Not Simple, Have an Exotic Love Across the Ancient and Modern

Fresh Feeling of Love


ith creative approach to reproduce the original classic characters and classical style, that is the requirements of creation from Shanghai Ballet troupe, with simple, exquisite, innovative stage design and aesthetic, modern ballet vocabulary, portrays Jane, Rochester and Bertha the three distinctive characters, and intensify the three emotional relationship between love and hate. Choreographer Patrick de Bara said, the novel took place in the nineteenth century, with our modern eyes to look at this story, is like to observe a past story from a camera lens. If this nineteenth century story identically repeatedly plays on the stage, it's better to see the original novel itself. So, they create a stage setting with Chinese style, looks like a landscape painting, natural and smooth, under the soft light shows the protagonist face full of oriental beauty, dressed the minimalist tailoring not luxury costumes, can't conceal her slender limbs. Watching her stretch limbs, brisk jumping, revolving, step ...... step by step lead the audiences into her heart, while reflecting ballet manner, coordinate with lights and music, the full atmosphere occupied the stage every space, brought the Poetic and Pictorial ed. Because it shows love does not limit by time, traditional but Imagination to British audiences. not conservative, innovat but nostalgic, a breakthrough mode of To set a time limitation of this exotic love that across thinking, to find more posibilities out of the frame; This is the the ancient and modern, the answer may be unlimit- secret recipe to keep love fresh.

“Jane Eyre” Ballet Drama Existing Profile


n 18th and 19th November 2012, in Shanghai Grand Theatre the 14th Shanghai International Arts Festival closing series of performances for the world premiere, creating the premiere of Shanghai original drama that a ticket is hard to get.

14th to 18th August 2013, the play performed in Britain prestigious theater ENO (English National Opera). “Jane Eyre” in the “home” for the first time showed on stage in the form of ballet, Artists from oriental give “Jane Eyre” the new annotation and interpretation.

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Artist Profile Shanghai Ballet chief actress, State First-Class Artist Pingping Ji who plays Jane Eyre In 1986 - She entered the Ballet Branch of Shanghai Dance School, graduated in 1992 and entered Shanghai Ballet as an actress In November 2000 - She won the youth group Women Award of the ninth Paris International Ballet Competition In 2002 - She won the fourth “Top Ten Shanghai Cultural newcomer” title of the new Long March in Shanghai In 2003 - She was awarded Shanghai the “Thirty-eight red flag hand” title In 2006 - She was invited to participate the first Asian Ballet Festival in Seoul, South Korea In July 2009 - “Regalia Carnival” was organized - Pingping Ji and Hu -Sheng Wu special ballet performance In 2009 - She won the seventh Chinese dance “Lotus Award” the Bronze award of Ballet, Dance and Poetry ballet performances In 2011 - She won the annual artist honors award and Leading Role Prize of Shanghai Magnolia Drama Prize

Shanghai Ballet chief actress, State First-Class Artist Xiaofeng Fan who plays Bertha Mason In 1989 - She entered the Ballet Branch of Shanghai Dance School, graduated in July 1992 and entered Shanghai Ballet as an actress. In October 1995 - She attend the first Shanghai International Ballet Competition and won the Junior Women Silver Award In 1999 - She won the second annual “Top Ten Shanghai Cultural newcomer” title In July 2000 - She won the 19th International Ballet Competition in Varna of youth group Women Award In August 2001 - She won the Youth Division Women Award second session of the Shanghai International Balle Competition, and with her partner Sun-Yi Shen won the Best Couple Award From 2004 to 2005 - She was invited to Australian National Ballet as a visiting principal performer In 2006 - She was invited to participate the first Asian Ballet Festival in Seoul, South Korea In February 2008 - “Regalia Carnival” was organized - Sun-Yi Shen and Xiaofeng Fan special ballet performance In 2011 - She won the 8th Chinese dance “Lotus Award” ballet, dance, poem Organizing Committee Special Award In March 2012 - She award Shanghai Municipal Propaganda Department Issued “Shanghai Literature and Art Honor Award” February 2013 - She won Shanghai “Top Ten Dance artists” honorary title

Shanghai Ballet chief actor, State First-Class Artist Hu-Sheng Wu who plays Edward Rochester In 1997 - He entered the Ballet Branch of Shanghai Dance School, graduated in July 2003 and entered Shanghai Ballet as an actor. In June 2004 - At the third Shanghai International Ballet Competition won the Junior Special Jury Award In 2006 - He was invited to participate the first Asian Ballet Festival in Seoul, South Korea In June 2007 - He won the first of men's group of the Ninth New York International Ballet Competition and Eustace Yanukovich Special Jury Prize In August 2007 - he won the gold medal of men's youth group in the fourth Shanghai International Ballet Competition In July 2009 - “Stage Carnival” was organized - Pingping Ji and Hu -Sheng Wu special ballet performance; in the same year he won the Silver award of the Ballet, Dance, Poem ballet performances in the seventh Chinese dance “Lotus Award” In 2010 - He won the Annual Award for Most Promising of Municipal Propaganda Department “Regalia Carnival” In 2011 - He won the Silver award of the Ballet, Dance, Poem ballet performances in the 8th Chinese dance “Lotus Award” in the same year he won the Shanghai Dancers Association “2011 Shanghai Dance outstanding young actor” In April 2012 - He was awarded the eighth “Shanghai Culture newcomer” title; in June he went to Germany to participate in Hamburg Ballet “Nijinsky” Ballet evening performances; In July - He was awarded the Shanghai propaganda “excel” outstanding communist; In the same year obtain the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions issued the “Shanghai Labor Medal”; Won the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department issued the 2011 annual Shanghai Literature and Art Honor Award; and was named “2012 Shanghai leading talent”

The Play of olour


By Fanghan Sun

A canvas, a brush, a few painting oils allow great passion embrace me. I have been constantly experimented and explored the techniques of Chinese painting, fusing the color of oil painting to pursue a new language of ‘contemporary Chinese painting.

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The Play of Colour

I nt erv i ew


made Yu Chuan's acquaintance at the end of 2012. The tone of his work is rich yet not gaudy; he adopts heavy oil painting brush strokes to spill out as plash of Zen state. As the curator Yu Chuan’s exhibition, communication exhibition trivial is essential and pleasant to me due to his refined modesty and sense of humor. Sun: It’s glad to have our young artist, Mr. Yu Chuan here. I am wondering what made you to choose painting as the path to pursue, it’s your nature or who enlightened you? Zhang: It seems I couldn’t grow up without brushes since my childhood. My father is very fond of classical Chinese art, which turns out the walls of my house are covered with Chinese calligraphies and paintings collection. And because of my hyperactivity, I was forced to write 100 calligraph characters every day, standing still in front of these Chinese painting and immerse myself into them. All these gave me a profound impact. After graduated from the sculpture department of National Taiwan University of Arts, I decided to get back from three-dimensional sculpture to painting, exploring the relationshi p between color and canvas. Until now, the painting naturally becomes a missionI have to achieve. Sun: You use oil painting, a conventional western art media, to convey the exquisite and elegance of Chinese literati paintings’ . What forms your "integrated Western and Chinese" style? Would you like to share your favorite artistic period or genre in history? Zhang: I am interested in both the Eastern and Western art, but the exploration start and destination point is the Chinese art as a criterion. This may explain why my paintings, regardless of technical or subject adopted, conveying a mood of Chinese literati painting. The Song Dynasty painting could be my favorite; the ultimate appeal for painting was self-cultivation rather than honing skills or for fame and fortune at that time. Liang Kai, a famous artist in Song Dynasty, he could present a character to life in just a few strokes, what he painted was not merely a figure, but a detached sense of soul. I often feel my art sentiment inese painting and calligraphy. And what I can do is to inherit and develop the ancients thinking, seeking a new visual language to render on canvas. Sun: Well, wev’ e briefly discussed the historic dimensions’ impact on you creations. Lets’ talk about the transverse dimension, wev’ e noticed you have lived in Spain, Japan, Chinawhats’ the influence of diverse cultures on your vel , where you blend various cultures in the palette and let the color slayers overlap? Zhang: "Decontextuali e" is a very interesting argument. I think, as an artist, can experience art and culture of different countries is fantastic. I've been looking for the color of collision, the inspiration of culture conflicts. I was always very urgent to tear the original thinking open and to fill something fresh after each tri p. Speak of the cultural traits, I think that Spain is bold and imaginative, Japan is restrained and clean. Significant differences produced the beauty of collisions. I would like toput metaphor of my creation process as musical notes. All I do is to feel the spiritual sublimation, when all the details are in harmony, a painting emerges.

Sun: The scenes of your previous exhibition in Shanghai..vibrant colors of blooming flowers are still vivid in mind. Recently, you presented us a collection on Chinese mythical animal theme. Willing to share why you select this creation theme? Zhang: I like quiet places, I want to present the nature pattern of objectsvia colors. The texture of rocks, the bump of stream onto stone, trees and flowers gives me infinite inspirations. Chinese mythical animal has always been one of my creative themes, they can be considered as the essence of Chinese culture, each animal represents unique meaning. Yet, they are fictional image after all; I used a more liberal approach to the animal sketch. As its appearance cant’ be assured, I commenced from reading the literal descri ption, and put typical Chinese painting colors on themgradually, these images continue to appear in front of me. Some of them are unconscious. I think, only when unconscious things appear, conscious and meaningful things exist. Sun: As an 80s’ artist, how do you perceive the social phenomenon of the prevailing of fast-food culture? In terms of art heritage and development, or to the art environment in China, do you feel you have certain missions? Zhang: I am an idealistic man. I wont’ critici e or comment too much on the culture state nowadays. However, reflection is crucial. As the junior of arts, with colliding with pluralistic cultures, we need to carefully examine our artistic ideas. We have unique Chinese cultural heritage, learning from the ancestors is necessary. I think that practice is essential at this stage. You are eligible for subversion when you study and reflect on the heritage of history.

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u Chuan


u Chuan graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts. He once lived in Spain, Japan and other countries for inspiration and artistic creation. Now residing in Shanghai, Chuan combines Western materials with Eastern culture and painting techniques. He also uses his own innovative skills to make his paintings come alive by creating and constructing a unique that mixes East and West.

Born 2005 2007 2008

October 1982, Taipei, Taiwan Graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts Stayed in Spain for artistic creation Stayed in Tokyo, Japan for artistic creation


Solo Exhibition in Bunkamura Gallery, Tokyo, Japan


Exhibition in Shangri-La Hotel, Shanghai, China Exhibition in Florence , Invitational Exhibition in ART TAIPEI 2012 /Guan Xiang , Taipei, Taiwan


Invitational Exhibition in Vision Tang Dynasty, Shanghai, China Exhibition in STEP09, Milano , Italy Invitational Exhibition in ART KAOHSIUNG 2013 / Guan Xiang , Taipei, Taiwan Solo Exhibition in Bund 22

Lives and works in Shanghai, China

The circus series are the works exhibited in Tokyo, Japan. Life is like a circus, and everyone must play a role well to keep a foothold in this society. The truth is only known by ourselves, because we all live in the life circus by us. The circus series satirize life, and the society. Color is an important element to Yu Chuan’s work. He use both Chinese brush technique and Western oil colors to express freedom and life on canvas, Chinese painting techniques create a high degree of freedom with its of splashing ink and other brush strokes. Uses of oil colors are used to inspire a sense of happiness in the observer. His choices of natural colors are meant to embody life itself. Chuan believes that “Every color in life can be applied to painting.” Chinese mythology is another important element in Yu Chuan’s artistry. A choice of subjects like the dragon or phoenix is meant to draw the observer into an inner reality. Taking from Buddhist scripture, the artist believes, “a flower is a world, and a tree is the universe, ” and seeks to express this truth through his paintings. Yu Chuan combines materials, methods and a deep life philosophy to create his own magic code of painting. Strokes are rough and powerful, seeking to represent the balance of distinctiveness and indistinctiveness we find in life. Chuan seeks to have his creations breathe through his use of brush technique and choices of color. In addition his choices of sacred animals are meant to draw out the mystery, freedom and vitality of life itself. His works have always been created with such a relationship between people and nature. Artist creativity is driven by the spirit of freedom. Yu Chuan’s works presents a breakthrough in the limits of oil painting. He paints with a more rakish approach, inheriting the charm and ideas of Chinese painting. He combines the color of Western painting with the artistic state of Chinese art. Greatly praised by the art community, he creates an oil painting style belonging to the Orient.

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Chinese Women's Shoes on the International Stage, Walking Art of Sheme

sheme Chinese Women's Shoes on the International Stage

Walking Art of Sheme By Tinki

Sex and the City actress Kelly said, "Love is gone, but the shoes are forever." Women and shoes are like a cup of tea or like shadow that never leave each other. They have closer relathonship than lovers and friends. To have a pair of perfect shoes to wear in life is a dream of most ladies. In front of high heels , they always become a connoisseur, with tender vision to appreciate the shoe shape design, watching each details, with slender hands to touch it, feel the temptation from the different materials, every time they see a pretty pair of unique shoes, they would be like collectors, wanting to treasure for themselves.

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o you like to wear high heels? Do you know where are they from ?

The First

statement: It's from short French King Louis XIV of his inferiority.

In order to show the noble manner in front of his minister and people, Louis XIV Commanded his men customized a pair of high heels. Since then, French nobility men and women follow one after another, the trend quickly spread throughout the European continent. In addition to these two interesting stories, high heels also achieve a legend of an extraordinary woman. A woman who uses her life to make shoes-Sheme brand founder Linda, during the fashion week in London, specially taking the time to interview with us and share her story of becoming famous, and takes the reader along with Sheme elegant pace, went into this internationally renowned fashion week, look at this China's first well-known luxury famous custom footwear brand Sheme how to captured the hearts of all the customers.

The History of "She" and "Me"


he added Me, “She” has “Me” Sheme brand shows a woman and shoes, the two can not be separated. “She” is a friend of “Me” ,”She” has the story of “Me”, “She” is a part life of “Me”. “She” is a pair of caring good shoes, brand, founder Linda said, to have “She” is like having a good man so important to be looked after. In 1997, Linda travelled to Kenya, visiting a national park, that day she saw a spectacular scene, that scene changed her life; hundreds and thousands of flamingos appeared in front of her eyes, reddish feathers covering the whole of the

The Second

statement: From the husband's


In the fifteenth century Venice, there was a businessman afraid of going out of business, beautiful wife would misbehave. Therefore, he customized a pair of very high heel shoes for her, hoping to obsruct her go out. However, his wife saw this pair of fancy high heels, she thought very interesting, also ask her maid to accompany with her to walk around the streets to shine. Afterwards, people emulate her, high heels became very popular.

land, their swinging red wings, as if to show their passion to the life, Linda's eyes were shining saying “too elegant, too energetic!” The tour guide told her: flamingos are the most passionate and the most elegant birds, instantly she felt her spirit and soul has been demonstrated out by the scene in front of her is just like her character. She thought transform this touching moment into the shoes, the brand was born; Passion, elegance and sexy are the spirit of Sheme , “elegance in mind, exquisite in shape” interpreted “creating walking art” brand concept.

Combine with the European classical design and the Chinese traditional exquisite craftsmanship, showing the excellent art work of female shoes, the beauty and charm of eastern and western, full ofunparalleled spiritual life.

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Chinese Women's Shoes on the International Stage, Walking Art of Sheme

The History of

"She" and "Me"


inda likes to travel, to experience different cultures, she traveled Europe and the world, anywhere she goes she would visit the local museums, art exhibitions, as well as participate in various fashion week events, let herself maintain the sensitivity of fashion and art anytime. Each kind of innovative models Sheme shoes, she personally tried, through repeated adjustment until completely comfortable, she would start to produce. And red is Linda's favorite colour, this mysterious Chinese red full complement of life spewing endless stretch of vitality and freedom, but also a symbol of Linda's warm and cheerful

personality. She is like an indulgent free walking red flower, with her passion of shoes arts career to infect everyone.

Made Good Stuff Lead "Made in China" to the International


any foreigners would label made in China products as low-cost, quality varies, and even counterfeit goods. To clear the name and change their belief, easier said than done. Also let the products into the international luxury market, isn't it a fantasy story? Linda believes that “passion” can change everything. “My life has shoes, shoes have my life.” The high-heeled shoes as her first life, to poure the passion to the shoe career, turn Sheme into a spirit, an enthusiasm. Linda successfully changes the foreigners view, from not worth watching to view in a new light. European famous brands have always been the fashion indicators, Sheme could emerge in that trend, because of her Chinese soul. Adhering to the refined elegance of Chinese traditional arts, such as: embroidery, Shu embroidery, leather plaited buckle, jade inlaid ...... combine western design fashion, to create this unique Chinese footwear international luxury brands.


chieve the balance and harmony realm of Chinese Arts & Crafts; I must mention the international design team behind Sheme. We hired the talented designers to join the members of this team from Italy, France and Canada, these teams do not see the shoes as products, but see as art, everyone is full of passion and artistic pursuits of the shoes. Distinctive design style but pure, luxury classic yet unassuming. Product Director Gianluigi Colombo is from Italy, since 1975 he has invested shoes manufacturing industry, a former Bally, Chanel Shoes, Fratelli Rossetti, Colette, and many other brands of technical guidance, thirty-five years of unremitting pursuit of the ultimate realm of craft quality. The extreme quality requirements italian gentleman, with one hundred and fifty pairs of shoes, one hundred and fifty shirts, and one hundred and fifty belts. Every Sunday he would meticulously select the outfits for the next week. Mr. Colombo also brought this requirement of fashion and detail to each piece item of Sheme. He developed a complete, prudential standard of technical surveillance to Sheme, strict control of each step, prior to shipment, he would personally inspect the small details of each pair of shoes and sign the certification, and strive for the Chinese women to create the world's top premium brand shoes.

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Handmade Custom is an Art


heme was searching out all over the world, through strict control, the final selection of the world recognized as the best Italian suede, nappa, silk, patent leather such materials as the shoe material. These materials have got a very fine colour, fine texture, bringing soft touch of fitting skin. Sheme abandoned the simple replication of industrialization, respected individual aesthetic taste, through the craftsman's hands and heart reflects highly respected to people and things.

Designer Leopoldo Giordano also from Italy, he has held a number of world-renowned shoes' chief designer, including Chole, Marc Jacobs, Bruno Magli, and Kenzo. Mr. Giordano has created many classic shoes that swept the world, and now, also in professional and creative build exceed international standards work for Sheme.

From measuring of feet, the system lasts, tanning, cutting material, sewing tie, sew bottom with heel, modified to maintain a set of hand-made crafts custom process, need about three months time, more than three hundred multi-channel processes fine carved discretion to complete one pair Sheme footwear. While an ordinary craftsman, need to go through eight to ten years time to make hundreds and thousands pairs of foot wears, continue to accumulate, and through layers of rigorous professional and technical assessment, proficiency a set of Sheme handmade custom shoes craft before they become a senior Sheme technician. Distinctive design style but pure, classic luxury does not publicize. Every creative design of classic series, involved with a beautiful story, elegant and moving, full of life. Combines Chinese traditional craftsmanship, inject the artistic inspiration to each pair shoes of creative production, let the elegant step walking in the luxury space of exquisite taste. Premier clients including former British Prime Minister's wife Cherie Blair, when she received tailored high heels, hilariously said: “Every lady likes shoes, these shoes will be the highest level of my collection.”

From "The Peony Pavilion" to the London fashion Week


hat is “walking art?” This is Sheme brand philosophy, the spirit of Chinese culture into the fashion element, to design high-heeled shoes such as art work, women take every step by confidence, no matter when and wherever they go, is a manifestation of beauty. Have the opportunity to come to the central issue show of fashion, Linda and her team brought a new original design to UK, take the audience into a “Travelling in the Garden” show, it is modeled on the story of “Peony Pavilion”, to create the highlight of 2014 spring and summer! The short moment of Peony bloom, full and meticulous......“The Peony Pavilion” portrays women aspire for freedom, I would like to extract the spirit. As the first Chinese luxury brand of shoes that the international fashion week T stage publish on, Sheme with internationally renowned fashion designer brand JI CHENG have completed the “Peony Pavilion” series of original designs. “Peony Pavilion” series name from a famous Chinese opera “The Peony Pavilion” name, as the creative source of this season, Sheme with JI CHENG completed footwear and dress product planning and production. Both brands were a deep understanding of Chinese culture, so that

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Chinese Women's Shoes on the International Stage, Walking Art of Sheme

the joint creation has reached an unprecedented height, in the series of products, both using the same fabric material and perfectly consistent colour perception force, but in the production process, also demonstrates the extraordinary footwear, apparel different categories of product characteristics and charm of handmade art, this harmony and aesthetic of Chinese culture art highlighting force build out

amazing oriental art style model, and become the extraordinary pioneer of the world's fashion week T stage. Designer JI CHENG mentioned, reading Chinese classical literature would enhance personal temperament and training, “The Peony Pavilion” series is a sincere esteem of profound Chinese culture, for Kunqu Opera essence, in the modern fashion art has different kind of interpretation.

JI CHENG Ji Cheng rooted in Shanghai, a local young designer. Her designs are often subvert the Chinese traditional style and mixed of Chinese elements, elegance and hippie together, to create an unique style. She has studied at the prestigious Marangoni fashion institute in Milan Italy, served as a designer of Basic Krizia and Missoni Sports two brands in Hong Kong, later as the visual artistic director of Italian women fashion brand D'A, making her has gained high praise of the brand management and development.

The Stunning Garden of



16th September at four o'clock local time in London great play on the stage, show lights slowly extinguished, the big screen appeared in Ming dynasty Tang Xian Zu created the most outstanding romantic opera “The Peony Pavilion” story, ingenuity short movie guided the foreign guests in the venue passed through the time and space, enter the Chinese Ming Dynasty private rear garden, among the mysterious and blurred spring, enjoy the poignant and gorgeous love chapter. Then the models appear on the stage who wears “The Peony Pavilion” series that Sheme and JI CHENG jointly issued 2014 Spring, setting off a classical style. Designer Ji Cheng good at mix of Chinese and

Western elements, combine the Eastern aesthetics and Western fashion simply tailored one, Ink floral fabrics, Chinese knot and peony embroidery shoes of Sheme shine each other. Revealed the oriental gentle and delicate feminine beauty. The Spring-Summer published was invited Chinese female singer-songwriter Huang Ling live performance, handheld round fan wearing cheongsam appeared, sang Chinese style new songs in the models, with the two designers pay tribute to the Chinese classical art masterpiece. Subsequently, JI CHENG and Sheme were invited to join the Paris Fashion Week Spring-Summer Paris Published, complete the “Peony Pavilion” series of global traveling art tour.

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Bloom “Bloom� series was inspired by the traditional Chinese Painting Peony shape, hand-embroidery craft is delicate and rich texture. Fine Symphony rhythmic changes, in the pin alignment, form the Peony Structured, the flowers and leaves set each other off vividly, if natural born.

Colourful silk thread, the use of Chinese embroidery craftsmanship, integrate halo stitch, oblique roll stitch, swirl stitch, participation stitch, point embroidery, gold wire spiral embroidery. skillfully depicts the gorgeous patterns and three-dimensional sense, the use of Chinese folk traditional hand-full of new fashion charm.

Leather Craft Unique leather woven decorative fasteners, fine leather knot series, all with hand-woven, need to go through more than a dozen channel technology processes, delicate dense.

Expectation for "she"


opeful on Chinese-made luxury brand! Linda tells her Chinese high-end fashion brand development prospects. The native designers have a vast vision, and possessed unique thinking, can transformed new ideas into design concepts, then put on the product, stand out in the world market. Also Linda considers Chinese consumers' wareness of luxury goods brand hadgreat progress than in the past, therefore grade constantly upgrade, even cultured unique taste, as her customer groups, their enthusiasm for Sheme not limited fashion level, which they appreciate the artistic beauty, the pursuit of excellence in fine craft.

The Future of Sheme


ith a strong oriental beauty Sheme shoes have been able to successfully enter the international market, Linda thinks it is because either Asians or Westerners, all appreciate and identity beautiful things. For the development of the brand, she is full of confident, this London trip even inspired her to open a shop in UK, she said to open a market here, to bring consumers to aware a new brand is not easy! So she has to do a lot of preparation work beforehand, now the initial concept, is to merge Britain's rich cultural and artistic colour into Sheme shoes, clash new sparks.

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RIDELONDON! The Biggest Cycling Festival in the UK

RIDELONDON The Biggest Cycling Festival in the UK By Tinky

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The London Olympics has sparked a new trend for sport, which has helped contribute to a record boost in the number of people playing sport. According to figures released, more and more people than ever are concerned about the importance of exercise and health.

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RIDELONDON! The Biggest Cycling Festival in the UK

hile you are walking down the streets of London, several people in well-designed sportswear might be passing by. During the rush hours, many of those businessmen in suits could be professional cyclists. In fact, travelling by bicycle will not only keep you fit, but it will also cut down on transport expenses and avoid traffic congestion.

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This summer in London, the Prudential Ride London Show took place from 3 August to 4 August. It was sponsored by the Prudential Group with a number of authorities in London (including the Mayor of London, Surrey County Council, Transport for London, and London & Partners). The two-day festival was said to be the biggest cycling festival in the UK, and was expected to give a major boost to the number of active cyclists in the UK. The two-day festival featured a range of bike-based entertainment and activities. The Prudential Ride London Freecycle took place on 3 August, with over 50,000 recreational riders filling the streets of central London for the event, which was free to enter and open to everyone, whatever their age or level of riding experience. So there was plenty for all. There was a whole host of other cycle-related fun to be had around the festival sites. The event was expected to give a major boost to the number of active cyclists in the UK. Does it look exciting to you, looking at the photos?


his family-friendly and relaxed ride took place over an eight-mile, traffic-free circuit past London’s most iconic landmarks, from Buckingham Palace through to the Tower of London, Houses of Parliament, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and ending at St. James’s Park. They rode from East to West, surrounded by the world’s famous attractions. It was all so pleasant. All riders were welcome, whatever their age or ability. Both children and adults wore helmets and reflective vests, and measures had to be taken to ensure traffic safety. Stopping en route was encouraged to enjoy the roadside bike-based entertainment.

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RIDELONDON! The Biggest Cycling Festival in the UK

On August 4, 60 of the world’s top professional cyclists competed in the Prudential RideLondon Grand Prix, including the double Olympic champion rider Laura Trott, the Olympic team pursuit champions Dani King and Jo Rowsell, and the silver medal winner in the World Championship of British youth, Elinor Barker. With the pair jockeying for position on the 1.3-mile loop, Laura Trott (Wiggle Honda) won the Prudential RideLondon Grand Prix. To read more, check the official website on:

Cycling around London

You just have to try it!


lthough the event has ended, you can still participate with those who experienced the “pleasantness” and “freedom.” Be part of London’s cycling revolution and make getting around by bike even easier on a public bike, from West Shepherd’s Bush to East Canary Wharf and Victoria Park. Barclays Cycles Hire is based on a small registration fee (£2 to register for a 24 hour period). It commenced operations with 8,000 bicycles and over 550 docking stations distributed across the City of London area. A Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card can be used in a docking station to release a bicycle. Getting started is easy: simply hire a bike, ride it where you like, then return it to any of the hundreds of docking stations across the city. London's public bike sharing scheme is available 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. It’s a great way to travel around the city.

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Tip1 : Barclays Cycle Hire is for short trips, so all journeys under 30 minutes are free of ride charges. Tip2 : Each bike release code is valid for 10 minutes and only at that docking station. Bikes are valuable, so don't let anyone see your code before you use it.

Find out more about how Barclays Cycle Hire works, check the official website on:

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Dream Measured by Wheel, Cycling G318, Chongqing to Tibet


Measured by Wheel Cycling Chongqing to Tibet


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Cycling Route Chengdu-Ya'an-Luding-Kangding-Xinduqiao-Yajiang- Litang-Batang-Markam-Zogang-Bangda-Baxoi-Bomê -Nyingchi-Lhasa

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Dream Measured by Wheel, Cycling G318, Chongqing to Tibet


have made three life-changing accomplishments in the past five years, studying abroad, starting up my own company, and cycling G318. None of these things was accommodated with the support of my family. To be honest, I did not have a clue how to make the “first move.” I did nothing special. Everything I did was labeled “I am supposed to”, or “I am expected to”, but never “I WANT to.” I felt that I was constantly pushed by people around me- family members, teachers until I got the chance to come to England in my junior year of high school. I was only there for three weeks, but I was deeply attractedby it. Thus, when I came back to China, I decided to study abroad in the future. It was the first time that I had a dream belongs to me. After a few months, my dream of studying abroad came true.

Old Tibetans go to Lhasa as pilgrims. Similarly, cycling through G318 is my way of declaring my dream as a pilgrim. I hope to tell myself, using my own action that, “maybe I am still not tough enough, but I will not bow down in front of my dreams.”


In my junior year of college, I started up my own company. From an initial idea to a mature design, from I alone to a team of 6 elite engineers, from an unknown-technical knowledge to the final product, the whole process told me the “price” I need to pay to realize an initial thought to a mature commercial product. Yet, the process also reminded me how beautiful a dream could be.

There are several reasons why some cyclers are not dared to start their journey on G318. In their mind, cycling through G318 is too hard. It is yet a challenge for them to cycle 100 km per day for a consecutive of 30 days on perfect roads, how is it impossible to cycle 4,000 meters above sea level for more than 20 days?

I want to say that everyone finished G318 with exhaustion and pain. On my way to Lhasa, I had seen people from age 10 to 60; people who weigh from 50 kg to 100kg; men and women. Everyone curses when they talk about their experiences on the road because the trip is unimaginable painful. G318 never discriminates, but it only welcomes those that truly love it.

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   heduo Mountain, with its peak at 4,200 meters, was the first mountain we climbed that was above 4000 meters. We cycled approximately 73 kilometers and experienced an altitude increase of 1,900 meters on that day. We left early at 8:00 a.m., because we knew this mountain was hard to conquer. We did not bring enough food with us, because we had never anticipated that we would spend 9 hours climbing it. When we reached an altitude of 3,800 meters, things began to go wrong. My respiration frequency increased, and I started to experience muscular numbness and physical fatigue. I felt even worse when we reached 4,000 meters. I couldn’t even concentrate. Suddenly, everything went back. I subconsciously held the handle bar tighter. I could do nothing but continue peddling. I gradually had my vision back after around 20 seconds, but I felt exhausted both mentally and physically. I started to FEAR. I didn’t know whether I was going to faint or be seized with cramp in the middle. I didn’t even know how much longer I could ride. “I can’t give up”, I told myself. “Do I want to turn around and head back home? If not, I will have to keep going forward!” We arrived at the hotel after all, but due to the intensity of the cycling and my physical overdraft, I suffered severely from the altitude stress. Headache, vomiting, it was a sleepless night.

I was not the only one. My 95 kg teammate, Laobiao, was indeed the true hero. I knew exactly how terrible I felt on my way up; thus, I couldn’t even imagine how he managed to pushed his bike up while suffering with the altitude stress. I remember that day clearly. I was waiting for Laobiao with Fangcuo, my other teammate, on the pass, and it had been over 11 hours since our morning departure. We were waiting and waiting, but there was no trace of Laobiao. We were so worried. Suddenly, I saw his signature yellow raincoat in the thick fog. “Liaobiao! Here!!” I yelled excitedly. He told me, “Every 20 meters I walked would result in a black out. All I can do was to wait for 30 seconds and then walked the next 20 meters. Sorry for the wait guys.” Liaobiao was my biggest hero at that very moment.

I wrote down these words on the next day, “there is no such thing as ‘I can’t make it’, G318 is only for believers and conquerors”.

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Dream Measured by Wheel, Cycling G318, Chongqing to Tibet

Teammates “


e are best friends forever!” I could not recall how many times I had heard people yelling these words along the road. Cycling G318 was lonely because we endured 8 hours of boring ride everyday. Yet, cycling G318 was hopeful because we sent encouragements to everyone we passed by.We learned to love and trust whoever was with us. Most importantly, we all knew from the deepest of our heart that ourteammates would always be there for us and had our back no matter what was in front of us. Our team had a nickname, “the Broken Chain”, which obviously meant that it was far more than

Knowing that there was no way that we could fix it, we agreed to see whether someone driving by would be willing to give us a lift. It was already troublesome for drivers to stop in this single-lane mountain road, needless to say that we each carried a bicycle. No one wanted to help out. Seeing both of my teammates shivering, I felt extremely guilty. So I patted their shoulder and said, “You guys go first, I will find a way out and follow you”. To be honest, I didn’t want them to leave me behind, at all. I was scared. I didn’t know how I could face the rest of that day’s journey by myself. “What if no one ever stops? What if someone robs me if seeing me alone?” I turned around and murmured

normal for us to have broken chains. We had had four chain accidents and “luckily”, three of them were under my name. The first time happened where we were about 4 to 5 kilometers away from Tianquan city where my chain cracked on a steep uphill all of a sudden. The accident was probably due to the lack of lubricant, long-lasting rainy weather, and my imperfect gear shifting habits. Our team had to stop in the pouring rain. It was the first time we incurred broken chains so that none of us knew how to fix it. We worked on it for half an hour but only made little progress. As the rain sank into our raincoats and soaked our T-shirts, we all started to tremble.

to myself. “No, you are not going to face this alone!” My concerns were interrupted by their simple but heart-warming answer. The second time happened on our way to Bomi City. My chain was a little bit distorted after the first accident; therefore, it broke again under the high intensity of bike riding. This time, Laobiao pulled out two long rubber bands and tied them on my handle bar. This was when the most spectacular riding style on G318 was born. He dragged me for nearly 2 kilometers and never uttered a word of complaint. My riding buddies never threw me over in danger and difficulty.

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318 is dangerous. More than 10 people have been killed on G318 this year alone. Some were riding too fast to back away from the oncoming truck; some were washed away by the mudslide after heavy rains, and some were hit by fallen stones due to terrifying landslides. I would be lying to say I was fearless, because I was surrounded by dangers that could occur at any time. I could never forget about the 100km ride from Zuogong to Bangda. The strategy book told us that we would have a relatively relaxed ride that day, so we headed out joyfully. It didn’t take us long to realize that was not the case. We were still exhausted from climbing Mt. Dongda (5,000 meters above sea level) the day before; and the rain started to pour down at 3 p.m.

I tried to quieten myself down.“Panic is useless, all we have to do is to run away from this place at quickly as possible”, I told myself.I could only hear two words inside my heart-fear and destination.Very simple, yet very focused. I had never craved to reach the destination that much. We finally reached our destination with a record-breaking time. We did not even waste 1 second on the road.When I looked back at the mountain and seeing it still under dark clouds, I still sensed a lingering fear.


Bangda City is in a mountainous area. We rode along the twisting mountain road with rushing rivers on the right. The rainstorm immediately socked us, and the raindrops on my riding glasses completely blocked my sight. The storm set me shivering. I held the handle tighter and rode faster, hoping to get a little extra heat. Suddenly, I noticed that one side of the river had become thicker and muddier, and small stones began to slip off from the mountain. “It’s the precursor of a collapse! Look out!” I warned my buddies.We were about 30km from Bongda at that time, and we had no idea where the mountain landslide occurred. In addition, we were about 4,000 meters above sea level, meaning that we had a much higher chance of being hit by lightings. We were trapped in a situation many can barely imagine, let alone understand.

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Dream Measured by Wheel, Cycling G318, Chongqing to Tibet



e met a guy of our age when we were only 300km away from Lhasa. He came all the way from Shanghai, the starting point of G318, and had been cycling days and nights through landslide zones and muddy waters for a total of 4000 km. We were all surprised that he had never cycled more than 30km in a daybefore this cycling trip. The beginning part of his journey only consisted three parts: initial thought, buying a bicycle and departure. However, he made an even more stunning decision at the night we met him-he decided to stop here and go home. We couldn't believe it. 300km was such a negligible number comparing to the 4000km he had been though. None of us understand why he made such a decision, and we all felt so sorry to witness the shattering of a perfect Tibetan dream. I kept recalling the big smile he had on his face when he announced the decision. I gradually came to an understanding that he chose this journey because he wanted to explore the unknown with his passion that was so closely tied to Tibet. However, he decided to leave then because the whole experience of cycling had given him what he was seeking for. Thus, his dream was achieved and the result of this trip no longer mattered to him. So I started to wonder whether we should also learn to let go. Persistence is only beautiful and admirable when it has a dream standing behind it. However, our dreams may lose its initial meaning when we pursue it just for the sake of pursuing.

The End


fter 26 days of cycling, my dream journey was finally accomplished. We suffered though countless hazardousness, exhaustion and pain, but we obtained precious friendships and learned qualities such as perseverance and persistence. I strongly encourage my contemporaries, who also are also studying abroad, to try cycling G318; I guarantee that it will be the most unforgettable memory. One day, I hope we can all say it out loud that we are the kind of people who are fighting for our dream. And finally, in memorial to the lost lives on G318, you were all warriors.

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Mayor of London Had a Ride on Beijing Metro

Mayor of London Had a Ride on

Beijing Metro Mayor of London Boris Johnson, who was on a high-profile visit in China in October, took a ride on the capital’s notoriously crowded metro on 14th October and said he found it even more crowded than the Tube in London. Even it was not the peak hour, yet the traffic was comparable to the rush hour in London, he said. Yet Johnson admitted that he was impressed by the “orderliness” and “cheap cost” of the subway, where riders are charged a flat fare of 2 yuan.


r. Johnson attracted a crowd on the metro as he was seen a mop of blond hair. “I have long looked forward to experiencing the subway in Beijing. I have been to this city twice in 2006 and 2008,

Mayor of London Boris Johnson Praised Beijing Underground for its Cleanliness

but I didn't have a chance to ride the metro,” he said. His description of the metro as wonderful and clean, called it an example of model English-style exaggeration. And he was impressed by the the cheap cost of the subway, where riders are charged a flat fare of 2 yuan.

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Mayor Johnson was praised as “Metro expert”


A Beijing subway official praised him as “Metro expert.” When Johnson and his crew travelled on Beijing’s subway, he was lucky enough to have secured a seat, after being hailed by curious travellers.

r. Johnson caught the subway at the station of Beijing’s metro at 3:40 in the afternoon, a low point of daily passenger flow. He attracted a crowd and caused a little buzz as on the metro as he was seen as just another straphanger, albeit a foreign one with reporters.

Experience of Beijing's Subway: It's More Crowded than the Tube

Mayor Johnson was very excited about the trip. He spoke with officials in charge of the transportation and inspected transport operations in the Chinese capital. He was also very surprised when he heard that Metro Line One was built in the 1960s.

system to local reporters after a short ride to Gongzhufen station. And it wasn’t even rush hour but the traffic was comparable to the rush hour in London.

He also asked a lot of professional issues, “It is a two-track subway? If it gets stuck, how to deal with?"


lean, efficient, crowded. That was how the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, described the Beijing metro

Mayor Johnson was delighted that Beijing subway official is willing to exchange experiences with London Underground.

As an Environmental Enthusiast


his experience of riding the Beijing metro was a part of his six-day visit to China. He has been raising awareness for investment opportunities in London, encouraging Chinese tourists coming to London and convincing Chinese students to enroll in the capital's universities. A keen cyclist himself, Johnson

pointed out in a speech he gave earlier in Beijing that Chinese visitors were attracted to London because of multiculturalism, fine universities and “beautiful communist bicycles.” “I’ve long heard that you take public transportation to work, and you get my full respect,” wrote another blogger.

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U&I issue 4  

中英时刊,第一本中英文双语的生活类杂志。 U&I Magazine, the first magazine pubilsh in Chinese and English

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