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LETTER F MISSION STATEMENT “New Sound Magazine spotlights both young, talented artists that have the potential to become the next big name in the music industry, and the truly brilliant bands which already have. We’re finding the voice you’ll fall in love with, the song you’ll play over and over, the concert you won’t want to miss.”


ZENAE D. ZUKOWSKI SENIOR PRODUCER Dear Readers, Young talented artists are being discovered by the day. Quite a few have began their career using a simple webcam to post their music on YouTube or performed in front of a crowd of five at open mic nights. These musicians are filled with drive, dedication and of course passion. That’s how they got their foot in the door in the music industry; they never gave up on their dreams. NewSound magazine’s fourteenth edition is filled with different new artists from across the globe. You will read about their spectacular journey and learn how each artist sung their way to the top. Get ready to listen to their stories, hear their sounds and find inspiration of your own. Opportunity is knocking on all doors. Maybe you will be the next NewSound that will be discovered. Enjoy reading about the NewSounds of today.

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rowners formed in 2011 by Matt Hitt, who originally moved to NY to pursue a modeling career. His constant writing and jamming inspired him to form a full time band and that’s how Drowners began. The remaining members are Jack Ridley, Erik Lee Snyder and Joe Brodie. They released their first EP Between Us Girls in February 2013. Slightly under a year later Drowners self titled debut album was released in January 2014 via Frenchkiss Records. Music these days have come into a full circle of inspiration. All bands are influenced by another artist in one shape or the other. Drowners are categorized as Indie rock yet they are a mix between Brit-pop and Post Punk. Their debut album brings back the ‘Long Hair’ 80s sounds of The Smiths along with the beginning of the millennium beats of The Strokes. There’s also hints of The Libertines, The Vaccines and a small touch of Oasis. The songs are about 2-3 minutes each in length which makes the full album just under 30 minutes with a total of 12 tracks. There’s nothing drowning in any of their music; it remains fun catchy and enjoyable. The songs are all short, sweet and to the point including the lyrics. There is not a single dull chord. The guitar riffs are full of energy and the old time poppy punk sound is heard to any listeners enjoyment. Each song will get people to dance, and simply enjoy


what they are listening to. It’s there to cheer anyone up from their everyday monotonous life and routine. Drowners opens up with ‘Ways to Phrase Rejection’ and it will take you back to The Strokes Is This It in an instant.Hitt’s vocals even sound like Julian Casablancas’ from the Strokes. The track sets up the mood for the rest of the album and puts you in a time warp to the 80s, 90s and the early 00s. The next track, ‘Long Hair’ is a fun song with it’s repetitive sing along lyrics, “All the girls had long hair. All the boys had long hair. And you were missing out.” ‘Luv Hold Me Down’ is the hit single from Drowners and it is another fun and catchy song. ‘Well, People Will Talk’ is filled with dark lyrics such as, “I drove myself to death, wondering about who you woke up with, how much fun is it?” yet it makes any listener want to sing along to it with a smile as though it was about happiness. All songs in Drowners remains upbeat and entertaining. Their lyrics are about struggles with old loves and relationships yet performed in a way to show that everyone should move on from it all. One should not dwell and to always live their life to the fullest. You will want to get up and enjoy each and every song. Drowners is filled with great energy and light that it will be played more than once. It’s just that good! Once the album stops you will only want to listen to it again. Have a listen and enjoy it!





he nineteen year old Scottish SingerSongwriter Nina Nesbitt started her career as a young independent musician, posting her music on YouTube. In 2011 she signed with Universal Media Group and slowly but surely worked on her masterpiece. Five EP’s later, her full length debut album has been born, Peroxide in February 2014. There’s also a follow up EP which was released in April self titled as Nina Nesbitt. Nesbitt has the complete package showing her beauty inside and out. Between her gorgeous blond hair, her doll like face and her inspirational music about love, heartache and the hardships of growing up. Her diverse skills are also commendable such as her voice, guitar, flute and piano. One might say she is the next Aimee Mann. Aimee Mann’s earlier music for example the Magnolia soundtrack has songs about growing up, learning to ‘Wise Up’ or to ‘Save Me’, or even the simple fact that “One’s the loneliest number”. Their voices both have a mix of folklore, soul, vibrant and catchy beats and their songs are very relatable to any listener. Peroxide puts Nesbitt on a different level than most pop singer-songwriters. Each track expresses a different experience and emotion that one can reflect on and connect to with their own life.





Peroxide opens up with ‘Peroxide’, a song that Nesbitt came up with during her restless and sleepless nights. It’s her own metaphor on relationships with it’s love and hate, good and bad struggles. Nesbitt includes current technology and communication in her lyrics including the opening to this track, “You’re like a junk email in my inbox. Keep coming back, Keep coming back.” No one seems to like their spam emails nor communication with an ex from any bad break up. ‘Selfies’ is another track that showcases current technology. The simple fact that presently people rely and practically live on the internet. They will take a photo of who they want other’s to see them as even though its not their true selves. Nesbitt wanted to emphasis this in her ‘Selfies’ song to show that people take these nice pictures in order to feel better about who they are. The lyrics however, describes it as a last desperate attempt to get an ex back. Her words such as, “Sitting in my bedroom tonight. Thinking of how to change your mind. Since you walked out my life again. Yeah. So I strike a pose and tilt my chin and hold the light to suit my skin. Your favorite t-shirt on again.” This is an honest song of young heartbreak and not wanting to let go of anyone’s first love. It is a true representation of what people are doing currently to hold onto what they lost and cannot change. Peroxide is not only about gloom, pain and loss of a relationship. For instance, ‘Stay Out’, is not a stranger to any Nesbitt listeners out there. This was originally in her fourth EP Stay Out. It has also made it to the top 40 singles chart list in the UK. It has a catchy and upbeat tempo along with it’s judgemental yet observational lyrics. It’s about staying out late and observing all of the different crowds such as, “He’s got a Rolling Stones tee but he only knows one song. They think their from the sixties but they were born in 1991;” and “She thinks she’s in Barbados but outside it’s minus three.” The song is hilarious and yet true, it would make anyone want to go out and observe the crowds of today. ‘Mr. C’ is another fun and catchy song. It’s laughable and entertaining especially when she sings, “You think I like you ‘cause you bought me a drink. But I’m just short of cash and able to wink.” Through Nesbitt’s traveling, and promoting her work she has lost touch with many of her friends and definitely her old life. ‘Two worlds


away’ is about growing up. No matter who you are trying to be at any age, you are always “Two worlds away” from who you will become. Nesbitt had no idea she would be where she is today. It was just yesterday that she was, “With my friends who were my friends but I didn’t know.” She emphasizes these feelings more in ‘We’ll be back for more’ and ‘18 candles’. ‘We’ll Be Back for More’ is about losing touch with her old friends and feeling a bit lonely in her new life since she’s currently always on the go. Where in ‘18 candles’ Nesbitt is giving advice to the youth on the hardships of growing up explaining that, “Emotions like a pick ‘n’ mix. Don’t know what you’re gonna get. You’re crying to the mirror now. It’s all just in your head. Oh, oh it’s just begun.” Nesbitt shows her angrier side in ‘Tough Luck’ and ‘The Outcome’. She was feeling a bit bitter when writing both songs. ‘The Outcome’ was written shortly after she went through a breakup. She’s telling the person that it’s black or white, there is no grey area, it’s all or nothing. Nesbitt puts her foot down in both tracks. Nina has been in contact with the band Kodaline. She always had an interest in their music and she was able to get them to collaborate with her on the track ‘Hold You.’ That is a very catchy song. However, the best track on the album happens to be Nesbitt’s personal favorite,‘The Hardest Part’. It’s just Nesbitt and her guitar on this track. It was one of the last songs written and it’s based on a combination of everything that she has felt during the process of Peroxide. It’s a terrific acoustic piece and perhaps her strongest song yet. The writing is very powerful and to the point, “Pretend you’re happy, pretend we’re fine. I guess it’s easier after all this time. Talk about someone else then look in my eyes. I know you still hold on to us inside.” It is a crowd pleaser yet one should bring tissues after hearing this one live. It’s just that good. Peroxide is all about growing up. People will experience love, heartache, pain, joy, and different friendships. Life is a journey and Peroxide is Nesbitt’s road of personal experience. Her music will inspire the youth, reminisce with the older audience and all crowds will be in complete awe by her voice. Nesbitt has a promising future and Peroxide is a great debut album for this young singer-songwriter.


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he Brooklyn NY band Widowspeak began in 2010 as a four piece that consisted of Molly Hamilton, Robert Earl Thomas, Michael Stasiak and Pamela Gerabano-Coolbaugh. Shortly after their debut album Widowspeak they went from a quartet to a duo. Oddly enough the founder Stasiak was one of them along with Pamela. Typically when members split especially founding members, they would either find replacements or break up completely. Molly and Robert decided to stay and to start from scratch to see where they can go as a duo. That was how their second album Almanac was made. Widowspeak went from a grunge country sound to a more folk, film score tone. Musical scores especially in David Lynch films are a big influence on the latest and greatest sounds of Widowspeak. Their latest EP The Swamps is a mix between a stronger Almanac and a sample of their next full length album (due to release in the near future). The Swamps was released in late October 2013 and has six fearful and yet optimistic tracks. Molly’s whispers adds a haunting tone while Robert’s fragile guitar work adds a dreamy and ambient rhythm. ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ indulges a lot of ambiance yet it has a folklore edge. It sounds like The xx but more country. The track is very

slow but it’s not dull at all. It remains dreamy and edgy and it makes the listeners beg for more. ‘Calico’ is the least ambient and dreamy track on the EP. It starts out very smooth and calm with Molly’s soprano pitched voice. It is more of a Country Western tale on losing the simple life. Where the home, love and life that you had is now lost. It’s a more adult version of a natural break up. With lyrics of the redundant household duties such as, “Your house was a good one. Though the yard was overgrown. And your shirts were all tailored. And my dresses were all calico. Oh, your bed was always covered. The black pants you wouldn’t ware. That was part of the pattern. And it fit just like it should.” The rest of the tracks; ‘Theme from the Swamps’, ‘Brass Bed’, ‘True Believer’ and ‘The Swamps’, remain consistently dreamy, country along with hints of nostalgia. Each song flows very well together. There’s a mix of darkness, gothic and country elements yet it remains in tune with a mystical and upbeat flow. If you like David Lynch films and music from The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees and even The xx, you will enjoy The Swamps. It’s a great preview to see what the duo Widowspeak are going to bring next.






veryone has heard the adage “you can do anything you set your mind to.” R&B fusion duo Nico & Vinz are living proof that this is true, and want to inspire others to do the same. “It is important for us to inspire,” says Vinz in a statement on the band’s website. “We sing about things we’ve been going through and about finding ourselves. To us it’s important to have a message, and the goal for us is to inspire people to find happiness.” The duo does this with the personal approach they take with their music. Take their hit single ‘Am I Wrong’ for example. ‘Am I Wrong,’ with it’s introspective lyrics and easy-sounding blend of smooth R&B, pop, and African beats, also highlights a struggle the duo was feeling during it’s recording. In an interview with FaceCulture, Nico relates that the song is about people doubting their success. “I know that I’ve always believed in the dream ever since I was a kid. But there were doubts from people around us, and that sometimes can affect you....So that’s the foundation of the song, to inspire people, to encourage people to follow their hearts, follow their dreams, follow their gut feeling, what they want to do. We’ve been through the same thing, so somebody can do the exact same thing we have done.”


They try to provide the same kind of hope with their videos. ‘Am I Wrong’ was shot in Botswana with the intention of showing the happier side of African living. Says Vinz in their bio, “We said let’s go there and make a video that really projects the positivity and joy and good energy that’s in Africa, not always the negative stuff.”



Formed by Nico Sereba and Vincent Dery, the Norwegian R&B-fusion duo has been spreading their good vibes around the world since 2010, first as Envy, and most recently as Nico & Vinz. Nico describes the name change in a video on their YouTube channel, saying “we want to connect with you guys on a more personal level, which is why we call ourselves by our real names.” Coming from both African and Norwegian heritage, the duo incorporates their varied influences into their music, with a sound resembling The Police meets Akon meets an African drum circle. Since releasing ‘Am I Wrong’ on April 4, Nico & Vinz has been rapidly climbing the US charts, and gaining millions of fans seemingly overnight. In the span of a month, the song has became the most added on Top 40 radio for April. As of May 22, the song sits at number 2 on the US iTunes song chart, number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 18 on the Billboard Pop chart. The video for the song currently has over 13 million views on YouTube. Even before taking off in the US, Nico & Vinz have been thrilling fans all over Scandinavia and western Europe for years. As Envy, the band released a mixtape, Dreamworks: Why Not Me, in 2010, and their debut album, The Magic Soup and the Bittersweet Faces, in 2012, which contained the hip-hop influenced hit single ‘One Song.’ ‘One Song’ reached number 19 on the Norwegian singles chart and won them a Spellemann Award (akin to a Norwegian Grammy) for best video. When the duo released ‘Am I Wrong’ in June 2013, the song went a combined 20X platinum in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Their latest single, ‘In Your Arms,’ which is only available in Scandinavia, has already peaked at number 4 in Norway. After winning a European Border Breaker Award in 2014, the duo realized that they could branch out overseas and win over even more fans. Nico & Vinz are currently working on a new album, titled Black Star Elephant, which will be released later in the year. As Nico & Vinz keep climbing higher, it’s refreshing to hear something genuine and inspiring on the radio amidst shallow pop. Get ready to hear a lot more from them in the next few months.












ou might not know her yet, but Amelia Lily is poised to become the next big pop star.

At just 19, Lily has become a force to reckon with on the UK music charts. Out of the three singles she has released over the last two years, two have cracked the top 10 on Billboard’s UK music chart. Her first single, “You Bring Me Joy,” released in 2012, peaked at number 2 and has over 11 million video views on YouTube. Last year, her second single, “Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got),” reached number 8. Influenced by P!nk and Kelly Clarkson, Lily builds on the traditional pop sound, adding bits of rock and EDM to the mix. It’s the kind of pop music that grabs you and pulls you onto the dance floor. Pulsing beats lay a solid foundation for each of Lily’s uptempo songs, similar to the euro-dance hits of the mid 2000s. This is particularly true for ‘Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got),’ which combines a gritty rock sound a la Paramore or Automatic Loveletter with a pulse that makes you feel like the room is shaking. Lily’s vocal lends itself well to pop, at times evoking hints of Katy Perry (‘You Bring Me Joy’) and Kelly Clarkson (‘Party Over’). Getting her big break on the 2011 edition of The X Factor UK, Lily became a crowd favorite early on in the competition. During her season, she was the first person eliminated from her coach’s, Kelly Rowland, team. However, when the opportunity to return to the show arose from the disqualification of fellow contestant Frankie Cocozza, she was chosen in a nationwide vote to return in week six. Lily continued to be a favorite of both the judges and fans, surviving the next four rounds and making it to the finals. Her powerful vocal performances got her to the

third place spot, just behind runner-up Marcus Collins, and winner Little Mix. Lily never saw her elimination as a problem. “The journey on that show was such a rollercoaster,” Lily told Digital Spy in a 2012 interview. “I don’t think I could explain to anyone how difficult it was to go out on week one, miss five weeks of shows and be brought back in. I actually think now it was the best thing that could have happened, because while I was out I could connect with a real audience.” As for her debut album, the world will have to wait just a little bit longer. Signed to Sony Records offshoot Xenomania mere months after ‘The X Factor’ ended, Lily was set to release her debut album, Be A Fighter, back in February 2014 after many push backs. The album was already up for pre-order when the announcement came that it was being scrapped in order for Lily to go back into the studio to work on more songs. “I didn’t want to release something that I wasn’t 100% happy with,” Lily told Digital Spy in October 2013. “I feel like I’ve learned a lot from being in the industry for the past two years and I’ve gone back in and I know exactly what kind of direction of music I want to do.” On May 22, Lily announced that she will be releasing a new single in the near future. She is currently scheduled to perform at Chilfest in Tring, England on July 6, and the Pinkfield Festival in Yorkshire, England on August 30. If her singles are any indication, Amelia Lily might just become the next big thing. “I’m looking forward to people hearing my new music, and hopefully it won’t disappoint you all!” said Lily to Digital Spy in October. “It’ll be worth the wait, I promise you.”



This Birdy’s Gonna Fly


ike a bird chirping outside the window on a spring morning, it’s possible you’ve heard teenage singer-pianist Birdy without recognizing it. Remember a beautiful melancholy cover of Bon Iver’s ‘Skinny Love’ on Vampire Diaries? The piano ballad ‘Just a Game’ from The Hunger Games? What about the Mumford & Sons song ‘Learn Me Right’ from Brave? Then you’ve listened to Birdy. You’ll be listening to more of her soon, though you’ll know who she is next time. Birdy is the stage name of Jasmine van den Bogaerde, an 18-year-old singer-songwriter-pianist best known for that haunting cover of ‘Skinny Love’ from her debut self-titled album released in 2011. Birdy grew up on the English countryside and started teaching herself to play piano at age seven. Putting the work in early has clearly paid off for the young singer, who


began her music career by winning the music competition Open Mic UK at the ripe old age of twelve. Understandably for an artist so young, Birdy spent her first record still trying to find her sound. The album consists almost entirely of covers, as while Birdy had written her own material before she wasn’t yet confident enough to include much of it on her first album. But unlike most artists so young, Birdy’s debut album exploded, with singles being used on TV and movies, climbing the charts in Australia and Europe. Also unlike many artists so young, the record is quite good, with pretty piano covers of indie rock songs from bands like the xx, Phoenix, and Cherry Ghost. What Birdy’s first album does have in common with her young peers is that it doesn’t tell us much about who she is as an artist.





p hotos court es y of bir dy

But now Birdy is ready to spread her wings and show the world her true self. Her second album, Fire Within, was released in Europe last fall and is pending release in North America later this year. On Fire Within Birdy doesn’t hide under the craftsmanship of others to display her haunting, pretty voice and tinkling piano melodies. Though it’s technically her second album, Birdy refers to Fire Within as her “second debut,” since this is the first time the young artist has presented a full body of her own songs. And she doesn’t disappoint. Fire Within’s singles, ‘Wings’ and ‘Light Me Up’ are even more impressive when one considers the immense growth they show in the mere 18 months between Birdy’s first and second records. ‘Wings’ has Birdy’s signature piano-driven melancholy at its center, but she’s also managed write a catchy hook, emphasized by the additional instrumentation. ‘Light Me Up’ sees Birdy shedding the piano almost completely, instead using dance rhythms and an upbeat pop melody not seen in her previous efforts; there is no melancholy here. It does seem like a move towards more commercially appealing pop music, but if Lorde has shown us anything, a young female pop star can make smart music within the genre while retaining commercial appeal. Birdy would do well to do look to someone like Lorde while taking the next pivotal steps in her career. Birdy toured with pop singer-songwriter

Christina Perri through the end of May and doesn’t have any more dates currently scheduled, but you can expect that she won’t avoid touring to stay holed up in the studio. “The passion and emotion that I feel, that I need to feel, when I’m singing doesn’t always come across in a vocal booth,” Birdy says in an interview posted on her website. “Being in the same room with the band, exchanging looks, pulling together for the song, all playing live, that’s when I feel it…” She’s keeping the momentum going by contributing the track ‘Tee Shirt’ to the soundtrack of the highly anticipated movie The Fault in Our Stars. The film, adapted from a highly popular young adult novel about a teenage girl with terminal cancer, stars one of the biggest new female teen stars Shailene Woodley. The young female audience the movie will draw is basically the perfect venue for Birdy to target potential new fans, and the morose subject matter is just begging for one of her piano ballads to tug on the heartstrings. So Birdy’s gotten the start. She’s got a record deal, her music has gained attention from being used in popular TV shows and movies, you may even recognize that ‘Skinny Love’ cover, but the looming question is, “now what?” Birdy needs to prove that her songwriting can and will grow into something unique enough to warrant continued attention when amazement at her age inevitably wears off.






he band Deas Vail never planned on becoming big but we as listeners are extremely glad that they did. They pour out inspiring and relatable tracks that can touch just about anyone. Deas Vail is an indie rock band from Arkansas who met at Arkansas Tech University close by where the members lived, in Russellville. The group consists of five members, Wesley Blaylock (Lead vocals & Piano), Laura Blaylock (Backup Vocals, Keyboards & Synthesizers), Justin Froning (Bass Guitar), Andy Moore (Guitar) and Wes Saunders (Drums & Percussion). The band formed in 2003 and started off small but over time their fan base grew tremendously, especially when they signed to Mono Vs Stereo records. Mono Vs Stereo records are mainly known for initially signing the band Relient K who now has ownership of the label. Relient K is a household name for many Christian rock fans or pop punk fans in general. In fact, the band

Deas Vail could also be considered Christian rock because a lot of their music is influenced by their faith. Nonetheless, this band seems to have a song for everyone and they hold such significance in their music which makes it enormously hard not to enjoy. Deas Vail was formed by front man Wesley Blaylock who started performing acoustic tracks that he had written on his own time. According to an interview with Indie Vision Music, “the band began as a backing” for the songs that the musician had previously written, testing out the waters on how everyone blended with one another. The group ended up doing demos and playing local shows in Arkansas. Since the band started as an experiment among a group of friends, they never planned on it becoming a possible career. It wasn’t until the band got noticed at one of their shows, which changed everything for the group and their future.


Deas Vail was signed in 2005 by Brave New World Records, who gave them their first break into the music industry. After several years of touring the band had the opportunity to get into the studio and make magic happen. In 2005, they released their first full length album titled This Place Is Painted Red. After gaining experience in the recording studio, the band kept their creative juices flowing and put their music career in full throttle. In fact, the band put out music consecutively from their debut in 2005 all the way to 2008. Something that sets Deas Vail apart from other bands is their persistence of wanting to put out good music in a timely matter. They also formed a pattern where they release an album followed by an EP. This all started in 2006 when they released their first EP, Collapse followed by their second full length in 2007, All The Houses Look The Same. In 2008 lead singer Wesley and backup vocalist Laura got married and the band released their second EP, White Lights. However, it wasn’t until the group broke away from Brave New World Records and signed to Mono Vs Stereo in 2009 where everything changed for the better. The piano focused rock band went back to the studio in 2010, except this time under their new label and the partnership proved to be successful with their album Birds and Cages. Birds and Cages is their third studio album and it’s unlike anything they have done before. Deas Vail has ventured into a bigger and more complex sound, “The recording turned out a lot fuller overall. The first record had a lot of emptiness and that was really nice, but the difference is that this record just has a lot more sound”, explains Wesley Blaylock in an interview with indie Vision Music. The tracks on Birds and Cages are very thought provoking and as a whole truly displays how talented Wesley and the band really are. The title of the album is a metaphor thought out by the group to represent us as people being stuck in cages but also having the choice to set ourselves free. “The idea is that we are like birds that are stuck in cages but we are not locked in the cages. We are captured by our own vices and held there by apathy or ignorance. That’s kind of what the record is about. Shedding some light on the fact that we hold ourselves down a lot”, Wesley explains. Birds and Cages is very relatable and it is considered to be their breakout album. They now have a wider fan base. When listening to a song, people look to identify with the lyrics. The honest lyricism from Deas Vail is evident and most importantly, enjoyable. The most powerfully written and vocalized tracks on the album are unsurprisingly, ‘Cages’ and “Birds’. Wesley Blaylock describes the track ‘Birds’ to Indie Vision Music as a song that, “switches during the middle of the song and changes gears. It defines who we are musically. We are somewhat dynamic, and that’s how we try to write. It’s really fun to play too.” The album has gained so much publicity that the band landed tours with well-known names in the music industry such as Lights, Mae and Owl City. After their successful third studio album, Deas Vail gained high expectations for their future releases. The band vowed to carry over their breakout success of 2010 to 2011, so they went back in the studio, hard at work. They released their third EP in 2011, Under Our Skin, which is just a taste of what their upcoming album will sound like. Later on in the same year, the band put out their fourth album which is selftitled. Deas Vail has overwhelming positive reviews and consistent standout tracks; ‘Summer Forgets Me’, ‘Sixteen’ and ‘Desire’. Usually when a band is titled as being Christian or having Christian faith, it makes some people think they are limited as a band. However, one of the best attributes of Deas Vail is that they do not try to sell on the fact they are labeled Christian. Lead singer Wesley explains in an interview with Fuse that “musically and artistically it is a part of who we are but we don’t really market as a Christian band.” Deas Vail recently released their fourth EP, The Side Effect in 2012. According to, the band had said the compilation of songs on the EP were songs that didn’t make it on their self-titled record but were still “special to” them and needed “the attention they deserved.” “We’re proud to finally get these songs out to our fans”, said Wesley Blaylock. Deas Vail has a bright future ahead of them, with their soothing vocals in combination of their talented instrumental performance. They should have no difficulties cultivating excellence on any of their future releases and the band should be proud of their growth and just how far they’ve come.




incan ab









ncan Abraham is a quartet of childhood friends whose music explores the themes of childhood, innocence, and spontaneity. The group’s debut album, Tolerance, was released in April. They’ve been building buzz since by touring regularly outside their native Los Angeles, including a stint at South by Southwest. The question of childhood stays front and center in the band’s artwork and videos as well as their descriptions of themselves on their website. The cover art of Tolerance features a young boy hanging completely out the window of a yellow station wagon driving through mountains. The music video for the single ‘Tuolumne’ , showcases the group fixated on male coming-of-age, as we watch a young man toting a rifle through the desert and stealing some black eggs from a previously-vanquished adversary, only to use them in a bizarre mating ritual with a woman who seems to be the post-apocalyptic society’s goth dreamgirl ruler. The naivety that comes with youth lends itself to a certain cluelessness regarding danger, and this idea of putting oneself in harm’s way because you’re too young to know any better is clearly something the band is interested in exploring. The members of Incan Abraham may have known each other since childhood, but they didn’t start playing music seriously until faced with the harsh reality of getting real jobs post college graduation. Berklee-trained singer and multiinstrumentalist Guiliano Pizzulo, singer-guitarist Teddy Cafaro, and bassist Spencer Mandel had been friends since kindergarten, growing up together in Los Angeles. College separated the gang, but once they completed their studies they decided to give music a shot before resigning themselves to careers and adulthood. The trio along with Pizzulo’s drummer roommate Andrew Clinco moved to a cabin in New York state for the summer to develop their sound without distractions. Pizzulo added a big spread of electronics to the guitar he studied so seriously, and Clinco began experimenting with bongos and tropical-inspired rhythms. The group describe themselves as Lost Boys, the tropical influence lending itself to the kind of unfettered wildness associated with childhood run amok. The band says on their Facebook page that Tolerance sees them channeling, “their finger painted past in their debut LP, fusing Lost Boys tribal energy with guitar, synth, and harmony vocal soundscapes that arc and circle like bikes in desert

washes.” The record was produced by Lewis Pesacov, who has also worked with the likes of Best Coast and Fool’s Gold. Incan Abraham have already won the indie jackpot with a positive review of the single ‘Springhouse,’ released on their Springhouse EP that preceded Tolerance, from the top indie authority Pitchfork. “They’ve made it past their mirror stage, and learned the right lessons about rhythmic elasticity, textural curiosity, and instrumental democracy,”wrote Pitchfork’s Ian Cohen. The video for the single ‘Concorde’ like ‘Tuolumne,’ explores themes of a male childhood, with a young boy playing with a rocket and dreaming of “speeding away” into space. ‘Concorde’ is more of a straight-forward rock song and less experimental than ‘Tuolumne.’ The latter song with its heavy, throbbing synth is more unique, but like its bizarre video could be a bit alienating to some listeners. ‘Concorde’ is definitely more radio friendly; ‘Tuolumne’ is more compelling in regards to the band’s long-term potential. Though they represent a new guard in indie music, the band is still heavily nostalgic, for old forms of technology as well as their own childhoods. They use lots of electronics and synthesizers, but Tolerance was recorded entirely in analogue and the vinyl edition of the album is promoted on their website as being “glistening,”alongside digital options without flashy adjectives. Incan Abraham announced a month-long summer tour on May 20 with dates scheduled throughout June around the United States. Tickets and tour dates can be found on the band’s website. The band’s music brings up questions about the coming-ofage of their entire genre. Incan Abraham looks to groups like Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear for their influences rather than older groups like Sonic Youth or Pavement. It’s hard not to think of MGMT’s monster hit ‘Kids’ when listening to Incan Abraham’s synth-heavy childhood-fixated songs. Youth infuses their music to its core, but Incan Abraham aren’t teenyboppers or child prodigies, they’re just a new, promising band that makes one think about what the future of rock and roll will look like in the hands of young synthwielding men contemplating their childhoods. If ‘Tuolumne’ is a sign of things to come, then we’re in good hands with these wild boy leaders.






2C (Coups2Cross) is a collaboration group of four French native DJ’s. The members are DJ Atom (Thomas Le Vexier), DJ Pfel (Pierre Forestier), DJ Greem (Guillaume Jaulen), and 20syl (Sylvain Richard). The group formed back in 1998. They met during their high school years in Nantes, France. Their inspiration comes from the works of DJ Qbert and DJ Shadow who are the founders of “turntablism.” Turntablism is the art of manipulating sounds and creating music via direct-drive turntables and a DJ mixer. The members of C2C developed a strong passion to become DJ’s and shared the same musical influences. Their common interest and goals brought them to C2C. They pursued their dream and are now leading their unforgettable mark in the music scene. Both DJ 20syl and DJ Greem bonded over the love for hiphop, jazz, soul and funk music. In turn, the two formed a band in 1995 called Hocus Pocus, which peaked in popularity throughout the 90’s. Hocus Pocus is a very successful and unique hip-hop group widely known in Europe. They earned two nominations for their music at the Grammy’s in France. Meanwhile, DJ Atom and DJ pFeL created a rock oriented group called Beat Torrent, which toured all over the world. When C2C officially formed they included elements from both bands with music genres such as; hip-hop, jazz, soul, funk, and of course some rock and roll. The difference is they added an electro swing to it all, and it works.


C2C gained a lot of recognition for developing their own unique musical execution. What sets C2C apart from other turntablists is that the members of the group use their turntables as different instruments. For their music, the group records different instruments, such as drums, bass, and guitar, which they use to get what their website describes as, “their elusive seventies sound.” When the group was interviewed by MixMag, a magazine that focuses solely on EDM and club music, C2C stated that their writing formula is quite simple. DJ Greem said, “The basis is the fat beats and the big bass.” C2C reached their stardom before recording a debut album in the studio. They won the respected DMC team championships and were considered world champions, four years in a row. The French fourpiece won between the years of 2003 and 2006 for their exceptional skills and creative technique behind the DJ booth. Winning several years in a row is a major breakthrough for the group and being in the DJ hall of fame gives them the platform to continue on with a substantial amount of supporters. C2C reached an acclaim amount of exposure, they signed with On and On Records and were ready to go into the studio to record their first EP. Their debut EP, Down the Road (January 23, 2012) consisted of five tracks; ‘Down the Road’, ‘Arcades’, ‘The Beat’, ‘F•U•Y•A’ and ‘Someday’. The song, ‘Down the Road’ was used as the lead single and it’s a big hit in Belgium and the Netherlands. Additionally, it climbed its way to the number one spot on the music charts in France. The song took a while to gain popularity in the United States but once U.S listeners got a hold of it, the demand for it grew rapidly. It was also featured in the 2013 Dr.Pepper commercial. It’s also in the 2014 action-comedy, Ride Along starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. After the success of their first EP, C2C was ready to compose their first album. That’s when Tetra was born. On September 3, 2012 the group released their debut full length album, Tetra. It has a total of fourteen tracks, a compilation of both old songs from the EP and some new shiny hits. Tetra landed C2C two 2013 European Border Breaker Awards such as: The Laureate for France award and the Public’s Choice award. Tetra also won all four of their nominations at the 2013 French Grammy’s, which included the following categories; Best New Artist, Best Music Video and Best Live Show. It is highly recommended to see C2C play live. They use an LED light display system which brings an engaging dynamic to their set. Many of their tour dates have been sold out because of this reason and the group believes that visual representation plays a huge part of captivating their audience. When MixMag asked about how the group enhances their live performances, DJ pFeL said “Every time we drop a sound there will be a visual, it brings another dimension to the show.” Popular C2C tracks are “Happy (feat. Olivier Daysoul)”, “Arcades”, “Delta” and “Down the Road”. If you are a fan of Daft Punk, EDM or just trying to explore new music then don’t forget to check out the talented group C2C because they just might be coming to a club near you.




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hlöe Howl is a British singer/songwriter who took the UK over by storm when she released her debut EP Rumour (2013), via Columbia Records. Her vibrant and unique energy makes her stand out more than other young artists. She is a true gem and her short hair says it all with her “I just want to be myself” philosophy. Her voice and independent attitude reminds you of the legendary Amy Winehouse. Amy Winehouse was someone who was never afraid to be herself, she had no reason to sugar coat; and neither does Howl. Over the years there have been artists who would hide their true selves in order to gain exposure towards the youth. This would backfire with the artists’ instant rebellion as the truth came out in a darker light. These drastic changes only lead to disappointment with the public and confuse the younger generation’s idea as to what a role model is. However, Chlöe does not hold back on who she is and what message she wants to say to her fans. For instance her song ‘Rumour’ was about rumor’s she heard growing up and how to deal with them, “I’m just tryin’ to work out. How to be like myself.” Howl sends out an it’s ok to be tough, strong and true to oneself message. This makes her a great role model. Giving birth to a child is a day of exhaustion, happiness, glory and of course filled with a high adrenaline rush. Howl’s parents were most likely experiencing all of the above since they made a mistake on her birth certificate. Chlöe Howl was born in England on March 4th, 1995. Her parents accidentally used that umlaut above the letter “o” in her birth certificate. Perhaps it was fate after all to make her stand out from the crowd, from day one. Chlöe has been a huge music lover since she was a young girl. She started writing her own music at a very early age. When she was ten years old she recorded her very own Christmas album in order to raise funds for her school. By the time she was eleven she filmed a pilot for a music show called


“The Trollmates”, which changed her life forever. The filming of the show opened up many doors and opportunities for Howl. At such a young age she was able to tour around the world, visiting countries such as The United States and China. Her beautiful voice was also discovered by an American recording executive. At the age of 16, Chlöe parted ways with the show and school in order to take her singing career even further. Her choice was well made. Shortly after her gamble, Howl signed a record deal with Columbia Records. Chlöe honed her skills and made it to the recording studio to work on her big debut. In March 2013 the pop singer released her first EP titled Rumour. The EP consisted of four tracks; ‘Rumour’, ‘No Strings’, ‘Paper Heart’ and ‘Girls and Boys’. ‘No Strings’ is her first single from the EP. It was so well received that it made its way to the United States and was part of the soundtrack for the movie Kick-Ass 2. Howl’s second single, ‘Paper Heart’ is very catchy and edgy especially with her cut throat and truthful lyrics. Howl belts out, “It’s not me that you think you need. It’s not me cause we have torn apart. Let me go cause I need to breath, I won’t be screwed in your paper heart.” There’s no underlining meaning in her music, she says exactly how it is and what she wants. Chlöe Howl’s EP Rumour is a tremendous hit and success especially in the UK. She rightfully earned nominations such as BBC Sound of 2014 and Critics’ Choice Award for the 2014 BRIT Awards. She’s also included in iTunes New Artists of 2014. Her name is alongside artists, Sam Smith and Dan Croll. Chlöe currently has a few tour dates in Europe, supporting the famous UK Singer Ellie Goulding. Howl’s debut album, Chlöe Howl will be released in June, 2014 via Columbia Records. Go check her music out, she is worth a listen.








ritish sensation, Dan Croll gained attention when he won the Musicians Benevolent Fund’s 2011 Songwriter of the Year award. He recently released his first full-length debut album, Sweet Disarray, on Deram Records. The twenty three year old singer-songwriter is a former student at the Paul McCartney–supported Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, where he excelled academically before his musical career exploded. The British native grew up in a musical family where his mother sang, and his sister played the piano. Croll is a multitalented musician who can play a number of instruments including guitar, piano, bass, and drums. His wide range of influences and omnipresent sounds contribute greatly to his gentle harmonies and clear-cut voice. ‘From Nowhere’ is the first single release from his debut album, Sweet Disarray (March 10,2014). Croll teamed up with producer/engineer Joe Willis, to create this synth pop gem. His second single ‘Compliment Your Soul’ released in April of 2013, recently made it into the soundtrack of EA’s video game FIFA ‘14. Croll’s airy vocals, mellow guitar, and danceable beats make him an artist to check out. Croll shifts to a more relaxed vibe for the song ‘Sweet Disarray,’ which is about his grandmother who is suffering from dementia. This impressive finger-picking track, combined with Croll’s magnetic voice, make ‘Sweet Disarray’ one of the most unique songs in the entire album. With his debut album in full force, Croll looks ahead to the summer, where his live shows will take him full flight to places like Brooklyn, New York; Toronto, Ontario; Diepholz, Germany; and Cork, Ireland. Croll’s influences know no bounds, and his music is a direct indication of that. A few bands most closely associated with Croll’s act are these: The Neighbourhood, Youngblood Hawke, Chvrches, Bastille, and Of Monsters and Men. If you like any of these groups then you’ll love Dan Croll. He will be performing Sunday June 15th, at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York as part of the Northside Festival.




on’t be fooled by the name, Mr Little Jeans is no mister, but the stage name of Norwegian singer Monica Birkenes. Her debut album Pocketknife is a pretty brilliant bit of pop music deserving of a bit more attention than it’s received since being released in March. Birkenes took her stage name from a side character in Wes Anderson’s Rushmore. In 2011 she released a dark, synth-infused cover of Arcade Fire’s ‘The Suburbs’ that quickly racked up millions of hits on YouTube. It was even considered by some to surpass the original for the sense of paranoia her version lends the song. Not many can get a music journalist to say they’ve beaten Arcade Fire at their own game; but not much was heard from the singer in the three years since she made such a big splash until she released her first record this spring. Birkenes, who now resides in Los Angeles, told LA Weekly back when Pocketknife dropped that much of the time between the ‘Suburbs’ cover going viral and the album finally being completed was spent trying to secure a visa and find her sound. She kept a toe in the limelight by contributing music to TV, commercials, and popular movies including 21 Jump Street and Iron Man 3. Despite that literal commercialization, she retained her critical adoration, with critics often pointing to her Nordic background to explain the creepy


sense of the bizarre imbued in her sound. That was all a lot of hope to be placed on a singer whose debut record hadn’t even come out yet. Now Mr Little Jeans has released that album into a musical climate that has proven receptive to introspective, dark pop singers as an alternative to the pop superstars like Rihanna and Katy Perry that dominate the airwaves. Women like Lykke Li and Charlie XCX, both of whom Mr Little Jeans has been compared to, have helped create a weird pop underground consisting of dark, mysterious, ethereal women rather than scantily-clad, bubbly ones who post all their exploits on social media. Birkenes has a definite dark streak. Her throbbing synthesizers seem to capture the sound of dread. That darkness bleeds into her aesthetics, with the video for the record’s first single ‘Good Mistake’ featuring a druggedup truck driver’s late-night adventures. Such preoccupations make it hard to believe that this could be the same woman whose music has been used to advertise Honda’s automobiles, but if Birkenes can continue to walk the line between indulging her criticallyadored weirdness and lending her voice to the commercial ventures that want it, she stands the chance of building a highly successful pop career all without ever having to don a neon wig or indulge in a Twitter feud.







abrielle Aplin the English native, launched her career at the age of 14 by uploading her music to YouTube. She is an incredible young lady and a terrific influence to young people across the globe. She is a great example to the youth showing that hard work, dedication will truly pay off and be rewarded in the end. Between her 1960s style voice influenced by artists such as Karen Carpenter and Joni Mitchell, and her honest charm, people have fallen in love with her music. According to Aplin herself, her facebook page states that her genre is “ghosty pop/folk with hints of choirs and twinkly things! magicallll” This makes her more lovable because she adds her own personality to her descriptions.

record label in 2010 called Never Fade Records. She wanted to release her work independently to online sites such as iTunes. Aplin has self released four EPs under her own label: Acoustic EP (Sept 2010), Never Fade EP (May 2011), Home EP (Jan. 2012), English Rain EP (May 2014).

Gabrielle Aplin never had a single piano lesson, she learned it all on her own. She also plays the acoustic guitar. Aplin would record herself playing in areas of her home including the bathroom, and post mainly cover songs on YouTube. She did have quite a few original songs as well. Her early covers include artists, The Killers, Paramore, The Script, Radiohead and Counting Crows. She remains very truthful in her videos saying, “I’m just doing this for fun”, “You’re all probably going to hate this cover because it’s such a great song.”, “I’m feeling under the weather and I’m just bored.” Her honesty makes her more adorable and interesting to watch. She has well over 100 videos out on Youtube which are all worth checking out.

Aplin has been keeping herself very busy being on tour. She went from recording herself in her bathroom to playing live all over the world including Japan’s Greenroom festival. Aplin is also playing in the United States and has a few sold out shows already. Through the midst of her touring, she still manages to make time to upload videos on her YouTube channel. She recently released her latest video ‘A Case of You’ cover song which is on her latest EP, English Rain. The video is mainly her walking around the streets of London, it does have a 1970s feel as well. Gabrielle Aplin is definitely worth to check out. Her early videos are still on YouTube and you can see how much she has grown as an artist, and still growing. What’s best about her is that she’s doing this for fun, joy and the love of music.

Aplin, still in her teens, created her own

Her efforts paid off as an independent artist and publisher, by 2012 she signed with Parlophone Records. This began her cross over from internet sensation to being a famous pop star. She released her album in May 2013 entitled English Rain which includes the Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s song ‘The Power of Love’. Her debut album has mainly positive reviews by critics and fans worldwide.


Fender Stratocaster





ince its introduction into the musical has been the backbone behind The classic guitar was invented founded Fender before selling it to CBS Standard Mexican Stratocaster is one of sold today because of its versatility. The sing, so whether you are playing blues, sound out of this guitar.

world in 1954, the Fender Stratocaster many of rock ‘n’ rolls classic songs. by former accountant Leo Fender, who in the mid-sixties. Today the Fender the most popular model Stratocasters’ sleek, smooth playing guitar can really punk, funk, or rock you will get a great

The Fender Standard Stratocaster’s which has been the wood of choice since Parchment pick-guard. Alder has great This hardwood also has excellent sustain C-shape neck is available in rosewood neck’s come with 21 medium jumbo frets, Urethane finish covers the back of the neck, the headstock. At first glance, this guitar’s ‘n’ roll look.

solid-body design is made from Alder, the ‘50’s, and is protected by a 3-Ply tonal resonance, brightness, and balance. and a sharp attack. The thick, one-piece, or maple. Both the rosewood and maple and black/white position inlays. A Satin and a gloss finish is used on the face of vintage style makes for an authentic rock

Fender used their Standard clear sounds that really position pickup switch, and middle pickups. a 6-Saddle Vintagebridge and Vintage-style using the tremolo arm in-tune. The timeless look unmistakable sound make it should own. All the hardware helps brighten up the guitars

Single-Coil pickups that deliver crisp, jump through the amp. There’s a five and two knobs that control the neck The Mexican Stratocaster features style synchronized tremolo tremolo arm. Even after this guitar stays perfectly of a Stratocaster and its a guitar every enthusiast used has a chrome finish that aesthetic looks.

Fender Mexican the following color schemes: Sunburst, Candy Apple Midnight Wine. All bodies polyurethane gloss finish. Fender used their USA excellent tone and output price. It plays like a dream more expensive guitars, Mexican built Stratocaster. rock ‘n’ looks and classic Standard Mexican Stratocaster a

Stratocaster’s are available in Artic White, Black, Brown Red, Lake Placid Blue, and feature a high-luster For the finishing touch Bullet strings. This guitar’s makes it a steal for the and when compared to don’t count out the A combination of gritty vibrant tones make Fender’s great guitar. NEWSOUNDMAGAZINE.COM





hen you first discover new music, it may take a few listens to really enjoy or appreciate what you are listening to. However, upon the first listen of Bipolar Sunshine you will be immediately hooked and captivated by the style and message that the artist puts forth into his music. Adio Marchant who currently resides in Manchester UK, is known by his stage name Bipolar Sunshine. He is an up-and-coming musician who dabbles in the genres of pop and hip-hop. Previously, Adio was the covocalist of a six piece group called Kid British. The group was known for their witty social commentary and their vibrant performances. Kid British was a combination of several genres such as ska, indie rock, hip-hop and reggae. The group departed after a 3-4 year run (2009-2012) with five EP releases under their belt. They played their last gig in December 2012. The former Kid British member decided to do his own music and began his solo career in 2013, which is when Bipolar Sunshine was born.

which he managed to create only a few months later.

Adio Marchant has always had a passion for music but now he feels more liberated than ever by working on his solo project. When being interviewed through SlamxHype, Marchant said, “It’s a fresh start for myself, obviously being in Kid British for so long. I started making music late. I want people to hear exactly what I’m all about and exactly what I feel.” When asked about how his new sound compares to previous music with the group, Adio said, “Kid British was always social commentary. This is a lot more personal.” Marchant has put himself out there very openly through his music and as listeners we feel a strong personal connection to the young 29 year old singer. The name Bipolar Sunshine is not meant in a disrespectful or offensive way but rather, it is a juxtaposition that fits the music that the singer writes. The singer tries to present both dark and light hearted lyrics in his musical catalog. He reveals a side of himself showing that he is just as human as the rest of us; with his own trials, tribulations and happiness.

His most recent EP, Where Did The Love Go, is a remix that was released on April 13th 2014 and is made up of five tracks. Out of the five tracks, with the original being included, four of them are several different interpretations of the song ‘Where Did The Love Go’. This includes the Kirk Spencer, Friend Within, Leon T. Pearl and A-Minor remixes. The original version of ‘Where Did The Love Go’ has been featured on BBC Radio 1 and has continued to gain vast popularity. Bipolar Sunshine recently performed in the states for festivals such as South by Southwest music festival. After SXSW, Marchant returned to the United Kingdom to begin his first headlining tour.

Bipolar Sunshine is signed to his own Aesthetic Recordings label, an imprint of Polydor. He created his debut EP, Aesthetics on June 18, 2013. The EP consists of four tracks; ‘Rivers’, ‘Fire’, ‘Blossom’ and a Toyboy & Robin Remix of ‘Rivers’. The lead track off of the EP, ‘Rivers” became part of the iTunes Single of the Week. After gaining exposure as a newfound solo artist, Bipolar Sunshine wanted to keep the creative wheels turning and constructed another EP

Drowning Butterflies (Nov, 11 2013 release), is the follow up EP. It has four killer tracks; ‘Love More Worry Less’, ‘Drowning Butterflies’, ‘Trouble’ and the Woz Remix of ‘Love More Worry Less’. When choosing ‘Love More Worry Less’ as the singers lead single for the EP he explains to SXSW in an interview that the idea of the song came from a conversation that he had with himself. He faced an internal struggle of what he wanted to do in life and he questioned if his music would still be well received. When talking about the song, Adio said, “I got to the point last year where I thought, ‘Do you know what? You’re doing what you want to do. Go for it, enjoy it.’ You can spend all your time looking forward to things, anticipating them. But you have to enjoy that moment. Now I’m doing what loads of people dream of doing.” Us listeners are glad Bipolar Sunshine refused to compromise because in turn he continues to put out some very solid music.

Now that the artist has three EP’s under his belt and has officially begun his first headlining tour, you may ask, what’s next? Well, Bipolar Sunshine currently has a debut album in the works and it is near completion. He plans to release the album sometime later this year, which will definitely be something to look out for. In fact, if you have never heard of Bipolar Sunshine now is the time to become a fan and listen to his wide ranging catalog. From powerful songs such as ‘Love More Worry Less’, heartbreaking anthems like ‘Where Did The Love Go’ or, getting lost in the soothing sounds of the track ‘Drowning Butterflies’. However, as Marchant told SlamxHype, Bipolar Sunshine is most importantly about “having faith in whatever you’re doing and not caring about what everybody else is doing.”








egendary blues-punk duo The Kills, kicked off their string of summer dates in Nashville with a packed Friday night show at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville on May 30th. As always, long-time musical partners Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart’s trademark sexy chemistry had the audience transfixed through their hour and a half set. The Kills haven’t released an album since 2011’s critically acclaimed Blood Pressures, and though Mosshart recently promised Nashville Scene magazine that the pair are hard at work on their next record, no new material was unveiled at the Cannery show. The set list was composed mostly of favorites from Blood Pressures and 2008’s Midnight Boom, but included cuts from all four of the band’s records. They opened with ‘URA Fever,’ perhaps their most recognizable song and the closest thing the Kills have ever had to a “hit.” Some deep cuts were included also for those fans that know Mosshart and Hince from when they were still going by the nicknames “VV” and “Hotel,” like “Monkey 23” from their 2003 debut Keep On Your Mean Side. Mosshart worked the signature sexy swagger that makes her one of the most charismatic and badass frontmen in rock and roll. That’s right, front MEN. Mosshart is too talented a performer to be relegated to some “women in rock”sphere, as she can show up anyone male or female at keeping an audience’s attention. She does little more than shyly mutter “thank you” and spit on the floor between songs, but during them her

spazzy dance moves, scary stares, and throaty growl bring to mind a mix between Iggy Pop, Mick Jagger, and Patti Smith. Hince can’t match his musical soulmate in charisma, but he is an incredibly unique and underrated guitarist who along with a drum machine must provide the entire musical foundation over which Mosshart sings. The two have been musical partners for over a decade now and the love between them is palpable in every performance they give as they sing into the same microphone, kiss on the cheek, and watch each other perform with complete and utter admiration. Mosshart recently purchased a home in Nashville after spending much time in the city over the past few years fronting the Jack White supergroup the Dead Weather. That band has promised an album and a tour sometime in 2015, so the singer will be very busy bouncing between projects over the next year. As for the new Kills record, Mosshart wouldn’t give Nashville Scene any definite idea as to when it would be finished, but she did say that the only thing it will have in common with their previous efforts is that it’ll sound completely different from their other albums. The Kills’ tour dates through the rest of the summer include opening slots for Jack White, the Black Keys, Queens of the Stone Age, and the Arctic Monkeys, as well as festival stops including the Governor’s Ball in New York and Super Bock Festival in Portugal.








hen NewSound asked me to write an article about my favorite venue in Nashville, I knew I didn’t want to write yet another story about one of the touristy Broadway honkytonks –I don’t care that Patsy Cline and Hank Senior used to play there, they sure as hell aren’t playing there now. I didn’t want to write about the Bluebird Café – yes, it’s a songwriter’s mecca and you might get lucky enough to have someone who wrote one of Carrie Underwood’s hit singles (or even better and more inexplicably Dave Grohl) show up out of the blue, but it’s still too expensive and too hard to get in to go on a regular basis. The Ryman Auditorium’s beauty and history and acoustics are undeniable, but again, there’s no scene there. Tourists go to these places, they’re not where you go to find people who actually live here watching a great local band on a weeknight. Plus, anyone who actually lives here knows that over the bridge in East Nashville is where the interesting stuff is happening. So I decided to write about the weirdest and coolest venue on the east side. The East Room is off the beaten path even for East Nashville, in a building on Gallatin between a defunctlooking mechanic’s and a Subway. There’s no sign. The venue doesn’t advertise. In order to see the most interesting shows in East Nashville, you kind of just have to know where The East Room is, or at least know someone who knows where it is. I certainly felt a healthy dose of uncertainty the first time I went traipsing down the alleyway to the entrance by myself a couple months after moving to Nashville. But that secret vibe is something that was cultivated purposefully, The East Room’s owner Ben Jones tells me over coffee on a late May afternoon, just a couple months after the venue’s one-year anniversary. “It’s like-minded people who have to find out from somebody else. That’s what I wanted, that was the goal for the first year. And I knew it would take awhile for it to happen but when it happened it would be much bigger than if I had put a big neon sign out or advertised all over the place,” Jones says.

Jones said he decided to buy the venue as a way to promote a general arts scene in Nashville across a variety of genres, “number one because I believe in the area, the area of East Nashville.” The East Room regularly hosts live music from many different genres, and also has a weekly comedy night as well as frequent art shows from local artists. The venue’s one-year anniversary at the beginning of March – marked by a party featuring bands including Jones’ own Babe City and local favorites The Features – saw Jones reach many of the goals he’d set out to accomplish during the venue’s first year of operation. “The anniversary party, it was symbolic for me because I did set out to do some things in the first year, I wanted to establish a good clientele of people, people that were excited about music and art and comedy and get the word out without advertising, just by putting on good events with good people and doing good shows. And letting word of mouth take its toll. And I feel like that happened in a big way,” he says. “So I wanted in the first year for these different artists to start to come together a little bit. And I feel like that happened, too. People started coming to shows they wouldn’t normally come to, because they heard about it through the East Room.” The venue feels like it has the closest thing to a comprehensive art scene that one can find on the east side. The East Room is located a bit far away from other typical East Nashville attractions around the 5 Points area, it only serves a small selection of bottled beer, and while you can reliably see great shows there, you may also stumble upon a comedy night. Or an art exhibition. Or a book club meeting. The point is, no one goes to The East Room for the booze or out of convenience. People go there for great events and interesting people. And for the foreseeable future at least, The East Room is going to remain East Nashville’s secret. “I’m going to go at least another year without putting up a sign.” Jones says.



bryan adams BY Z E N A E D . Z U KOWS K I


he Canadian native Bryan Adams is mostly known by his hit single ‘(Everything I Do) I Do It For You’ off of his Waking Up the Neighbours (1991) album. The fiftyfour year old wears many hats inside and outside of the industry; from being in front of the microphone, camera, behind the camera, his activity with animal rights and recently (within the last 5 years) being a father of two. Adams began his music career when he was a teenager. At the age of fifteen he was the singer in the band Sweeney Todd. Adams soon after left school in order to take his musical dream to the next level. Nearly 40 years later he has officially released ten studio albums; Bryan Adams (1980), You Want It You Got It (1981), Cuts Like a Knife (1983), Reckless (1984), Into The Fire (1987), Waking Up The Neighbours (1991), 18 Til I Die (1996), On A Day Like Today (1998), Room Service (2004), 11 (2008). In this case leaving school was a wise decision for Adams. Adams has been across the board when it comes to the awards. He has been nominated for both the Grammys and The Academy Awards for his music which were featured in films such as Don Juan Demarco and The Mirror Has Two Faces. He has won 18 Juno awards and a winner of one Grammy with fourteen nominations.



When Adams isn’t holding the guitar or microphone he is holding the camera. Photography is another passion of his. He’s done work for many fashion magazines and advertisements such as British Vogue magazine, Guess Jeans and Converse. His first photography book was released in 2012 called Exposed. He shoots a lot more than just a pretty face in front of the camera. His style is very inventive; it’s creative and yet natural. He brings out the model’s personality in each and every photo. He has quite a few photo samples on his website simply You can see his latest work he has done for Zoo Magazine, Vogue Germany, Harpers Bazaar Australia, and Candy magazine. Bryan Adams has also been a vegan since he was 29. His reasons began due to health issues and throughout the years it has turned into something more. Adams has become a great Animal Rights Activist and a well rounded humanitarian. He has played many concerts to raise money and awareness for all sorts of foundations from Earthquake recovery to helping abused children. He is also a big supporter of PETA and has done photography work for them as well. Adams is currently celebrating the 30th Anniversary of his album Reckless (1984) by being on tour. The tour is called Reckless 30th Anniversary tour. He is currently playing all around Europe for the remainder of the summer. This coming September Adams is due to release his eleventh studio album titled, Tracks of My Years. This album will include mainly cover songs. Adams has a genuine soul which can be seen through all of the work that he does. He has made his mark and will continue to grow as a musician, photographer and a true idol and icon for all.


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Top 10 songs 1. “Am I Wrong” - Nico & Vinz 2. “Car Radio” - Twenty One Pilots 3. “Guilty” - Alli Simpson 4. “Robbers” - The 1975 5. “Come With Me Now” - Kongos 6. “I Wanna Get Better” - Bleachers 7. “Best Shot” - Birdy and Jaymes Young 8. “Paris” - Little Dragon 9. “No Mistakes” - Conditions 10. “Drowning” - Banks



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