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“New Sound Magazine spotlights both young, talented artists that have the potential to become the next big name in the music industry, and the truly brilliant bands which already have. We’re finding the voice you’ll fall in love with, the song you’ll play over and over, the concert you won’t want to miss.”








Ashley Goll


ANTHONY ANASTASIOU ave you ever tried to sit down and define theHUBBARD XAVIER word “normal”? I wouldn’t- it’s boring. The type of beats and voices different from the norm are ADRIANA the kindKIJKO that naturally shines. WhenSENIOR you open your ears up to VIDEO EDITOR: new sounds it is easily likable. That feeling of unraveling NICK HERMS a great new tune as your body sways into the lyrics while the verses change. Your feet will startVIDEO to tap to EDITORS: the beat not realizing your heart is racing as if it were the meloJOHN CALLEJAS dy. This magazine you decided to pick up and read is conveying the rush of aMEDIA new experience, a new sound to CORRESPONDENT: all of you readers. KAYTIE NORMAN New sound magazine is the start of something pure. DIRECTOR SOCIAL MEDIA: We are portraying a type of strong, fresh, and contemporary vibe and will become a meaningful voice ASHLEY in the GOLL music industry. New sound is scouring the music scene for CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: a sense of infernality and crisp talent. A crisp talent with SUSAN KONZ the potential to make it huge. No matter your personal preferences New Sound is bound to have something that KAYTIE NORMAN will make your head and heart glide into it, something you’ll love. We cover everything from hip hop,DESIREE to pop,KEEGAN to rock and all varieties in between. We like to BRITNEY go into GRASMAN depth and get into conversations with certain artists. WeASHLEY find itGOLL to be more personal to attend live performances, set up PHOTOGRAPHERS: interviews, and continue album reviews. Viewing these artist live allows you to have a chance to getMORGAN inside HARRISON the loop for our next generation of music. BRIANNA WOODSTOCK New sound magazine is a type of “hold onto your KAYTIE NORMAN seat” music publication. These new inspiring artists give the fans just what they need with aCOVER little helpARTWORK: from us. Our goal is to help you open up to original sounds that will KIJKO ADRIANA leave you wanting to explore the new sound of music we offer here in our magazine.


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ALBUM REVIEW PG 6 .........................................................ISSUES PG 8 ..................................THE LAST ROYALS PG 10 ........................... ALEXANDRA INGLIS PG 18 ................................TIME & DISTNACE PG 20 ................................... THE AWAY DAYS FEATURED ARTISTS PG 26 ................. BRIDGES & POWER LINES PG 30 .............................. LINDSEY STIRLING PG 32 ............................................ TORI KELLY PG 36 .......................RHETT WALKER BAND PG 40 ....................... TRISTAN PRETTYMAN PG 42 .................................................BASTILLE VENUE REVIEW PG 46 ........................................... MULCAHY’S PG 48 ............................... THE PARAMOUNT WHERE ARE THEY NOW PG 52 .........................................................R.E.M CHECK IT OUT PG 54 ................................ HALF MOON RUN PG 54 ................................. PRACTICE ROOM PG 56 ..................................... THE NEW LIMB PG 58 .............................................KATE NASH WATCH IT FOR THE MUSIC PG 62 ...................................MOULIN ROUGE







n many ways “Black Diamonds” is a garden-variety scremo album. Issues, a freshly formed, self-proclaimed “metal core” band from Atlanta, released the compact album last year. Second in the six track album, “King of Amarillo”, a fast-paced, thrashing track, is quintessential scremo – the lyrics are incomprehensible, the riffs are redundant, but the energy is exhilarating. Tracks like “King of Amarillo” and “Love Sex Riot” are recycled songs: you hear while mindlessly perusing the shelves of Hot Topic or drifting away from the main stage at the Warped Tour. These tracks will render you unimpressed. However, there is one unique element of “Black Diamonds” – Isssues does a commendable job of incorporating dub-step, r &b, and dance into the title track and tunes like “Her Monologue”. These are more arresting and

less monotonous songs. “Black Diamonds”, the album’s title track, is an amalgamation of different sounds; this song would blare out of a dance hall, but could conceivably be an intro track for a hardcore band’s live show. Remarkably, Issues’ main vocalist, Tyler Carter, is capable of more than aimless screaming, in fact, he can croon. Indeed, Carter’s very ability is what popularized the band with their markedly edgier rendition of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”. While that track is not featured on “Black Diamonds”, it’s frequently part of the band’s live performances and will, undoubtedly, be part of their set list this Warped Tour. Admittedly, the album is riddled with unoriginal tracks, but its redeeming quality is its fresh approach to hardcore. The band just formed last year, ergo it will be interesting to see how Issues continues to develop the sound of metal core.


ALBUM REVIEW by Desiree Keegan lthough only emerging on the music scene in 2010, the Brooklyn-based duo that is The Last Royals has gained a strong following, and fast. With their easy to relate to songs and a pop rock vibe, it is easy to see how The Last Royals have already gained over 10,700 followers on Facebook, over 175,800 views on YouTube and 445 subscribers to their YouTube channel. Born in the Spring of 2010, the band formed when writer, singer and producer Eric James worked with producer Mike Beck on a charity record that benefited Restore NYC. While working on that record, James met drummer Mason Ingram, and the connection urged the two to begin a new chapter. James had an earlier career as a solo artist under the moniker The Early Hours, and when the duo formed, James and Ingram re-imagined tracks originally penned for The Early Hours that appeared on a self-released album of eight tracks called A Week And A Day. The Last Royals EP, which included five tracks, contained four tracks from The Early Hours EP, and a remix of anchor track “Backseat Lovers.” The EP was released in November of 2010—and the band’s popularity quickly rose from there. While the songs contain lyrics of harsh tales involving life’s bittersweet sensibility, the music is upbeat with its electro-pop style with some songs similar to that of The Killers, and tells an alternative narrative that is easy for everyone to relate to.

which preceded the band’s debut LP Twistification off Ooh La La Records that hit the airwaves in 2013. The disk contained three tracks from The Last Royals EP, “Crystal Vases,” “Always, to Belong,” and “Come Take My Hand,” and of course, included the single “Only the Brave.” The songs are necessary responses to the difficulties life presents. Filled with danceable optimism for a hopeful and brighter future, songs like “Come Take My Hand,” and “Only the Brave” evoke ideas that accurately echo our lives. “Crystal Vases” spent four months on Sirius XM AltNation’s Top 18 Countdown, and both RCDLBL and PASTE premiered “Only the Brave” with stellar reviews as a single and video, respectively. Despite the juxtaposition of its sound and meaning, the pop-rock sound that embodies this eclectic mix coexists with words that tell a much deeper tale. If fun, indie/rock/electronic pop is something you enjoy listening to, we suggest you find a spot for The Last Royals in your regular rotation, and if not, be sure to check out their hits “Crystal Vases,” “Come Take My Hand” and “I Hate California,” to at least expose yourself to their wide range of sound, before The Last Royals make their potential mainstream breakthrough.

Following this EP, a single “Only the Brave” was released in 2012, band’s debut LP Twistification off Ooh La La Records that hit the airwaves in 2013.













Alexandra Inglis “I’d like to open up my eyes to see the world from 10 feet high.” By Crysta Koppel 10




olo female Singer/ Acoustic Songwriter Alexandra Inglis is the winner of “Top 18 & under performers” Having been composing original songs since age twelve and performing since the tender age of eight, she proves wise beyond her years on her debut album “Thank You.” A work consisting of 10 Lovely songs representing the soul of the young artist. Alexandra articulately and confidently expressing herself thought her music at the age of 16. The album is mature and refreshing to hear such a young talented song writer that writes down to earth lyrics we all can relate to on a universal level. Her voice is nostalgic; you hear a lot of Joni Mitchell’s wide range of low to high. The lyrics are meaningful, she genuinely comes out through her lyrics with a voice to match. “I’d like to open up my eyes to see the world from 10 feet high.” The lyrics to “My Life.” Way too dark to find your own way out,” Her lyrics to her song “Better Days”



were some of the many thought provoking lyrics found in her album that leave you pondering life in a soothing and eye opening atmosphere. Alexandra has spent the past year revealing to the local music community her soul. Her artfully crafted poetics layered upon scant acoustic strumming acts as an alluring extension of this writer’s emotional energy. All of the lasting and memorable talent and wisdom that you can be comforted by and relate to she expresses in an uplifting way that is inspirational to listeners. The album matches her voice with highs and lows in mood as well as pitch that even out to a well balanced first album. If you want someone to give you hope for the future of our youth, that they are headed in a better direction than anticipated or have seen on television, or to prove the human race still has a soul and people are still thoughtful. As she says, “I will have miles of words for you, written in a song or two.”


TOP10 SONGS 1 Avicii // Wake Me Up

2 Eminem // Berzerk

3 Lady Gaga // Applause

4 Lorde // Roayls

Drake Feat. Majid Jordan // 5 Hold on, Weíre Going Home

6 Miley Cyrus // We Canít Stop

Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran // 7 Everything Has Changed

8 Capital Cities // Safe and Sound

Robin Thicke Feat. T.I & Pharell // 9 Blurred Lines

Lana Del Rey & Cedric Gervais // 10 Summertime Sadness

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verybody needs Time and Distance, a band founded in 2002 in Singer, songwriter and guitar player Greg McGowan’s living room. The New EP “ON” was recorded in September 2012 by Rob Rreeman at the Pilot Studio, Boonton N.J. and Batcave V2.O Charleston West Virginia, the band’s hometown. The album was mastered by Jesse Cannon at Cannon Found Sound Station, Union City, New Jersey. New Jersey knows how to put out really good punk bands, every time you drive up I95 you can expect good punk music to come up. The band members include aforementioned Greg McGowan, Mikey Harris, Adrian Crowder and Chris Thompson. Their album is not too fast paced, coherent but edgy enough to get the point across. I enjoyed every song on the album, not skipping a song which is weird because I tend to be a Prime song Surfer. Each song will strike a chord with really anyone, and each sounded different enough to where you won’t get bored at all.



Photos courtesy of Time&Distance

While reading their bio, they clearly felt maybe labeling the type of music limiting as a lot of bands seem to. Generally Punk Rock Genre but easy on the vocals, or musicians that express themselves with words and interchangeable sounds. The songs on “ON” are very relatable, as if they came out of your own heart or journal. Songs such as “Little Disaster” about a person everyone has come in contact with in their life at one point in time. Recommended if you have unresolved matters with this type of person. “Hell To Pay” you will love to drive to this song, “Funny how things we say all come back around, there’s going to be hell to pay.” “That Girl” wait! Is this about me now? “Darling I’ve been scared to death, I’m trembling, there’s nothing left. Everything in the album is from the heart and you can tell right away. It will make you want to roll your windows down and drive, definitely good driving music. If you like bands like Less than Jake, Saves the Day, Green Day or are familiar with Burritos and driving vans many miles, you will relate to this band just fine. Time and Distance “ON” EP can be found on their band camp page time& To hear them live keep up with their tour dates on the Facebook, as they are currently touring in May and June around their home state of West Virginia as well as Ohio, Michigan and Illinois.



The Away Days By Katarina Barone


he feeling of being lost translates true to the band “The Away Days” when understanding the meaning behind their name. Each of them agree that they never feel like they belong anywhere, just a few free spirits going with the flow of life and enjoying their days away from reality. That feeling reflects on their music, with transcending sounds to surround you until you’re transported into another realm with each song. Bandmates Oguzcan Ozen (Guitars, Vocals), Sezer Koc (Lead Guitar),


Burak Serter (Bass), Berk Tekelioglu (Drums) have discovered their potential when performing on Turkey’s most popular late night show Okan Bayulgens - Disco Krali. They received major applause and even reviews that propelled them into the limelight when being featured in the UK’s Guardian as “New band to Watch.” Lucky to have had such international exposure, they have been reviewed by many critics and praised, as well as being featured at this upcoming 2013 South By SouthWest Festival in Austin, Texas.

Upon first listening to their Debut EP titled, “How Did It All Start”, the listener finds themselves in a whimsical universe filled with sparkling guitar riffs and deep echoes. The singers voice is airy and undertones the whirlwind of sound created by the four bandmates. Gaining fans who appreciate indie rock, their sound is a unique vibe that appeals to many young music lovers. Hailing from the vibrant and culture rich city of Istanbul, Turkey, it is no wonder where their inspiration is derived from.


“...transcending sounds to surround you until you’re transported into another realm with each song.” Vibrant harmonies color in the empty space the voice provides as a void. The chorus in the song Galaxies resonates feelings of mystery and wonderment to the listener. The song feels like a journey throughout the stars, with escalating melodies to carry the listener towards a euphoric breakdown. The lyrics are romantic and meaningful, simple words to convey deeper meanings. I enjoyed that the lyrics were simple so the focus remains mostly on the big and beautiful instrumentals, created by the talented band.

The songs are all impactful to the listener allowing a sense of calm to enter the mind when listening to The Away Days. I truly hear the lost sense of reality while enjoying the music and allow my ears to get lost in the delicate sounds just like the band would hope. They want to create music that has space to feel free, free from worry, free from stress, and freedom to get lost in all that is beautiful. I suggest downloading the EP on Itunes or previewing on SoundCloud.


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Featured Artists of The Month


Heard her before? Jason Mraz isn’t the only person she’s collaborated with. She provided vocals for G. Love’s album Lemonade (released in 2006), and also went on tour with him.


The number of Southern Christian rock bands is few and far between... but the Rhett Walker Band arrives on the scene with their debut “Come to the River” that meets that unpopular genre of music.


Bridges and Powerlines are an interesting hybrid of both new and retro. While their latest record hones in on Brooklyn, it depicts the simultaneous exhilaration and disappointment of what could be any city or town.




Bastille’s first studio album, “Bad Blood,” has finally taken the United States by storm after their UK release in March of 2013. Their string of singles built up a following overseas, and they have been welcomed at music festivals all over the US and Europe.


Tori Kelly broke on to the music scene in 2012 when she released her debut EP “Handmade Songs by Tori Kelly” on iTunes. Tori wrote, recorded, and mixed the entire EP from her bedroom and since its release she has amassed over thirty-six million views on YouTube.


When you think of the talented rock musicians under age 30, you probably don’t think of any violin virtuosos. But maybe you should…




We formed during the post-punk / new wave resurgence of the mid-2000s and because we lacked a clear vision, we adapted to what we saw in the clubs and in our friends’ bands... We slowly developed our own voice, and I think that is apparent in the records.




ridges and Powerlines are a distinctly Brooklyn band. Brooklyn may summon images of boundless folk bands and pretentious hipsters, but for this band, that image couldn’t be further from the truth. When I interviewed them about Brooklyn, their new record “Better” and their influences, drum player Mason joked “to me, Williamsburg inspires me to NOT go buy suspenders and start a folk band”. Instantaneously, their sense of humor was clear; this is a band that, despite their talent, is far from taking themselves too seriously.


BRIDGES AND Powerlines By Cathleen Kehoe




rooklyn, the band’s muse, a “vibrant, cutting-edge” borough can be an overwhelming scene. Yet, the band exudes an easy lightness, dubbing their style “fuzz pop” and jesting at the “tiresome … trendiness” of the Brooklyn scene. Indeed, their new record “Better” is a revelation; it manages to capture “the diversity … the youthful energy”, and the spirit of a place – Brooklyn – to be exact, in a tour de force that is both fun and sentimental.

The band’s new record is, indeed, a sweeping tour of various Brooklyn neighborhoods. Each track title bears the name of a different area in the borough. The album features Bushwick, Park Slope, Williamsburg, East New York, Greenpoint, and Red Hook. When I asked the band about their Brooklyn fixation bass player Keith mused “It’s tough to keep up. I feel like you go away for a few months and everything has changed. We’ve been doing this for more than five years and we’ve seen many bands come and go. The city is also sometimes a tough place to live, but it still has loads of classic urban beauty, and this is especially apparent in Brooklyn where there is such a broad swath of socioeconomic diversity”. With “Better” the ever-evolving scene and fast-paced aesthetic of Brooklyn life are beautifully transposed into verse. Songs like the opening track “Bushwick” deftly capture the feeling of infiniteness attached with being part of such a fresh scene. Bridges and Powerlines concede that starting out they struggled to find a signature sound. The band was conceived in the mid-2000’s, a transitional period in the music world. Admittedly, they grappled with identity in their early years: “We formed during the post-punk / new wave resurgence of the mid-2000s and because we lacked a clear vision, we adapted to what we saw in the clubs and in our friends’ bands. We slowly developed our own voice, and I think that is apparent in the records. Our last full-length, “Eve” (2011), was a reaction to that; I think it was our attempt to break free from what we had previously been doing and make something that was our own”. Both “Eve” and “Better” demonstrate their progression and their developing voice. Even through their developing stages Brideges and Powerlines always maintained an effervescent quality. As Keith quipped, they aimed to stick to “the fun, catchy stuff that had brought us together in the first place”. Lead vocalist Andrew shared “I’m always looking for that quick-fix injection of an amazing pop hook, the kind that Guided By Voices has tossed off so effortlessly a thousand times over. The fascination of others’ skill with crafting songs and melodies that really transcend was what made me want to become a musician myself, and more specifically a songwriter—whether it was the influence of The Beatles or John Williams when I was a kid, or the Pixies, Radiohead and Pavement when I was a little older, or these days, Animal Collective or Deerhoof. There’s nothing that feels good quite like writing a great song”. For the band, a great song is both melodic and transcendent. A tradition they contribute to with their newly released work.

The band’s eclectic sound is no doubt a product of their diverse influence. When I asked the band about their motivation to delve into the scene, Keith responded that “for me it was a strong desire to express myself and an intense love of rock music. I idolized the guys who were successful and who seemed to be doing things on their own terms—bands like Grizzly Bear and The National. Bands have much more power to maintain their artistic integrity now, but it’s very hard to keep things going because nobody is making any money from music anymore. We are lucky because we get along and are relatively patient and have moderately stable home lives, sort of...”. Despite the trials of making a living off music, the band manages to stay afloat by being resourceful and remaining accessible to their fan-base. Bridges and Powerlines’ cyber aptitude is how they stay connected. They are an easy band to follow. They make themselves accessible through facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram and all of their albums are on spotify and itunes – helpful when you’re first getting into their work. However, I was interested in what they thought about the everexpanding role of technology in today’s music. Guitar player David explains how, in today’s scene, technology can be a major advantage: “We are mostly highly tech avid, although we joke that Andrew can’t program a VCR. Keith and I love new gadgets and using the internet in any way possible, so I’d say we are 100% on the tech train. It’s interesting though, to think about the role of technology in the previous decades of music. There were entire movements of music in previous eras that were based on new technologies like harder rock in the late 60s, synth based music in the late 70s and 80s, and sequenced/midi-based stuff in the 80s, whereas I think technology has more of an effect on the promotion and recording of music now than the actual stylistic elements. As far as the internet as a promotion tool goes, it is huge and a massive benefit to those that can use it well. We haven’t mastered it, but it certainly makes major success easier for those that have the right combination of amazing music, good marketing sense, and a dedicated fanbase”. Refreshingly, for them it’s not just a means of self-preservation or a necessary evil, but merely an easier way to connect. Keith even joked “It is necessary, but connecting (and staying connected) to your fans is really evil”. but merely an easier way to connect. Keith even joked “It is necessary, but connecting (and staying connected) to your fans is really evil”. Bridges and Powerlines are an interesting hybrid of both new and retro. While their latest record hones in on Brooklyn, it depicts the simultaneous exhilaration and disappointment of what could be any city or town. Not to mention the “pop fuzz” style is markedly light and perfect for a summer soundtrack. Check them out live this summer! They’re set to play some shows in earlier in the season: “we are playing NYC shows for the next month or two”, said Keith, but for the most part are still “pulling together our touring plans at the moment—we’re hoping to go on the road soon but we’re still looking at possibilities”.





lthough her “ big break” on America’s Got Talent tends to hurt her rock credibility, Lindsey Stirling is a force to be reckoned with. When her video for “Crysallize” came out at number 8 on YouTube’s list of top viewed videos of 2012, it showed that she’s got something that people are noticing. Violin isn’t the first thing you think of when you think rock, but a guitar is not able to make the same eerie, yet human- like voice of the violin. And a classical violinst, add a drummer and a semi-DJ on the keys to add the dubstep effects that we all need, you’ve got one awesome show. For iciong on top, add in the stage production to include lighting effects, smoke, and a LED screen in the back of the stafe with animations, videos, and effects. The real kick is the fact that shes also trained in ballet and never stops moving while playing. Whats so different about her is that she brings so much more to her music and videos than normally expected. She has a bubbly personality that shines through and makes her stand out even more. Even though she plays the violin which is a very classical instrument, she loves genres

like rock, dubstep and just about anything with a good rhythm. The key is that she mixes the genres in such a perfect way so that just about everyone that hears her loves her music. “Electric Daisy Violin”Catchy, good bassy dubstep in the background and with a memorable chorus. “Zi-Zi’s Journey” – A mushc more upbeat dance song that makes me picture Lindsey strilings unique hip swaying and ballet moves. “Crystallize” – What starts off kind of bland builds and build into an interesting dub step electric chorus. “Songs Of The Caged Bird” – As good as the first three tracks were, this is the song that brought me to the album. So sweet, tender, moving, and then invigorating. A true, heard-felt story is told without words in just a little over three minutes using nothing but a violin and a simplistic drum machine beat. The title alone hits you hard “Shadows”- Right as this track starts it becomes instantly catchy. The music video is a ton of fun as well. The overall sense of humor and nerdiness of this girl’s music video is one of the many reasons she’s lovely.


Photos by Lauren Dukoff Photos by Lauren Dukoff

Tori Kelly By Ashley Goll




orn on December 14th, 1992 in Canyon Lake, California, Tori Kelly is a singer-songwriter who along with her great vocals, plays guitar, piano and drums. For her first shot at fame, she made an appearance on the show Star Search. Though she didn’t win the contest, she didn’t give up. In 2004, at 12 years old, she went on America’s Most Talented Kids, and sang Christina Aguilera “Keep on Singin’ My Song” and won. A few years later, Kelly auditioned for Seaon 9 of American Idol in Denver, Colorado and although she made it to Hollywood, she did not reach the “Top 24”. This did not stop her from writing more songs and gain widespread attention on her YouTube channel, where she has over 550,000 subscribers and over 47 million views. Tori Kelly broke on to the music scene in 2012 when she released her debut EP “Handmade Songs by Tori Kelly” on iTunes. Tori wrote, recorded, and mixed the entire EP from her bedroom and since its release she has amassed over thirty-six million views on YouTube. Now a top ten charted artist on iTunes pop, Billboard Heatseekers and Soundscan New Artist Charts, Tori has sold out shows at the Roxy in Los Angeles, Gramercy Theater in New York City and Bush Hall in the UK all with only a YouTube and social media following. At 18, Kelly is already something of a music business vet. She was signed to Interscope in 2007 after a winning performance on the short-lived series America’s Most Talented Kid. (She was dropped before she could release an album.) Then, in 2010, she turned up as a contestant on American Idol season nine, but didn’t get past Hollywood week. Perhaps she’s ready for a third act: On her YouTube channel, Kelly is deservedly racking up views for both her originals and covers. She does an excellent undersell of Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You,” keeping the production both visually and musically sparse – just Kelly on vocals and guitar and her friend Angie providing subtle, solid beatbox accompaniment. Her falsetto is sweet and flawless, as is her earthier register, but it’s nice to hear her let it rip near the end, showing off the vocal power she’s held at bay elsewhere. Now she isn’t just a cover artist, she does write her own music and has released originals. One of the first originals she released was “Dear No One” which could easily be one song everyone could relate to. She released this song as a free download and probably not knowing how successful it was going to be, but I could imagine the response she got after the whole world heard the song! She released her first album, Handmade Songs, an EP with six original songs on May 1st, 2012. Kelly said that this EP album is “a warm up to a full-length album that’s to come in the future.” In early February this year, she released a single called “Fill a Heart”, which she wrote for the “Child Hunger Ends Here” campaign by




ConAgra Foods and Feeding America. Since then, she has performed at eight different venues across the United States for her “Fill a Heart” tour, including the Bowery Ballroom in NYC and Surf Lodge in Montauk, NY. Her other singles include “Stained”, “All In My Head”, “Confetti”, “Upside Down”, “Eyelashes”, “Bring Me Home”, and “Dear No One”. This is her first EP 9 (Handmade Songs) and she did everything herself, from the writing to the actual recording of the instruments and vocals, she did it all on her own. And I can say that it was quite the success for her and all the waiting and rejection paid off! She didn’t give up and produced an EP that is epic and will keep her fans wanting more! Tori Kelly is one of a kind and has been the root of her own success. She is clearly a fighter for what she loves to do and I’m sure there is a lot in store for her in the future. She recently was a singer for a show on the CW! And the Jonas Brothers love her; I’m pretty sure Joe Jonas has gone to one of her shows in LA, check his instagram! I cannot wait to see her win her first grammy and making it big in the music industry!


Rhett Walker Band By Cathleen Kehoe


he number of Southern Christian rock bands is few and far between. You have Needtobreathe, Decemberadio, Third Day, and at times MercyMe, but the Rhett Walker Band arrives on the scene with their debut Come to the River that meets that unpopular genre of music. “We moved away from my hometown when I was 16, and I didn’t like that. I just went nuts, doing whatever I wanted to do in the moment,” he said. “I mixed with the rough crowd, got into fights and drugs. It wasn’t long before I was expelled from school—just always in trouble. So they sent me to this Christian school, the only one that would take me, and I met this girl. It wasn’t long after that we found out she was pregnant. That was the stop in the path for me.”

Being faced with being a father at 17, Rhett knew it was time to make a choice - he could continue going down the destructive path he was on, or he could change. “It was like, Man, what am I doing?” he recalls. “My girlfriend’s having a baby, and I have no job. I finally sat down with April, who is now my wife, and said: We’ve done everything wrong that we possibly can. Let’s do everything right from here on out.” Rhett’s first single with his new record label Essential Records was “When Mercy Found Me” off the album Come To The River. The record speaks of the singer’s personal journey and is refreshingly raw and honest. One theme that is apparent throughout the entire album is that of grace. “There’s just nothing we can do without grace; we’re all dirty, messed up people, but Christ still loves us,” said Rhett. “So there are two things we must do. One: rejoice, because now we have a purpose on this earth—to share that grace with others. Two: take up the calling. You can’t just take that love and not tell the story that goes with it.” If you would’ve told me a month ago that I would be reviewing Rhett Walker Band and giving it a decent score, enjoying the album as a whole; I would probably just laugh and say something like ‘It’s pretty country, I don’t think I’ll want to do that!’. But when Jesus Freak Hideout offered a free listening party on their website a week before the


release of Come to the River, I thought, ‘Why don’t I just listen; and I’ll see!’ What resulted was a mindblowing experience that shattered my preconceptions out of the water as I faced my assumptions; with what turned into an advocating of this band out of Nashville, Tennessee. Releasing their album on July 10th, 2012; each of these 10 songs speak about an aspect of lead singer Rhett Walker Canapé’s life, and how God continually weaves through each event in our lives for His fame and our good. Full of guitars and southern rock goodness akin to both Third Day and need to breathe, Come to the River is an album that has helped me soften my judging spirit towards any music that’s different to the highly publicized CCM, especially country. From ballad melodies like ‘When Mercy Found Me’ to feetstomping hand-clapping rocking tunes ‘Can’t Break Me’ and ‘Make Me New’; these men from Nashville have made an impact in Christian music that is certain to last for a while yet, maybe earning them a Dove Award nomination for New Artist for next year! Personally, I like what I hear on this album. For me the opening song was over too quickly and I had to push the play button again. I don’t think the song was necessarily short; I just enjoyed it that much. I thought the album might keep going with that Southern American rock tone, yet to my surprise it jumped into the slower modern folk sound of Come To The River, which as the song progresses leans more on the pop side of the folk musical wave. NEWSOUNDMAGAZINE.COM

Rhett Walker has a great country voice as well. It’s most evident through the opening track, “Gonna Be Alright,” in which he and his band remind the listener that, while the circumstances may be certain, God’s faithfulness is even more certain: “This I know, that this world is leaving me dry/ and I know, this I know, that with You it’s gonna be alright.” The title track follows with rapid acoustic guitar strumming, though it is not really an upbeat track in and of itself. The track borrows lyrics from the end of the book of Revelation, reminding the listener that we can “drink from the cup I

[Jesus] pour and thirst no more.” It’s a great reminder of where our rest comes from. I love the vocals during Get Up Get Out, it’s different to anything else on the album, if a little bit darker than I think the band want to sound. But with some lovely guitar work that has real attitude to it, this is country rock how it’s meant to be heard. The lyrics are about standing up and getting on with God’s work and not just sitting around getting in the way, as we have jobs to do for God’s kingdom.


‘Gonna Be Alright’ starts off the album in rocking fashion with a riveting guitar introduction as Rhett delivers his remarks that ‘…the sun will set, the sun will rise but it seems I’m mainly getting by with a crushing weight that I keep piling on…’, giving listeners an ally in terms of what we feel during the moments in life where we are left wondering about now and the future. With a strong vocal, Rhett delivers a comforting word, urging listeners that ‘… with You, it’s going to be alright…’, providing the hope needed to grind through the days as we keep pressing forward to the prize of eternal glory. The technique of introducing the electric guitars from the start and then fading into acoustics as the listener is pulled into the song

is one that is to be commended, as I reflect upon this hope-lifter, showing listeners that our lives are enhanced exponentially with Christ. ‘Come to the River’ soon follows and immediately feels like a southern Gospel ‘around the campfire’ melody, full of acoustic guitars, feet-stomping and hand-clapping; as Rhett offers us an invitation (with the chorus sung from God’s point of view) to ‘…come to the river, oh, lay yourself down, let your heart be found…’, showing us the endless supply of God’s unending grace that He’s willing and able to pour out to our souls. Sounding similar to Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave, Rhett Walker introduces his country-southern style into a track about laying ourselves at God’s feet, so that we can ‘…thirst no more…’ Well done Rhett for creating one of my favorite tracks on the album! ‘All I Need’, ‘Brother’ and ‘Make Me New’ are all standouts on an album filled with a variety of genres, from slow ballads to rocking melodies, each with a country flavor as these Tennessee men inject a unique gospel flavor into a CCM industry in desperate need of some uniqueness and originality. ‘All I Need’ is a heartfelt plea from a broken sinner, showing the scars as contemplation kicks in, understanding that ‘…the storms roll on and where I am, it does not feel safe, I don’t know what I should even pray, but here I am, here my hands are laid…’ As listeners listen to this melody of hope filled with a drum kick and guitars worthy



Photos courtesy of Rhett Walker Band to send this track into my favorite on the album; Rhett Walker gives me one of his most emotional vocal arrangements as we are met with assurance and peace as he proclaims ‘…all I need is You…’ ‘Make Me New’, originally on X 2012, starts off like any Firelight song as Rhett speaks about the mundaneness of life and how ‘…it’s just another day I have to make it through alive…’ Relating to almost every listener, Rhett proclaims that it is Christ that makes us whole and new as we continue to dwell in His presence, finding the balance between every-day life and the Godgiven potential burning inside of our souls. However, it is the melody of ‘Brother’ that really stands out as Rhett performs a well-constructed duet with All Sons and Daughters front man, David Leonard. Reminding us all that we are all in need of God’s grace, we are met with a reality that ‘…brother don’t you know, we’re all just beggars and thieves, in need of the very same grace…’, making us throw away all our judgments as we are faced with the true statement that we are no less different than a CEO or a homeless man, each having the same needs of love, acceptance, belonging and longing to forgive and be forgiven. Full of banjos, slider guitars and light percussion, ‘Brother’ is a song of redemption as we realize our fallen nature and understand how much we need Christ! Both ‘Get Up, Get Out’ and ‘Can’t Break Me’ are filled with plenty of guitars and reverb for the rocker within us as we release the convicted spirit within. ‘Get Up, Get Out’ speaks about how we ought to stand up for our faith as

we declare that ‘…I won’t be caged to the status quo. I’m not afraid to stand and say what people won’t…’ A very confronting yet equally convicting song, Rhett shares his heart that ‘…I’m headed to conquer. I want this to be a movement. We have all these other people in the world with non-Christian beliefs that aren’t scared to speak their minds. They don’t hide behind anything; neither should Christians…’ ‘Can’t Break Me’ runs in a similar theme with standing up for our beliefs, even when the devil tries to come against us and tries to pull us down in our daily walk with Christ. As we stand firm in the assertion that ‘… you can come against me but you won’t get far…cause you can’t break me…’, we are able to concentrate on God’s love, giving us all the confidence we need to continue this road to eternal glory. Finally, my favorite song and first single on the album, ‘When Mercy Found Me’ is Rhett’s life story as he shares at how Christ made Himself known to the 17 year old when ‘…My girlfriend’s having a baby, and I have no job…’ With the song highlighting how in the darkness, Christ is certain to come and put the pieces together; we are reminded not to lose hope even in the hopeless of situations. As Rhett’s life is a testimony to God’s grace, we ought to stand firm in the promise God ‘…who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns…’ Well done Rhett for such a motivating musical moment!




ormer Roxy surf model and San Diego native, Tristan Prettyman, has broken a long-awaited silence with her third studio album Cedar and Gold. Four years ago, Hello…x, Prettyman’s last studio album, was released in April of 2008. Her debut album, Twentythree, put her at number 24 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart in 2005. The album, Cedar and Gold, was fueled by the unexpected departure of Prettyman’s fiancé, Grammy winner Jason Mraz, in the summer of 2011. Prettyman had gotten her musical jumpstart in San Diego clubs, and Mraz invited her to join him on his national tour. The California natives dated on-and-off through the 2000s, and became engaged in 2010. Mraz called off the engagement just one year later. Cedar and Gold’s October 2nd 2012 release was to coincide with the release of the music video for the second single off of the album entitled, “I Was Gonna Marry You.” She described the writing process of this album as “cathartic” and due to the subject matter, many question if she knew that the breakup was coming or why he left. She has said that, while she is very intuitive and sensitive to change, that the answers can be found in the lyrics of the songs. (Insert youtube


video for I was gonna marry you) “Just so you know, just so you know I never thought you’d let me go I don’t even know the truth Yeah we were fine, yeah we were fine Then all at once you changed your mind And I was gonna marry you” Heard her before? Tristan Prettyman has done many guest appearances with former fiancé Jason Mraz, including the vocals for “Shy That Way,” as well as, a viral YouTube performance of his hit “I’m Yours.” However, Mraz isn’t the only person she’s collaborated with. She provided vocals for G. Love’s album Lemonade (released in 2006), and also went on tour with him. Look for good things to come from Tristan Prettyman in 2013, her first single “My Oh My” is already viral on YouTube. “Say Anything,” her third single, is featured in the film adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks novel “Safe Haven” starring Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel. Keep up with Tristan Prettyman on Twitter for updates from the artist- @tprettyman.



BASTILLE By Emily Soper

“...synth beats reminiscent of New Wave bands such as New Order or Depeche Mode, with a slice of modern Indie Rock.”





astille’s first studio album, “Bad Blood,” has finally taken the United States by storm after their UK release in March of 2013. Their string of singles built up a following overseas, and they have been welcomed at music festivals all over the US and Europe. “Overjoyed” was the band’s first release, followed by the album’s namesake, “Bad Blood,” which gained vague popularity on the UK charts. Bastille slowly, but surely gained momentum with their third single “Flaws” (21 on the UK charts), and finally their most popular single as of late, “Pompeii” finally landed at number two on the charts in the UK. Started as a solo project in 2010 by vocalist Dan Smith, the band’s name is a nod to Smith’s birthday July 14th, which is French National Day, or Bastille Day. Smith, who also doubles as a keyboardist and percussionist, picked up band members Chris “Woody” Wood on drums, Kyle Simmons on keyboards, and Will Ferguson on bass and acoustic guitar. The London-based foursome signed with


Virgin records and has been slowing gaining notoriety since. The band’s popularity is no surprise, as many find the album to be very catchy. With synth beats reminiscent of New Wave bands such as New Order or Depeche Mode, with a slice of modern Indie Rock. Perfect for dancing, perfect for any festival atmosphere, Bastille’s formulaic approach is paying off, as they are number two in digital sales following the release of their studio single “Things We Lost in the Fire.” Bastille will headline the iTunes Festival at London’s Roundhouse this September. They’ll be stateside come September 16 starting in San Diego. They’ll hit many major US cities (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles) during their US tour (to check if they’ll be in your neck of the woods–, and they are definitely worth checking out. @BastilleDan





3232 Railroad Avenue, Wantagh NY (516) 783-7500





ulcahy’s of Wantagh is a popular area hotspot. The pub offers a variety of entertainment including live bands, DJs, beer pong and more. During the summer, the outdoor area is open as well, which includes a bar, outdoor seating and smoking areas. Unlike a lot of pubs, Mulcahy’s features a large dance floor. Happy hour is every Friday from 3pm-8pm. No matter what night of the week it is, you can always find something fun at Mulcahy’s. Mulcahy’s also provides catering services for small and large parties. Mulcahy’s is Long Island’s home of good clean fun for over 20 years running. They primarily book cover and tribute bands, but do have original nights weekly for which they are seeking bands of all genres. Local, regional, and national touring bands are all welcome to submit. A reasonable draw is necessary to be booked, and compensation is based on draw. It has a capacity of 800, but can section off the room for a smaller 400 capacity if necessary. Typically 2-6 artists are placed on each night’s bill. For many original shows, they require advanced ticket sales by the artists. Sound equipment and lighting is provided, and artists are welcome to sell merchandise.

Mulcahy’s has brought hundreds of celebrities and national acts to Long Island including the likes of Bret Michaels, Third Eye Blind, Keanu Reeves, Dale Earnhardt, Jr, Weezer, DJ Pauly D, Joan Jett, Smash Mouth, The Dropkick Murphy’s, Social Distortion, Lifehouse Ted Nugent and many many more.

















THE PARAMOUNT 370 New York Ave, Huntington, NY By Ashley Goll


was really impressed with this venue. The staff was helpful, even checking IDs and handing out bracelets way before doors to keep things flowing once doors opened. The venue itself is gorgeous and the perfect size, with plenty of floor space but not massive and seats for those who prefer not to stand. There are three bars and even snacks! And the sound is pretty awesome. The Paramount blew me away. We


went downstairs to the founders club to start. Cool bar scene, multiple TVs and lounge areas. Hard to believe it’s the basement of a music venue. The 20 million dollar theatre is amazing. Waitstaff service with top shelf drinks and bar food. There must be 10 separate bars. Cool seating. Great acoustics. Amazing, amazing venue. It was very reminiscent of a place you’d find in the city, a elegant mix of bar and club. So basically

The Paramount is a city-type club in Huntington’s fairly lively downtown. The front half of the floor is standing room only and the back half is set up more like a theatre, with assigned seats. Parking can be a challenge, so get there a bit early and grab a bite before the show, and there are plenty of bars within walking distance if you’re not ready to go home afterwards. Overall, I really nice, intimate place to see your favorite band or artist.



SHOWS Tue, Sep 10 Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington Fri, Sep 13 The Rising Fri, Sep 20 The Pretty Reckless Thu, Sep 26 Robert Hunter

Sat, Oct 5 Stars Sun, Oct 13 Finch Playing “What It Is To Burn” Thu, Oct 17 An Intimate solo / acoustic performance by Citizen Cope

Fri, Sep 27 Clutch with special guests The Sword and Crobot

Fri, Oct 18 Bullet for My Valentine

Fri, Oct 4 Robert Randolph & the Family Band

PHONE 631.673.7300

HOURS Monday 12:00–6:00 pm Tuesday 12:00–6:00 pm Wednesday 12:00–6:00 pm Thursday 12:00–6:00 pm Friday 12:00–6:00 pm Saturday 12:00–6:00 pm Sunday 12:00–6:00 pm



620 Atlantic Ave Flatbush Ave 11217

MUSIC HALL OF WILLIAMSBURG 66 North 7th St between Kent and Wythe Aves

RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL 1260 Sixth Ave, At 50th St


125 East 11th St, New York, NY

THE BOWERY BALLROOM 6 Delancey St New York, NY


217 East Houston St New York, NY


Thursday Sept 19th: Yeah Yeah Yeahs Friday Sept 20th: Vampire Weekend/Solange/Sky Ferreira

Fri Sept 20-Wed Sept 25: Icona Pop + K.FLAY + Sirah

Thursday Sept 26th: Neko Case

Tuesday Sept 17th: Jake Bugg

Wed Sept 18th: Pixies

Thursday Sept 19th: Laura Veirs


Crossbay Honda-­Suzuki

Crossbay Motor Sports

164-­01 Crossbay Blvd. Howard Beach, NY 11414

1747 Sunrise Hwy Bay Shore, NY 11706



Watch for  our     Grand  Re-­‐Opening  in   Howard  Beach    

Open: M-­‐W-­‐F  10AM    6PM   Tues-­‐Thurs  10AM  -­‐7PM   Saturday  9AM-­‐  6PM   Sunday  Closed  


Crossbay Motorsports Toll Free: (866)-­577-­1557

Visit our showroom in Bay Shore and see our extensive inventory available TODAY!!!

Rentals Available call 877-­789-­9229    


Long Islands Discount Tire Center



R.E.M. By Morgan Wellinger


ormed in 1980, R.E.M is a well known American band from Athens, Georgia, that had a huge role in developing alternative rock. After thirty years of making music and publishing many successful albums including Out of Time (1991), Automatic for the People (1992), Up (1998), and their latest Collapse Into Now (2011), they have finally called it quits after their final recording session at Hansa TonStudio in Berlin. “Hooray, we’re done”, said lead singer and band creator, Michael Stipe, as he quietly wept and walked off stage at the end of their final gig. Many fans and followers of the band did not foresee the band ending though the band had started to discuss splitting up during their last tour in 2008. They knew they would make one final record though, which they looked at as being “one whole big goodbye”, said Stipe. Though making money was never the band’s main priority, the fact that their contract was up after their last album also provided more closure for them. Collapse Into Now, which was published in 2011, was their fifteenth and final album. Consisting of initially four members, singer Michael Stipe, guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills, and drummer Bill Berry, REM began to become mainstream after they signed to Warner Bros. Records in 1988, and started playing in popular venues worldwide. In addition to their unique and inspiring musical style, R.E.M also made it a point to express environmental and political concerns that they deemed were important. According to Los Angeles Times, R.E.M was considered to be one of the country’s “most liberal and politically correct rock groups.” They used the power of music to make a difference and highlight political and social issues of their time, especially in the early 1990’s when

alternative rock was beginning to become a cultural phenomenon. In 1996, the band resigned with Warner Bros for approximately $80 million, which at the current time was the most expensive recording contract in history. Shortly after, they released their album New Adventures in Hi-Fi, and the following year their drummer Bill berry left the band. Through the trials and tribulations, the remaining three decided to continue the group as a trio. Though it was a big change for all of them, the band continued making music into the next decade and eventually inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Unlike many bands, when R.E.M decided to call it quits, they did so peacefully and all remained friends. Though they loved playing music together and enjoyed each others company, the band came to a mutual agreement that they needed to find closure and bring their journey to a happy and successful end. Nowadays, the members continue to creatively express themselves in various ways. Bill Berry, former drummer, has taken up the art of cooking, and has become a sushi chef. Michael Stipe immersed himself in artwork including photography, sculpture, and writing, including his latest book, Two Times Intro: On the Road with Patti Smith. Stipe is especially embracing his new career as a sculptor and told Wall Street Journal in an interview that “I wake up in the morning thinking of sculpture, not lyrics.” Either way, they will always be appreciated and honored as some of the greatest musicians of our time.




alf Moon Run are a Canadian indie rock band based in Montreal. The band members, who previously lived in British Columbia and in Ottawa, are singer Devon Portielje on vocals, guitar and percussion; Conner Molander on vocals, guitar and keyboard; Dylan Phillips on vocals, drums and keyboard; and Isaac


Symonds on vocals, percussions, mandolin, keyboard and guitar. It was in a practice studio situated in Montreal’s Mile-End district, through the hardships of time constraints and flat-lined bank accounts, that the trio bonded and created their unique sound, fusing together the restless elements of indie, pop and folk with beautiful

rhythmic harmonies, delicate guitar lines and a hint of warm electronica. While the music works when it’s slow, sparse and emotional, the band’s debut comes into its own when it steps up the pace.Check them out!




ractice Room collective, a loose collective of musicians from the Smithtown area, gives legitimacy to the direction and quality of the Long Island rock scene. Their motto is that music is art, and art is meant to share free of cost. Although this is not a new concept in the way of music, their genuine passion for spreading their talents is refreshing and inspiring. The Practice Room Collective was founded and is run by the members of the band Adam and Naïve. Adam and Naïve is made of Greg Salwen (voice, guitar), Tyler Taormina (keyboard,voice), Konrad Kamm(bass), Kenny Korb(Guitar,voice) and Omar Saeed(drums). The group started recording music in 2006 at age of 15 and put out their first full length in 2007, Camera Songs. The album is filled with melodic tracks that echo shared teenage confusion and angst but steer clear of the cringe lyrics and clichés that keep you from visiting your old middle school band’s myspace page. Their first album is a far cry from their latest feat, Every Starry Night. The album holds both a ambient and post rock feel (Every starry night) blended seamlessly with sing alongs (Carolina) that show off their mature and more patient songwriting and technical musicianship. The band has released four full lengths albums each

with their unique and distinct character. They have also played with many staples in the Long Island scene such as Giant Peach, Brian Chaudry, and For Serious this time. Adam and Naïve is the kind of band that seems to always be experimenting and always getting it right. The reason for this is because they are incredibly genuine about making music and sharing their thoughts and feelings with listeners. This is what led them to create the Practice room collective from which they promote various long island artists and host free downloads at their website, HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” www. Each member of Adam and Naïve also has their own solo projects based on their honed talents which they also showcase on their interactive site Adam and Naïve is a personal favorite because of the honesty and optimism in their song writing. Rarely do you hear such genuine lyrics that trade in cynicism and hopelessness for expressing the love and gratitude they share for friendship, memories, and adventure. Their discography is the soundtrack for any Long Island native that remembers going to their first basement show and thinking this is where I always want to be.




n 2010, the Los Angeles, California-based quintet, The New Limb, released its debut album titled Sounds People Can Hear, and since then, have been working hard to continue to bring new tunes to its ever-growing fan base. The band, formed in 2008, consists of vocalist and guitarist Joey Chavez, keyboardist and vocalist Lauren Salamone, guitarist and vocalist Danilo Perez, drummer and vocalist Adam Chavez, and bassist Dave Berg. Although this was the band’s third release, it was there first full-length album, and was produced by Tom Mgrdichian, who wrote and arranged music for numerous major motion



pictures such as The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates and Die Hard 2/Die Harder. He also worked with many recording artists such as Dave Matthews, Earth Wind and Fire, Crosby Stills and Nash, Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson. Sounds People Can Hear was seen by many as a 13-track disk filled with summer anthems that never get old, and tracks were composed of hip-shaking melodies, impressive and colorful keyboard mixes and a bevy of male-female harmonies that left you breathless. The album opened with “Autumn Leaves,” and had a centrifugal pull from the very first seconds. As the song progressed,

the xylophones and drums was followed up with a kicking bass. As the tracks bob along, you continue to get pulled further and further into the collection, as you discover a world of sterling piano lines, winsome guitar work and warm, assuring vocals. According to BuzzBands.LA, the band has been making all kinds of good noise since its first release, and had “upped its game as a live act.” Teased by releasing the should-be hit “Refugees,” The New Limb released a new mix in 2012 called Inconsistencies, which offers live-session recordings of new and old songs, as well as some choice cover

songs that show the band’s keen sense of adventure. Dan Perez told BuzzBands.LA that the mixture, which includes covers of Usher’s “Climax” and Oasis’ “Wonderwall,” was put together to offer new tunes for their fans to groove to. “The mixture is like a bouquet of apology flowers to our incredibly patient fans,” Perez told the website. The band has performed with House for Lions, Blonde Summer, TORCHES, Soft Swells, Jhameel, an artist also featured in New Sound Magazine, and recently, with the popular indie rock band Minus the Bear.




fter releasing a No. 2 hit “Foundations,” in 2007, and following it with the platinumselling No. 1 album Made of Bricks in 2009, London singer, songwriter and musician Kate Nash is at it again, self-releasing her third studio album Girl Talk, in March of 2013. But this time, her direction and her style, is different. Named Best Female Artist at the 2008 BRIT Awards, Nash followed up her start to success by releasing her second studio album My Best Friend is You, which was released in the UK in April of 2010, and in the US in May of 2010. From this disc spawned her second biggest chart hit to date, the single “Do-Wah-Doo.” In the short period of time she’s spent in the spotlight, Nash has proven you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Learning to play piano and guitar at a young age, Nash studied theatre at the BRIT School of Performing Arts and Technology in South London. She auditioned at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, but was rejected, and soon after, fell down a flight of stairs and broke her foot. During her recovery, she was housebound and unable move, so she took to singing and songwriting. Her mother had bought her an electric guitar, and Nash used the time to focus on finishing old songs, and beginning to work on new ones. She started her career in 2005, after deciding to book a gig at a local bar “Trinity,” in Harrow, to showcase her songs. After several gigs, she decided to upload her music to MySpace, and went out in search of a manager and producer. “Caroline’s a Victim”/”Birds,” was produced


by Desiree Keegan and recorded in Iceland by Valgeir Sigurosson, and was her first single released through Moshi Moshi Records in February of 2007. Although the original release was limited to 2,000 copies and was only available on 7’’ vinyl, due to its high demand, another 1,000 copies were made, and these also sold out. A video for the song, directed by Kinda Burza, was also released and received airplay on MTV2. The single’s B-side “Birds” was later featured on her debut album Made of Bricks. In April of 2007, Nash was signed to Polydor offshoot Fiction Records and her second single “Foundations,” which she co-wrote with producer Paul Epsworth, was released by Fiction in June of that year. Following the release of the single, which proved to be very successful as listeners gravitated toward its up-tempo beat and lively vocals, Fiction announced plans to release Nash’s debut album. During 2007, Nash performed at numerous festivals including Wireless Festival, Bestival, Electric Gardens, Oxegen and Latitude. She released three more singles, “Mouthwash,” “Pumpkin Soup” and “Merry Happy” in late 2007 and early 2008, and although “Merry Happy” received more success in the USA and Canada than anywhere else, the others, made it to the Top 40 on the UK Singles Chart, and the album topped out at No. 36 on the United States Billboard 200 chart in January of 2008. The album was also certified Gold in Germany,


in 2010. In February of 2010, Nash revealed “I Just Love You More,” a song from her next album, and made it available to download free from her official website. In March of 2010, Nash announced a nine-date North American tour, to promote the album which is titled My Best Friend is You. With the release of the first single from the album “Do-Wah-Doo,” listeners immediately noticed a difference in the maturity of her sound. Described as having a ‘”Girl Group” sound, taking influence from Motown stars such as Diana Ross and The Supremes, Nash explained that this maturity was the reason for the change in music styles. In May of 2012, Nash set out on another tour, this time, in the UK. The “Faster Pussycat Run Run Tour,” and released a video for her single “Under-Estimate the Girl.” From May to June, Nash performed 12 shows across the UK, and in the middle of June, released the music video, which was also made available free on her website and got over 200,000 YouTube hits in one week. Nash also released her EP Death Proof in November of 2012, which is a song that appeared on her 2013 album Girl Talk. The song was inspired by the Quentin Tarantino film of the same name. Nash also flew down to Los Angeles, California and recorded songs in an old Hollywood mansion with producer Tom Biller and has also started an acting career, performing in films such as “Syrup,” “The Powder Room” and “Greetings From Tim Buckley,” and worked with Amber Heard, Penn Badgley, Jaime Winstone, Sheridan Smith and Oona Chaplin, actresses she said she admired growing up. “3AM,” her first single off her third album, debuted on Radio 6Music by Steve Lemacq, and Nash also headlines a show as part of the NME Awards Shows 2013, at the Sebright Arms in London. Over the years, Nash has morphed from a roseycheeked tween with a whimsical folk sound, to an adult with a band and fashion sense similar to Rogue from “X-Men.” After being dropped from her label when she wanted to change her musical style, this


piano-driven pop artist with her distinct London accent similar to Lilly Allen, decided to be her own producer. With a new, edgy punk and indie rock-influenced sound, Nash realizes she has grown as an artist, but still admits that the same person that once hid behind her old cherubic profile, is still there. Since going on a trip to Africa to work with various charities, a spark appeared within her that peaked her interest and inspired her inner feminist. Behind Nash’s red lipstick, black and blond hair, safety pin earrings and punk-inspired getup, she hopes fans welcome her maturity. As you listen to Nash’s music, old and new, you can hear the progression unfold, as her new, unapologetic album with it’s grunge-y undertones, reveals a new, edgy punk and indie rock-influenced sound that takes you to a new musical chapter in her career—and we think you should follow along.



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he fantastical parade of beauty that resonates while enjoying the film Moulin Rouge will inspire you long after your done watching. Starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor, this movie explores true love, evil, temptation, and passion. It takes over the audience with emotional ballads drawing them to feel close to the characters that fall hopelessly in love. The intensity of the music and the visuals makes this movie exciting and impactful. Many of the songs featured in the film are renditions of familiar tunes such as Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” and Elton Johns, “Your Song”. The music is supported by full orchestras, bands, and beautiful dancing and visual effects making the movie an incredible piece of art. It exhibits a fantasy like dream world in which the characters are stuck in, a time warp in which the story infinitely lives on as the legend of Moulin Rouge. A modern interpretation of the spectacular moment in time that the Moulin Rouge thrived in, where the Bohemians felt at home and the can-can dancers were sensationally beautiful as well as adored. As you fall in love with the two characters, Satine, who is the star of the Moulin Rouge as well as a high priced “courtesan”, and Christian, the poor bohemian writer who falls in love with the scarlet, allow the music to take you to deep emotional places. “Your Song” sung by


Ewan Mcgregor steals your heart and your eyes with a fantastical visual performance between the two young lovers who realize their attraction for each other as he serenades Satine. This also flows right into the hysterical and maniacal performance by Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor and John Leguizamo, improvising a musical pitch to a business man who desires Satine. “Spectacular, Spectacular” is a manic exhibit of the high budget musical they hope to create that the business man will invest in. He thinks its “Spectacular” and supports the team of poor bohemian entertainers so long as he can have Satine. So the two star crossed lovers realize in despair that with the deal to create this beautiful musical for the business man they will ultimately have to sacrifice Satine for one night to his pleasure. It is a tragedy for Christian who is deeply in love with the most adored woman at Moulin Rouge, the star of the musical. The director of the Moulin Rouge resembles a clown and provides as a comical satire within the movie also performing many songs hysterically. His performance of “Like a Virgin” with Nicole Kidman will have you laughing and also impressed with the vibrant interpretation of Madonna’s statement song. Along with the enjoyable and funny musical performances, Moulin Rouge also takes drama to a new level. NEWSOUNDMAGAZINE.COM

My absolute favorite song and performance of all time is featured at the end of the movie. It’s dramatic dancing and singing of the song “Roxanne” shows intense tango dancing that proves violent. Its meaning reveals the most tragic moment of the movie in which Christian must allow Satine to give herself to the investor of the musical as a part of the deal. Your heart is pounding as Christian sings over the song “Roxanne” and Satine is pressured into intimacy with the evil investor, proving fatal. Within the last moments of the movie you will have enjoyed a psychedelic experience that has a profound impact on the way your emotions flow through the music. The inspiration derived from this wonderful film will fill your heart with fiery passion and you will have taken many lessons of love from the characters. I hope you find as much beauty, freedom, truth and love within this beautiful artistic film.



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