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Learn the basic components of the Federal Government’s life cycle process in acquiring goods and services. Understand the roles and responsibilities of both the buyer and the seller in the acquisition and administration phases of Federal contracting. Study the key elements of Federal contract management such as “Contract Types”, which can then be readily applied to workplace contracting situations. What You Will Learn: • Gain a better understanding of the complexities of the Federal Acquisition System via a Federal Acquisition Overview. • Learn via a FAR Orientation how the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) is the center piece of all Federal contracting activities. • Study Contract Types as they are used in contract structuring by the Federal Government.

Optional Professional Designation Certificate available for FCME/FCMS

• Navigate aspects of Cost and Price Analysis to better understand such key concepts as “Certified Cost or Pricing Data” and “Cost Allowability”. • Review Legal Aspects of Federal Contracting to learn how Federal statutes and court cases affect Federal contracting. • Understand Elements of Contract Administration to see how Federal contracting actually works during contract performance.


After you have learned about or experienced the basic elements of Federal Contract Management, explore current Federal contracting topics such as the ongoing changes to “Commercial Item Acquisition”. You will also learn various contracting techniques such as “Small Business Utilization” that are time-tested in the Federal acquisition arena. What You Will Learn: • Gain a better understanding of selected recent and ongoing changes to the Federal Acquisition System via Federal Acquisition Issues. • Learn via Contract Formation how a Federal Contract is structured and agreed to by the parties to the contract, within the policies and procedures of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) system. • Study Services Contracting as an important form of Federal Contracting that has continued its evolution towards Performance Based Services Acquisition (PBSA).

• Navigate aspects of Contract Negotiations to better understand key baseline concepts such as “Competitive Range Discussions”, and “Sole Source Negotiation”. situations such as Equitable Adjustment Change Orders • Review Principles of Subcontract Management to learn how Prime Contractors involve their Subcontractors in all phases of Federal Acquisition. • Understand Financial Management of Federal Contracts to see how cash flow and other key financial aspects actually work during contract performance.

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Federal Proposal Management

14 hrs, $495

35 hrs, $695

Develop a clear understanding of the necessity in the Federal contracting arena for consistency in costing and cost accounting practices as related to the bidding, recording, reporting, and invoicing of costs. Learn the importance of appropriate cost isolations in company records. The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and its Supplements, along with the Contract Pricing Reference Guides (CPRG), and selected Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) documents are the major foundations for course content.

In this highly interactive and document development-focused course, gather techniques for preparing successful Federal prime contractor or subcontractor proposals. Understand the pre-solicitation and preproposal phases. Learn about activities and considerations during the solicitation release and proposal team kickoff. Develop the various proposal volumes to be responsive in both Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) and Best Value bidding venues. Identify proposal requirements that are best responded to with high impact graphics and ways to create them. Understand the realities of actual proposal preparation activities in a page-limited and time-constrained environment.

What You Will Learn: • Assess the key concepts of Federal Costing 101 and “Cost Allowability” to further your basic understandings of how the Federal Government has their own approach to Federal contract-related “Costs”. • Learn that the Government has their own Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) about the 19 Cost Accounting Standards currently in use in the Federal acquisition system. • Navigate Government Audits and Accounting System “Adequacy” to appreciate the critical role that Government auditing agencies such as the Defense Contract Auditing Agency (DCAA) have in the Federal contracting arena.

• Familiarize yourself with Requests for Cost or Pricing Data, “Certified” or otherwise to gain an appreciation of how the Federal Government wants you to present your “Cost or Pricing Data” in baseline bids or change order proposals. • Understand the Basics of Cost Estimating and Pricing to facilitate your ability to bid correctly and efficiently in your proposals to the Federal Government. • Review Measuring Post-Award Cost Performance to gain a better understanding of the many different ways of analyzing cost performance in the Federal acquisition system.

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EARNED VALUE MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE Understand a highly effective project control system that uses measurement tools such as breakdown structures, network diagrams, schedules, budgets, and Gantt charts to ensure that the parameters of a contract and its projects or tasks are on track. Learn Earned Value Management (EVM) guidelines and requirements to meet Government contract regulations. Gain and understanding of EVM’s value as an essential tool for project managers and technical leads in supporting proactive decision making.

Take the 3-course certificate series or take just 1 course. Earned Value Management Essentials

Earned Value Management Analysis and Reporting

Integrated Baseline Review Preparation and Execution

14 hrs, $795

14 hrs, $795

14 hrs, $795

This course lays the foundation for novice specialists and refreshes veteran Earned Value Management (EVM) practitioners in the tenets of work planned, work accomplished, and actual work cost. Discuss EVM terminology, formulae, and analysis. Apply methods learned through practical exercises demonstrating real world applicability to project cost, schedule, and technical performance.

Explore detailed, practical methods to facilitate compliance regardless of contract size or complexity. This course will assist novice analysts building a solid foundation while serving as a refresher for more experienced analysts. Learn to establish variance thresholds and to use indices for predictive analysis. Practical exercises will be used to demonstrate formulae, methods, and techniques covering problematic areas.

Many Government contracts contain a requirement for an Integrated Baseline Review (IBR). Discover how and when an IBR should be conducted. Learn about IBR requirements, objectives, and benefits. Learn how to prepare for an IBR including guidance, content review, entrance and exit criteria, and IBR training. This course is helpful for those who are being newly introduced to IBRs and also serves as a refresher for individuals with experience.

MEET YOUR INSTRUCTORS: Harry D. Cleaver, Jr., CPCM, CPE has 33+ years of experience in negotiating high technology contracts, 46 years of experience in professional training, and considerable experience in the arenas of contract management and administration, project management, and proposal management. He has been a Certified Professional Contracts Manager (CPCM) since 1979 and a Certified Professional Estimator (CPE) since 1984.

Greg Smith is the President and CEO of Smith & Associates, LLC. His areas of expertise include project controls and risk management, and he is a Subject Matter Expert in schedule risk. He has taught for various NASA Academies and Old Dominion University. Mr. Smith is also a member of the Microsoft Project Association (MPA).

Rick Hycoop has over 18 years of project management experience and is currently employed by the DoD as an Earned Value Analyst at the Missile Defense Agency. He served as the Integrated Logistics Support Manager for the Navy Tactical Command Support System and as the Earned Value Manager for the Defense Integrated Military HR System. Rick is PMP and EVP certified as well as DAWIA Level 3 in B-FM and DoD FM Level 3.

Joel Little has served as professor of EVM at DAU. Previously, he was the EVM Division Chief for Gulf Coast US Navy shipbuilding programs at the Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Conversion and Repair (SUPSHIP). He has served as an EVM analyst or supervisor for DoD Major Defense Acquisition Programs. He is EVP certified as well as DAWIA Level 3 in Business, Cost Estimating, and Financial Management. | 256.824.4430