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MISA Membership Packages Membership Applications & Payment are due no later than Midnight of Monday, April 5th

Study Abroad Package • Single Semester Membership • $45.00

One Year Package

Graduation Package

• Membership through May 2010 • $59.99

• Membership through projecte graduation of May 2012 • $99.99

All Memberships come with the items seen on the other side of this page. Please contact our CFO, Justice Bordner directly at Treasurer@ if you would like to arrange a membership without these items.  Membership Forms may be found on our website at  After your application you are able to pay via PayPal through our website o We will have a PDF letter explaining our organization to your family members just in case they want to get you a congratulations gift on your recent milestone  Once we have verified that all steps have been completed successfully you will be sent an email notifying you of your membership status

MISA Membership Packages All Membership packages include a portfolio and t-shirt as seen below:

Embossed on the portfolio will be our logo as seen below:

Membership Packages  

2010 beyond