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Fender Stratocaster





ince its introduction into the musical has been the backbone behind The classic guitar was invented founded Fender before selling it to CBS Standard Mexican Stratocaster is one of sold today because of its versatility. The sing, so whether you are playing blues, sound out of this guitar.

world in 1954, the Fender Stratocaster many of rock ‘n’ rolls classic songs. by former accountant Leo Fender, who in the mid-sixties. Today the Fender the most popular model Stratocasters’ sleek, smooth playing guitar can really punk, funk, or rock you will get a great

The Fender Standard Stratocaster’s which has been the wood of choice since Parchment pick-guard. Alder has great This hardwood also has excellent sustain C-shape neck is available in rosewood neck’s come with 21 medium jumbo frets, Urethane finish covers the back of the neck, the headstock. At first glance, this guitar’s ‘n’ roll look.

solid-body design is made from Alder, the ‘50’s, and is protected by a 3-Ply tonal resonance, brightness, and balance. and a sharp attack. The thick, one-piece, or maple. Both the rosewood and maple and black/white position inlays. A Satin and a gloss finish is used on the face of vintage style makes for an authentic rock

Fender used their Standard clear sounds that really position pickup switch, and middle pickups. a 6-Saddle Vintagebridge and Vintage-style using the tremolo arm in-tune. The timeless look unmistakable sound make it should own. All the hardware helps brighten up the guitars

Single-Coil pickups that deliver crisp, jump through the amp. There’s a five and two knobs that control the neck The Mexican Stratocaster features style synchronized tremolo tremolo arm. Even after this guitar stays perfectly of a Stratocaster and its a guitar every enthusiast used has a chrome finish that aesthetic looks.

Fender Mexican the following color schemes: Sunburst, Candy Apple Midnight Wine. All bodies polyurethane gloss finish. Fender used their USA excellent tone and output price. It plays like a dream more expensive guitars, Mexican built Stratocaster. rock ‘n’ looks and classic Standard Mexican Stratocaster a

Stratocaster’s are available in Artic White, Black, Brown Red, Lake Placid Blue, and feature a high-luster For the finishing touch Bullet strings. This guitar’s makes it a steal for the and when compared to don’t count out the A combination of gritty vibrant tones make Fender’s great guitar. NEWSOUNDMAGAZINE.COM