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The Age of Reason BY TOMMY FRISINA Slovenian born, Brooklyn based producer, Denis Jasarevic, more commonly known by his stage name, Gramatik, is known for his sample based, instrumental HipHop production. However, take a trip through his catalogue and there are elements of various Electronic sub genres such as House, Dubstep, and Glitch Hop. His funk and jazz influence also doesn’t go unnoticed as he combines all of these genres on his latest LP, The Age of Reason. The album starts off in a somber tone with the introduction track Bravemen that drops heavy synth and bass lines towards the end, leading us into the funky sounds of the second track Torture featuring Hendrix style vocals from singer Eric Krasno. Proving he is far from a one trick pony, Gramatik supplies us with the third track Bluestep which delivers exactly what it promises; a blues sample met with the Dubstep drums and synths. Before you even get halfway through the album, it’s clear to see there is a little something for everyone. Jasarevic calls upon his


fellow Exmag members throughout the album to contribute additional production to the already diverse sound of his newest album. Four of the fifteen songs featured on the album have accompanying members of the production collective, showcasing their different styles of down tempo Electronic music. The group appears on the standout track Just Jammin NYC, a rework of Gramatik’s previously released Street Bangerz vol. 2 track Just Jammin. He and his peers recapture the feel of the original with additional instrumentation and production. The two previously released singles, You Don’t Understand and obviously fit in perfectly with the rest of the album’s sound with the former featuring some of Gramatik’s classic style of vocal sampling seen in his previous work on his Street Bangerz series and his Beatz and Pieces album. The ladder, Obviously once again features Gramatik’s production collective Exmag as well as newcomers Cherub who lend their vocals well as their signature talkbox to the track. Obviously gives us a taste for what Gramatik has

to offer the Electro Funk sub-genre championed by himself and fellow producer GRiZ. The third single from the album, Get A Grip is the second song to feature singer/producer Gibbz. The track showcases Gramatik’s ability to produce solid Dubstep tracks without succumbing to the cliché of obvious build ups leading to a large bass drop featuring wobble synth. Instead, he trades the wub bass for a funk guitar and futuristic laser synth that work perfectly with the feel of the album. Although a little scatter brained at times, The Age of Reason is a solid cohesive piece of work from Pretty Lights Music artist Gramatik. Utilizing all of his influences as well as his past endeavors in various genres, Denis Jasarevic crafts an album that fits just as well on the dance floor as it would at a small gathering amongst friends. Gramatik’s diversity allows for the listener to play his music in any given setting and his latest albums only adds to his catalogue of laid back Electronic production. designed by Win-kye Cheong


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