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Ballroom Dancing Beginning Spanish Breath-Centered Yoga Bridge Conventions Hobby Photography Rock Music: 1950s – 1989

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A Most Crucial Midterm Election 2018


NEW! As far as American politics are concerned, anything is possible in the 2018 Midterm Elections. Follow the general election campaigns leading up to Election Day as we discuss subjects relating to the election process including the U.S. Constitution, federalism, separation of powers, and republicanism.


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9/12–10/31 • W • 8:45–10:15 am C67F1845 • R Frederick Text: None


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8:45 – 10:15 am

8:45 – 10:15 am

8:45 – 10:15 am

8:45 – 10:15 am

8:45 – 10:15 am

English Language and Vocabulary Building


Mid-Term Election 2018

Critical Economic Thinking

Biology: Living Organisms


Art of Reading

More Intermediate German

Soli Deo Gloria — Vocal Music of the Counter-Reformation

Sep 10 – Oct 29

Sep 11 – Oct 30

C61F1804 C68F1801

German for Travelers' Survival C64F1803

Korean War Today C67F1805

Art for the Fun of It C73F1802


German Literature Great American Read C61F1820

Spooks and Snoops: WWII Allied Intelligence

Sep 12 – Oct 31


CANCELLED C61F1842 Coin Collecting C66F1843

Intricacies of the Mind C65F1844


Sep 13 – Nov 1



Writing Your Life Story C61F1861

Duplicate Bridge C66F1863

Nature-Inspired Living, Learning and Serving

10:30 am – 12:00 pm

10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Music Theory (and More) for the Listener

Something Rotten in Denmark

Converse with Great Books

Intro to Pencil Sketching

Underpinnings of Theoretical Physics

Italian for Beginners



More Beginning Spanish

Caesar's Civil War


Social Hierarchies

Diverse Places of Worship

Alligators in the East Room



Advanced German

Law School for Everyone


Five Paths to Happiness, Vitality, and Fulfillment

Telling Stories with CANCELLED Tissue Paper Collage



Topics in Real Estate: Purchasing and Financing

C61F1847 C64F1849



Rumble Strips


Spanish, Term 8 C64F1867


1:00 – 2:30 pm

1:00 – 2:30 pm

1:00 – 2:30 pm

1:00 – 2:30 pm

Poetry for Fun

Archaeological Studies of Greece & Italy

History and Theory of Numbers

Drawing with Ink

Reading Aloud for CANCELLED Big & Small

Nutrition for Everyone



The Christian Church: History, Development, and Diversity

Beginning Card Making C66F1855

Beginning Spanish



Exploring Senior Living Options C63F1811

Socrates Café




World of Chemistry C68F1814

Digging into DNA C68F1884

Tai Chi: Forms 1-12 C66F1898

10:30 am – 12:00 pm


Mexican Train Quilt







10:30 am – 12:00 pm


Sep 14 – Nov 2

C68F1853 C70F1854

10:30 am – 12:00 pm Weekly Bonus & Movies

8/10 Pride and Prejudice 8/24 The Color Purple 9/7 Anne of Green Gables 9/21 End of Life Decisions 10/5 Birding in S. Africa 10/12 Canals of France 10/26 Fed. Budget Games 11/2 Explore Antarctica


Elder Law Intermediate French Have Fun with Pickleball




5:15 – 6:45 pm

20th Century Art C61F1830


2:45 – 4:15 pm

2:45 – 4:15 pm

2:45 – 4:15 pm

2:45 – 4:15 pm

Hobby Photography

More Alabama in the Movies

Writing Your Life Story

Changing Face of Retirement

Exploring Watercolor

Beginning Spanish



Experience the Odyssey CANCELLED C68F1815

Chess for Adults

Absolute Beginner's Bridge C66F1834

German Grammar




Defensive Bridge Skills C66F1822

3:30 – 4:30 pm

Somatic Pilates

4:00 – 5:30 pm


Home Brewing Beer



Wandering the Wonders of the World C72F1840

Building Bridge Skills C66F1875

C66F1838 C64F1841

Ballroom Dancing C73F1839

Breath-Centered Yoga C70F1837 • 5:00 pm

3:30 – 4:30 pm


Breath-Centered Yoga

Rock Music: 1950s - 1989


Unless noted in the catalog, your classes will be held on the UAH campus. The building and room location of your course will be included with your confirmation letter.


Bridge Conventions C66F1880

OLLI After Five • T & Th • 5:15–6:45 pm • REGISTER TODAY! UPDATE: Tai

Chi: Forms 1-12 • M • C70F1899 • 3:00 - 4:30 pm • See description p12


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2018 FALL


Elder Law

with certified elder law attorney

Connie Glass

Thursdays • 1:00–2:30 pm

Learn how successful aging involves planning ahead. Discover how planning for asset preservation and management during a lifetime is just as important as planning for how assets will be distributed at death. Discuss estate plan documents and options to preserve and manage assets. C63F1871 • 09/13–10/18

Plus expand your general legal knowledge with:

Law School for Everyone Engage with discussion leader and retired attorney Bob Robertson, for a fundamental education in American law. Explore topics such as "Litigation and Legal Practice", "Civil Law and Procedures", "Criminal Law and Procedures", and "Torts". NEW!

C67F1825 • 09/11–10/30 • T • 10:30 am–noon


The UAH BA or BS in Professional Studies is an interdisciplinary degree completion program designed to make it convenient for adults to finish a degree from an accredited university, without sacrificing their career or family. Available concentrations include: Organizational Studies, Leadership Strategies and Dynamics, Technology, Science and Society, and Engineering Technology (coming soon). Contact us today to discuss your academic pathway!

• Enjoy Flexible Schedules. • Transfer up to 75% of Credits. • Financial Aid is Available. • Receive Personal Support. • Select from 5 Start Dates Per Year. • Choose from Online, Classroom, and Hybrid Courses.

256.824.6673 | 4

Biology: The Study of Living Organisms During the last term of this biological series, learn how ecosystems provide energy and nutrients to organisms. Explore the distribution patterns of species and how resources affect these communities. Finally, look at the decline in biological diversity at a time when we are making rapid progress in understanding biological processes. Previous attendance not required; basic biological knowledge suggested. 09/10–10/29 • M • 8:45–10:15 am C68F1801 • C Reinhart

German for Travelers' Survival NEW! Fahren Sie nach Deutschland? Learn how to get from the airport to your hotel, check in, order a wiener schnitzel, and find your way around town. Designed to give you the vocabulary, phrases, and cultural norms that will make your trip to German-speaking Europe smoother and more enjoyable— this is the first of a three-term sequence. No prior German study is required.

09/10–10/29 • M • 8:45–10:15 am C64F1803 • Dr. D Hornstein Text: German Survival Guide: The Language and Culture You Need to Travel with Confidence in Germany and Austria

09/10–10/29 • M • 8:45–10:15 am C67F1805 • E Kennedy Text: In Mortal Combat

NEW! The period between the last half of the 19th century to the first half of the 20th century, sometimes referred to as the "Second Renaissance", changed our ideas of physical reality. Some of these ideas still resonate today. Identify the key ideas and intellectual development of physics and how it evolved. Although some equations will be displayed, the intent is to discuss the meaning, motivation, and the puzzles solved.

Art for the Fun of It

09/10–10/29 • M • 10:30 am–noon C68F1809 • J.V. Beaupre

Dive into the world of art! Learn the elements of art, find out how to compose a quality composition, and utilize various media. This is not just pencil and paper—discuss types of paint, charcoal, pastels, and more. Bring your imagination and let's create! 09/10–10/29 • M • 8:45–10:15 am C73F1802 • N Rogers

Music Theory (and More) for the Listener NEW! Do your eyes glaze over when you attend the symphony and try to read the program notes? Do phrases like "a modulation from F minor to the distant key of E major" intimidate you? Do you wonder just what the guy standing in front of the orchestra with his back turned is doing with that little stick? Interested in learning about sonata-allegro form, or just what kind of a piece a symphony is and how it differs from a suite or an overture? Cover basics of notation, key, time, and musical forms as well as the roles of the various performers—from the standpoint of the LISTENER and not the professional. Become a betterinformed classical music listener!

09/10–10/29 • M • 10:30 am–noon C61F1808 • Dr. D Hornstein

Caesar's Civil War, 50-44 BCE NEW! By the end of the War in Gaul, Julius Caesar had reaped great personal rewards. He was richer and had greater achievements than any other living Roman save perhaps Pompey. His future electoral success was virtually guaranteed. However, much to his dismay, nothing worked out as Caesar had planned. Instead of coming back home as a hero, he returned as a rebel. It’s difficult to say when civil war became inevitable. It wasn’t fought for issues, but for personal position and dignity. Discuss the context and implications of what led to the Caesar’s Civil War and get a better understanding as to how those things affected Rome and led directly to the fall of the Republic.

09/10–10/29 • M • 10:30 am–noon C67F1806 • J Mason

Advanced German Expand your knowledge of German vocabulary and grammar with a special emphasis on correct pronunciation and conversational skills. Students should have significant previous German language education and solid understanding of the language. Knowledge should include an understanding of tenses, the four cases and subordinate word order. Plan to cover chapters 30-35.


09/10–10/29 • M • 8:45–10:15 am C61F1804 • Dr. W Confer

Underpinnings of Theoretical Physics


NEW! Who doesn’t enjoy finding the precise word or phrase for any occasion to communicate more effectively? Cruise through the history of English as a language, usage and style, synonyms and antonyms, denotation and connotations, and more to help expand expressive possibilities and better know ourselves through knowing our shared language. Course is guided by a Great Courses DVD and supplemented with discussion and instructor input.

The war that began on 25 June 1950 ended in an armistice. Technically, the war continues. Korea is still a potential flashpoint and, based on current North Korean and U.S. relations, remains a concern for the Western world. The Korean War continues to have modern-day implications which can be better understood in the context of what occurred 1950-1953. Learn and discuss how events from 68 years ago affect us today. NEW!


English Language and Vocabulary Building

Korean War Today

Registration is limited to ONE course at the same time on the same day.



09/10–10/29 • M • 10:30 am–noon C64F1807 • J Schweinsberg Text: German Made Simple


Poetry for Fun

More Alabama in the Movies

Laurence Perrine once said, poetry is central to "the fully realized life, something that we are better off for having and without which we are spiritually impoverished." However, many people are intimidated by poetry, fearing that they will not understand the "hidden meanings". Break down those barriers, beginning with reading poetry more successfully. Students will read selected poems and hopefully inspire a lifelong enjoyment of poetry.

Did you know that 2019 will be the 200th anniversary of Alabama's statehood? Let's explore our state— its people, problems, successes and resources—through movies featuring Alabama people, settings, and accomplishments. Several movies will be screened throughout the term followed by discussion when time allows. Class will run over the hour and a half time block most weeks. See our state "through the lens" of the cinema.

09/10–10/29 • M • 1:00–2:30 pm C61F1813 • J Chadwick

09/10–10/29 • M • 2:45–4:15 pm C61F1817 • I Garoppo

09/11–10/30 • T • 8:45–10:15 am C70F1895 • N Flynt Lab fee: $20

Exploring Senior Living Options

Experience the Odyssey

German Literature

With so many options, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and confused by the variety of senior living options available today. Whether it's an active adult community, independent living, or assisted living, learn to navigate the housing choices and costs as you age.

Take a journey in the classroom as you sharpen your mental skills! Exercise your speed of processing, working memory, visual-spatial processing, divergent thinking, and inductive reasoning. Work with a team to solve problems or puzzles, come up with creative solutions, make things, and have a lot of fun while stimulating brain cells and enjoying friendly competition.

Hone your German skills while solving a crime! Read an entertaining detective story by Andre' Kelvin. Heidis Frühstück will give special emphasis on high frequency phrases.



09/10–10/29 • M • 1:00–2:30 pm C63F1811 • A Beltz

Socrates Café: Where Relevant Questions are Explored Join a community that encourages people to think about issues and offers a forum and guidelines for discussing them. In a safe environment, join a group of individuals from all walks of life, nationalities, religions, political views, and genders who like to talk. We will discuss what is on our minds, from something on the news that day, to the age-old questions of "What is…?"or "What if…?" In Socrates Café, we want to learn how to think, not what to think. 09/17–10/29 • M • 1:00–2:30 pm C66F1812 • S Tumminello

The World of Chemistry Chemistry, the study of matter and energy, is central to our daily lives— from the function of our bodies and the environment to the manufacture of products we use. Build on knowledge of atomic structure and bonding to form molecules and the properties of gases, liquids and solids. Explore solutions, reaction mechanisms, and the properties and interactions of acids and bases. Elementary knowledge of chemistry or prior attendance recommended. 09/10–10/29 • M • 1:00–2:30 pm C68F1814 • Somerville & Swanson 6



09/10–10/29 • M • 2:45–4:15 pm C68F1815 • L Black

Chess for Adults Coach Hodge will introduce you to chess with a simplified strategy to enable you to enjoy an incredibly beneficial pastime. Chess raises your IQ, improves recovery from stroke or disability, promotes brain growth, and exercises both sides of the brain. Have fun playing a challenging game of chess. 09/10–10/29 • M • 2:45–4:15 pm C73F1816 • D Hodge

Home Brewing Beer NEW! Learn how to brew 5 gallon beer batches with minimal equipment. Discuss the importance of ingredient selection depending upon style of beer desired and equipment needed to brew at home. The first class will meet at Wish You Were Beer Campus 805, with subsequent class locations and schedule TBA. Tasting of brews will be at a brewer’s home in the final two classes. A small fee will be charged during the course for purchase of brewing ingredients. We will start brewing the first class—don’t miss out on the fun!

09/13–11/01 • Th • 4:00–5:30 pm C73F1818 • T Miller • Off Campus Text: How to Brew

Chi: Forms 1-12 • M • C70F1899 • 3:00 - 4:30 pm • See description p12

Tuesday Fun with Tennis Fundamentals Have you ever wanted to try your hand (or backhand) at tennis? Learn about strokes, footwork, equipment, scoring and positioning in a fun environment as part of an enjoyable course designed for beginning or re-entry level players. Please bring your racket.

09/11–10/30 • T • 8:45–10:15 am C64F1819 • L Medenbach Text: Heidis Frühstück

OLLI Does the Great American Read NEW! PBS is sponsoring The Great American Read, an eight part series that explores America's best loved works of fiction. Help us choose OLLI's favorite reads! Sixteen OLLI members will spotlight a favorite book from PBS's 100 preselected titles. Students will explore themes such as love conquers all, coming of age, heroes vs. villains, and overcoming odds. Discuss why we are drawn to great pieces of literature.

09/11–10/30 • T • 8:45–10:15 am C61F1820 • Mahony & Koval

Social groups across species rapidly selforganize into hierarchies; members vary in their level of power, influence, skill, or dominance. While such attachments often seem advantageous or even glamorous, Carl Jung emphasized the negative impacts on our subconscious. Examine the psychological impacts along with hierarchical structures of different societies and individuals. Discussion will be encouraged.

NEW! One of Shakespeare's most beloved tragedies, Hamlet, explores the familial drama of the Prince of Denmark as he finds out that his uncle Claudius killed his father to obtain the throne, and plans revenge. Through a mix of instructor presentations, DVD lectures, video clips, and class discussion, students will analyze this popular drama.

09/11–10/30 • T • 10:30 am–noon C61F1824 • D Drake Text: Hamlet

Italian for Beginners Learn Italian from the absolute beginning! Understand the basic elements of the Italian language by focusing on communicative competencies as well as basic grammar structures. Reach an A+ level of skills for listening, speaking, reading, and writing. 09/11–10/30 • T • 10:30 am–noon C64F1828 • F Todaro Text: Italian Made Simple

Reading Aloud for Big & Small!

09/11–10/30 • T • 10:30 am–noon C63F1827 • B Martin

09/11–10/30 • T • 1:00–2:30 pm C61F1810 • R Malcolm

Archaeological Studies of Greece and Italy

Topics in 20th Century Art



NEW! Thinking of downsizing, purchasing a second home, investing, or helping a relative finance a home? Learn how to navigate the complex world of real estate with instructor provided tips and how-to's to make the buying process a little less confusing.

09/11–10/30 • T • 10:30 am–noon C65F1826 • H Nicholson

Topics in Real Estate Purchasing and Financing


Something Rotten in Denmark

09/11–10/30 • T • 1:00–2:30 pm C65F1831 • R Brooks

Reading aloud is one of the most important things you can do with children. It builds important foundational skills, introduces vocabulary, models expressive reading, and emphasizes what reading for pleasure is all about! Reading aloud also benefits adults by encouraging bonding with children and sharpens articulation and fluency. Learn about stories old and new, how to find age appropriate books, and fun techniques to make the story come alive. Class will include an off campus visit to a local bookstore to see what's new in the world of literature.


09/11–10/30 • T • 8:45–10:15 am C71F1822 • Dr. S Jones Text: Nature-Inspired Learning and Leading

NEW! Review the Christian movement, the organization and divisions from Church history, as well as development of the Bible and religious practices. Discuss contemporary issues that divide the Church and hear guest speakers representing some lesser understood Christian traditions.


Every lesson for living, learning, serving, and leading is either written indelibly in Nature or is compellingly inspired by Nature. Explore concepts and lessons drawn from Nature as we take an interactive and participatory approach to learning. Participate in discussions and borrow from our collective experiences as we learn about harnessing Nature’s wisdom. NEW!

Social Hierarchies and How They Impact Us

The Christian Church: History, Development, and Diversity


Nature-Inspired Living, Learning, and Serving

09/11–10/30 • T • 10:30 am–noon C67F1825 • B Robertson


09/11–10/30 • T • 8:45–10:15 am C67F1823 • T Lee

NEW! Discussion leader Bob Robertson will guide students through this Great Courses series. Students will engage in lectures providing a fundamental education in American law over the next academic year. Topics discussed will include "Litigation and Legal Practice", "Civil Law and Procedures", "Criminal Law and Procedures", and "Torts".


Spies and code, as well as the use of deception in warfare, have been with us since the beginning of recorded history. Breakthroughs by British and United States intelligence services during World War II are acknowledged to have saved lives and shortened the war. Codes and ciphers will be examined including the Enigma machine and the Japanese JN-25 Naval Code. Learn how talented individuals and the world's earliest computers were used to break codes. NEW!

Law School for Everyone


Spooks and Snoops: How Allied Intelligence Helped Win WWII

Examine the classical archaeology of Greece and Rome. Learn how classical archaeology combines ancient history, anthropology, ethnography, comparative religion, art history, experimental engineering, linguistics, and early botany. Visit Athens, Delphi, Rome, and more! 09/11–10/30 • T • 1:00–2:30 pm C68F1821 • B Stensby

NEW! Too often Americans are unfamiliar with the artistic legacy of their own country. Continue to discover what is uniquely “American” about our nation’s art, which is crucial to fully understanding who we are as a people. Covering the scope of 20th century art, featured artists include Remington, Hopper, Eakins, Dunlap, Benton.

09/11–10/30 • T • 1:00–2:30 pm C61F1830 • D West

Proudly Wear Your OLLI Member Badge! Badges should be worn for ALL OLLI classes and activities, and when accessing any UAH functions as an OLLI member. 7

Writing Your Life Story

Absolute Beginner’s Bridge

Everyone has a story. Writing and sharing this story can bring great satisfaction. Instructor Val Seaquist provides techniques to inspire and reflect on your life and record events for personal satisfaction and preservation of memory. A book list and other materials are provided. Get ready to share your story!

Bridge is an excellent way to stimulate your mind in a social environment. Learn the basics of the game and get ready to play with friends and relatives. Join Will Kirkpatrick as he introduces us to the world’s most popular card game—ideal for individuals with no or very limited knowledge of the game.

09/11–10/30 • T • 2:45–4:15 pm C61F1835 • V Seaquist

09/11–10/30 • T • 2:45–4:15 pm C66F1834 • W Kirkpatrick Text: Bidding in the 21st Century (provided)

Wednesday A Most Crucial Midterm Election 2018 NEW! As far as American politics are concerned, anything is possible in the 2018 Midterm Elections. Follow the general election campaigns leading up to Election Day as we discuss subjects relating to the election process including the U.S. Constitution, federalism, separation of powers, and republicanism.

09/12–10/31 • W • 8:45–10:15 am C67F1845 • R Frederick

Art of Reading

Do busy days keep you from enjoying daytime classes? OLLI After Five offerings on Tuesday and Thursday evenings provide an extended opportunity for your involvement with OLLI at UAH at a time of day that works for you.

Hobby Photography NEW! Photography is a fantastic hobby that allows you to see the world around you in a new, refreshing light. Learn tips to improve your skills and help you feel more comfortable with whatever camera you have. Some classes will meet off campus.

09/12–10/31 • W • 8:45–10:15 am C61F1842 • S Chatham

A Study in Coin Collecting

C64F1841 • 09/11–10/30 • T • 5:15–6:45 pm • J Uithoven Text: Easy Spanish Step by Step

NEW! Coin collecting has been a popular pastime for decades. Learn the ins and outs of numismatics—the study of coin collecting. Get a historical overview of the hobby, as well as, techniques on how to grade, authenticate, and value coins. Perhaps you'll discover an unknown treasure in your collection!

Ballroom Dancing

09/12–10/31 • W • 8:45–10:15 am C66F1843 • C Cataldo

C66F1838 • 09/11–10/30 • T • 5:15–6:45 pm • C Loehr

Beginning Spanish Do you want to learn a new language? Try Spanish! Learn Spanish pronunciation, “to be” verbs, subject-verb agreement and cognates. Practice how to tell time and basic descriptions of people and their professions.

It’s never too late to learn to dance. Learn the basics of several dances including waltz, foxtrot, cha-cha, and rumba. Have fun no matter what your level of dance experience! Classes will be taught by a professional instructor in the beautiful studios at Madison Ballroom. Don’t miss this special dance experience! C73F1839 • 09/11–10/30 • T • 5:15–6:45 pm • T Romine Lab fee: $20

Breath Centered Yoga Explore the benefits and practical applications of yoga for health and healing. Using a gentle format, we will combine breath and movement in order to soothe the body and focus the mind. Props are provided, but students are encouraged to bring their own yoga mats. Class will be accessible to beginners and experienced practitioners, as well as those with unique physical needs. C70F1837 • 09/11–10/30 • T • 5:00–6:00 pm • R Frank Lab fee: $15




NEW! What makes an artful reader? Learn how artful readers think about and approach the works they read. Exposure to a new toolbox of reading techniques will result in a new appreciation of the works you are reading. If you enjoy curling up with a good book or are a writer looking for insights into how to get inside your readers’ minds there is something in this course for you.

Intricacies of the Mind Satisfy your curiosity about the scientific underpinnings of psychology before delving into practical applications to the intricacies of normalcy and diagnosis, learning and forgetting, stress, anxiety and depression, and components of "the good life." 09/12–10/31 • W • 8:45–10:15 am C65F1844 • Dr. W Confer

Converse with Great Books

History and Theory of Numbers

Read an awesome mix of literature, history, psychology, and philosophy— masterworks for shared inquiry to foster spirited intellectual exchange; for attaining wisdom and insight, acquiring discipline in "wise-dealing and prudence" and doing what is right, just and fair with "subtlety and discretion" (Proverbs 1:1-5 NKJV). Supplemental readings will be emailed to students prior to first class.

The first sophisticated numerical systems, invented by civilizations such as ancient Sumer, Egypt, China and the Mayans, allowed arithmetic to develop. The eventual introduction of zero as a valid number, negative numbers, and place-based number systems made modern mathematics possible. Learn about the history of numbers and explore topics in number theory, such as geometrical progressions, prime numbers, and the Fibonacci sequence. NEW!

The Changing Face of Retirement in the 21st Century NEW! Plan for the five key financial challenges of retirement! Hear why growing old in America is not what it used to be, why we should expect a health care “train wreck,” and how to best prepare for it. Learn about Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) and maximizing your Social Security. Discover steps individuals can take to preserve and protect earnings and plan for market volatility. Make sure you are financially prepared for your "golden years".

09/12–10/31 • W • 10:30 am–noon C61F1847 • V Singh Text: The Civically Engaged Reader

09/12–10/31 • W • 1:00–2:30 pm C68F1853 • J Schweinsberg

More Beginning Spanish

Nutrition for Everyone

Continue your progress in Spanish language learning! Grow confidence without relying on memorization or boring drills. Assured to be a fun and interactive course! Students should have previous experience in Spanish.

There is an intricate interaction between what we eat and how it affects your well-being. Unlock the mystery of this interaction as you learn about dietary guidelines and nutrition-related diseases. Practice evaluating nutrition information claims, and learn how to correctly read a food label to make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need. Listen to current nutritional news, and tips on using nutrition to improve your health.

German Grammar

09/12–10/31 • W • 1:00–2:30 pm C70F1854 • B Johnson

09/12–10/31 • T • 2:45–4:15 pm C64F1852 • A Kochis Text: Intermediate German–A Grammar and Workbook

09/12–10/31 • W • 10:30 am–noon C64F1849 • M Cushman Text: Madrigal Magic Key to Spanish

Exploring Diverse Places of Worship Explore the oldest places of worship for many of the established religions in the Huntsville area including the Jewish, Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Islamic, and Lutheran faiths. Learn how each organization was established and their continued history. Locations and directions to each house of worship will be emailed prior to the beginning of the course. Expect respectful discussions and engaging conversations. 09/19–10/31 • W • 10:30 am–noon C67F1850 • P Tumminello • Off Campus

Five Paths to Happiness, Vitality, and Fulfillment

Beginning Card Making Why give bland, mass produced cards when you can showcase your creative side and create your own! Using a variety of tools, produce cards with punches, stamps, embellishments, embossing, and vellum. Students will need to bring these tools to class every week: sharp scissors, paper cutter, adhesive, baby wipes, and a variety of cardstock. 09/12–10/31 • W • 1:00–2:30 pm C66F1855 • Euting & Foos

Beginning Spanish

Open your mind and heart to understand basic principles that govern health, happiness, and contentedness. Stay fit by getting a grasp on how diet fuels your energy and influences everything else in life. Take a new look at how thoughts, feelings, and beliefs will determine your ability to accomplish anything.

Designed to provide absolute beginners with an immersion in the Spanish language, lessons emphasize pronunciation and afford constant exposure to Castilian Spanish and Spanish spoken in Latin America. Cover nouns and articles, rules of natural stress, and parts of a sentence. Gain confidence in speaking at a basic level.

09/12–10/31 • W • 10:30 am–noon C70F1851 • T Amsden

09/12–10/31 • W • 1:00–2:30 pm C64F1857 • M Cushman Text: Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish


09/12–10/31 • W • 2:45–4:15 pm C63F1848 • B Williams

Although related Teutonic languages, English grammar and German grammar are very different, which leads to difficulty when acquiring a new language. Understanding the differences and similarities help students better adopt German. Learn the differences as well as the commonalities, while studying with other students who have some German language experience.

Defensive Bridge Skills Are you a bridge player who knows how to play but is unsure about which card to play? Expand your skills by concentrating on how to play defense: how to get that extra trick, or how to avoid giving the opponents a trick they don’t deserve. 09/12–10/31 • W • 2:45–4:15 pm C66F1822 • B Darnall Text: Defense in the 21st Century (provided)

Somatic Pilates NEW! Somatic Pilates is a gentle floor workout which incorporates mindful movements to improve mobility, balance and strength. Exercises, suited to all ages and abilities, work the reflexive muscle patterns of the nervous system. Whether you wish to relieve chronic pain or regain lost mobility, this workout is an excellent resource to improving life quality. Participants should bring a yoga mat (or blanket) and a towel.

09/12–10/31 • W • 3:30–4:30 pm C70F1835 • V Stokes Lab Fee: $15 9

More Intermediate German After a short review of material from spring, continue to enhance listening, pronunciation, and vocabulary. Improve your basic level of reading skills as we enjoy reading Dino Lernt Deutsch (Dino Learns German). 09/13–11/01 • Th • 8:45–10:15 am C64F1862 • L Medenbach Text: Dino Lernt Deutsch

Writing Your Life Story Everyone has a story. Writing and sharing this story can bring great satisfaction. Instructor Val Seaquist provides techniques to inspire and reflect on your life and record events for personal satisfaction and preservation of memory. A book list and other materials are provided. Get ready to share your story! 09/13–11/01 • Th • 8:45–10:15 am C61F1861 • V Seaquist

George Washington thought it should resemble the grand palaces of Europe. The British almost burned it down. The U.S. Army wanted to paint it black. Learn about the construction and history of the White House in addition to little known facts about life at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. History and humor combine to both educate and entertain.

Introduction to Pencil Sketching Drawing is a learnable skill. Join Dr. Brown as he introduces us to the fundamentals of drawing. Learn how different types of pencils and papers affect your sketches. By the end of the course, you will be able to draw household items and landscapes. Instructions for buying pencils, paper, and a sketch book will be given at the first class. Please be sure to have your text available the first day of class. 09/13–11/01 • Th • 10:30 am–noon C73F1865 • Dr. J Brown Text: The Complete Sketching Book

Rumble Strips Ahead: Dangerous Ideas Buddha, Copernicus, Darwin, Einstein, Freud and Gandhi are a few iconoclasts who were vilified because their dangerous ideas challenged the received wisdom about our traditional place and identity in the world and were, thus, an affront to "collective decency". This course will present some "don’t-gothere" taboos and ideas of our age. Reflective, questing, questioning and authoritative thinkers in evolutionary biology, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, cosmology and so on will, with their provocative assertions, spur our own vigorous thinking. Class participation and lively interaction without defensiveness and without raising your blood pressure will be the objective. All materials from the Internet. 09/13–11/01 • Th • 10:30 am–noon C61F1866 • V Singh

09/13–10/11 • Th • 10:30 am–noon C67F1836 • T Borcher

Telling Stories with Tissue Paper Collage


09/13–11/01 • Th • 8:45–10:15 am C66F1863 • J Hall Text: Bidding in the 21st Century (provided)

NEW! Use tissue paper collage and mixed media to create pieces of visual art that tell family stories. Choose a family story to tell through the medium of paper, glue, photographs, photocopies, and other ephemera. Have fun and experience an easy way to remember your family heritage and create stunning art pieces. Students will need: white glue or Mod-Podge, medium-sized artist’s paintbrush, assorted pencils, and a package of multi-colored tissue paper.


09/13–11/01 • Th • 8:45–10:15 am C63F1864 • K Kraus

You may be afraid of the words “duplicate bridge” but breaking it down into a series of steps will make it easy. We’ll use the Duplicate Convention Card as we learn about each item. Discover new bidding sequences for duplicate and contract bridge and play both from the offensive and defensive sides.


Do you wonder how current economic policy has affected economic thinking? Explore microeconomic issues that appear in current media and politics. Evaluate the issues using sound microeconomic theory and draw your own conclusions about media and political rhetoric. Discuss issues that appear in the news, such as subsidies, wage and price controls, tax policy, income and wealth distribution, disaster insurance, and more.

Alligators in the East Room


Critical Economic Thinking— Microeconomic Topics

Duplicate Bridge



09/13–11/01 • Th • 10:30 am–noon C66F1868 • Dr. M Morphew

Spanish, Term 8 Emphasis will continue to be placed on basic words for communicating day-today activities. Build vocabulary, practice pronunciation, and learn the appropriate use of local terms and expressions. Speaking in Spanish only will be encouraged. New participants with experience in Spanish are welcomed. 09/13–11/01 • Th • 10:30 am–noon C64F1867 • F Boardman Text: Spanish Made Simple

Drawing with Ink Have you previously attended a pencildrawing class and understand the basics of composition and perspective? If so, you might be ready to explore drawing with ink. Take your skills to the next level with a new medium. Explore shadowing, contour drawing, and principles of drawing with ink. Instructor will discuss the textbook during the first class. 09/13–11/01 • Th • 1:00–2:30 pm C73F1870 • Dr. J Brown


Elder Law

Wandering the Wonders of the World

Successful aging is in part a result of planning ahead. Planning for asset preservation and management during your lifetime is just as important as planning for how your assets will be distributed at your death. Elder law expert and attorney, Connie Glass, will discuss the documents needed for a complete estate plan and options available to preserve and manage assets in the event of long-term care.

NEW! Ancient wonders, natural wonders, man-made wonders, modern wonders, personal wonders: what qualifies as a "wonder"? Lists of seven abound, but they are not uniform. Discover and re-discover the many marvels from the ancient world through today. Bring your own lists and photos for an "around the world and through time" exploration of the past and present.

09/13–10/18 • Th • 1:00–2:30 pm C63F1871 • C Glass

Intermediate French Continue your French learning journey! If you have some prior knowledge of French, this might be the perfect course for you! Review grammar rules and revive French language skills in a variety of ways, including reading passages, listening to music, viewing videos, and discussing various topics in French. Enjoy a fun, relaxed environment where participants are encouraged to speak French. 09/13–11/01 • Th • 1:00–2:30 pm C64F1872 • Dr. V Earnest Text: French Made Simple

C72F1840 • 09/13–11/01 • Th • 2:45–4:15 pm • N Darnall

Building Bridge Skills

Breath Centered Yoga

Experts agree that learning to play bridge stimulates the brain and can boost your immune system. Continue building the skills you have developed, as we concentrate on how to play hands to get more tricks. Become more comfortable with playing or bidding— ideal for those who know the rules and have a basic game understanding.

Explore the benefits and basic principles of yoga for health and healing. Build strength and stability, improve balance and promote relaxation. Class will be guided to accommodate varied levels of mobility and yoga experience in a comfortable, supportive environment. The ability to breathe freely is necessary. Please wear comfortable clothing.

09/13–11/01 • Th • 2:45–4:15 pm C66F1875 • W Kirkpatrick Text: Play of the Hand in the 21st Century (provided)

09/13–11/01 • Th • 3:30–4:30 pm C70F1877 • P Tejes Lab fee: $15

Have Fun with Pickleball Get in on the growing Pickleball craze; a fun game played on a badminton-sized court with a net similar to tennis, using a perforated plastic ball and paddles. It's easy to learn for any age. Over 100 players over 50 play at Huntsville recreational centers. No experience necessary and equipment is provided. Bring your enthusiasm and sneakers to the Optimist Park Recreation Center. 09/13–11/01 • Th • 1:00–2:30 pm C70F1874 • B Morris • Off Campus

Exploring Watercolor Do you have drawing experience and want to try your hand in another medium? Designed for artists wishing to explore and improve watercolor techniques. Learn about brushes and paper, mark making, and other techniques in the watercolor medium. NEW!

09/13–11/01 • Th • 2:45–4:15 pm C73F1876 • Dr. J Brown

AFTER FIVE Rock Music: 1950s – 1989 NEW! From the early blend of country and bluegrass through the British Invasion into the diverse realms of Disco and Southern Rock, revisit the soundtrack of your life. Using recorded music, videos, and film, we will trace the musical journey from Carl Perkins and The Everly Brothers to The Bee Gees and Alabama. Be prepared for your heart to race and your toes to tap. Dancing encouraged!

C61F1879 • 09/13–11/01 • Th • 5:15–6:45 pm • N Darnall

Bridge Conventions NEW! Once you have learned the basic rules of bridge many conventions can increase communication between you and your partner to help ensure that you are in the right contract. Learn which techniques might be best for you. The instructor will collect a $15 charge for the text book.

C66F1880 • 09/13–11/01 • Th • 5:15–6:45 pm • B Darnall Text: Commonly Used Conventions in the 21st Century 11


NEW! Get hands-on with activities designed by HudsonAlpha’s Educational Outreach team to explore the content and concepts related to the incredible research being conducted at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. Course concepts include: What is cancer? How does meiosis work? What are some of the skills used by scientists in a genomic testing laboratory? Don’t miss this unique learning opportunity!

09/21–10/26 • F • 8:45–10:15 am C68F1884 • J Carden Lab fee: $15 12

FREE and open to all OLLI members.

AUG 10

Digging into DNA

Weekly Bonus & Movies • F • 10:30 am

Popcorn & A Great American Read: Pride and Prejudice | WIL 152C Sparks fly when outspoken and spirited Elizabeth Bennet meets the single, rich, reserved, and proud Mr. Darcy. The chemistry is obvious in this adaptation of Jane Austen's novel, but is their future together?

AUG 24

09/14–11/02 • F • 8:45–10:15 am C73F1882 • J Greenwood

09/14–10/12 • F • 8:45–10:15 am C66F1898 • J Reville

Popcorn & A Great American Read: The Color Purple | WIL 152C Based on the novel by Alice Walker, this epic tale spans forty years in the life of Celie, an African-American woman living in the South who survives incredible abuse and bigotry. Although she perseveres, she struggles to find her identity, dreaming of being reunited with her sister in Africa.


Enjoy learning a new design for the beginner and intermediate quilter. Have fun piecing and sharing with other creative folks. Fabric addiction is a possible side effect.

09/14–11/02 • F • 8:45–10:15 am C70F1897 • J Pang Lab fee: $15

Popcorn & A Great American Read: Anne of Green Gables | WIL 152C Full of wit, style, and emotional power this Emmy Award-winning production of L.M. Montgomery's novel follows the provocative life of orphan Anne Shirley, from her struggles as an adolescent to her triumphs as a young woman.

SEP 21

Mexican Train Quilt

It seems we all want to get rid of the stress and burden of unwanted "stuff", but haven't the knowledge nor motivation to get started with the downsizing process. Look at various options and reasons for decreasing our physical belongings, and explore methods to get started. Learn how instructor Janet Reville recently downsized her entire household while she shares the many errors made along the way, as well as the many benefits of the process in five useful class sessions.

End of Life Decisions – Dr. Monica Williams-Murphy | WIL 168 Discuss those difficult but important conversations about end-of-life with a local physician and author of It’s OK to Die. The beauty of end-of-life planning is that it reduces negative impacts. How many of us will be prepared?


09/14–11/02 • F • 8:45–10:15 am C61F1883 • Dr. D Hornstein


Tai Chi, also known as “shadow boxing” in the US, originated as martial art in China. A form of moving meditation, Tai Chi is a powerful key to inducing relaxation, reducing stress, increasing strength, and fostering concentration. Tai Chi requires coordination of mind and body through focus on developing balance and cultivating internal energy, and is appropriate for all individuals capable of standing independently and looking for gentle exercise movements.

Birding in South Africa – Herb Lewis | WIL 168 Herb Lewis, a locally respected birder honored with a Huntsville Botanical Gardens birding trail, travels worldwide to photograph birds. Hear commentary on his experiences during a recent journey to South Africa.

OCT 12

NEW! Learn about some of the greatest unaccompanied vocal music ever written! In an effort to counter the Reformation, the Catholic Church instituted various reforms during the 15th & 16th centuries, particularly making the music for the Mass and other services more likely to put the congregations into the proper mental state. Study the wonderful polyphonic compositions of Palestrina, Lassus, and more—and learn about the compositional processes used to create them. No knowledge of musical notation or experience with choral singing is necessary—only a desire to be caught up in some of the most beautiful music ever written "to the glory of God alone."

Tai Chi: Forms 1-12

Traveling on the Canals of France – Bill & Liz Staggs | WIL 168 Become an armchair traveler for trips on the fascinating and romantic canals of France. Learn how to charter a boat and plan a trip yourself!

OCT 26

Soli Deo Gloria–Vocal Music of the Counter-Reformation

| Section added: M • 3:00 - 4:30 pm • See p6

Federal Budget Games – Rick Schwarz | WIL 168 Ever wonder how the Federal Budget process is supposed to work vs. how it actually operates? Learn about earmarks—some are good and some are just pork. Discover why there are $800 hammers and $2,000 toilet seats.



Chi: Forms 1-12

Explore Antarctica – Thomas Ress | WIL 168 Antarctica, the southernmost continent and site of the South Pole, is a virtually uninhabited, ice-covered landmass. Hear about chilling experiences in this unlikely tourist destination.

OF LIFELONG LEARNING AT UAH In 1993, The Academy for Lifetime Learning, Inc. was founded with seven courses offered the first term. It attracted the attention of seasoned adults and grew rapidly.

ANNIVERSARY SPEAKER SERIES October 26 – 1:00 – 2:30 pm “Pulitzers and Politics: The Alabama Legacies of Harper Lee and George Wallace” Wayne Flynt, noted Alabama historian, author, and Professor Emeritus at Auburn University

In 2005, The Academy became one of 119 Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes in the U.S. after an endowment from the Bernard Osher Foundation to UAH. OLLI at UAH has since grown to over 1000 members and offers 70+ courses each term.

November 9 – 1:00-2:30 pm “Behind the Scenes of Louis Comfort Tiffany – Treasures from the Driehaus Museum” Peter Baldaia, Director of Curatorial Affairs, Huntsville Museum of Art

December 7 – 1:00 – 2:30 pm “Reelin’ in the Years: Pop Music from 1950s-1990s”

To celebrate, we are hosting a 25th anniversary speaker series. These presentations are free and open to the public. Show your friends what OLLI is all about!

Bob Labbe, pop music historian and WLRH radio host

Visit for more information.


OLLI 2019 Photo Contest

See specific event contact information.

Open House & Info Session 8/29 • 2:00–4:00 pm • WIL Lobby

Alabama Women in Jazz Festival 9/8 • 3-7 pm • UAH Campus Bring your lawn chairs and enjoy the scheduled Jazz and Blues preformaces, plus food trucks and vendors on the UAH West Lawn & Slab. For details and additional events, visit:

Submit up to 3 entries!

Alabama 200: Landmarks GUIDELINES

Learn more about OLLI at UAH. Bring a friend, socialize with OLLI members, and register for your selection of 70+ fall term courses.


April 1, 2019

• Theme: Alabama Landmarks • Photos must be taken April 1, 2018–March 31, 2019 • • • •

Gentle editing permitted, but keep the original No identifying/copyright marks on photo Submit named photo via digital jpg format Recommend at least 2 megapixels (MP) final size

Celebrate Alabama 200 — Capture the Alabama You Love Submit entries:

Include where/when photo was taken, your name, phone number, and e-mail. 13

OLLI INSTRUCTORS Thomas Amsden is a holistic health practitioner, muscle activation techniques specialist, and performance conditioning coach. By treating the body as a whole system and finding the main cause of problems, Thomas has been successful where traditional methods have consistently failed. J.V. Beaupre earned a PhD in physics at Iowa State University and is an AEC Post-doctoral Fellow. He was a UAH lecturer and worked for Teledyne Brown, SAIC, RW Technische Hochschule Aachen and SLAC. Ann Beltz has over 30 years experience in healthcare business development and marketing, with the last 20 years in senior living. She currently serves as Business Development Counselor at Brookdale Jones Farm in Huntsville, AL. Leah Black has a BS in psychology and an MS in education. She has three Montessori certifications and has received advanced training in teaching hands-on science techniques to teachers. She is a former OLLI board member and has enjoyed taking courses for over 8 years. Flora Boardman has taught Spanish for many years at UAH. She has travelled extensively in Europe, the Far East and Latin America. She has studied several languages, and enjoys using them when she travels. Tom Borcher, retired trial attorney, has entertained many groups with humorous stories and historical facts about the White House and its residents. He has been a guest speaker at presidential libraries and civic organizations. Richard Brooks received his economics degree from UNA with postgraduate study in philosophy/theology, attaining a masters degree from Columbia Theological Seminary. Dr. James R. Brown spent 20 years as an insect biologist in Africa, China, and Thailand. Drawing and painting have been lifelong passions. Jennifer Carden is a member of HudsonAlpha’s outstanding educational outreach team. With her background in education and molecular biology, Jennifer has played an important role in the Institute’s efforts to inspire and cultivate tomorrow’s scientists.

Many Thanks to Our OLLI Instructors Our instructors are impressive—engaged, knowledgeable, innovative, and encouraging. They have a passion for learning and a willingness to share their knowledge. Join us in thanking our volunteer teachers for all their time, effort, and expertise. Their infectious enthusiasm encourages us to think, to see different world perspectives, and to experience the true


Charles Cataldo Jr. grew up in Huntsville, graduating from Huntsville High School in 1974. In 1975, he bought out Pedro's Coin Shop, and he has been running Alabama Coin & Silver ever since. He is a past officer of the Alabama Numismatic Society and is currently on the Board of Governors of the Tennessee Numismatic Society. Jill Chadwick was an English instructor at Calhoun Community College for nearly 30 years, before temporarily retiring to England with her family. She enjoys teaching Zumba as well as literature classes. Sue Chatham has a degree in math from UAH. She worked with SAIC and TRW as a computer analyst. Since retiring, Sue has taught Access and Publisher for OLLI. Dr. Bill Confer retired from clinical psychology in 2016 after 38 years of practice. He is a Diplomate of The American Board of Sleep Medicine and The American Board of Professional Psychology in clinical psychology. He served on the Alabama Board of Examiners in Psychology and on the state ethics committee. Mia Cushman was born in Venezuela and came to the US as a scholarship recipient from the Venezuelan government. She has taught Spanish for the Legal Professional at Austin Peay State University. She is actively involved in OLLI as a student and instructor. Bob Darnall, former OLLI president and current board member, is following his parents' examples playing and teaching bridge. A retired engineer who worked on Army missile programs, he is a regular at the Huntsville Bridge Center. Nancy Darnall, has been a music enthusiast since toddlerhood—her genre preferences changing over the ensuing years. She has an MBA from Wake Forest University, is an avid traveler, and has taught numerous courses for OLLI.

OLLI Member Interest Group (MIG)–The Perfect Complement to Classes Craft Beer Contact:

Let's Play Bridge Contact:

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OLLI MIGs share a mutual interest and meet outside typical classroom situations. Members decide when and where to meet.


Tennis for All Contact:

OLLI Membership Required


Dannye Drake taught English in the Huntsville City Schools System for thirty years and has been active in community theatre for many years. Dannye particularly enjoys sharing her interest in Shakespeare’s theatre. Dr. Vicki Earnest has been teaching English and French throughout her life. Since her retirement from full-time teaching at Calhoun, she has continued as an adjunct and loves to travel. Barbara Euting has, for the past decade, enjoyed scrapbooking memories of family and friends and making cards as she crafts in stamps, colored pencils, and embellishments. She previously spent time painting in oils and acrylics. Nick Flynt, born and raised in Huntsville, graduated from UAH with a degree in Russian language. He is the instructor for the UAH physical education tennis course and a volunteer assistant with the men's and women's tennis teams at UAH. Sally Foos uses her paper crafting skills in card making, scrapbooking, and bible journaling. Rebekah Frank is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher who focuses on making yoga accessible to all bodies through the use of variations of poses and props. Randy Frederick holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in political science, is an ABA-certified paralegal, and taught secondary education for 35 years. He also worked as a corporate recruiter, trainer, and production manager and served as a Fortune 500 hiring consultant. Irene Garappo retired from Civil Service where she worked in programming and budget. She has been involved with OLLI for the past several years taking classes, facilitating, running the volunteer office and serving on the OLLI board. Connie Glass is founding partner of the Elder Law Firm of Connie Glass, P.C. She received her undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Alabama, and is a National Elder Law Foundation certified elder law attorney. Jean Greenwood retired from UAH after more than twenty years in the IT department. Her passions include OLLI, quilting, pet therapy, writing, and human behavior. Joy Hall has played bridge for 40+ years and has taught a variety of professional courses. Donald Hodge holds BS and MS degrees in optical laser physics. He has been playing chess since he was 7 years old. In addition to teaching chess for local community centers and churches, Coach Hodge volunteers as a youth football coach. Dr. Daniel Hornstein has taught music for over 40 years. A symphony conductor, he has conducted orchestras throughout the US and Europe. Hornstein's love of languages includes French, German and Italian. He is also very involved with the national parks. Barbara Johnson, BS, MS, RD, has over 40 years experience as a registered dietetic educator. She taught and conducted research at Alabama A&M University, Oakwood University, and UAH. She has a unique and enjoyable ability to motivate people to improve their lives.

Dr. Stephen Jones, is a forester (BS 1973; PhD 1987), author, retired educator (former president of four universities), and Earth steward dedicating his life to leaving this world a better place. His approach to OLLI education is passion-fueled, purpose-driven, nature-inspired. Edwin Kennedy, a retired Army infantry officer who enlisted during Vietnam, was commissioned from West Point. He is a certified Army military historian and taught graduate history, leadership and tactics at the US Army Command and General Staff College. He frequently takes military leaders to Civil War battlefields to teach leadership. Will Kirkpatrick, a retired attorney, has played and studied bridge for many years. Andy Kochis, a retired engineer, is a long-time OLLI member. In addition to many OLLI German language courses, he has completed three semesters of German at UAH and an intensive 8-week course in Düsseldorf. Betty Koval, attended Arkansas Northeastern College and worked in human resources for over 25 years. A life long avid reader, she is a member of one of the largest international book clubs— Pulpwood Queen & Timber Guys Book Club. Kent Kraus has a BS in engineering from West Point, an MA in economics from Vanderbilt University, and an MBA from Long Island University. He taught economics as an assistant professor at West Point and at other colleges, including UAH. Kent pursued a second career as Vice President at Scientific Research Corporation. Tennent Lee is a retired attorney. He is an avid student of political and military history and has used his analytical, organizational and presentation skills to share this passion with OLLI students. Cliff Loehr was 2016 –17 President of Huntsville Photographic Society and is still an active member. Gratia Mahony majored in American history at the University of Wisconsin. She is a professional genealogist who has taught numerous classes. Roberta (Bert) Malcolm enthusiastically passes along the love of reading to children and adults. Having earned a MLIS and serving as a school librarian for many years, she is very comfortable reading aloud to adults and children. Barbara Martin has lived in the Tennessee Valley since 1984 and obtained her real estate license in 1989. She owns her own real estate brokerage firm and is licensed in Alabama and Tennessee. John Mason is a retired US Government contracting specialist. He spends his time in Huntsville, studying the American Civil War, particularly as it relates to the state of Alabama. An author, he has written Heroes Afloat and is working on other manuscripts. Leka Medenbach received her MA from Stanford University and was a Hollins University faculty member in Roanoke, Virginia. Leka actively serves several Huntsville community organizations. Tim Miller was a NASA atmospheric research scientist for 30 years until retirement in 2013, and he has been brewing beer at home ever since. Dr. Melissa Morphew is an award-winning poet, originally from Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. She is the author of five poetry collections and has taught creative writing classes and workshops all over the country, including Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, and California. Bert Morris, a retired engineer, has been playing pickleball for two years. He is a member of the 230 member strong Huntsville Pickleball Club.

Hugh Nicholson, a retired attorney and longtime OLLI instructor and past board president, specializes in languages and psychology. Jerry Pang, a current OLLI board member, is actively involved in the practice of Tai Chi, focusing on the health, fitness, and balance benefits of the Simplified 24 Form. Craig L. Reinhart is a retired high school teacher. He holds bachelor's and master’s degrees in biology. He taught biology and Earth sciences for 41 years at Grissom High School in Huntsville. Janet Reville, a military spouse for 30 years with 12 moves, knows organization is a true necessity. Retired from the financial industry, she started a professional organizing business and recently downsized her own household. Bob Robertson holds a BS from Sterling College in math and physics and a J.D. degree from Birmingham School of Law. He was a staff attorney for Legal Services of North-Central Alabama. Nona Beth Rogers has a BS in art education from Mississippi State and continuing coursework from UAB and UAH. She has 38 years teaching experience in art, creatively gifted, MR and EH, and the academically gifted. Traci Romine, owner of Madison Ballroom Dance Studio, has been a professional ballroom dance instructor for 15 years. Traci organizes and dances in her studio’s showcases and has performed in and supports the "Stars Dancing for HEALS" fundraisers. Traci loves ballroom because it enhances physical and mental health and enriches relationships. John Schweinsberg holds BS and MS degrees from the University of Michigan. He worked as a computer programmer, a German-to-English translator, and a part-time technical writer. Valerie Seaquist is both a UAH graduate and retiree. She has participated in the Writing Your Life Story class for 10 years—recording and preserving life stories has become a passion. Vanitha S. Singh is retired from the University of Alabama in Huntsville English Department. Dr. Harriett Somerville Professor Emerita, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, received her PhD in cell biology from the University of Texas at Austin. She received postdoctoral training at the University of Chicago and Medical Research Council, London. She retired after 35 years of service. Birgit Stensby graduated from UAH with a double major in mathematics and economics and holds master’s degrees in economics and business administration from Texas A&M. She worked at Intergraph Corp. for 30 years. One of her lifelong interests has been ancient history, particularly the Greek and Roman periods. Vivian Stokes is a Member of the Pilates’s Method Alliance and a Clinical Somatic Practitioner, level 4. A Master Pilates instructor, she has taught in NYC, throughout the UK, and has a studio in Huntsville. Elaine S. Swanson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry/biochemistry from University of West Florida. She was employed by Ciba Specialty Chemicals, working in their analytical group and subsequently in production. She retired as a production engineer after 15 years of service. Pamela Tejes is a certified yoga teacher with over 200 hours of training compliant with Yoga Alliance guidelines. She is experienced in teaching yoga to all ages. Fiorenza Todaro was born in Siracusa, Sicily, and moved to the USA when she was 26 years old. She graduated from UAH with double majors in Spanish and Russian and has taught Italian, Russian, and Spanish at UAH for several years.

GET INVOLVED WITH OLLI AT UAH! OLLI is volunteersupported and depends on members like you to contribute your valuable knowledge, gifts and talents. Volunteer Today! For Details: 256.824.6183 • Sam Tumminello retired from PPG Industries’ aircraft windshield business as a senior customer service representative. Sam was in the first campus class at UAH. Pat Tumminello, a Huntsville resident since 1958, enjoys history and genealogy. She was editor of the book Mighty Fortress of Faith - The History of the Catholic Church from 1861 to 1919. Jill Uithoven has a BS from Central Michigan University. She has taught college-level Spanish and is currently a Spanish tutor. She has interpreted for both corporate and governmental entities and traveled to Spain, Mexico, and Nicaragua. Debbie West graduated from UAH with a bachelor’s degree in art. Awarded two Fulbright Scholarships for the study of art in China and Turkey, she has traveled extensively. Bradley Williams, member of the Society of Certified Senior Financial Advisors, has extensive knowledge of investment and insurance from over 25 years of addressing the financial concerns of retirees and business owners.

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Does OLLI provide member financial assistance? Yes. For assistance information call 256.824.6183. How do I access the Campus WiFi? Your logon ID and password will be emailed with instructions for accessing WiFi. Call 256-824-6183 for assistance. How do I join the library? Each week, the Salmon Library staff receives an updated listing of OLLI members. The first time you visit, stop by the circulation desk for your library card and an explanation of benefits. What are the benefits of joining the UAH Fitness Center? You will be able to join for a short-term (3 months), and will receive $10 off the monthly membership rate. Who attends OLLI courses? OLLI is identified as a lifelong learning organization for adults 50 and over, whether working, retired, or semi-retired. However, there is no set age requirement and you are welcome to join at any age! Who teaches OLLI courses? Course leaders are qualified members of OLLI, the University, and others who enjoy sharing their knowledge. OLLI is particularly proud of its volunteer teachers and speakers, many of whom are well-known experts in their fields.

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OLLI at UAH Executive Officers President | Gratia Mahony VP Curriculum | Linda McAllister VP A&F | Rick Sisko Secretary | David Styers Treasurer | Janet Reville

Board of Directors: Richard Brooks John Burnett Karen Clanton Bill Confer Bob Darnall Dick Fisher Irene Garoppo Terry Greenwood Linda Harman

Jennifer Humiston Elizabeth Kocir Clifford Lanham Linda Lowe Peggy McClure Jerry Pang Kenneth Rex Val Seaquist Vanitha Singh

Discipline Chairs: Arts & Letters–V Seaquist Information Technology–R Duke Foreign Language–B Altenkirch Psyc., Philosophy & Rel.–B Confer Leisure & Nature–J May Natural Resources–J Weinbaum History & Gov.–C Lanham Skills & Hobbies–B Hitchings

Finance & Economics–R Sisko Science, Math & Engineering–H Somerville Health & Fitness–J Oljey Weekly Bonus–R Schwarz Catalog Preparation–V Goodness Course Support–S Chatham Term Finalization–I Garoppo Vice Chair–V Seaquist

UAH College of Professional & Continuing Studies Dean–Dr. Karen M. Clanton Osher Lifelong Learning Director–Rebecca K. Duke OLLI Program Coordinator–Alice Sammon

OLLI COMMUTER PARKING PERMITS To improve parking and safety on campus, UAH uses zoned parking. As part of course registration, OLLI participants receive a Commuter Parking Permit. See map below for current designated zones*. *PLEASE NOTE: Parking improvements are being implemented during the 2018/19 academic year. Please visit for the most current parking information. OLLI Term Parking Permits can be picked up in the CPCS Registration Office, Wilson Hall, Room 103 prior to or on the first day of class. An OLLI Permit Application* must be completed. The application is available on-site or can be downloaded at

TEACH FOR OLLI AT UAH! OLLI is always looking for dynamic instructors with a passion for teaching. No grades, no tests, no homework – just the pleasure of sharing your knowledge. For information, contact us at 256.824.6183 or

*Application requires vehicle year, make, color, and type; driver’s license number and state of issue; and license plate number.

If you are NOT registered for term courses, but plan to attend other OLLI activities on campus, please select one of the following to avoid parking fines: 1 Purchase an OLLI Term Parking Permit at the discounted rate of $10 from the Registration Office, Wilson Hall 103 2 Obtain a Free Visitor’s Parking Pass for up to 1 week from the UAH Police Department 3 Purchase a UAH Parking Decal at the UAH Police Department for $130.





Interactive Digital Map: SPR














2 11





1. BAB: Business Admin 2. FFH: Frank Franz Hall 3. SPR: Spragins Hall 4. LIB: Salmon Library 5. WIL: Wilson Hall 6. CTC: Conference Training Center 7. UFC: Fitness Center 8. IMF: Intermodal Parking 9. CGU: Charger Union 10. G9: Additional Parking 11. MOR: Morton Hall 12. Executive Plaza Walking Path: Commuter Parking: White Areas Handicap Parking: Blue Areas*

*NOTE: OLLI members with handicapped placards who can’t find a designated handicap spot may park in faculty/staff parking.

Non-profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Huntsville, AL 35899 Permit No. 283

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UAH Wilson Hall, Room 113 Huntsville, AL 35899 An Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Institution

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UAH is proud to be part of the national Osher Institute.

Rediscover the Joy of Learning! FEATURED COURSES: • 20th Century Art

• Law School for Everyone

• Bridge Conventions

• Music Theory

• Caesar’s Civil War

• Nature-Inspired Living, Learning, and Serving

• Coin Collecting • Digging into DNA

• Poetry for Fun

• English Language and Vocabulary Building

• Somatic Pilates • Theoretical Physics

• Home Brewing Beer

• Topics in Real Estate Purchasing and Financing

• German for Travelers • Korean War Today

• Rock Music: 1950s – 1989

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OLLI at UAH - Fall 2018 - Course Guide  

Join a vibrant learning community of adults 50+ interested in staying intellectually and socially active, while having lots of fun! OLLI at...

OLLI at UAH - Fall 2018 - Course Guide  

Join a vibrant learning community of adults 50+ interested in staying intellectually and socially active, while having lots of fun! OLLI at...