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he song titled ‘Trio’ was released to the public about one year ago yet the original mix has yet to reach the mainstream of EDM. As this traditional dance mix holds a drum beat of 120 BPM, 30 seconds in there is a complete turning point to the song. It is where a once strong and bold beat is replaced with high pitched melodic synths. This creates a euphoric scene where shortly after the valiant electronic rhythm starts up again to create an uplifting yet dreamy balance; a perfect mix to prepare you for an awakening to the nightlife. Cheering is dropped into the mix as well, a possible attempt to add diversity. However, due to the expansion


of the EDM scene and the overpopulated demand of diversity in it, it can be viewed as boring to some fans, while others don’t understand how ‘Trio’ hasn’t hit the charts yet. The song is created by a trio of it’s own, Russian Trance/House DJ’s Arty, Matisse and Sadko worked together to produce this sound. While Matisse and Sadko mix a lot together as a duo and have had their more recent mix ‘Sigure’ play at Ultra Music Festival, Arty has been signed onto Anjunabeats since 2010. Who knows if ‘Trio’ catches up to it’s artists growing fame, maybe the three will join again to create an even bigger track. designed by Win-kye Cheong


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