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ave you ever tried to sit down and define the word “normal”? I wouldn’t – it’s boring. The type of beats and voices different from the norm are the kind that naturally shines. When you open your ears up to new sounds it is easily likable. That feeling of unraveling a great new tune as your body sways into the lyrics while the verses change. Your feet will start to tap to the beat not realizing your heart is racing as if it were the melody. This magazine you decided to pick up and read is conveying the rush of a new experience, a new sound to all of you readers.


New Sound magazine is the start of something pure. We are portraying a type of strong, fresh, and contemporary vibe and will become a meaningful voice in the music industry. New Sound is scouring the music scene for a sense of infernality and crisp talent. A crisp talent with the potential to make it huge. No matter your personal preferences New Sound is bound to have something that will make your head and heart glide into it, something you’ll love. We cover everything from hip hop, to pop, to rock and all varieties in between. We like to go into depth and get into conversations with certain artists. We find it to be more personal to attend live performances, set up interviews, and continue album reviews. Viewing these artist live allows you to have a chance to get inside the loop for our next generation of music.


New Sound magazine is a type of “hold onto your seat” music publication. These new inspiring artists give the fans just what they need with a little help from us. Our goal is to help you open up to original sounds that will leave you wanting to explore the new sound of music we offer here in our magazine.


MISSION STATEMENT “New Sound Magazine spotlights both young, talented artists that have the potential to become the next big name in the music industry, and the truly brilliant bands which already have. We’re finding the voice you’ll fall in love with, the song you’ll play over and over, the concert you won’t want to miss.” (631) 757-3187 Photo Credit | Adriana Kijko

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ndie rock/ pop singer-songwriter Anya Marina hosts a commendable catalog of accomplishments since her first fulllength, twelve-track album, Miss Halfway (2006). In the past seven years, the Michigan-born, Cali-raised singer-songwriter has written, sung, and performed her way into the hearts of many. Since her start as a musician, her songs have infiltrated the mainstream and she’s transcended world-famous acts. Although she’s not unanimously publicly recognized, Anya’s music enhances some of the most renowned films and television series’. Her songs have been featured in some of the most popular cultural phenomenon’s in the past decade; Miss Halfway, for instance, was played on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, and was later featured on a Grey’s Anatomy Soundtrack alongside The Fray and Snow Patrol. A short, but sweet, “Satellite Heart” won a spot in New Moon, the second installment of the iconic Twilight series. Her songs have also been heard in Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, The Real World, and many more. The contemplative artist has opened for pop-rock/soul singer Jason Mraz and toured with acoustic/folk star Joshua Radin. In 2009, years after opening up the stage for Mraz, her song “Move You” beat him out of the award for Song of the Year at the San Diego Music Awards. Not only is she musically gifted, the daughter of two professors is a graduate from Santa Clara University with a degree in English- and it’s evident she’s got a way with words. Through her six chunks of work- including singles, EP’s and fulllength albums, the quirky blond musician has demonstrated her ability to story-tell by strategically stringing simple words together. Her unique and tranquil sound has added evolved alreadyestablished tracks. By putting an indie spin to T.I’s mainstream hip-hop track “Whatever You Like,” Anya Marina recreated the song with a new vibe- she took it from a crowded city club to an intimate candle-lit bedroom. Since the release of her latest full-length album, Felony Flatts, Anya’s toured the U.S.- from Denver to the deep southincluding Dallas, Nashville, Birmingham and the ATL, amongst others. From the start, Anya Marina’s made a name for herself. She opened up stages in her early days and now that she’s taken the reigns, you should Check her Out!


THE DODOS By Emily Soper


he Dodos’ newest album “Carrier” is an acclaimed follow-up to the album that put them on the indie rock radar, 2008’s “Visiter”. However, unlike Visiter, the band’s new album features less acoustics and more electric guitar. This change in tune could possibly be caused by the death and style of former tour-mate and Women guitarist, Christopher Reimer, known for his use of the electric guitar. The theme of the album also mirrors the loss, and also the contemplation of life and death.





is melancholic and cathartic at the same time, starting out in slow strums and ending in a bang. The songs on the album are not the happiest of tunes, but they all have underlying meaning, and they are, if anything brilliant and relatable. “Carrier” is the fourth album for the San Franciscobased band, their first album; “Beware of Maniacs” was self-released in 2006 under the band name Dodo Bird. The newest album was released by Polyvinyl Records in 2013, an independent record label out of Illinois under now which the band is signed. Polyvinyl also releases records by the likes of Of Montreal, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Japandroids and Asobi Seksu.


ritics, bloggers and music lovers agree that “Carrier” is the band’s best work since “Visiter”. The Dodo’s put out two other albums in the span between “Carrier” and “Visiter”, but the two works, 2011’s “No Color” and 2009’s “Time to Die”, were not as explosive in the indie rock community. The first single, “Confidence”,

The album still has the acoustic vibes of “Visiter “ (in songs like Death and Holidays), but most of the new albums is tinged with electric indie rock. The band has definitely changed their sound, but not for the worse, as the album is very deep and very aurally pleasing. Meric Long and Logan Kroeber, although changing their band’s style are onto something good, and something that will please both new and old fans alike. The music on the album is, although depressing, a good coping mechanism both for the musician, and for the fan, alike. @thedodos

Chloe Aftel












Born Ruffians By Emily Soper





irthmarks, the new album from Canadian band Born Ruffians, is a much more mature version of their earlier releases. The indie rock band front by Luke LaLonde has done a lot of growing up since he started the band whilst in his teens. Now in his mid-20’s, LaLonde and Born Ruffians are fine tuning their sound from pubescent angst to the next level of something else. This something else can only be described as the tongue-in-cheek, I’m-sort-of-an-adult-but-notreally angst that comes with being in your mid-to-early twenties and not having things figured out. Many people in the transition from pubescence to adulthood will be able to relate to Birthmarks, and many of those who once felt that way can reminisce with the feeling. The first song off of Birthmarks (released by Paper Bag Records) to get an accompanying video is Needle. Needle is one of the defining and essential tracks of the album. Most of the songs on the album have a feel-good sound, somewhat similar to Vampire Weekend, but with less poppy enthusiasm, and more indie rock angst. Some of the songs on Birthmarks are slower (such as Golden Promises and the aptly named So Slow), but most of the album is very dance-able and catchy. The album, in its entirety is very enjoyable, and the band has definitely cleaned up their sound on this new album. Permanent Hesitation, Cold Pop and

Ocean’s Deep are all tracks that can lift any millennial’s spirit, as the tracks have lyrics with relatability, and beats with danceability, both of which are appealing to the twenty-something. The songs explore relationships and growing up, which is something, as humans and as young people; we all awkwardly do and feel. So why not do this and feel this way while dancing? The band has always had a retro-sound, mixed with modern indie, but Birthmarks, as opposed to 2008’s Red Yellow and Blue, sounds more polished and more planned. The newest album is less repetitive and more mature than their album from 2010, Say It. Birthmarks is not repetitive and it’s an actual pleasure listening to the album from start to finish, rather than a chore for exploratory purposes. Born Ruffians will be headed back to their home in Canada for an assortment of tour dates throughout October 2013, but after, they’ll head down to the states in late October and through November to play in a variety of venues all over the country. Born Ruffians, as they have musically matured and their new album is getting a good amount of buzz on the internet circuit, they are worth checking out and seeing live. @BornRuffians


TOPTop1010 SONGS Songs Lorde // Roayls

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Katy Perry // Roar

Avicii // Wake Me Up

Ylvis // The Fox

Drake Feat. Majid Jordan // Hold on, We're Going Home

One Republic // Counting Stars

Lady Gaga // Applause

Eminem // Survival

Jay Z Feat. Justin Timberlake // Holy Grail

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TWENTY-NINTH Kelly Clarkson - Wrapped in Red

Sky Ferreira - Night Time, My Time

Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP 2

Kelis - Food

Lady Gaga - Artpop

Keane - The Best of Keane





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CHARLIE WINSTON C By Morgan Wellinger

harlie Winston is far from a newcomer, however, his name may not be familiar to UK audiences. Despite his numerous attempts to warm the hearts of his home crowds, his success on these shores has always been minimal - especially compared to his runaway success on others. Born in Cornwall, Charlie Winston Gleave moved to Bungay, Suffolk at a young age, where his parents ran the King’s Head Hotel. His former folk musician parents were clearly creatively encouraging, Charlie and his siblings - Tom Baxter and Vashti Anna (who also use their middle names as their stage surnames) - kept themselves amused with their musical experimentations. The album opens with Hello Alone that weaves Romany rhythms with his English folk roots and produces a charming (sort of) love song for the latest baby-boomer generation. Where Can I Buy Happiness? Has haunted me from my first listening; as it reminds me of something or someone else but I can’t put my finger on it - possibly early Coldplay or even Radiohead when they knew what a tune was; but certainly something like that. That apart I like the layers of guitars and orchestra that sweep in and out quite majestically as I hero pleads Where Can I Buy Happiness? Ad infinitum. Somewhere in the middle Winston


drops all of the theatrical backing and with just the aid of a piano performs the spine tingling She Went Quietly with concert perfection. Personally I’d like to have heard a lot more like this. This is followed by Unlike Me and Until You’re Satisfied which both sound a bit like Terence Trent D’Arby fronting the White Stripes! Charlie takes to the piano again with Making Yourself So Lonely but this time he has a Jazzy drummer and bass player accompanying him on a sparse production that suits his languid singing style. Rocking in the Suburbs is sort of what it says on the tin, as Winston and his band ‘go crazy!’ in a Ben Folds Five style; but it doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the album; even the other faster tracks. The best is left for last (in my humble opinion) – Lift Me Gently has Winston sounding like he’s desperately trying to hold back tears on this very lyrically clever song about the end of an affair with only a simple Spanish guitar accompanist. Well there you have it; this is an album in three parts – each with their own merits. I loved the simpler arrangements but I’m sure the young people who are buying records by Mumford and Sons, Ed Sheeran et al in their barrow loads will love the rockier tracks and there is even some Euro-folk for his existing fan base. NEWSOUNDMAGAZINE.COM




y 19, Baxter had relocated to London and been snapped up by Sony Music. His début album, Feather and Stone, featured contributions from his younger brother Charlie, whose band, Charlie Winston and the Oxymorons, supported Baxter on his album tour. Just two years later, and this time flying solo, Winston recorded his début album, Make Way, at Real World Studios prior to a support slot for Real World owner Peter Gabriel. While Make Way set sail to his solo career, it would be another three years before he made any real headway. Having adopted the guise of an eccentric English gent, 2009 saw the release of album number two, Hobo. While his caricatured presence made little impact in the UK, French hearts were stolen as he hit the number 1 spot in the album charts, and secured a win at the European Border Breakers Awards for ‘Best UK artist in Europe’.

Though the European audiences warmed to Winston’s wiley charms, it would appear Winston’s approach to the UK scene is rather more reluctant - having been once bitten, he is twice as shy. It took Winston two years to unveil Running Still to his French fans, who helped secure him his second Top 5 album in November 2011 - an album which he presents to the UK well over a year later. His reappearance on these shores sees


him heralded for his success overseas - which now includes minor success Stateside - following Grey’s Anatomy featuring ‘She Went Quietly’ during their 2011 season finale. However, having had little response to his first two albums, could Winston have pitched his third release perfectly? Running Still sees, in many respects, a very different artist at its helm. While Hobo, for all its playful beauty, explored the cartoonish existence of the eccentric troubadour, Running Still’s honest reflection is far more engaging. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Winston seeks connection and breaks barriers he has previously built. The tender ‘I Love Your Smile’ from Hobo showcased his ability to engage with heartwarming statements, while on Running Still the spine-tingling ‘Lift Me Gently’ tugs effortlessly at your heartstrings. Where signature song ‘Like A Hobo’ and ‘My Life As A Duck’ displayed an aptitude to induce a frenzied singalong, catchy album opener ‘Hello Alone’ and dance-along ‘Wild Ones’ demonstrate a want to cause a stomp, while offering insight into his psyche. However, it is the addition of ‘Speak To Me’, which is a rousing cacophony of noise and wanton lyrics that really tops the bill.



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oon Taxi is an American indieprogressive rock band based in Nashville, Tennesse. The band was formed in 2006 by Trevor Tendrup (Vocals,guitar) Tommy Putnam (bass), Spencer Thomson (guitar, programming), Tyler Riter(drums), and Wes Bailey (Keys) while attending Belmont University. For the members of Moon Taxi, their third album, Mountains Beaches Cities, represents the idea of exploration- searching both the world and themselves for new experiences. The Nashville rock group, who had honed in a notably compelling aesthetic with their previous album Cabaret, focused on extending the sonic landscape they’d create in earlier recordings, but this time around they amp up the speed and turn up the volume- creating an overall bigger sound. The album was self-produced by Moon Taxi’s own guitarist Spencer Thomson with the help of Keyboardist Wes Bailey was mixed by Vance Powell and

mastered by Greg Calbi. The band, which was founded in 2006, toured extensively in support of Cabaret, appearing at Bonnaroo, Forecastle, and Lollapalooza. Additionally, they have opened for such artists as Matisyahu, Dr. John, and Dirty Heads, and ended 2012 selling out multiple theaters on their own. While on the road, the musicians began to stockpile song ideas and demos, inspired by the trails and tribulations of traveling around the country to play shows. In early 2013, the band went into the studio to begin recording Mountains Beaches Cities with these touring experiences in mind. Much of the recording was done in Spencer’s apartment with only a few days of drum and bass riffs laid down in Nashville’s Sony Tree Studio. Although Mountains Beaches Cities feels like an extension of Cabaret’s aesthetic, the new album is explorative, and its lyrics recount a new narrative for the musicians.

Each song on the album, and even the album title, generates ints own story and imagery, but all come back to that idea of exploration and searching, “Beaches, a surging, borderline experimental track Spencer calls “risky and ambitious” transports thelistener with its haunting, emotive melody while jangling acoustic song “ Young Journey” encapsulates the eye-opening experience of travel. “Morocco,” a propulsive, hooky track about a place none of the musicians have ever been, seeks adventure in the idea of going abroad. The album as a whole is grandiose and invigorating, each track revealing a new chapter in the LP’s overall story. This record, in particular, is important for Moon Taxi, who has been known in the past for it’s boisterous live appearances, but with Mountains Beaches Cities, it highlights the nearly perfected balance between the recorded material and how it translates to a live stage.



Abandon is an American Christian rock band from San Antonio, Texas. The group has five members: brothers Josh (lead vocals) and Justin Engler (guitar), cousins Stevan (guitar) and Dave Vela (drums), and Bryan Fowler (bass). They signed onto ForeFront Records in late 2007 and released the Abandon EP in July 2008. Their first single “Providence” was released to radios in August and has reached No. 7 on R&R’s Christian rock charts. “Control’s” message never strays from the simple truths of faith. You won’t find a single song containing the typical love stuck musings of most pop/rock bands. While few profound new reflections seem to rise, the songs seem more like honest thoughts than calculated or generic lyrics. The best example of this may be “Live It Out,” which features chants, echoing vocals, and a message about the necessity of being forward about your faith. “Under Fire” is another song of encouragement to stand up for your beliefs, proudly proclaiming, “We are under fire/But it only burns all doubt away.” Perhaps the best way to describe Control is to label it a collection of songs that could easily become anthems for the next age of Christian music fans. Thankfully, Control does not constrain itself to one defined genre. The idea that Abandon would shift from its solid alternative debut toward a more pop/dance sound seems shocking, but the transition is pulled off flawlessly. With this year’s release, Abandon will finally define themselves as more than just “that Christian band that sounds like The Killers.” There is something tremendously encouraging about Control, and it will be a treat to witness where Abandon is heading next. The remixes are, for the most part, all great. “Feel it in Your Heart,” which was remixed by Soul Glow Activatur from Family Force 5, is such a great song. The original version captivated me, and with this remix I see the song in a whole different light. One thing I have always loved about this song is that the song talks about how we can have knowledge about God and we can know all there is to know about the Bible, but until we actually invite Christ into our hearts none of that matters. As the song says, “You can say all the right things, but in the end what does it all mean?” Soul Glow




Activatur did a great job with the remix and created a very appealing version of the song. The next remix was done by Darren King of MuteMath, a band I have recently come to love. I love how the song sounds a lot like MuteMath, but at the same time I do not feel like it really does it justice. Of all the remixes, “Live it Out,” is probably my least favorite unfortunately. But if this is the worst remix, that is still pretty good, because it is not too shabby to say the least. The song is all about living out our faith and not just holding it on the inside. We should be shouting out from the rooftops how much we love Christ. Chad Howat of the band Paper Route remixed one of my favorites, “New Years Day.” I have to say that this is probably my favorite remix of all. The remix really enhances John Engler’s voice and is just as enjoyable as the original version. The song talks about the joy of having our sins erased by Jesus dying on the cross for us. Once I really listened to the lyrics and realized what it was talking about, I loved the song even more. The final remix was done by the amazing David Crowder. “Under Fire” is very uplifting and this version of the song was so well done. This is the only remix where the song does not sound like the person’s band. It uses a lot of synths and some really cool effects that I have never heard David Crowder use. Crowder never ceases to amaze me, and even after his band has split up he has still created some pretty awesome music.


If you could not tell, I am very impressed with Abandon. There is so much secular music these days that sound really good, but the lyrics are garbage. Abandon not only has great lyrics, but they sound good too. I think on any day they could rival Coldplay or any other secular rock band. Control is filled with a bunch of amazing songs, and the remixes on this expanded edition are pretty spectacular too. If you are looking for some awesome rock music to jam out to, I would highly recommend checking these guys out!


INTERVIEW I think the name of your new album, Control, sits in very interesting tension with your band name, Abandon. Where do the two names come from and how do they relate? The name “Abandon” comes from our desire to deny ourselves and follow Christ. It is supported by the verse in Matthew 10:38-39, where Jesus says, “Take up your cross and lose your life to follow me.” The name “Control” is a question of who has it. You or God? Look at the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and the beautiful natural phenomenon that it is; something so wonderful outside of human control. We want the listener to dream about how beautiful the story of their life can be if given to the creator of the Northern Lights. The two names read together convey a complete thought, Abandon Control. Speaking of control, you actually had three different producers controlling the sound of this record. Why take this fragmented approach? Did it turn out how you wanted it to? We were a little worried about having three different producers on the same record at first, but we chose each of them for their musical style and paired them with the different styles of songs we had written. From the formation of our band we have been focused on diversity with our music. We want to listen to our album all the way through and say, those songs are so different from one another but still have a cohesiveness about them. We won’t write a song that we don’t love and want others to hear. We try to keep any listener interested and engaged in the music. One way we do this is that we never write two songs the same way. We are always looking for fresh inspiration and creative elements. We are very happy with the record we have created.

What was it like to write some songs with Aaron Gillespie? We had a few hours with Aaron Gillespie on this record to try and created music together. All members of Abandon respect Aaron for his art throughout the years, and we were excited to spend some time with him and see if we could write something that would make the final draft of our new album. What happened was quite literally beyond our expectations. In a matter of 2-3 hours we had written two songs and loved both of them. Aaron is so full of this contagious energy and confidence when it comes to songwriting, and it started infecting all of us. The longer we wrote together the more cohesion and confidence we all felt. We are very grateful for the experience with Aaron and would love to write with him again. You recently played the teen rally tour Acquire the Fire. Tell us about that experience and how it compared to a regular rock tour. To play Acquire the Fire was an honor because everyone in the band had attended an ATF event prior to joining the band. So, to get to walk on the stage and setup our instruments and perform in front of those crowds was an awesome feeling. It was a little different than a regular tour in that the shows are spread out and involves a lot of travel. We wouldn’t take back the experience at all. Great people to work with, and the students are fun to hang out with in the city between set times. We made a few runs to Starbucks with the kids attending the events and made some friends. Good fun. What is it that you hope someone takes away from one of your concerts or even one of your records? In everything that we do as a band and as individuals, we want people to be inspired, to have hope for life and to dream that they can do something great and change the world around them. Through this record and at our shows, if people are moved, and gain a new hope for life, our mission is complete. All we are told to do is wrapped up in one simple phrase; love God and love others.





allow each song to be a journey.

” Photo by Tory Williams

We love to create a “world of sound and




he newly established Capitol Music Group has been on an impressive scouting spree in recent months to sign some of the hottest new acts to their labels. One of the promising newcomers that just joined the expanding Capitol roster is Brooklyn’s Little Daylight. The group has been stirring up a storm of interest with their remixes for Edward Sharpe and Passion Pit. The New York based threepiece has been teasing both music fans and critics alike by essentially releasing the EP one song at a time. Tunnel Vision’s opener and first single, “Overdose”, quickly topped the charts on the taste-making site Hype Machine and stayed at number one. It’s galloping percussion, squealing synths and Nikki’s pristine vocals proved that Little Daylight was an altpop mainstay. For a group so adamant on keeping its members personal lives a mystery, it’s clear that Little Daylight is just fine with seeing its band name in the spotlight, and so is its label, Capitol Records. The lead-up and hype built around this release was astonishing and something other up- and- coming bands should take note of. Aside from playing shows this summer and fall, the three-piece has been busy writing songs for its debut full- length album, which is slated for a 2014 release. With the entire buzz they’ve already garnered for themselves, it will be interesting to see how much more Nikki, Matt and Eric can conjure up for their full-length album. My bet is a lot. Thanks largely to their remixes of songs by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros and other indie bands that don’t ordinarily embrace dance beats, Brooklyn’s Little Daylight built a formidable internet buzz before they played their first show. Now long time friends Eric, Matt and Nikki have an EP on Capitol Records featuring their blog-supported hits “Overdose.” “Name in Lights” and “Glitter and Gold” Combining programmed elements with old- fashioned instrument, this well-educated trio is currently writing songs for their 2014 debut album, but will soon be touring in the fall.



We started because we had originals we wanted to record. The three of us felt like we had the same sensibility about what they should sound like. We took a studio up to a lake house that a friend of ours had lent us, and while we were there we decided to do some remixing to get some production ideas down without being too wedded to anything. We released the remixes first because the originals we were still working on; we’re somewhat perfectionists about that stuff.


When we do remixes, the song is already written, so it’s all about production — reinterpreting the song that another band. So in doing that as an exercise, we figured out where we all met in the middle with production, and after the course of three or four remixes, it started to have a signature sound, where we were able to approach our own songs in the same way. It gave us training wheels.



ittle Daylight held close to their original material while the world got to know them through other works. These days a hundred pop songs are released every day, cluttering the radio play, forcing the quality songs to sometimes get overlooked. Little Daylight was wise to not release anything too prematurely and let the buzz around them begin to build first. Now, they have a hit single and bright future ahead of them. With pounding drums and blazing synths, “Overdose” kicks-off Little Daylight’s first EP with a bang. By the time the vocals kick in, you’re already buzzing, high on a sugar rush of sound, so it’s not a surprise that this unique blend of indie-pop has set the Hype Machine alight. While the lyrics themselves may be a touch clichéd ( I need you like a drug), the voice of singer Nikki and the instrumentals mesh together so well that nobody is going to notice when they’re dancing at a live show. Little Daylight states “Our goal is to pursue each song with a completely open mind. We love to create a world of sound and allow each song to be a journey” Also, “We love to create a world of sound and allow each song to be a journey.”






lla Yelich-O’Connor, known by her stage name Lorde, is a New Zealand singer-songwriter. She released her first EP, The Love Club EP, in March 2013 and her second single, “Tennis Court”, in June 2013 16-year-old Ella YelichO’Connor is not, technically, royalty. But Yelich-O’Connor does sing about royalty, and goes by Lorde, her feminized version of the aristocratic title, which hints at a life that’s far detached from the reality as a New Zealand beachtown teenager. “I’ve never seen a diamond in the flesh,” she croons in the opening of her single, “Roayls”, in which she calls out pop and rap stars for their emphasis on lavish consumerism: “Crystal, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece, jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash.” Though her simultaneous fascination with and critique of high-class opulence may be a common teenage sentiment — she vacillates between, “that kinda luxe just ain’t for us,” and, “let me live that fantasy” — Lorde expresses herself in a sophisticated, clear voice, and through cool harmonies reminiscent of a mature female a cappella group. “Royals” spent three weeks in the number one spot on New Zealand’s top 40 chart, and Lorde’s EP, The Love Club, debuted at number two on the country’s album chart. Lorde was discovered by Universal at a school talent show when she was just 13. Already infamous in Auckland and embarking on an international tour this fall (including her first trip to America), the self-proclaimed Kiwi is still in high school, and plans to graduate in her home town — though, in addition to her tour, she’s taking a short break to record a full album.

Lorde’s clear, soulful vocals and relevant, self-written songs are surefire indicators that she has an exciting future ahead of her. A fan of minimalist sound, her straightforward vocal work is reminiscent of contemporaries like Florence Welch and Lana Del Ray, though it is compounded by smooth harmonies. Lorde wants to keep the focus on her lyrics, and the simple, unadulterated vocals ensure that her words stand out. In her interview with Spotify, Lorde sites James Blake, Lana Del Ray, Lou Reed, Burial, Bon Iver, and Drake as influences, so it’s no wonder her songs and videos are a compelling combo of pop familiarity and indie weirdness. Lorde has maintained a carefully curated image, which seems near impossible for a teenager in 2013. She originally released a single photo of herself, in which her signature beachy, wavy, brunette hair and a brown dog stand out against a simple black gown, black combat boots, and a black background. Though the styling of the portrait is distinctly modern, Lorde’s seated pose and dog are a nod to royal portraits from centuries past. In the cool video for her latest single, “Tennis Court,” she is pale and clad in black fishnets. A quick Google image search turns up only unsmiling, simple photographs of Lorde that fit perfectly with the forthright persona she’s trying to project. Despite her somewhat sheltered existence (she’s never been on a plane), this 16-yearold is light-years ahead of the train-wrecked, super-searchable contemporaries with whom she is fascinated. Lorde’s raw talent, sultry eyes, and quiet, commanding presence have placed her on the verge of becoming pop royalty.


by Emily Soper

Photos Courtesy of Swear and Shake 36



ndie folk foursome Swear and Shake consist of Kari Spieler, Adam McHeffey, Shaun Savage, formerly Tom Elefante, and now Ben Goldstein. The band roots go back to SUNY Purchase, where McHeffey heard Spieler perform on campus. The two performed together, but not until senior year. The song “Johnnie” was created and the band still plays the song currently. The band’s lineup is as follows: Spieler on guitar and vocals, McHeffey on guitar, banjo and vocals, Savage on electric base and Ben Goldstein on drums. Tom Elefante (formerly the drummer) left the band in January of 2013, and was replaced by Ben Goldstein, the producer on their debut album.


Tin 2011.

he band’s debut LP “Maple Ridge” was released The album was entirely funded by fans through the website The band needed $5,500 to record an album, and their fans exceeded that amount by $750. The album was recorded inside of a barn (the barn becoming the album’s namesake), which lead to an even more charming recording. The band is truly grateful and indebted to have such a loyal and giving fan base and their album and wonderful blend of music is more than enough to thank them. Before Maple Ridge, the fanbase was garnered by their EP, Extended Play. The band began to play through New York and Brooklyn, and then followed suit in neighboring cities. As the fans accumulated, the band began to tour, and Maple Ridge was recorded in 2011, and then released in 2012. The New York-based band has been playing many festivals, including Governers Ball, SXSW and Miles of Music in Appleton, Wisconsin. They have played with major acts such as G.Love and Special Sauce and The Lumineers. Their fan base is gaining momentum, not simply in their home state of New York, but now nationwide. Swear and Shake has not forgotten their roots. They recognize the fans that supported the efforts for their debut LP Maple Ridge and they give notoriety to other bands that they’ve played with while giving interviews. They know where they met, and they know how the band started, and the band should have great things to come. @swearandshake







eg Myers is an American vocalist and songwriter produced by Doctor Rosen Rosen. Originally from Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains, she now lives in Los Angeles. She is a former Jehovah’s Witness. I had the privilege of seeing singer-songwriter, Meg Myers make her NYC debut for her album Daughter in the Choir at Mercury Lounge. Formerly a Jehovah’s Witness, Meg Myers left her hometown Tennessee at the age of 13 and moved to L.A., where she hoped to pursue her career as a musician. Fortunately, while living there, Meg Myers met her current producer Dr. Rosen Rosen and for three years, they have been creating music together and they recently finished her first EP, titled Daughter in the Choir. However, Meg Myers is anything but alone, which was evident when she performed that Thursday night to a wildly dedicated and engrossed crowd. One of the members in the audience shrieked with enthusiasm, in which Meg Myers smiled brightly and replied,” I like that.” One of the most powerful songs vocally and instrumentally of the set was “Monster.” Myers took her side ponytail out and shook free her mane of gorgeous dark hair, all at once one of the sexiest women to grace that stage. With lyrics like “I’m a fucking monster/When all I wanted was something beautiful,” her heart opens up and falls out onto the floor for all of us to witness. A cello soothingly takes over as a beautiful contrast to venomous lyrics like “I’ve got to kill you my love.”


When did you realize that music was your calling? My mom played guitar and piano and sang a lot and my dad would play guitar and sing (folk/country) whenever I’d visit him. So I’m not sure exactly what age but probably started around 8 or 9 and became serious about it around 12-13. I always drew and made little comic books and I and my siblings would put on plays and skits for my family. I loved and still love all art/entertainment but music has definitely been the easiest way for me to express myself. If you were banned to a deserted Island and could only bring one thing with you, what would it be and why? An interstellar teleported. So I wouldn’t be stranded. What makes for a good love song? Pain, in a good sort of way. Falling in love is painful and inspiring. Beautiful and scary. This sounds super fucking cheesy; I’m trying to do my best to explain it. Musically, I don’t know… the love songs that really touch me are the sad or dark sounding ones. Even if the lyrics are romantic. How would you seduce Mark Knopfler aka your future husband? How do you know that I haven’t already.. Where would you like to be this time next year? I’d like to have a place in NY(and to be touring of course!). That way I can be in the city for my work but be thousands of miles closer to my family and friends. and I miss the weather. Going from growing up in rain, hurricanes, tornados and snowstorms, then moving to LA, you begin to get very bored. Why did you move to Los Angeles? To make dollhouses. Tell us about your transition from Tennessee to L.A. I moved when I was 20 from the East Coast. Family still lives in the east. I wanna go back to the east. I had never been out west before, drove across country, lost my phone in El Paso, Texas, and it’s been... something else. Some. Thing. Else. How would you describe your music style? So wrong, but sooo right. How does your personality feed into your music style? I’m like a baby. I shit in my diaper, but I can’t talk. So I cry, and then everyone understands. What artists inspire you? Too many to name them all. I love all music, new and old, even country. But I’d say I listen to mainly older bands/artists and a lot of classical music. What are your five favorite things about L.A.? Sleeping, hiking, my friends, Doctor Rosen Rosen and the few days it rains. We noticed you’re wearing an unzipped Dodgers jacket in a photo. Are you a Dodgers fan? That jacket was given to me. I’m not a hardcore fan of any team to be honest. I’d rather play than watch. But I do love watching basketball and tennis. And when I have the time, I will choose a side and root.



UPCOMING SHOWS Harper Blynn Friday, Oct. 4 at 8:00p Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY

L a s t B i s o n, Fr a n c e s C o n e Friday, Oct. 4 at 7:30p Mercury Lounge, New York, NY

S t e v e C o l e “P u l s e” R e l e a s e C o n c e r t N Y C Saturday, Oct. 12 at 7:00p The Houndstooth Pub, New York, NY

Hedge Fund Rocktoberfest NYC Wednesday, Oct. 23 at 7:00p Capitale, New York, NY

Ed Sheeran Tuesday, Oct. 29 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

By Katarina Barone




ormed in 2011, The Electric Sons are an Electronic/ Alternative band based out of Atlanta. Andrew Miller (lead singer) left his career as an illustrator for the hit FX Network series, Archer, to pursue music with Ben Richards (keys, backup vocals), an advertising graduate at SCAD. In May 2012, they released their first self-produced EP, which immediately landed them on the cover of the national music publication, Indie Music Review Magazine.


After a 5-star review from the publication and much critical praise from popular blogs all across the country, The Electric Sons are only at the starting point of their music career. They will be heading out on their first tour in September 2012, playing the 5-boroughs of New York City and ending with College Fest in Boston. If there’s one thing The Electric Sons are all about, it would be the experience of music. Whether it be attending a live show or cranking their EP in your car, The Sons are aimed at providing you a memorable experience. Within a week of the band releasing the EP in May of 2012, the Electric Sons were featured on the cover of the national music publication, Indie Music Review Magazine where the EP garnered a 5-star review and critical praise. “From the production quality to the music, vocals,


and lyrics: everything is a home run. After only 4 songs they will definitely leave you wanting more, so start it over and play it again!” (IMR, May 2012). The EP gained further momentum when the band was featured as Artist Of The Week on Fanbolt. com (over 130,000 followers). The Electric Sons are an Atlanta band, through-and-through. What are some of your favorite ATL spots to eat, drink, and be merry? Andrew: Huge fan of Falafel King in Emory village and when it’s drinking time, I like Prohibition (if I can get in) in Buckhead. Ben: Hands down, Fellini’s is the best pizza in Atlanta. I think Grindhouse wins for burger and Flying Biscuit for breakfast. There’s so many great places– Woody’s Cheese steaks, Fatt Matt’s, THE MAJESTIC DINER for 3am drunk salvation.

For being a relatively new band (2011), you all have seemingly taken Atlanta and the surrounding areas by storm. Not to mention the web presence you’ve gained over the past few months. Putting all those successes behind you, do you remember the very first show together and what it was like? Andrew: Definitely. Our first show was April 27th, 2012 at Vinyl in Atlanta. It was the very first time getting the music out in a live setting which was pretty cool. I imagine it was MUCH cooler for us than everyone else at that point in our live career, but having the support of so many of our friends and fans, even at that point, was a really great experience for us! Ben: Yeah, we’ve been lucky to have a ton of support from our friends and family. That first show was simultaneously awesome and terrifying.


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JAKE MILLER By Jessica Bernat


ake Miller, born November 28, 1992, is an American rapper, singer, musician and songwriter from Weston, Florida. He is currently attending the University of Miami. In high school the multi-talented musician who taught himself to play the drums and guitar at a young age, put out a few homemade music videos on YouTube which immediately created a buzz and attracted the attention of music business insiders who began to guide Jake on his journey. Jake’s very first live performance was in March 2011 when he opened for legendary rapper Snoop Dogg in Pompano Beach, Florida and shortly after he opened for rapper Mac Miller in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In May 2011, Jake won the Samsung & T-Mobile national “Kick it with The Band” competition designed to highlight some of the best music talent on the verge of stardom across the country. As the grand prize winner, Jake was awarded $35,000.00 for use towards his music career and a music video with YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill. In November 2011, Jake performed alongside Flo Rida, Sean Kingston and Asher Roth at the “Think Pink Rocks” concert in West Palm Beach, FL which is sponsored by Steve Rifkind and SRC Records. In December 2011, Jake took the stage at the annual Y-100 Jingle Ball concert where Cody Simpson and We the Kings also performed. On December 31, 2011, he rang in the New Year at the Orange Drive Miami Beach Music Festival in which Jason Derulo, Cee Lo Green, Ne-Yo, Gym Class Heroes and Cobra Starship also performed. On March 11, 2012 Jake performed


on both the Planet Pit Stage and Power 96 Stage at the famed Calle Ocho Festival in Miami, FL in front of an estimated crowd of 200,000+. He also had a show sponsored by Miami’s pop radio station Y-100 where he performed with Sammy Adams, Austin Mahone, J Rand and others. A personal highlight for Jake (as he is an avid Miami Heat fan) was when he performed at the AAA arena during the NBA championship finals. MTV Buzz worthy says “Jake Miller is about to blow up! Jake just released a brand-new video and we’re mildly obsessed, to say the least. Jake’s rap flow is serious, and we haven’t even discussed his vocals yet! Unsurprisingly, Jake’s also got a killer set of pipes.” The Miami Herald recently featured Jake in a full page article titled Young Rapper in the Fast Lane, and goes on to say “It’s Miller time! Get used to hearing the name Jake Miller. The Weston rapper is on his way. At just 19, the singersongwriter is a Web sensation.” J-14 Magazine featured Jake in their weekly Hot Music Alert section while says “South Floridian Teen Jake Miller (is) breaking through to the Music Mainstream.” WFOR-TV (CBS Miami) says “Jake Miller is a star on the rise whose catchy rap tunes are exploding all over the internet.” On March 6, 2012, did the exclusive music video premiere of Jake’s single “I’m Alright.” Jake went on a Florida radio tour in March, 2012 to promote his single, “What I Wouldn’t Give,” and at one point, it was the only record near the top 50 on the Top 40 charts by a completely independent artist.



...the only thing I kept on hearing from everybody, the only negative feed back is, ‘You need to change your name,’” he says. A little, white Jewish kid can’t be going by the name J. Killa.

- Jake Miller

“When I started putting out videos and songs and stuff and started getting recognition, the only thing I kept on hearing from everybody, the only negative feed back is, ‘You need to change your name,’” he says. “A little, white Jewish kid can’t be going by the name J. Killa.” Within the past few years, white rappers such as Yelawolf, Machine Gun Kelly, Mac Miller, and Asher Roth, the latter two Jewish as well, have become abundant and gained recognition in a genre where they are the minority. And Jake Miller himself has been rapping for a little more than a year. In that time, he’s received offers from various labels, including Universal Republic, based upon his laidback style and winning looks. Here are some of his upcoming shows! 11/01/13: Jackie Gleason Theater Miami Beach, FL 11/02/13: House of Blues Lake Buena Vista, FL 11/03/13: Murray Hill Theater Jacksonville, FL 11/07/13: The Norva Norfolk, VA 11/08/13: The Fillmore Silver Spring Silver Spring, MD 11/10/13: House of Blues Boston, MA A simple class assignment from his English teacher turned into a passion for writing and rapping. It was then that J. Killa, a nickname given to him by his friends, was born.





oshua David “Josh” Wilson is a Christian musician from EI Dorado, Arkansas. He is best known for his radio singles “Savior, Please” from his 2008 album Trying to Fit the Ocean In a Cup and “Before the Morning”. Josh Wilson’s song reflect humor and emotional aspects in his single “Savior, Please,” coupled with his musings on a subject of finances on “Dear Money.” Growing up in Lubbock, Texas, Wilson often listened to music or played it. “I’ve always been a big believer in pursing what you’re passionate about, I think God gives us all passions and talents, and ultimately, He wants us to use those for His glory. And since I happen to love music, I guess I always knew I’d do something with it”.



by Emily Soper



Ryan Jay Photo

Photos courtesy of Basic Vacation

ou might have heard New York-based band Basic Vacation recently. Their song, “I Believe,” was featured in a commercial for the ABC television show “The Biggest Loser.” The band’s debut single was released by Capitol records in September, and since then, they have been steadily blowing up. The band consists of three members: Frontman Chris Graetti, Jon Paul the bassist, and Mike Montalbano, Basic Vacation’s Drummer. They have been playing alongside Third Eye Blind and Owl City, playing venues and universities, large and small. The band is deemed anywhere on the spectrum from pop, to rock, to indie, and they have been gathering music fans from many of those genres. Basic Vacation was only formed as of last year, and has had much success and notoriety from radio stations and music publications, and of course, blogs. Idolator deemed them sounding like, “Foster The People meets The Naked And Famous. But happier.” The boys’ catchy tune has been picked up by radio stations, and they have been snowballing into popularity. The band’s video for “I Believe” can be checked out now via YouTube, and their debut EP will be released by the end of this year. The single is also available for purchase on iTunes. Basic Vacation will be all over Canada and the United States this fall, and they are worth checking out. @basicvacation


Action Item by Katarina Barone

“Action Item is a band about moments.”


he band likes to take pride in their moments. Especially the ones that have lead them to succeed. In the past two years they have come up in the music industry and have experienced rewards for their dedication and hard work. Their music has transformed from the ground up. Their first EP “The Stronger the love” has sold over twenty thousand copies so far and has been played over many TV shows. They also have been praised by the Jonas Brothers and even Nick Jonas decided to take the band under his wing and produce for them. They have great mentors in the music industry citing Nick Jonas as one of their biggest idols. Girls from all over have the butterflies when listening to Action Item. The boys are charismatic and their songs are sweet and upbeat. They are constantly working everyday at their band, their fan base, and their music.


“Last Day of Summer” is one of their favorite songs. It captures the essence of youthful summer days, never ending fun and hopeless love. Many young people can relate to the song when listening and remember the hot summer nights spent under the stars in the sand. Right now the band is on a nationwide tour throughout the United States and Canada. They are especially excited to go on Vans Warped tour this summer. Its time to take the Action and see the item. This band is really coming up and gaining international appraise and its due to their catchy pop songs that lift your spirits even on the darkest days. Its time to go see what their all about. Check to see their tour dates and listen to their music!


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rving Plaza is located on 17 Irving Place, Manhattan, on the corner of East 15th Street and Irving Place, one block east of Union Square. It was originally ‘Irving Plaza’, but after its takeover by Live Nation, it acquired the name ‘Fillmore East’ (later ‘Fillmore New York’) after the once-legendary New York City counterpart to San Francisco’s famed Fillmore West (the original Fillmore East was located at 2nd Avenue and 6th Street to the nearby southeast). However, Live Nation changed the name back to ‘Irving Plaza’, effective 6/23/10. Live Nation did a similar thing when it took over now Gramercy Theatre just to the northwest, renaming it ‘Blender Theater at Gramercy, and that ended when corporate sponsor Blender folded. Like nearby Webster Hall to the south and Highline Ballroom directly to the west, the stage floor at Irving Plaza is located up a flight of stairs. Bathrooms and a lounge area lay on the first floor, and the person distributing alcohol wristbands is in a corner at the foot of the stairs, rather easy to miss. The stage floor lies to the left of the stairs, with the bar at the back of the stage floor. To the house-right of the stage floor, there is a cordoned-off section for VIP’s and equipment; between that and the entrance to the house-left, the front half of the stage floor can get quite cramped, and is difficult to sneak up its side. Also like Webster and Highline, there is a balcony section that rings the stage floor, with a much less packed bar in the back, though only the house-right wing of the balcony is reserved for VIP’s, and both wings are far skinnier. Lying just a block away from Union Square also makes Irving Plaza perhaps the easiest venue in the city to access by subway, given that eight different trains stop at Union Square, and eight more within just a few blocks to the west.

17 Irving Place New York, NY 10003 212.777.6800 Monday through Friday: 12:00–6:30 pm Saturday: 12:00–5:00 pm Sunday: Closed

Perhaps taking inspiration from its new name, Irving Plaza seems to favor an older set of acts, even with alternative bands: Frank Black, Bob Mould, and Dinosaur Jr. have all played there, as well as rock veterans like X and The New York Dolls. The acts do tend more towards the straight-up ‘rock’, with younger groups tending more towards the excited emo-punk, like Flogging Molly and the Take Action Tour. Even the younger alt-rock groups that play there seem to be one album after their big hit, like Tapes ‘n Tapes and We Are Scientists. There’s no taps, but the place does sell cans, if at six dollars a pop (at least), along with its array of mixed drinks (and there are waitresses milling amongst the crowd, at least until things get too hectic up front). The security staff is vigilant and effective – actually enforcing the ban on such things as video and SLR cameras – but not un-polite. An interesting, and accessible, if slightly mature, venue.





Classic New York Scene featuring DJs, Live Music, Nightclub and Private Party Space. Good for groups, not good for kids, no outdoor seating. Full Bar, Happy Hour

125 East 11th Street New York, NY

Best Nights are Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


ebster Hall is one of New York City’s most historically significant theater and event halls, having hosted social events of all types since the club’s construction in 1886. Those who know Webster Hall solely as the roomy host to ascendant indie-acts and faded legends alike will be surprised to hear that the faux- marble labyrinth often doubles as a real-life night club featuring cover-charged theme parties and big name DJ sets. The four-story, 40,000 square foot space includes a main stage, lined with balcony space on either end, as well as a few amenities and extras: an underground coat check, a large back- area bar (plus a few rarely-trafficked side bars,) bathroom attendants, and the Studio at Webster Hall, a smaller venue-within-a-venue home mostly to tiny Brooklyn bands. Attendees are usually too entranced by the spinning stage lights to notice the multi-culti hieroglyphic hodgepodge lining the venue’s wall; the upstairs unisex bathroom- complete with checkered, hop-style design and blackboard walls and chalk sticks on a string to encourage scrawled musings from stall occupants- is harder to ignore. Most importantly the house sound system’s crisp low end refuses to be ignored.








nya is an Irish singer – songwriter from the beautiful island of Ireland. Known for its whimsical and natural aesthetics Ireland has produced many fantasies of fables and fairytales. Enya has produced music to resonate that ethereal environment and to emulate its beauty. Her vocals have always been layered for dramatic and echoing affects, as string instruments soothe the melody along to the harmonies. She has been recognized internationally for her unique sweet sounds. The light that is brought about by listening to her music destroys any worries the mind has been commiserating and leaves the listener with a positive and spiritual feeling. So why did her thunder suddenly subside, and her presence was paused? Enya has taken a hiatus but has released a statement recently on her website that her and her partners; Roma and Nicky are back in the studio working on their latest album. They are the original team that brought you her previous famed albums as well as helped Enya write the score for “The Frog Prince” . There is much anticipation for Enya’s new album, and new sound. Word has it that she is working on songs for movies and soundtracks as well on the side. Her music is transcendental when played against the scenes from Lord of the Rings, and the Frog Prince. She recorded two songs for the Lord of the Rings movies that resonated magic and mystery in each harmony. Her album Watermark recently celebrated its 25 year anniversary. “I could have been more famous if I did all the glitzy things, but celebrity always seemed so unnecessary... Fame and success are very different things, anyway.” -Enya for The Times Magazine, 2005 Her usual style of complete privacy away from the public keeps her fans waiting for more. Her new album is anticipated to drop within the next year. Her success comes with every album she creates, and for Enya, that’s enough.


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