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June to August 2012

SUMMER INTENSIVES Creative Intensives

Women’s Words

French and Spanish

edmonton, alberta, canada

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For many of us summer is a season when we can actually designate some focused time for our own learning and exploration. This is what the Summer Intensives are all about— taking a week or more to concentrate on a new learning or deepening an ongoing pursuit; energizing our minds and spirits through immersion in a creative and intellectual journey; and building the momentum to carry us into an ongoing practice. Our summer starts in June with our ever special Women’s Words: Summer Writing Week and continues into July and August with courses in the visual arts, personal exploration, the creative process itself, and languages.

To register: 780.492.3109 For more information: 780.492.3093 creativesummer

summer intensives: creative intensives


Creative Intensives July and August Imagine… a week dedicated to personal growth, creativity, and skill development. Liberal Studies is proud to offer Creative Intensives – an opportunity to indulge your passions, explore your creative side, and discover new approaches to expand your artistic horizons.

Surface and Textile Design

The Morning Dream Circle

EXRI 3597su1 Lesley Stafiniak, instructor Monday–Saturday, July 9–14, 9 am–4:30 pm Fee: $550 + $175 course materials = $725

EXGEN 3826su1 Kelly Polanski, instructor Tuesday–Friday, August 7–10, 9 am–noon Fee: $285 + GST = $299.25

Do you have a passion for fabric, colour, texture, and patterns? Unleash your creativity by learning various methods of designing pattern, printing, and dyeing textiles. We will look at traditional methods of textile design such as batik, shibori, and silk painting. You will be guided through the steps in designing textile from visualization and inspiration to exploring various methods and combining different techniques to transform fiber into expressive artwork.

Unlock the mysteries of your unconscious by learning to understand the hidden meaning of your dreams. Bounce out of bed, write down your dream and bring it to this morning workshop where we’ll explore your dream’s structure, interpretation, and life influence. Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung said that in understanding our dreams, “the momentary life of consciousness can once more be brought into harmony with… the natural law of [one’s] own being.” Let your dreams express their mystery, seed your imagination, and find integrative expression to enrich your life and nourish your soul.

This course is open to everyone; Faculty of Extension Fine Arts and Residential Interiors Certificate students may earn elective credit toward their Certificate Program by completing this course.

Beyond the Box

Creative Cross-Training

EXGEN 3804su1 Virginia Stephen, instructor Monday–Friday, July 23–27, 9 am–4 pm Fee: $395 + GST = $414.75

EXGEN 3827su1 Margaret Macpherson, instructor Tuesday–Friday, August 7–10, 1–4 pm Fee: $285 + GST = $299.25

The more we discover about how people learn and think, the more we realize that the development of our creative minds through innovative activities and processes is key to our success. Explore and experience the design and implementation of arts-based activities and learn the valuable thinking processes behind them. Designed for facilitators, researchers, project leaders, and artists who want to better understand the creative process and learn how to help others develop their creative capacities.

Spontaneity and embracing the importance of play are central components of this expressive arts course. We’ll begin by creating and reflecting on a piece of written work. Then we’ll reinterpret the written work into new media (painting, soundscapes, sculpting) to gain a deeper understanding and new insight. This class operates on the mandate of low skills, high sensitivity. In other words, you don’t have to be a writer, sculptor or painter to participate.


summer intensives: french and spanish

French and Spanish Language Intensives July 9 to 19 Complete a typically 12-week course in two weeks! Eight evenings, Monday through Thursday, July 9–19, 6–9 pm. Other levels will be scheduled according to student interest. Phone 789.492.3034 for information.

Spanish Module 1 EXSLC 3119su1 (24 hours) Ingrid de la Barra, instructor Monday–Thursday, July 9–19, 6–9 pm Fee: $285 This introduction to Spanish uses group work, exercises, and activities to practice vocabulary and structures in a conversational context. The basic elements include pronunciation, numbers, time and dates, greetings, descriptions, and basic sentence structure. Required textbook: Pronto y Práctico. Available at Rutherford Corner, the University of Alberta Bookstore in Enterprise Square. Phone 780.248.1411.

French 1 EXGEN 3114su1 (24 hours) Annabelle Guillemain, instructor Monday–Thursday, July 9–19, 6–9 pm Fee: $285 The language of instruction in French Level I is primarily English, but students have ample opportunity to practice their French. In addition to the grammar covered in Chapters 1 through 5 in En bons termes, we will cover the following vocabulary and conversational topics: greetings, food, ordering a meal, seasons/time, directions, dates, the rooms in a house, classroom/office vocabulary, age, the family, parts of the body, and health. Required textbook: En bons termes. Available at Rutherford Corner, the University of Alberta Bookstore in Enterprise Square. Phone 780.248.1411.

summer intensives: women’s words


Our shared humanity—

19th Annual

Women’s Words: Summer Writing Week

listening and telling our stories— is what binds us to each other. Kim Echlin

June 1 to 10 A program for women with stories to tell: all women, in other words, both established and new writers. Work in small, interactive groups with published writers and awardwinning authors. Come for a day or two, for the weekend(s), or the entire week to explore poetry, life writing, fiction, and creative nonfiction.

Unlocking the Muse: Meditation and Creativity EXGEN 3787sp1 Valerie Mason-John, instructor Friday, June 1, 7–9 pm; Saturday and Sunday, June 2 and 3, 9 am–4:30 pm Fee: $325* + GST = $341.25 *$285 if registering in more than one course

Unlock your muse and tap into your authentic writer’s voice through the practice of different types of meditation and reflection exercises. Learn how to connect with the creativity of the human mind—and write from this open heart/mind place. We will learn how to use meditation to release writer’s block; write from the heart/mind without censorship and discover how to access our creativity. This will be our basis to write poetry and prose. Knowledge of meditation is not needed, just an openness to sit, reflect and be guided into different meditative journeys to help unleash our inner creativity and free us from writer’s block.

The Writer’s Quest: Breaking Conventions in Creativity EXGEN 3759sp1 Kim Echlin and Sandra Campbell, instructors Saturday and Sunday, June 2 and 3, 9 am–4 pm Fee: $325* + GST = $341.25 *$285 if registering in more than one course

Sandra Campbell and Kim Echlin share their discoveries of alternative ways to think about creativity. Kim will begin with the ancient Sumerian story of Inanna and use it as a model for writing the woman’s quest. Sandra will tell the quest of Georgina Stirling from Newfoundland who in 1888 broke with convention to pursue her passions. These stories, as well as examples of contemporary women’s creative work, will be used along with in-class guided writing exercises to offer you a way to develop your voice and writing. A reader will be provided that includes selections from all the work to be discussed.


summer intensives: women’s words

Performing Your Words:

Student Readings Over Lunch Tuesday–Friday, June 5–8, 12:20–1:20 pm Room 2-957, Enterprise Square Attend mini-tutorials that will teach you how to become a skillful performer of your words. Develop comfort inhabiting the performance space. Participants will then have the opportunity to hear each others’ work— always a highlight of the week. The session on Friday, June 8, will feature Songwriting Essentials instructor, Althea Cunningham, performing songs written by her students.

Writing From the Inside Out: A Writing/Discovery Workshop EXGEN 3758sp1 Sandra Campbell, instructor Monday–Friday, June 4–8, 9 am–noon Fee: $325* + GST = $341.25 *$285 if registering in more than one course

Develop a new awareness of the stories that collect inside each of us and the unique dynamics of the body/mind with memory, feelings, images, and the imagination that we can harvest to write stories. In a spirit of relaxation and play, Sandra offers exercises that combine easy body stretches to awaken the body with poems and images that unleash memory, the imagination, and spontaneity. Then in-class writing exercises enable participants to discover and write their inside stories. Aspects of the writing craft required for developing character, place and plot are also included. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring an empty notebook.

Crafting the Postcard Story EXGEN 3757sp1 Jannie Edwards, instructor Monday–Friday, June 4–8, 9 am–noon Fee: $325* + GST = $341.25 *$285 if registering in more than one course

You might call postcard story the love child of poetry and prose: a combination of the compressed symbolic charge of a lyric poem with a remarkably wide choice of narrative techniques. Charles Baxter eloquently evokes the “less is more” principle of the postcard story: “Some other world is making its way into these brief, reticent, meticulous stories.” Working in a welcoming, supportive, creative environment, participants will engage with a variety of prompts to craft short but intensely powerful “flash fictions.” Participants will be invited to bring photographs, images and artifacts to use as inspiration for stories. Writers will develop between three to seven postcard stories.

Writing Personal Essays EXGEN 3176sp1 Shirley A. Serviss, instructor Monday–Friday, June 4–8, 9 am–noon Fee: $325* + GST = $341.25 *$285 if registering in more than one course

In personal essays you are the authority on your life. No outlines or footnotes are required, just the ability to reflect on your life experiences. This class will explore the basics of the personal essay and where to find markets. You’ll have an opportunity to write and share your work in a group setting. Inspiration will be provided. This class will appeal to writers of all ages and at all stages of their career who are interested in memoir or creative nonfiction.

Remaking the World Through Creative Nonfiction EXGEN 3447sp1 Janice Williamson, instructor Monday–Friday, June 4–8, 9 am–noon Fee: $325* + GST = $341.25 *$285 if registering in more than one course

Creative nonfiction attends to the real by using literary and storytelling effects that tune your ear to language and voice while drawing on a documentary approach. Through short talks, dialogue, in-class writing, and readings, we’ll ask you to refine your subject and write about what matters. We’ll also investigate this wide-ranging genre that can include: reportage and testimony, memoir and the journal, biographies and family histories, the lyric or segmented essay, photo or image/text essay, opinion essays and cultural analysis, science and literary journalism, travel and environmental writing. Be prepared to read aloud from your new work to our supportive class audience focused on constructive critical feedback.

summer intensives: women’s words

Women’s Words

Events Open to the Public

Reception, Panel Discussion, and Reading Sunday, June 3, 5–7 pm Room 2-922, Enterprise Square 10230 Jasper Avenue Janice Williamson and Kim Echlin will share their views on witness, dissent, and advocacy: writing human rights. Kim Echlin’s most recent nonfiction work on witness, human rights and literature is called Tell Others, to be published in the fall 2012. Janice Williamson has written on trauma, mourning, and peace. She edited Omar Khadr, Oh Canada (May 2012), an interdisciplinary and multi-genre anthology.


A Medley of Nonfiction Writing for Children EXGEN 3756sp1 Joan Marie Galat, instructor Monday–Friday, June 4–8, 1:30–4:30 pm Fee: $325* + GST = $341.25 *$285 if registering in more than one course

Explore ways to write children’s nonfiction including alphabet books, historical stories, information books, and more. Expect to take part in creativity, writing, and self-editing exercises. You will write a query letter, begin a nonfiction book proposal, and discover how to build your credentials. There will be opportunities for feedback and learning about the publishing industry. Whether you are an aspiring writer or established author, this medley of nonfiction will expand your range of creative choices and empower you with the tools needed to succeed in this exciting area of writing.

Free admission

Faculty Reading Over Lunch Monday, June 4, 12:20–1:20 pm (bring your lunch) Room 2-957 Hear readings by our fabulous faculty and peruse a rich display of their books. Rutherford Corner (the University Bookstore in Enterprise Square) will have a display of faculty books during the week of Women’s Words. Free admission

Dinner, Guest Speaker, and Readings Wednesday, June 6 Saskatchewan Room, Faculty Club, U of A 11435 Saskatchewan Drive Buffet dinner: 5:30–6:30 pm ($26 per person) Program: 7 pm (free admission) Call 780.492.3116 to register with a credit card, or include a separate cheque for $26 with your course registration.

Crafting the Creative: The Fine Art of Fiction EXGEN 3755sp1 Margaret Macpherson, instructor Monday–Friday, June 4–8, 1:30–4:30 pm Fee: $325* + GST = $341.25 *$285 if registering in more than one course

Beginning with the most basic elements of sensory words, rich ideas, and spontaneously composed text sketches, this course is designed to help both emerging and established writers renew and refine their skills in the creative writing process. In a series of composition exercises that build on each other, the elements of fiction — voice, point of view, plot, characters and structure — are explored in a fun, informative workshop style. Students are encouraged but not required to bring a work of short fiction, flash fiction, or a novel fragment to class.


summer intensives: women’s words

4th Annual

Postcard Story Contest What can you do with 250 words? The postcard story is the quintessential example of distilled writing. The concept is simple: write a story that can fit on a postcard. The contest is open to Women’s Words 2012 participants only. Visit for details. Deadline to enter: June 10, 2012

The Gambling Poet: A Handful of Poems Igniting Fire in the Belly: Prose and Poetry EXGEN 3751sp1 Sheri-D Wilson, instructor Monday–Friday, June 4–8, 1:30–4:30 pm Fee: $325* + GST = $341.25 *$285 if registering in more than one course

Seshat, the Goddess of writing, was known as the ‘Mistress of the House of Books’. In this course we will explore Goddess iconography as it relates to personal story and social change. We will tap into the source of the feminine divine as a path into our memory, story, dream, rhythm, and ultimately our own Goddess Voice and energy. We will work at bringing our untold tales to life through poetry and prose.

Songwriting Essentials EXGEN 3754sp1 Althea Cunningham, instructor Monday–Friday, June 4–8, 1:30–4:30 pm Fee: $325* + GST = $341.25 *$285 if registering in more than one course

Ever wanted to know what goes into making your favourite song? Powerful imagery, accompanied by a simple hook are first steps in the secrets to penning a memorable song. Learn the essentials to songcrafting; lyric writing, melody making, re-writing, genre specific, song structure/ inspiration. Have fun while you write a song and present it to an engaging audience and write a collaborative song with other participants. See what you’ve learned in action with a new song and performance from your instructor.

EXGEN 3752sp1 Kath MacLean, instructor Friday, June 8, 7–9 pm; Saturday and Sunday, June 9 and 10, 9 am–4:30 pm Fee: $325* + GST = $341.25 *$285 if registering in more than one course

Do you find yourself always writing the same kind of poem? Are you limited by rhyme or ‘free’ verse and want to break out and try something new? Learn the craft of poetry as you explore line and stanza breaks, breath, metaphor and imagery, narrative, as well as various styles of poetry. Through exercises, play and performance, participants will have the opportunity to write various forms of poetry including performance poems in a supportive environment that encourages exploration and experimentation. It’s worth the gamble!

Writing About Place EXGEN 3753sp1 Luanne Armstrong, instructor Friday, June 8, 7–9 pm; Saturday and Sunday, June 9 and 10, 9 am–4:30 pm Fee: $325* + GST = $341.25 *$285 if registering in more than one course

Use a sense of place to spark and shape your writing. How does filtering writing through a particular sense of place affect the work and what does writing gain in the process? How have writers expressed ideas about travel, or natural and built environments? We will read and discuss place-related writing as well as participate in writing exercises. You will have an opportunity to have your work critiqued by the group. While the emphasis in this seminar will be on producing new work, participants can work with the instructor on revisions. Suitable for emerging writers as well as more experienced ones.

summer intensives: women’s words


Workshops at a Glance

Becoming a writer means being creative enough to find the time and the place

in your life f o r w r i t i ng . Heather Sellers

Writing is Good Medicine EXGEN 3763sp1 Reinekke Lengelle, instructor Saturday, June 9, 9:30 am–4:30 pm Fee: $165 + GST = $173.25 Research shows that writing can be powerful medicine. The lung function of asthma patients improved significantly when they wrote about the most stressful event of their lives. Those with posttraumatic stress disorder experienced a decrease in symptoms of anxiety and depression. In this workshop you will learn what makes writing medicine and create medicine for yourself. The day will focus on developing self-trust and intuition through expressive and reflective writing exercises; the approaches are intended to help breakthrough repetitive journal writing habits and renew confidence and joy. No prior writing experience is necessary.

Weekend June 1/2/3

Afternoons June 4 to 8

Kim Echlin & Sandra Campbell The Writer’s Quest: Breaking Conventions in Creativity

Althea Cunningham Songwriting Essentials

Valerie Mason-John Unlocking the Muse: Meditation and Creativity

Mornings June 4 to 8 Sandra Campbell Writing From the Inside Out: A Writing/Discovery Workshop

Joan Marie Galat A Medley of Nonfiction Writing for Children Margaret Macpherson Crafting the Creative: The Fine Art of Fiction Sheri-D Wilson Igniting Fire in the Belly: Prose and Poetry

Weekend June 8/9/10

Jannie Edwards Crafting the Postcard Story

Luanne Armstrong Writing About Place

Shirley Serviss Writing Personal Essays

Reinekke Lengelle Writing is Good Medicine

Janice Williamson Remaking the World Through Creative Nonfiction

Kath MacLean The Gambling Poet: A Handful of Poems


summer intensives: instructors

Instructors Luanne Armstrong, MFA, PhD, is a novelist, freelance writer, editor, and publisher. She is deeply interested in writing about place and nature. Her latest book, Blue Valleys, An Ecological Memoir, a book about growing up in the Kootenays, was published in the Fall of 2007 by Maa Press. Her research interests also include the ethics of autobiographical writing, ecological identity, and writing as inquiry. She has published over 50 stories and essays in magazines and journals.

Sandra Campbell’s first novel Getting to Normal explores ‘normality’ from a child’s perspective ( Her new novel The Pig and the Soprano tells of a 19th century woman who defied social conventions to pursue her artistic desires. As a teacher Sandra combines her literary pursuits with her visual media work in the imagination, culture and learning, and adds her yoga practice and her sense of play to offer experiences that unleash the stories inside us.

Althea Cunningham has a BFA from MacEwan University and established a career in the world of entertainment since graduating. She states, “the inspiration to write is as natural and organic as breathing.” Her primary medium is creative writing and most prominent genres are poetry and songwriting. She has worked across several platforms in the literary arts that include spoken-word, playwriting, journalism, and fiction. On The Verge, a CD she released in June 2010, receives worldwide airplay.

Ingrid de la Barra has a BEd in Language Arts from the University of Santiago, Chile, and persued a Master’s in Classical Literature from the University of Alberta. She is the co-author of Pronto y Práctico, the textbook used in Spanish Modules 1, 2, and 3. Ingrid and her husband Sergio Muñoz also coproduce audio tapes that accompany Spanish textbooks. She has been teaching with the Faculty of Extension for 23 years.

Kim Echlin has been a documentary-maker, editor and teacher. She has worked and travelled in Europe, China, the Marshall Islands, Africa, Cambodia, and Central America. Her novels include Elephant Winter, Dagmar’s Daughter, and The Disappeared, which was published in 19 countries, won the Barnes and Noble Best Novel award, and was nominated for The Giller Prize. Her new essay on witness and literature called Tell Others will be published in the fall.

Jannie Edwards taught creative writing at MacEwan University for over 25 years. She published three poetry collections, most recently Falling Blues, selected for Dektet 2010, a national competition. Her Blood Opera: The Raven Tango Poems was featured in Workshop West’s 2010 Canoe theatre festival. She collaborated on a poetry/video installation, Resonance: Urban Wind, featured at the 2012 Edmonton Poetry Festival. Jannie was the 2011-12 Canadian Authors Association Writer in Residence for Northern Alberta.

Joan Marie Galat is the author of eight books including Day Trips From Edmonton and the best-selling and award-winning Dot to Dot in the Sky series, which blends astronomy with mythology. Published by Whitecap Books, Scholastic, Capstone Press, and numerous magazines, Joan is a frequent presenter and public speaker. She also operates MoonDot Media, a communications business offering writing, editing, and training in broadcast, print, and multimedia (

Annabelle Guillemain studied at the Université de Limoges, France and at the Manchester Metropolitan University, U.K., where she completed her BA in Languages and her MA in British and American Literature and Civilization. She is currently a graduate student in Education. She teaches French at the University of Alberta and is an Evaluation Assistant for the REAL Kids Alberta Project.

Reinekke Lengelle is a poet and academic. Her area of interest and expertise is therapeutic writing. She designs and teaches “life changing” graduate courses for Athabasca University and was a hospital poet with the award-winning Artists on the Wards program. She is a member of the National Association for Poetry Therapy and Lapidus. Her book Blossom & Balsam is a work of “searing courage” and Bath Oil for Heartbreak a popular self-help book (

summer intensives: instructors

Kath MacLean is a multimedia artist and performer. She has published two books of poetry, as well as works of fiction, creative nonfiction, and critical reviews in Canadian, American, and European journals. MacLean also enjoys collaborating with other artists and has recorded a CD of performance poetry and produced two videopoems. A professor of creative writing much of the time, MacLean was Writer in Residence for the Canadian Author’s Association (2009/10).

Margaret Macpherson, MFA in Creative Writing, is a professional writer with 25+ years in creative writing, print journalism, book publishing, editing, and teaching. She has authored seven books. Margaret has been a writer in residence, artist in residence, and has participated in international literary festivals, numerous national conferences, and designed and facilitated many writing workshops and seminars. She was a juror in a number of literary competitions and was on the editorial board of three literary magazines.

Dr. Valerie Mason-John is an award-winning writer of poetry, drama, fiction, and nonfiction. She is the author of six books. Her debut novel, Borrowed Body, won the Mind Book of The Year Award UK. She has completed her second novel, I am Memoried, and is co-editing a national anthology of AfricanCanadian Poetry. She writes a regular blog, and has a new short story published in the International Museum of Women, online exhibition on Motherhood 2012.

Kelly Polanski has over ten years experience in Jungian-oriented therapy. She holds an MA in Psychology and Counseling and a BCom from U of A. Kelly is a lifelong artist informed by images offered as expressions of soul. Kelly is undertaking rigorous training for accreditation by the International Association of Analytic Psychologists as a Jungian Analyst. She specializes in midlife transitions in her private counseling practice in downtown Edmonton (

Shirley A. Serviss brings her experience as a creative and freelance writer, editor, publisher, writer in residence and staff literary artist in a hospital to her teaching. In addition to publishing three poetry collections, her articles, poetry and personal essays have appeared in numerous publications and anthologies. Shirley received an Edmonton Woman of Vision Award for her role as a mentor in the literary community.

Lesley Stafiniak holds a BSc in Human Ecology and is currently engaged in her MA on material culture and design studies. She has been working and teaching in the design industry for over 15 years. Some of her endeavours have included developing and operating her own web design business, teaching textile and surface design at the U of A Department of Human Ecology, and creating exhibits using the U of A’s Clothing and Textiles Collection.


Virginia Stephen holds an MA in Visual and Performing Arts Education and degrees in Art History and Arts Education. She has 25 years experience as an arts educator, museum curator and senior arts administrator. She has presented across Canada and has been a guest speaker at education, museum, healthcare and leadership conferences and symposia in the United States and Europe. She is an artist working primarily in mixed media and in fibre as a felter.

Janice Williamson, PhD, has been writing and teaching creative writing, Canadian literature, and women’s cultural studies in Edmonton since 1987. She has published innovative essays, fiction, and poetry chapbooks on various social issues. Two of her five books are image/text works, and she has won national poetry and essay awards. Her interdisciplinary and multi-genre edited anthology Omar Khadr, Oh Canada will be released by McGill-Queen’s UP in Spring 2012.

Sheri-D Wilson’s performances have had audiences on their feet from New York to South Africa and from Balzac to Barcelona. She has eight collections of poetry, three videopoems, two CDs, and is featured in the documentary Heart of a Poet for Bravo!TV. Sheri-D is founder/Artistic Director of Calgary Spoken Word Festival & Director of The Spoken Word Program @ The Banff Centre. Her latest book of poetry is Goddess Gone Fishing for a Map of the Universe (Feb 2012).

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Alberta Learning offers part-time study bursaries. For an application form call 780.427.3722 (press #2) in Edmonton or call 1.800.661.3753 to find out the contact number of other Alberta locations.

Mail Mail your registration with payment to: Faculty of Extension, U of A Enterprise Square, 10230 Jasper Avenue Edmonton, AB T5J 4P6 Registration Desk Drop off your registration with payment at our registration desk, main floor Enterprise Square (near the Jasper Avenue and 103 Street entrance). Fax Fax your registration with credit card payment to 780.492.0627. Telephone Call our registration line at 780.492.3109. Have your credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or AMEX) ready.

Location of Classes Our courses are held in Enterprise Square, 10230 Jasper Avenue, in the heart of downtown Edmonton. We are a few blocks west of Edmonton’s Arts District. Access is easy by public transport, car, or bike. We are linked to the Bay/Enterprise Square LRT station with a pedway connecting right to the classrooms. Several parking options and bike racks are available within a two-block radius.

Withdrawals and Refunds If you choose to withdraw from a course, you must do so at least five days prior to the course start date to receive a refund minus a $75 administrative fee. To cancel, send your withdrawal request in writing to the Faculty of Extension Registration Office. A Course Cancellation form can be downloaded from our website. register/policies

To register: 780.492.3109 For more information: 780.492.3093 creativesummer

Womens' Words Summer Writing Week 2012  

A program for women with stories – all women, in other words, both established and new writers. Work in small, interactive groups with publi...

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