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To FSHD and FMI Faculty: In order to more efficiently route and submit grants for all FSHD and FMI faculty, appointed personnel, and grads, we have created a listserv devoted only to grants: Emails and documents sent to this address go directly to the FMI Grants Team: Erica and FCS Business Office personnel. Please use it for all your grant issues and questions. Beginning immediately, we will institute the following procedure for budgeting, routing, and submitting grants. These are general guidelines as grants are quite varied and may require additional or fewer steps. Once you have decided to submit a proposal to a funding agency… 1. Send the RFP/RFA, website, and any other relevant information from the funder to Please include the due date for the proposal. 2. The FMI Grants Team will contact you within 2 business days to set up an appointment to meet with you to discuss budgets, routing, a submission timeline and any other questions you may have. 3. Once the budget has been set, the FMI Grants Team will need the abstract, budget justification, and IDC stipulation, if applicable. Upon receipt of all these items, a Proposal Routing Sheet (PRS) will be created, and routing will begin, first through CALS and then to Sponsored Projects (SPS). 4. If an electronic submission is required (through or FastLane, for example), the FMI Grants Team will download the necessary forms and begin collecting editable documents from you. This step often occurs simultaneously with Step #3. The team will convert the documents to pdf files, as needed, and upload to the electronic submission package, as well as complete the on-line forms. 5. Once you have approved the electronic file via email, the team will submit the package to SPS. 6. If there are errors from SPS or the funder, the Business Office will be notified and will make the necessary changes with a cc to you. Important items to remember: • SPS requires three days to review proposals. • CALS requires two days to review proposals. • The FMI Grants Team will need at least two days to prepare budgets, the PRS, gather IDC stipulations, etc. • Plan ahead. Grant submissions generally take longer than expected. CALS and/or SPS will usually find something that must be changed before they will sign off no matter how thorough we are. • In order to make this process run smoothly, please remember that it is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to be available to answer questions from the FMI Grants Team throughout the entire submission process.


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