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vonne de Villiers founded Luna Guitars in 2005 which is based in Tampa, Florida. She began as a stained-glass artist and transitioned her craftsmanship into designing comfortable and reasonably priced guitars for musicians of all ages and sizes. This inspiration came from her own mother, Hilda Williers, who was an electric-bass player for more than 40 years. Back in the 1960s it was very rare seeing a woman playing the bass but that did not stop Hilda to go after her passion. Yvonne admired her mother not only for her accomplishments as a woman during that time but seeing her physically struggle holding such a large instrument for her petite frame. Guitars were originally made for men or musicians who have a larger build. Yvonne wanted to create a new design to provide instruments for musicians of all genders with different musical styles and bodies. Luna Guitars was built off this philosophy, providing “a line of comfortable instruments made for musicians of all ages and beautifully crafted to engage minds and spirits along with talent.”




designed by Win-kye Cheong

The guitar designs are so unique where even the brand name itself emanates an energy that you can feel. While Luna does mean moon, the company creates exquisite guitars that can only be simply described as being ‘out of this world’. It is also the spiritual energy that each individual guitar transcends to the performer. Each design that is etched into every instrument remains unique, nothing is duplicated. There are looks such as celtic, floral, the universe, and even Chinese symbolism which all can add a personal philosophic journey to the musician. The construction behind the wood, the colors, the tone in each guitar can make any performer want to add more to their collection. The physical feel and touch of the instruments are all smooth and silky like butter. Musicians such as Jenni Alpert, Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots and Charles Cudd from OfBeauty and Madness are all part of the Luna Guitar family. Check out their website http://www.lunaguitars. com/ to see their distinct designs and musicians from all around the world that uses them.



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