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t’s almost impossible to sit still while listening to Boston band Bad Rabbits. The sound they create is so incredibly rare, landing somewhere between funk and rock, making it such groovy music that is sure to get at least your feet tapping.

The Massachusetts band is made up of five members: Fredua “Dua” Boakye (vocals), Sheel Davé (drums), Salim Akram (guitar), Santiago Araujo (guitar), and Graham Masser (bass). Boakye, Davé, and Santiago are all first generation descendants of West African, Indian, and Argentinean culture, and their uniqueness and diversity definitely shines through their music. The guys first met as students at Northeastern University in 2002. All five members were originally part of a band called The Eclectic Collective in 2003. Then the band disbanded and soon Bad Rabbits was formed in 2007, creating a sound more lively and upbeat than The Eclectic Collective, but still retaining the same heavy soulfulness. Before releasing any albums, Bad Rabbits started off as a backing band for rapper Slick Rick. Then in 2008, the band self-released their first EP, The Bad EP, which introduced Bad Rabbits’ groovy and fun music that is very different than today’s mainstream dance music. The Bad EP was quickly followed by their next EP, Stick Up Kids, produced by Jayson Michael Dezuzio in 2009, which attracted a lot of attention and well-deserved appreciation for Bad Rabbits.

nominated for five Boston Music Awards, and the group won in 2010 for best pop/R&B group. Also in 2010, Bad Rabbits won the Phoenix Music Poll for most downloaded band. Not to mention, Bad Rabbits have shared the stage with a number of popular artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Taking Back Sunday, Travie McCoy, Common, and Passion Pit. Though these bands are all different from each other, they are all influences that can be heard in many of Bad Rabbits’ songs. The first single off the Stick Up Kids EP is “She’s Bad”, and if you like Michael Jackson, you’ll not only love this track, but Bad Rabbits as a whole. The track is a perfect introduction for the band as it is funky, sexy, and perfect to groove to, which really applies to all their songs. Their music is perfect for the dance floor, getting a party started, or just simply lifting your mood and making you smile. It’s hard to pick a specific genre for them, as they do not fall into just one category. Listen to just one song and you can hear rock, funk, dance, and R&B. The band themselves describes their sound as “futuristic R&B and post rock”. Their music conveys generations of influences, from The Jackson Five to De La Soul, all the way to Taking Back Sunday and Glassjaw. Fans of The Roots, Cee-lo Green, Earth, Wind and Fire, and the Commodores should fall in love with

The band certainly worked hard for their success, and this is not only clear in their music, but in their accomplishments. They have been



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