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ZENAE D. ZUKOWSKI SENIOR PRODUCER Dear Readers, Music today is ever changing and growing at a lightning speed. There’s many outlets such as YouTube, SoundCloud and Bandcamp that can get anyone noticed without a single record deal. Magic can and will happen; one just has to be willing to make that leap. Open your eyes, ears and minds to the New Sounds of today. There’s so much opportunity to be had. Even better, there is genuine undiscovered talent out there that we should do our best to discover and admire. Get ready to open those earbud doors and enter a new realm of music that will, inspire you, make you want to dance, and reflect on your own life and dreams. It’s incredible what any one individual can do these days. If you have that special musical skill maybe one day we will write about you. Get ready to read about the New Sounds from all over the world. We hope you enjoy! Welcome to New Sound Magazine!


he editor Mission Statement “New Sound Magazine spotlights both young, talented artists that have the potential to become the next big name in the music industry, and the truly brilliant bands which already have. We’re finding the voice you’ll fall in love with, the song you’ll play over and over, the concert you won’t want to miss.”


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rizona native Jerid Nowell at the age of 22, decided to take a giant leap to New York City to pursue a lifelong dream of being a musician. Now at the age of 24, his first EP Outburst released via Bash Records April 7th, 2014. He unleashed five songs to the public that are filled with influences of alternative rock and electronica. Each individual song is uniquely composed differently yet, when listening to the album the harmonious flow is maintained throughout. Nowell was inspired by various artists as his music demonstrates a broad spectrum of influences from notorious artists such as The Killers, Coldplay, Train, Switchfoot, Jimmy Eat World and One Republic. The EP opens up with the bittersweet sounds of ‘Tell Me What You Want’ and ‘Only Just Begun’ which takes on his complicated experiences. The track ‘Fall Out’ is considered to have a more overwhelming sound than the rest, while ‘Barbie Doll’ is notably more aggressively tuned. The last track, ’The Lonely Ones’ delivers Nowell’s inspiration from the band Muse. The Outburst EP infuses infectious hooks, string laced drumbeats and in some songs bass synthesizers to produce Jerid Nowell’s original style.Nowell’s years of collecting inspiration has given him a pallet full of possibilities instrumentally and lyrically, Outburst EP should be the first of many expected albums to come.

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His voice pelts out blues with a mix of country folk throughout most of his melodies. Folk rock isn’t for everyone but Wishbone adds more originality to a more stand out bluesy folk rock album. It consists of his tied together guitar riffs and bass drumming. His songs are filled with a deep sense of passion. Long remains true to himself in each and every song. You will get a lot of life lessons and insight listening to his rasp voice singing tales about his life and hardships.


The strongest tracks of the album are, ‘Making You Talk’ and ‘My Parade’. Both songs outshines by far the rest with it’s edgier techniques. These two especially added more aggression to the album as a whole. However, tracks such as, ‘Blood In The Orchard’ and ‘To The Light’ contains a variation of melodic tones through an ever-changing heavier approach. These two tracks enhances the use of experimental piano and the pounding of the acoustic guitar like no other. For all of the bluesy folk rock fanatics out there, Wishbone provides a gritty, driving atmosphere with poetic life alternating heartbreak lyrics pouring in there. Although his voice remains strong and dignified, some may find his earthy deep voice relaxing and soothing aswell. Long’s music is based on his personal experiences and growth. His genuine message to his fans is to share his moments in order to let them know they aren’t alone in this world with the everyday struggles, hardships and even celebrations. Wishbone is definitely an album one should check out.

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oung UK singer-songwriter Bobby Long leaves his listener’s in complete awe by his poetry and gruff soulful voice with his sophomore album Wishbone via ATO records. He pours his heart and soul into his lyrics. His third track ‘In Your Way’ shows such heart wrenching lines expressed as, “You need to suffer well I suffer too, I keep it aside and fall from you. You throw it around and you see what sticks. I’m covered head to foot in your cold antics.” He puts a lot of his own emotion and experiences into his lyrics.






he Long Island, New York native, Laura Stevenson is very lucky to have the opportunity of being born into the world of music. Her grandfather, Harry Simeone is the composer and writer of the well known Christmas Classic songs, “Do You Hear What I Hear” and “The Little Drummer Boy”. Stevenson’s grandmother, Margaret McCravy was a singer for Benny Goodman’s band. With this nature awakening, Stevenson’s voyage in music began at a very early age of five when she started teaching herself to play the piano. She also spent a lot of her time in solitude where she would stare out her window and sing to herself. During her high school years Stevenson was split between going to punk rock shows and singing in a variety of different choral groups. Her musical ability expanded in her late teens where she taught herself how to play the guitar. Stevenson was very active in the punk rock scene, she became good friends with members from The Arrogant Sons of Bitches. After the band parted ways in 2005, Stevenson landed a prominent role as the keyboard player for the band Bomb the Music Industry! Touring with the band opened new doors for Stevenson, she grew away from her anxieties, moved to Brooklyn and worked on her own material. She perfected her skills and dropped her fear and gained self confidence to enhance further in her music career that she was able to perform solo. Her drive and passion lead her to form her own band and by 2009 it became a reality with Laura Stevenson & The Cans.





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Since the official band formation there have been three full length studio albums. Her first album A Record (2010) via Asian Man Records was cheaply produced yet it brought attention to all the right people. Laura Stevenson signed to an Independent New Jersey record label company Don Giovanni Records and the production quality of her music grew and it was shown in her second album Sit Resist (2011). On April 23, 2013, Laura Stevenson’s album Wheel via Don Giovanni records was released. This is the first album called solely ‘Laura Stevenson’ and not ‘Laura Stevenson and the Cans’ yet, The Cans play a huge role in this album. Wheel has the highest production value especially being one to have a producer involved, Kevin McMahon. This album is by far her strongest one yet. Stevenson has definitely matured into a fearless poet and Wheel truly shows that she does not sugar coat her thoughts. She opened up a window for all of us to see her world, mind and the dysfunctional acts that one cannot control or fix. As a great songwriter, Laura Stevenson is constantly thinking, worrying and creating metaphors to everyday life. Inspiration can be found at any given moment or time and Wheel was inspired by her native Long Island shores. The melting icecaps on the beaches added fuel to Laura’s personal struggle with her own mortality and the universe’s immortality. What’s beautiful about her writing on this album is that it remains optimistic and uplifting despite the inevitable death. She shows that she knows it’s going to happen so what’s the use battling for changing the impossible? With these self encouraging thoughts Stevenson might as well not be afraid to walk into a room of fire. A great example is from the track ‘Triangle’, “There comes a time when you decide if you fight it off or learn to die, I’m fine.” The 13 track album is filled with metaphors written based on dark fearful truths yet executed with a happy illusion that can create a blanket of security despite the fact of what’s always ahead of us. The gloomiest track, ‘Every Tense’ opens up with a slow guitar riff with soft synthetic sounds followed by her distinct soft voice. A song that begins peacefully only ends with the harsh fact how everyone cannot escape the earth nor escape your inevitable fate. Lyrics as strong and cut throat as, “Kicking of limbs and wriggling endlessly won’t set you free, you are a tumbleweed, a jumble of feeble parts, can you even see in the dark?” This can make anyone quiver in fear and have goosebumps rise on their arms. Laura Stevenson also reminds Californian’s a tentative truth and definite theory that one day it will split apart in the track ‘Sink, Swim’, “Oh California, I tried to warn ya, the earth is gonna quake before ya. You’ll be real sorry but it won’t be sorry, the dirt is gonna crack and split you in two.” Her tragic thoughts are sung so beautifully in a light that one will not fear in horror. Laura Stevenson’s doomsday album, Wheel remains uplifting and carefree. The world controls you, you cannot control the world sort of sense. Her beautiful strong voice and tone in the album is mostly folklore yet there are heavier tracks such as ‘Runner’ that has a punk rock catchy tone and vibe. The production quality of the album has improved since the last two albums. The fearless and talented soul, Laura Stevenson has shown she has no limits. Check out the album Wheel this is one that will most likely be played on repeat.






white denim CORS I CANA LEMO N A D E



n today’s information age, where everything is only a mouse click away and technology has become the crutch we tend to lean on, we’ve turned to nostalgia to fulfill our desire for simplicity. Take a look at your local festival bill and you will see acts from submerge upon submerge piling up. It has been said that the classic rock star is no more thanks to the rise of the internet sensation, and the decline of the rock n’ roll genre; replaced by its

offspring; punk, indie, and electronica. Enter White Denim, the four-piece band from Austin, Texas, one of the world’s musical capitols. In the era of “here comes the drop” White Denim takes us back to a time of vinyl records and psychedelic influence. Hints of rock and roll greats such as the Grateful Dead, Velvet Underground and The Beatles can be heard on the bands sixth studio album Corsica Lemonade.


Without delay, the album kicks off with a funky opener “At Night in Dreams” with the guitar noodling of the intro looping throughout the chorus. It’s a classic hard rock anthem that will be sure to have fans call back in some smoky venue in the city. The album’s title track follows “At Night in Dreams” with a quick switch of style. The jam band influence is evident in the beginning guitar riff and then again enforced in the ending solo. The song also has an odd song structure that doesn’t really stick to any particular formula, a notable reoccurrence throughout the album. Just as we are getting our feet wet with the acid rock sounds of the 60s, we time travel a decade ahead into “Limited by Stature”. This mellow third track is reminiscent of Sgt. Pepper era Beatles music, with its spacey vocals and trance like guitars. This influence can be seen on a few tracks on the album (“A Place to Start”, “Let It Feel Good”), but the main focus of style for the band is their ode to southern rock that seems to pop up every

couple of songs. The standout track “Come Back” finds itself right in the middle of the album with a southern rock riff to start things off. The song is notable as an ode to the catchy jam music of the late 60s and early 70s with a hook so simple and repetitive it can’t help but get stuck in your head for hours. Corsica Lemonade is diverse in its influence that it pulls from the classic rock sounds of the 60s and 70s. The album is a traveler’s soundtrack, one arm hanging out the window catching a slight burn, sunglasses on as the music pours from the speakers leaking out of the car giving those who are passed a taste of the adventure. It brings the listener back to a simpler time before the constant connection with their mobile devices and technology. Clocking in at less than 40 minutes, the tentrack album doesn’t get stale or kill us with filler. It is nostalgic without being annoying and in your face about it; it’s something old with a new twist. designed by Win-kye Cheong






hortly after the disco era which was filled with vibrant colors, bell bottoms and “Stayin’ Alive” energy, a new electronic sound began to flourish. Synthesizers were gaining popularity and electronic beats was growing at a rapid speed. This was the dawn of synthpop and new wave. Roughly forty years later, synthpop and new wave are back with a vengeance more than ever before with today’s new sounds. Influences such as Kraftwerk, Psychadelic Furs, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Soft Cell, and the Go-Go’s are brought back with today’s bands like Ladytron, Veronica Falls and especially Dum Dum Girls. Dee Dee Penny is the main soul force driving the band, the art, the writing and most importantly the tunes. Her soothe voice and retro rhythm brings out such a positive vibe to the crowd. She’s edgy, introverted and is filled with spunky energy all at the same time. Dee Dee does most of the recordings on her own. She brings her full band when performing live which consists of Jules (guitar, vocals), Sandy (drums, vocals) and Malia (bass, vocals).




Dum Dum Girls started in 2008 as an individual project in Los Angeles. Dee Dee was a solo act singing, writing and recording her own music. She now resides in New York City and has a full fledged band. The name Dum Dum Girls came from a mixed homage between Iggy Pop’s song ‘Dum Dum Boys’ which was in his album The Idiot, and the Vaselines first album Dum Dum. Dee Dee’s real name is Kristin Welchez. There’s a rumor floating around that her stage name came from Dee Dee of the Ramones. So far no truth has been announced. It is a fun assumption. Dee Dee released her first album Dum Dum Girls using her own independent label company called Zoo Music. This eventually brought attention to Sub Pop and by 2009 she signed with them. All of Dum Dum Girls main studio albums and EP releases are produced by the well known Richard Gottehrer, who has worked with Blondie and The Go-Go’s. It’s no surprise why their look and sounds resemble the 80s. Dum Dum Girls can be described as a more goth and darkwave version of The Go-Go’s. I Will Be, is their first studio album which was released in March 2010. Anyone who’s a Yeah Yeah Yeahs fan would appreciate the fact that guitarist Nick Zinner makes a guest appearance in the track ‘Yours Alone’. This album does add a personal touch to Dee Dee and has one of the most momentous album covers to date. The cover just looks like some random snapshot, yet it’s not just any photo. This is an old image of Dee Dee’s mother when she was in college. Dee Dee’s mother recently passed away from cancer back in 2010, and with this album her photo has touched the world and no one will ever forget her beautiful face. It’s tastefully shown how one will never forget the loss of a parent. The album I Will Be as a whole received several great reviews by critics which lead to Dee Dee going on tour with a full band being all girls of course. The album had two great single hits ‘Jail La La’ and ‘Bhang Bhang, I’m a Burnout’ which are definitely worth listening to. Shortly after I Will Be, Dum Dum Girls released their EP He Gets Me High. This four track album has great songs such as ‘Wrong Feels Right’ and for those Morrissey/Smiths fans out there the cover song, ‘There is a Light That Never Goes Out’ is featured on the EP as well. What’s great about this cover song is Dee Dee definitely made it her own. It wasn’t an ordinary copycat version of the track. It was original with it’s Dum Dum Girls edge. Those are the best cover songs, definitely check it out. Their second album, Only in Dreams (September 2011


release), is perhaps their most popular album up to date which brought them television appearances on shows such as Jimmy Fallon. It also mainly received positive reviews from critics, for example: Spin gave it an 8/10. It has hit tracks such as ‘Bedroom Eyes’ and ‘Coming Down’. Their video for ‘Bedroom Eyes’ definitely takes you back to the 1980s with it’s Go-Go’s colorful and flavorful style. Moving forward to present day with their latest third studio album, Too True which was released in January 2014 at just under 30 minutes in length has brought a new direction and burst of creativity. According to Dee Dee she states from a note to her fans on her website, “Do you hear Suede? Siouxie? Cold-wave Patti? Madonna? Cure? Velvet and Paisley Undergrounds? Stone Roses? Cuz I did.” Perhaps this is a bit of foreshadowing in the direction that she wants to go to next, whether in Too True or a future project. She also beautifully described, “Desire as muse; life as experiment; a miracle for every failure and vice-versa. I put pen to paper and I wrote, and then I sang.” There have been quite a few videos and hits from this album that has exploded all over the internet with tracks such as ‘Too True to Be Good’, ‘Lost Boys & Girls Club’, ‘Rimbaud Eyes’, and even an eleven minute short film was made starring Dee Dee and featuring the song ‘Are You Okay?’. The short film introduced her fans that she can also act. Brilliant! Dum Dum Girls are a mix between the late 70s to mid 80s when synthpop and new wave began, yet there’s darkwave and goth influences that can make them stand out more individually. Their videos which can all be seen on YouTube are so innovative and creative. They take you back to film school where anything goes with creativity there’s no limitations with your art. It would be nice if more videos are made with such joy and freedom! There are showcases of melting film with botanical flowers in their ‘Too True to Be Good’ video. ‘Jail la la’, one of their first videos, has an 8mm film look. There are a lot of mirrored images. Experimental is written all over the video. The Short Film ‘Are You Okay’ brings you to a David Lynch vibe with the abstract visuals and loud sounds mixing together to combine a heartfelt piece. The Dum Dum Girls recently finished their North American tour and are now in Europe touring. They will be back to the United States for festivals such as: Pitchfork music festival, Capitol Hill Block Party and Burger a Go-Go. Dee Dee constantly posts on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to keep her fans informed with the band. It makes the fans feel that they are always invited to the party. designed by Win-kye Cheong








ands used to always be assumed as a four member act and over the years due to technology and the ever changing musical genres, there is no standard. The term “and then there were two” is growing more and more in the music industry. Additional dedication, recognition and admiration is now looked at two person bands such as the well known; The White Stripes, Flight of the Conchords and The Black Keys. They have inspired and influenced musicians from around the world. The rising new duo indie rock band Broken Bells has landed its way to being the next big thing. The band consists of James Mercer who is no stranger to the scene, he’s the main singer and songwriter for The Shins; and music producer/ musician Brian Burton well known as Danger Mouse. They compose, record and write their music as a duo but when it comes to being on tour, they play with a full band. James Mercer and Danger Mouse started working together after they met each other at the Roskilde Festival in 2004. It took them a few years to truly formulate Broken Bells. The band was kept top secret and they started recording in Danger Mouse’s studio located in Los Angeles. They announced their Broken Bells duo project in 2009 and since then they have been growing further and deeper into the public eye. With it just being the two of them they have time to revisit their love of making music. They aren’t afraid to try something different and yet they stick to their style and personality at the same time. The best part about this is they have fun with it while constructing well produced albums.


Broken Bells is categorized as indie rock yet their music goes further bringing back such sounds from the Disco era with Robin Gibb the singer from the Bee Gees like vocals. Mercer uses an incredible vocal range which is definitely shown in both of their albums. From their first self titled album released in 2010, the track ‘The Ghost Inside’ and from their latest album After The Disco released recently in 2014 ‘Holding On For Life’; these two tracks definitely show a different disco like octave. They have two studio albums and one EP Meyrin Fields which was released in 2011. Their albums are released by the major label Columbia, which can only show how exceptionally talented they are. Their music can also be described as experimental and this can also be showcased through their music videos. They are pretty well known on YouTube having such hits as reaching over one million views. Their videos are visually striking with cinematic storytelling. They have a two parter both from their latest album After The Disco which includes talented actors; Kate Mara and Anton Yelchin.



by ed ng n o sig he de e C y k in-


“Angel and the Fool” is the first part which comes to a depressing yet beautiful second part ending of “Holding on For Life”. These videos are meant to see more than once. Broken Bells currently have close to ten singles out including titles such as ‘The High Road’, ‘Vaporize’, ‘Leave It Alone’ and ‘After The Disco’. They have performed live on the Jimmy Kimmel show and also received a Grammy nomination in 2011 for Best Alternative Music album. Broken Bells are currently on a North American tour which consists of well known festivals such as Lollapalooza in Chicago on August 1st, Bonnaroo in Tennessee set for four days in June as well as the Firefly Festival in Delaware. Once you start listening to their music there is a chance you won’t be able to stop. It’s very catchy, dark and yet uplifting, relaxing and just downright enjoyable.





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ifehouse is a post-grunge American band with a melodic rock feel that has sold over fifteen million albums and singles worldwide since their formation. Their current members include Jason Wade (lead vocals, guitar, song-writer), Rick Woolstenhulme (drums, percussion), Bryce Soderberg (bass guitar), and Ben Carey (guitar). Lifehouse was formed back in Los Angeles, 1999 and were originally called Blyss. They released their first demo album entitled Diff’s Lucky Day. Only a year later, after changing their name to Lifehouse, DreamWorks Records signed them onto a record deal where tracks from the demo were rerecorded and made into a new debut album called No Name Face. They had a hit single from this album, called ‘Hanging By A Moment’ which was the most played radio track of 2001. This song was also used in the 2000 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah as their theme song. Their second album, Stanley Climbfall, came out shortly after in 2002. After touring for a few years, in which they lost and gained new band members, including Bryce Soderberg on bass in late 2004, the band also signed with Geffen Records and released their third album, Lifehouse. It was in 2005 where their hit single ‘You and Me’


got onto the Billboard hot 100 songs chart and remained there for over 60 weeks. They released their next album Who We Are in June 2007, that had a hit single, ‘First Time’ which was released on TV and radio. Their next album Smoke & Mirrors, was originally set to be released in December 2009, yet it was pushed back until they went on tour with Daughtry and Cavo in the spring of 2010. Their album Smoke & Mirrors sold over 54,000 copies, went to #6 on the Billbord Top 200 Chart and #1 on the Rock Album Chart on itunes all during the first week of it’s release. In June, 2011 Lifehouse said that a new album was under wraps and they would be working on it in the studio. Within the same year, they played two shows in the UK, and a new song that they had written, called ‘Angeline’ which was released in their latest album, Ameria, in 2012. Over the years, there have been a widespread of speculation in regards to the internal influence of the band, which some view as religious, or specifically, Christian. However, when the lead singer, Jason, was asked in a Rolling Stones interview if there was a religious influence, he rebuffed those assumptions by stating, “My music is spiritually based, but we don’t want to be labeled as a ‘Christian band’ because all

of a sudden people’s walls come up and they won’t listen to your music and what you have to say.” If you have never listened to Lifehouse, it is recommended to look up their most popular songs first, in order to get a good taste of what got them famous to begin with including hits such as; ‘Hanging By The Moment’,‘First Time’, ‘Halfway Gone’ and ‘You and Me’. Music enthusiasts would definitely agree that Lifehouse is melodic rock. It is upbeat with still an airy quality and a softer flow of chords. Lifehouse has a rather higher-pitched way of tuning you in and wrapping you into their music that sort of strums your heartstrings in an inspiring way. It indisputably offers a sense of positive musical guidance for people in rather lost times if you let go and let it in, which isn’t always the easiest endeavor. Quintessentially, the whole idea of music in general is to experience one of the most amazing bodily sensations and discover new sounds, new ideas, and emotions that are evoked when listening. Therefore, a person should not judge the lives or views of those creating the music, but rather just appreciate what it can offer to them as a person, which quite often, is a lot more than people think. Designed by Win-Kye Cheong







he solo artist and United Kingdom native, Kieran Hebden has grown immensely throughout the past decade and has become universally known in the electronic music scene. Kieran Hebden is also known as Four Tet, who has made remixes for artists such as Aphex Twin, Beth Orton, Explosions in the Sky, Radiohead, and The XX. In addition to his solo remixing work, he has also made collaboration projects with artists such as Thom Yorke and Burial. His ability to inspire fans from both in and outside the electronic fan base demonstrates his suburb and rather unique talent. The emotional and dramatic additions to the music that he embraces, leaves behind an indelible mark that is easy to recognize, but difficult to duplicate. Those distinctive choices and musicality are what helps him to stand out against the crowd in an otherwise overpopulated genre of music.

His career began after he formed a post-rock band Fridge in 1995 which included friends from his high school, Sam Jeffers and Adem Ilhan. The three of them cultivated their love of music together, and they decided to take their music career even further by attending Elliott School in Putney which is a well known school for musicians. Hebden was only fifteen years old when his band Fridge signed a recording contract. They released their first album Ceefax via Trevor Jackson’s Output Recordings in 1997. In addition to being a member of Fridge, Hebden branched out on his own, and released his first single ‘Double Density’ in 1997 which showcased him as a solo artist. Shortly after in 1998, Hebden became known as Four Tet with the release of his second single titled ‘Thirtysixtwentyfive’ which was 36 min and 25 seconds in length.


Hebden’s first album known as Four Tet is Dialogue (1999). Since his debut album he has released six more; Pause (2001), Rounds (2003), Everything Ecstatic (2005), There is Love in You (2010), Pink (2012), and Beautiful Rewind (2013). Hebden formed his own independent record label company back in 2001 called Text Records. He has been keeping himself busy recording his latest works using both his own label and Domino Records. Four Tet has been heavily influenced by techno, jazz and hip hop. On his debut Four Tet album Dialog, the track ‘Misnomer‘ was greatly influenced by Jazz music, despite the fact that the rest of the tracks are filled with hip hop influences. As the years have flown by, his music progressed to incorporate more of a house music influence which can be showcased in his latest album Beautiful Rewind, released on October 14, 2013 via Text Records. Kieran Hebden continues to be a very passionate artist who is relentlessly writing and creating new music at a frenetic pace. He has a lot of material that has never even been published for the public to experience. Kieran’s loved ones are what inspires him the most. His life has influenced his music profusely, and his music has likewise influenced his own life to the point that in many ways both are the same. Four Tet is currently touring in Europe but he will soon be back in North America. If you haven’t heard of him, you can experience his music online. He’s definitely an artist to pick up. His music is relaxing, dramatic, emotional and of course electronic. designed by Win-kye Cheong










ou may have heard of the talented Bridgit Mendler from the Disney channel series Good Luck Charlie where she played a character known as Teddy Duncan. However, this young 21 year old starlet has multiple talents among her acting career. Bridgit is also a singer, songwriter and musician who can play various instruments such as the guitar, keytar and the piano. Hello My Name Is… was Mendler’s debut studio album which was released on October 22nd 2012 via Hollywood Records. She described it as, “The album has an acoustic, soulful jazzy funky sort of thing.” Bridgit co-wrote the entire album with the help of her producers Andrew Goldstein and Emanuel Kiriakou. Mendler being mostly known for her acting career surprised her fans with her big debut and proved to the world that her talents could go even further.





Her first single off the album Hello My Name Is… is ‘Ready or Not’ and the song was her own twist on the previous melody of ‘Ready or Not Here I Come (Can’t Hide from Love)’ by The Delfonics. ‘Ready or Not’ was released on August 7th 2012 and it made its debut at number 98 on the US Billboard Hot 100. It later climbed all the way up to number 49 and the song became an international hit. It had become certified Gold in Canada and Platinum in New Zealand. The song ‘Hurricane’ was announced as the second official single off of the album and was released on February 12th 2013. Mendler begins unexpectedly rapping at the beginning of the track and we get the vibe of other rap vocalists like Cher Lloyd but as the song ‘Hurricane’ progresses, Mendler really makes it her own by her strong vocal presence. As she bursts into the pre-chorus singing, “I’m boarding up the windows, locking up my heart. It’s like every time the wind blows, I feel it tearing us apart.” Bridgit Mendler’s ‘Hurricane’ becomes one of the most relatable tracks on the album. In fact, as of March 2014 the song has sold over 500,000 digital copies and has been certified Gold in the US. With such a huge fan base from the Disney channel and her increasing success from her hit singles, Mendler was ready to take promotion for the debut even further. She went on her first headlining tour called “Bridgit Mendler:Live in Concert”. The tour started on August 25th 2012 and ended on January 19th 2013 with a total of twenty five shows. The tour had traveled throughout the United States and Canada with shows being played at music festivals and state fairs. It ended up being one of Bridgit’s many achievements, selling out the majority of dates that were selected in the US. Requested by popular demand, Mendler decided to promote her album again with a second tour called “The Bridgit Mendler Summer Tour”. The summer tour began on June 16th 2013 until September 21st 2013. Upon its release, the album had received many positive reviews from music critics. When reviewing the album many critics praised its clean written lyrics, amazing vocal performance and Mendler’s witty

songwriting craft. One of the songs off of the album called ‘Forgot to Laugh’ has grown to be a popular favorite of both fans and critics. The track describes a rocky relationship but sends a positive message to young girls that there is nothing wrong with being independent. As Mendler belts on the track, “Cause I got my own my life and you’re just a punch line. If you go, you’re a joke. I forgot to laugh.” The song has received overwhelming positive reviews and one music critic described it as a, “Shiny, guitar-driven poprock anthem, loaded with witty metaphors that would give Taylor Swift a run for her money.” All twelve tracks on Hello My Name Is… are worth a listen. You can see the passion and effort that was given by Mendler, especially because she co-wrote all of the powerful lyrics on these tracks. With uplifting and inspiring tracks like ‘City Lights’ when Mendler sings, “Every time that you think you’ve lost your shine, just remember nothing’s brighter. You’re the city light.” To outgoing and fun summer - anthem vibe tracks like ‘Ready or Not’ where she sings, “Ready or not, here I come. Where you at? The night is young. In the crowd the music’s loud but I will find you.” The whole album will have you singing full of emotion to its catchy lyrics and relatable material. There is a track for everyone no matter what mood you find yourself in. The album debuted at number 30 on the US Billboard 200 chart and on the US Billboard Digital Albums chart. An impressive debut from a singer who was once only seen for her acting abilities, proving that she has what it takes to break the mold of her Disney image. By exploring her musical talents and taking risks with the sound of her debut, the multitalented Bridgit Mendler is really one to watch out for. Hello My Name Is… sold over 12,000 copies in the first week of its release and as of today the album has exceeded over 180,000 copies in the US. In a recent interview with Billboard, Mendler confirmed that she is working on her second studio album and the release can be expected sometime this summer. Until then, don’t forget to check out her highly enjoyable debut, Hello My Name Is... designed by Win-kye Cheong






amuel Frederick Smith otherwise known by his stage name “Sam Smith” is a 21 year old UK native who was put on the U.S’ radar when he was featured on a track by the group Disclosure called “Latch.” Disclosure is another famously known UK group that consists of two brothers who specialize in the genre of electronic music. Since electronic dance music known as “EDM” has become widely popular in United States, it was only a matter of time before the song “Latch” reached the ears of listeners across the globe. The song “Latch” was such a tremendous hit in the United Kingdom that it made the success of peaking number eleven on the UK charts. Once it began gaining traction on American radio stations, that’s when we were rewarded with hearing the talents of none other than Sam Smith. Sam Smith is a singer and songwriter who grew up in Primrose Hill, London. He took music lessons at St. Thomas More Primary School while studying at Saint Mary’s Catholic School in Bishops Stortford. Sam is also an alumnus of the Youth Music Theatre program. The Youth Musical Theatre program is known for providing outstanding live theatrical productions with the most talented casts of students, who can range anywhere from sixth to twelfth grade. Sam starred in their 2007 production of “Oh! Carol.” After having the production under his belt, he began having more musical confidence while studying under his mentor Joanna Eden. Joanna Eden is a jazz singer, songwriter and pianist who helped Smith for years on his journey to becoming an even better musician. If all his hard work and practice wasn’t enough to impress, Sam Smith also has a very talented bloodline. He is the cousin of the famous “Smile” singer, Lily Allen and of Alfie Allen who is an actor, best known for his role as “Theon Greyjoy” in the famous television series called “Game of Thrones.”




After his feature on 2012’s “Latch,” Sam Smith made his debut single called “Lay Me Down” which was released in February 2013. The track “Lay Me Down” also served as the lead single for his debut album. In May of 2013, Smith was featured on another track by a well-known UK DJ, producer and songwriter called Naughty Boy. Shahid Khan known by stage name Naughty Boy has worked with some famous Hollywood names such as Jennifer Hudson, Rihanna, Leona Lewis and When Sam Smith featured on Naught boy’s track “La La La” it was an instant success, topping number one on the UK singles chart. With things in motion and gaining more publicity, Smith created his debut EP called Nirvana in the fall of 2013 which contained four tracks. The tracks were called “Safe With Me”, “Nirvana”, an acoustic solo version of “Latch” and a live version of a song called “I’ve Told You Now.” In an interview with BBC Radio Smith had said that the songs on the EP were more “experimental” and the majority of them would not appear on his future planned debut full length album. Sam Smith announced on December 16th 2013 that his debut studio album would be titled In the Lonely Hour. The track “I’ve Told You Now” that was also released as part of his EP was the only track chosen to be featured on his upcoming album. The live version track was performed at St. Pancras Old Church and was made available for free download as part of an promotion two days after Christmas 2013. On January 7th 2014 the album artwork and track listing were revealed and that there would be a total of ten tracks on the album. Smith was involved in another big promotion but this time it was for Apple’s iTunes. He made an album track called “Make It To Me” available for free download on January 13th 2014 via iTunes. Sam decided to release a second single from the album called “Money on My Mind” which was released in February of 2014. When promoting In the Lonely Hour in an interview he describes the album as “all about unrequited love”

because he has never been loved back by any of his love interests. When discussing the idea behind the name of the album he said, “People are saying, ‘Oh but it’s too sad’, but that’s what it’s about. I was sad and I wrote about being sad. Hopefully I’ll be happier soon and I’ll write about that.” After coming to the public’s attention as the vocalist on Disclosure’s breakout hit “Latch” and being able to work with Naught Boy on the now global number one smash hit “La, La, La”, Smith has continually gained more and more of a fan base. His debut EP Nirvana also contributed to spreading the word about the young 21 year old singer along with his new singles from his future album In the Lonely Hour. Smith had been nominated and won the BRIT Critics’ Choice Award of 2014, when commenting on his big win he said “It means the world to me, it’s the only award I really care about. I’ve watched the BRITs religiously every single year.” Sam had made his American television debut on Saturday Night Live on March 29th 2014, performing “Stay with Me” and “Lay Me Down.” Both of these songs are off of his upcoming album. Smith is currently on his first American headlining tour with a set list that is primarily of new material. His debut album In the Lonely Hour will be released through his first major label, Capitol Records, and is planned to be released May 26th 2014. In just a matter of months, London’s own Sam Smith, had gone from a collaborator to a major label solo star. One of his lead singles off the new album, “Money On My Mind” has over eleven million views on YouTube in just over two months. The lyrics of the track have Smith pleading “I don’t have money on my mind; I do it for the love” and with over eleven million views, we as listeners genuinely believe him. If this lead single is any indication of the future success of his first album, Smith looks towards a promising future and an incredible year for 2014. In addition, we hope that his booming success will give him something happier to write about. designed by Win-kye Cheong





His energy onstage reminded me of David Bowie,” said Lily Allen, the discoverer of the young twenty two year old Tom Odell, and the label head of “In the Name Of” (an imprint of Columbia Records). Born in Chichester, West Sussex, the British singer-songwriter also spent part of his childhood in New Zealand, and then went back to school at Seaford College in East Lavington, England. Odell began playing classical piano during his elementary school years and privately wrote his own songs at the young age of thirteen. By the time he was eighteen, he switched gears and tried a shot at music school at the University of York. Odell attempted to build his music experience there by performing at weekly open-mic and local events, which though he admits were “full of humiliation”, they were also a great way to learn about playing live. After experimenting in this environment for about a year, he returned to Chichester and traveled frequently to London to perform more shows and continued to try to get his name out there. Soon after, he moved to London to be part of a band called Tom and the Tides, he quickly realized he wanted to become an independent solo artist. Odell wanted to have more freedom and flexibility with his music. After being discovered by Allen, he climbed the steps quickly to fame. He released his first debut album, Songs from Another Love in October 2012, and had his first television appearance in November on a show called Later…with Jools Holland. This was a huge success for Odell and shortly after in January 2013, he was announced one of the fifteen nominees for the BBC Sound of 2013 poll. His hit song, ‘Another Love’ (which has gained over 20 million Youtube views) was also used by the BBC to advertise their schedule for 2013. His music has been featured in several fashion shows for Burberry including his live performance of ‘Hold Me’ at the Burberry Prorsum Autum/Winter show held in Hyde Park in February 2013.


Following his rapidly rising publicity, Odell received the honorable position as BRITs’ Critic’s Choice Award winner, which had been won by artists such as Florence and the Machine and Adele in the past. At the ceremony in February 2013, he was seated next to the last year’s winner, Emeli Sande. His next debut album, Long Way Down, was released on June 24th excitingly reached number one in the UK Official Chart. At the start of the new 2014 year, Odell continues to rise in fame. In December 2013, Odell was selected as MTV’s “Artist to Watch”. In early January 2014 Odell was nominated for two Brit awards, Best British Breakthrough Act and British Male Solo Artist at this year’s BRIT Awards. He was then handpicked to be the opening act for New York’s own piano man, Billy Joel, for several concerts throughout January and February in Florida and New York. On January 26th, Odell headlined at the Brooklyn Bowl. On February 7th 2014, at

Plymouth Pavilions, he performed his first new song, ‘Alex’. He was also selected to perform at this year’s Coachella festival in LA which is happening the weekend of April 11th-13th. Some of his most prominent influences including the infamous Elton John, and Odell claims that Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973) was one of the first albums he had ever listened to. Some of his favorite bands that he listens to frequently include Radiohead, Cat Power, Arcade Fire, James Blake, Blur, Ben Folds, and Beach House. He also has made important reference to other influences on his musical style including David Bowie, Randy Newman, Bruce Springsteen, Leonard Cohen, Leon Russell, Tom Waits, Arthur Russell, Bob Dylan, and Rodriguez, whom which he expresses to all have made a significance impact on him growing up. Much of his lyrics is, essentially, caused by very personal experiences, including relationship trouble and love. He calls the social privileges of his musical expression an “artistic license.” What a clever lad indeed. designed by Win-kye Cheong









ost in the Dream released March 18th 2014 via Secretly Canadian records is the third studio album by the band, The War on Drugs. They are an American indie rock group who are from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They were formed back in 2005 by collaborators Adam Granduciel and Kurt Vile. Shortly after their debut album release Wagonwheel Blues in 2008, Kurt Vile left the band in order to focus on his solo music career. The lineup of the group went through several changes after Vile’s exit. Today the group consists of Adam Granduciel (vocals and guitar), David Hartley (bass and guitar), Robbie Bennett (keyboard and guitar) and Patrick Berkery (drums). This new formation works in the bands favor, all members are in sync with one another and their material is officially going beyond anything this band has ever done before. When asked about the new lineup Adam Granduciel said, “I wanted there to be a singular voice, but I wanted it to be a project of great friends. Everyone in the band cares about it so much,” he explained, “That is the crux of it--growing up, dealing with life, having close friends, helping each other get by. That is what the record’s all about.” What makes The War on Drugs third studio album Lost in the Dream different from their debut Wagonwheel Blues (2008) or their second album, 2011’s Slave Ambient? The whole album from beginning to end evokes such deep emotion which makes it their strongest record so far. It’s filled with tracks that builds slowly and escalates to a peaking point where even the most ordinary chords can explode within a track and elevate it from a simply pretty song to a mind altering experience. Granduciel has crafted these songs into a musical rescue mission, as he sings about his personal despair and anxieties. Lost in the Dream represents the trials and tribulations of the band’s musical voyage. The majority of the album is based on the band’s physical journey that was made during the creation and recording process. The recording session for the album took place over a two year period when The War on Drugs spent most of their time on the road touring at larger rock clubs, festival stages and their television appearances as well. Their travels and ongoing exposure upped their popularity upon the indie rock community and first time listeners. The War on Drugs went from a more exclusive band into a broad fan favorite. After the two years of recording

this record, dozens of their songs had shifted and grew beyond what they had originally been in the studio for. It took numerous amounts of rewrites to reach what they were aiming for but they were able to perfect each track. This process stretched until the very last minute when the band had to turn their songs in to Secretly Canadian records. Granduciel decided to terminate the original demo for ‘An Ocean in Between the Waves’ only two weeks before the album was supposed to be given to the record company. After spending a year writing the song, he said, “it wasn’t the vibe of the song that I was searching for.” The majority of this album is full of angst written lyrics and a lot of second guessing on the bands part. When commenting about the theme and the time it took to create the album, Granduciel said, “I started going off the rails a little bit in my own head, getting a little too sucked in.” However, the long wait did pay off as the end product resulted in being their best album to date. The music on Lost in the Dream was inspired by 1980’s rock music. Some of the bands’ influences for the album are Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Spacemen 3. Critics have compared The War on Drugs’ song ‘Burning’ to Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Dancing in the Dark’ and their song ‘Disappearing’ to Tears for Fears’ ‘Shelter.’ One of the main distinctions from the new album compared to their previous albums is there are less instrumental tracks, which most people have considered fillers. This is definitely a positive aspect of the album because it lets the listeners become more connected with the songs through the lyrics, rather than solely depending on the instrumentals to carry a song through. In fact, the only instrumental track on Lost in the Dream is ‘The Haunting Idle.’ If you dare to venture into something different from most of the currently played music on the radio airwaves of today then this is the band to do it with. The War on Drugs is a band that sets themselves apart from the music of their time and that’s why they are worth checking out. Most importantly, be sure to check out their latest Lost in the Dream. During the albums debut it reached number 26 on the Billboard Top 200 and has been critically acclaimed a universal success. Lost in the Dream is not only worth a listen but if you blink too quickly you might just miss the album that made The War on Drugs become official rock stars.










lexander Botwin, the Colorado native is more notoriously known as Paper Diamond. He continues to take the dubstep world by storm. His musical roots and career began in 2004 when he became the bass player for the electronica band, Pnuma Trio. He mastered his skills and eventually branched out DJ’ing solo acts of his own. Between playing for Pnuma Trio and creating his own music, Botwin managed to create and operate his design label Elm & Oak located in Boulder, Colorado. He was signed onto Pretty Lights Music label in December, 2010. By 2011 Botwin officially became known as Paper Diamond. Since then he has released his debut album Levitate in January 2011, two EP’s Wavesight (2012) and Paragon (2013). Shortly after his debut


album release in 2011, Paper Diamond has toured along infamous festivals such as Electric Forest Festival, Coachella, and Lollapalooza. By 2012 he went on his own tour entitled, Night Tour Vision 2012. Presently he continues to produce new tracks, which you can find on his soundcloud (Username is simply Paper Diamond), if you haven’t already you should check it out! NEWSOUNDMAGAZINE.COM




he Chicago native and Brooklyn local World Soul artist, Jesse Boykins just released his latest second full length album, Love Apparatus via Nomadic Music on April 22, 2014. This soulful album is produced by the electronica genius, Machinedrum. This 29 year old has come a long way with his music and he is a great example that hard work and dedication does pay off. He has been a musician since the young age of nine, singing in his school choir. His childhood passion grew and while living in Miami, he recorded music with a variety of local artists. In addition to his high school studies, Jesse also recorded a full length album with the Grammy Jazz Ensemble. His skills expanded and his ambition was so unstoppable that he exceeded himself and studied music in college at the New School in NYC. Jesse learned more about writing, producing, singing techniques and the ‘how to’ of making music a full time career. He has grown to be an exceptional Neo-Soul artist and his songs reflect his life experiences as well as his own personal growth into adulthood. His variety of theories and feelings throughout the years are always written down and heard in his music. Jesse is not afraid to say what he wants and he sings it very well with a soothing tone and informative lyrics. One of his latest songs which is released on Love Apparatus, “Show Me Who You Are” is a direct example of his growth. His lyrics such as “I hear endless tales of the great things you can do. I hear whispered chance of your miracle. The essence of sensation, year. Right he’d immense you. Hide all this from your lover. Why would you?”; These words speak for themselves; it’s beautiful and poetic. His song “Plain” also from his latest album tells a different tale about feeling nothing from a certain woman. There is also a video for this track which is available to watch on YouTube; it’s fun and truthful and has a great beat to it’s numb tale. Jesse Boykins has a fiery drive and beautiful talent that he will definitely go further and become an unforgettable song-writer and artist. He’s currently on tour and will be playing in his local NY area at Irving Plaza, NYC on May 3rd. Go check him out!








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The 2014 release of Switchfoot’s new album, Fading West, enlightens the soul with indie, alternative rock and psychedelic influences. Reminding us that spring is right around the corner, not a single second in this album radiates anything other than sheer rays of happiness and positivity. While touring the United States, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa for footage on their coinciding documentary conveniently named Fading West, the group gathered the inspiration that followed them throughout their journey. At one point they stopped in South Africa and picked up a makeshift tin can guitar they found while driving around on the road. This abandoned instrument sparked a new creative incentive for their latest album. It was thought of as an opportunity for musical diversity to the band, successfully so as the group dipped their toes into the world of bass synthesizers. Heavily influenced by U2, Switchfoot’s Fading West is their own take on Rattle and Hum. While this

imposes a greater risk for failure as the fans may neglect the release of their documentary. This can lead the listeners to not fully grasping the concept of the music, or the soundtrack to the movie can possibly be viewed as background instrumentals rather than an individual track. The chance was definitely worth while since the album’s reviews average four out of five stars. Although their entire album holds a beach like atmosphere, the song “Ba55” seems to capture the essence more so than any other track. It has a great stand out combination between the lead singer Jon Foreman’s voice, the psychedelic melody of acoustics and chill yet mysterious synthesizers. While the album is listed under indie rock, it is respectively compared to Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto and Foster the People’s Torches. For fans of Foster the People, Coldplay, Maroon 5 and the Killers, Switchfoot’s Fading West is the perfect album to check out!




he Swedish native, Amanda Mair was discovered at a young age of fifteen by Labrador Records. She didn’t post any of her music online or send out any demos to record companies, it was simply fate and luck that got her to where she is today. She began recording her first full length debut album when she was sixteen years old. Her voice is smooth as silk, her energy and free spirit reminds you of a present day Kate Bush. At her current age nineteen, Amanda Mair has flourished throughout the globe with her three single releases, a record deal and features from her debut album. This young and rising gifted beauty, Mair has only been doing what she loves most, singing. She’s been a vocalist all of her life. She went to nightclubs with her parents because she was too young to be permitted to go alone. This was of course to get more exposure of her stunning voice. Her single ‘Doubt’ came out in October 2011, and was accredited song of the week for a whole week on Poplight. The swedish native continues to sing and write, however her last published single was ‘Sense’ in 2012. It is a very fun and catchy song, you can even check out the video of it as well.



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vonne de Villiers founded Luna Guitars in 2005 which is based in Tampa, Florida. She began as a stained-glass artist and transitioned her craftsmanship into designing comfortable and reasonably priced guitars for musicians of all ages and sizes. This inspiration came from her own mother, Hilda Williers, who was an electric-bass player for more than 40 years. Back in the 1960s it was very rare seeing a woman playing the bass but that did not stop Hilda to go after her passion. Yvonne admired her mother not only for her accomplishments as a woman during that time but seeing her physically struggle holding such a large instrument for her petite frame. Guitars were originally made for men or musicians who have a larger build. Yvonne wanted to create a new design to provide instruments for musicians of all genders with different musical styles and bodies. Luna Guitars was built off this philosophy, providing “a line of comfortable instruments made for musicians of all ages and beautifully crafted to engage minds and spirits along with talent.”




designed by Win-kye Cheong

The guitar designs are so unique where even the brand name itself emanates an energy that you can feel. While Luna does mean moon, the company creates exquisite guitars that can only be simply described as being ‘out of this world’. It is also the spiritual energy that each individual guitar transcends to the performer. Each design that is etched into every instrument remains unique, nothing is duplicated. There are looks such as celtic, floral, the universe, and even Chinese symbolism which all can add a personal philosophic journey to the musician. The construction behind the wood, the colors, the tone in each guitar can make any performer want to add more to their collection. The physical feel and touch of the instruments are all smooth and silky like butter. Musicians such as Jenni Alpert, Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots and Charles Cudd from OfBeauty and Madness are all part of the Luna Guitar family. Check out their website http://www.lunaguitars. com/ to see their distinct designs and musicians from all around the world that uses them.



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he song titled ‘Trio’ was released to the public about one year ago yet the original mix has yet to reach the mainstream of EDM. As this traditional dance mix holds a drum beat of 120 BPM, 30 seconds in there is a complete turning point to the song. It is where a once strong and bold beat is replaced with high pitched melodic synths. This creates a euphoric scene where shortly after the valiant electronic rhythm starts up again to create an uplifting yet dreamy balance; a perfect mix to prepare you for an awakening to the nightlife. Cheering is dropped into the mix as well, a possible attempt to add diversity. However, due to the expansion


of the EDM scene and the overpopulated demand of diversity in it, it can be viewed as boring to some fans, while others don’t understand how ‘Trio’ hasn’t hit the charts yet. The song is created by a trio of it’s own, Russian Trance/House DJ’s Arty, Matisse and Sadko worked together to produce this sound. While Matisse and Sadko mix a lot together as a duo and have had their more recent mix ‘Sigure’ play at Ultra Music Festival, Arty has been signed onto Anjunabeats since 2010. Who knows if ‘Trio’ catches up to it’s artists growing fame, maybe the three will join again to create an even bigger track. designed by Win-kye Cheong


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P hoto by Ka ssy Ba lli

ocated right in the mecca of today’s independent music capitol, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, there is a quaint looking restaurant. At first glance, it appears to be your typical upper class hipster hangout, low-key lighting, a small dining area serving a menu of classic bar food and a variety of craft beers. However, once you pass the peculiar group of cigarette smokers out front, walk through the narrow hallway in between booths and bar space making your way to the bathrooms in the back, you notice a curtain out of the corner of your eye. It’s the type of thing you wouldn’t even pay mind to if not for the few people straggling in and out of the area. One step behind the heavy black curtain and you’re hit in the face with music, blaring so loud you’re amazed one piece of cloth could hold in such a sound. The scene is something out of an 80’s punk rock club; large masses of people dancing in a crowd, graffiti writing on the walls, a lackadaisical bouncer, barley doing his job, and a speak easy style bar in the corner only accepting cash and turning out cans of Sierra Nevada as fast as possible. On this particular evening, the stage was helmed by trip-hop artist, Skytree and Lowtemp band ExMag. Both accompanied on stage by a cargo short wearing man in a ponytail painting on a canvas for the crowd to see. By the end of Skytree’s set, the canvas is exploding with color outward from the center in all different directions causing absolute chaos. It isn’t until the chill step vibes and funk guitar of ExMag come into play does this big bang of a piece settle into some form of structure; lines being drawn to illustrate a sense of control where there was once calamity. The same goes for the crowd, the once intensified crowd, moving there bodies to the trippy sounds of Skytree begin to settle and sway to the smooth music of ExMag. Even at about ¾ capacity the place had room to move, dance, wander, take a break to get a quick brew or a smoke, or find a wall to passionately make out with your significant other during that funky guitar solo in “Tilt Mode.” (Oh yeah, and singer Gibbz made a surprise appearance to serenade us both on stage and in the crowd!) The variety of the crowd ranged from heady kids just showing up for the good times, the lost clubbers who decided to stick around, make the best of the night, and try and dance on stage, and the Williamsburg resident hipsters who were just mad you found out about their favorite spot to drink in a corner and criticize a band they pretend to know about. Regardless, the Cameo Gallery puts a different spin on the typical New York City music clubs that are usually separating genres being played by floor, vigorously violate at the door and frowned upon live instrumentation. It’s also an added bonus that it’s 21 plus so there is no chance you’ll be running into your friend from high school’s little sister covered to her elbows in beaded candy bracelets. designed by Win-kye Cheong


UPCOMING ALBUMS Be the first to check out these much anticipated albums!


Black Keys TURN BLUE May 2nd

Kyla La Grange CUT YOUR TEETH June 2nd

Coldplay GHOST STORIES May 16th



Sam Smith IN THE LONELY HOUR May 26th



UPCOMIN May 5/10 ODESZA Knitting Factory, 11pm 5/10 HAERTS, SCAVENGER HUNT Brooklyn Bowl, 8pm 5/10 DISCOVERY W/ SCOTT GROOVES, FREE MAGIC, FASO Glasslands Gallery, 11:30 PM 5/10 M.I.A Webster Hall, 6:30pm 5/13 LADY GAGA’S ARTPOP BALL Madison Square Garden, 8pm 5/13 THE WAILERS Brooklyn Bowl, 8pm 5/15 PSYCHEMAGIK, JOAKIM, JDH, & DAVE P Le Poisson Rouge, 11pm


5/15 TOKYO POLICE CLUB Webster Hall, 7pm 5/20 THE NEIGHBOURHOOD Central Park Summerstage, 6pm 5/22 MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA, BALANCE AND COMPOSURE, KEVIN DEVINE Terminal 5, 7pm 5/27 PHOSPHORESCENT Webster Hall, 8pm 5/20 INGRID MICHAELSON, STORYMAN, SUGAR & THE HI LOWS Terminal 5, 6:30pm 5/30 NYC POP FEST 2014 Brooklyn Knitting Factory, 7:00pm




Brooklyn Knitting Factory, 11:55pm

The Northside Festival, McCarren Park

6/2 DARK STAR ORCHESTRA Brooklyn Bowl, 6pm


6/6 GOVERNOR’S BALL Randall’s Island, 8pm 6/7 JACK JOHNSON Nikon at Jones Beach Theatre, 7:30pm 6/0 KATY PERRY “PRISM TOUR” Madison Square Garden, 7pm

Terminal 5, 7pm 6/18 LINDSEY STIRLING Terminal 5, 7:00pm 6/24 TEGAN & SARA Hammerstein Ballroom, 8:00pm 6/30 BECK Hammerstein Ballroom, 8:00pm







he infamous Don Henley, most known for being one of the founders of the 70s rock band, The Eagles. Since the band’s original split in 1980 he pursued his solo career. After the return of The Eagles in 1994, Henley has been living a double life between his solo work and his dedication to the band. The American singer, songwriter and drummer who has brought us unforgettable hits such as ‘The Boys of Summer’, ‘All She Wants to do is Dance’ and ‘The End of Innocence’ is definitely not a one hit wonder to the world. Between his solo career and work with the Eagles, he has become known as a music legend with songs that remain unforgettable. The material he has written over the years are still being played as though it’s still music from today. He has sung classic songs with the Eagles from titles such as ‘Hotel California’ and ‘Desperado’. Don Henley has been very busy the past few years between the documentary release of History of the Eagles, which is also available to buy in stores and online, touring with the Eagles and the recording of his next solo album Cass County. It’s no surprise that his solo album has been pushed back to a later date in 2014, juggling two jobs is not an easy task. The album was supposed to be released closer to the end of 2013 yet news on it has completely vanished. His fans are highly anticipating his next solo record considering the fact that his last album, Inside Job was released fourteen years ago. There have been articles about his latest recording and Henley even stated that Cass County is “for grown ups”. The curiosity has sparked the web from fans all over, they even created forums entitled simply as “Any news on Don Henley’s solo album?”. What is currently released is the documentary, History of the Eagles which is a two parter that explains all from the good, bad to the ugly of the Eagles. It is definitely worth checking out. Don Henley is currently on tour with the Eagles, coincidentally it’s labeled as ‘History of the Eagles Tour’. Presently they are touring around Europe. By August 2014 they have a line of shows throughout North America. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, hurry up since they are selling fast! NEWSOUNDMAGAZINE.COM

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