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How to Recognize New and Updated FEFE Resources One of FEFE’s principles is that we are continually updating our curriculum to reflect educator input and industry changes. Have you ever wondered if you have the most up-to-date version of a lesson plan or if your hard copy matches the online version? Use the methods below to determine if a resource has been updated or is brand new!

ALL: To view all new and updated resources New and Updated Resources Page: The New and Updated Resources section includes a comprehensive list of all new and updated resources. This section is found on the home page of the FEFE website. If you click on the “more” button, all of the recently posted resources will be listed (divided by unit). By clicking on a lesson plan you can view a very specific description of what has changed as well as the “update level” to determine if you want to download the resource. Refer to the “Download Status and Update Level Key” below to determine exactly what the update level description indicates.

PERSONALIZED: To view only updated resources that you have previously downloaded From your account: If you are interested in seeing what updates have occurred for only the resources you have previously downloaded, you can do so by going into “My Account” and then clicking on “Download History.” When you click on a resource in the download history, an expanded description will appear. Refer to the “Download Status” column of that description for an update level. Click on the status to view a specific description of the updates made (if applicable). Once you download the updated file, the update notification in your download history will no longer appear. From the lesson plan page: When you are on a lesson plan page, it will identify if a component of that lesson plan has been updated since the last time you downloaded that lesson. This is indicated under the “download status” column. Receive important updates and newsletters throughout the year! Add yourself to the FEFE listserv by going to my account, then edit, then contact information. Click the box that states “I would like to receive FEFE programming and lesson plan updates…”.

Download Status and Update Level Key Status

What does that status mean?

Minimal changes

Very small updates have been made, such as fixing an error. Use your discretion to decide whether or not to download.

Moderate changes

Small updates have been made. Using the old resource won’t significantly affect the outcome of the lesson. Use your discretion to decide whether or not to download.

Download We highly recommended that you download the updated recommended resource and replace the old materials from that resource with the newly downloaded materials. You have the latest version

You have already downloaded the most up-to-date version of that resource and do not need to download..


Indicated if you have not yet downloaded the item. A new resource … try it!

2011-12 New and Updated Curriculum Resources The 2011-12 new and updated FEFE curriculum resources are outlined below. A link is provided to every resource. Follow this link to the lesson plan download page to read about the specific changes that were made to that lesson and to download! For a comprehensive list of all new and updated resources refer to the New and Updated Resources Page at:

NEW Resources Lesson Plans

Active Learning Tools

Other Resources

New “Get Ready” Introductory Level:

Integrating Music 5.0.46 Guest Speaker 5.0.47

Savings Campaign Enhancement Tool 6.14.3

The Secrets of Saving 2.14.1

Musical Chairs 5.0.48

New Technology Resources:

(*Replaced the What Can You Do With Money? 2.14.1 Lesson Plan)

The Pursuit of Happyness 5.0.49 PowerPoint Trivia 5.0.50

New Receiving Unit 20.0 for “Take Charge” Advanced Level:

Time Value of Money Magic! 5.0.51

Receiving Income From Government Programs 1.20.2

Money Pit 5.0.53

Perez Family 1.20.3

Mr. Deeds 5.0.55

Children's Book Creation 5.0.52

Foldables 5.0.54

Technology Integration Options 1.0.9 Internet Games Relating to Financial Education 1.0.10 Video Clips Relating to Financial Education 1.0.11

UPDATED Resources We highly recommend replacing all of your current files for the resources listed below. This will ensure that all materials are completely up-to-date and match all FEFE website downloads.

“Get Ready” Introductory Level Lesson Plans

“Take Charge” Advanced Level Lesson Plans

Active Learning Tools Financial Statistics Puzzles 5.0.18

Understanding a Credit Card 1.4.1 Does Money Grow on Trees 2.1.1 Take Charge of Credit Cards 2.4.1 Major Expenditure Mania 2.15.2 Test banks for every updated lesson plan have also been updated!

Sweet Rewards 5.0.23 Types of Insurance 1.10.1 Life Cycle of Financial Planning 1.11.2 Introduction to Investing 1.12.1

Financial Facts Feud 5.0.33 Focus Activities 5.0.38

Choosing to Save 1.14.1

Confessions of a Shopaholic 5.0.44

Spending Plans 1.15.2

News Interview 5.0.45

Setting Financial Goals 1.17.3

Readers Workshop 1.0.1

Course Support Pages Did you know that FEFE offers many supplemental materials to make teaching personal and family finance as easy as possible? These supplemental materials can be found on the course support pages. Course support pages include everything you will need to teach a personal and family finance course. The course support pages are located under the “Teaching Family Finance” tab, then under “Integrating Finance.” Click on “Family Finance Courses” to find a list of the available course support pages. Each course support page is a little different depending upon the level and length of the course, but a few of the resources offered are described below. All course support pages and materials have been updated to reflect the 2011-2112 new and updated resources. 1. Navigating the FEFE Curriculum - Includes these documents: 2. Navigating the FEFE Lesson Plan and Lesson Plan Icon Descriptions - FEFE has a new lesson plan template! View these documents to learn about all aspects of the design. 3. Coding System - Are you perplexed by the numbers in the top right corner of every lesson? Learn about the FEFE coding system to make finding lessons a breeze! 4. Curriculum Types Comparison - Ever wonder exactly what curriculum materials FEFE offers? 5. Table of Contents - Discover all of FEFE’s lesson plans and resources in one comprehensive document. 6. Course Recommendations - Displays the recommended teaching order for the corresponding course time (semester, trimester, nine-week, etc.). 7. Supplemental Costs - A list of all materials used to teach the FEFE activities, their costs, and where to purchase them. 8. Student Workbooks - Student workbooks include ALL materials that a student would need for a lesson plan and/or course. Student workbooks can be downloaded per lesson plan on each lesson plan download page. Student workbooks can also be downloaded per course (in one click!) from the course support pages. 9. One-click downloading of activity pieces! Reduce your printing, cutting, and general preparation time! All activity pieces needed to teach a course are available in a one-click download from applicable course support pages! 10. And much more! Including a syllabus, parent letter, and pre/post test.

1 –5 Navigating the FEFE Curriculum

6. Course Recommendations

7. Supplemental Costs

8-9. One-click downloading

Do you integrate finance topics into other classes? FEFE has Content Specific Course Support Pages to help you integrate finance concepts into other courses, such as child development/ parenting, introduction to computers, career development, and many more!