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Eva Olsson

Saturday 9:30, Room 2

CLIL, Extramural English and Writing Proficiency in Academic Registers: Preliminary Results From an Ongoing Swedish Study University of Gothenburg CLISS, Content and language integration in Swedish schools, is a four-year research project with the purpose to examine the development of proficiency in academic registers in Swedish and in English among 221 students during their three years in upper-secondary school, with particular focus on CLIL classes. The present study is a part of the CLISS project, focusing on the development of writing proficiency in academic registers in English among students in CLIL-classes where English is the language of instruction in comparison to non-CLIL students, who attend classes where Swedish is the language of instruction. Not only the language of instruction but also extramural English, English encountered outside of school, is an important factor to consider in the analysis of the development of the pupils’ proficiency in English. Earlier studies have shown that extramural English is beneficial for vocabulary range and for writing and speaking proficiency (Sylvén 2004, Sundqvist 2009, Olsson 2012). However, there could be a discrepancy between the language that students encounter through media and the language students meet at school and in exams (Simensen 2010). This paper presents an analysis of vocabulary use in texts written by the informants during their first and second year in upper-secondary school. The texts are expository and argumentative essays covering topics related to Science and Social Science. The focus of the analysis is on the use of general academic vocabulary, on the frequency level of vocabulary and on comparison of keywords in the students’ texts. Comparisons are made between texts written by CLIL and non-CLIL students, and by students with a high and a low frequency of extramural English.

Tore Otterup

Saturday 12:00, Room 1

CLIL in a Multilingual Context University of Gothenburg During the last decades Sweden has become one of the most multilingual countries in the world with almost 200 different languages spoken in the country. Not only has this fact had an impact on the society as a whole but it also offers a considerable challenge to the Swedish educational systems at all levels.


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ALP-CLIL Abstract Book  

Here you will find all the information about the ALP-CLIL Conference (5-8 June 2013)

ALP-CLIL Abstract Book  

Here you will find all the information about the ALP-CLIL Conference (5-8 June 2013)

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