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Dear Sustainable Suzie: I work on the academic podium and I noticed that my building is not doing well in the Energy Campaign. What can I do that can not only help increase our standings in the competition, but also reduce electricity consumption in my workspace?

Sincerely, Electrified Emily

Dear Electrified Emily: The Energy Campaign has just begun, so do not fret, you still have 8 more weeks to reduce your electricity usage! There are many ways that you can decrease your energy consumption. Before you leave each day, be sure to turn off and unplug all lights and devices. Don’t forget to check lights and devices in shared spaces and conference rooms. You can even adjust your sleep and screensaver settings on your computer, printer and copier. The Office of Sustainability has more information and guides to reducing energy consumption at

-Sustainable Suzie

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September 2017 Sustainability Bulletin  

University at Albany Office of Sustainability