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H o l i d a y I n n Ta g a n s k y 4 * With a stay at Holiday Inn Moscow – Ta g a n s k y, y o u ' l l be centrally located in M o s c o w, within a 15-minute drive of Moscow Kremlin. This 4-star hotel is 6.6 km from Red Square a n d 1 8 k m f r o m t h e Tr i u m f S p o r t Palace that makes it around 30 min. Subject to traffic

Single: USD 98.00 Twin : USD 112.00 *Rates include taxes and BB

Price for lunch or dinner 33$

A DA G I O M O S C O W PAV E L E T S K AYA 4 * Make yourself at home at the Adagio Moscow Paveletskaya, the new Accor apartment hotel in the center of M o s c o w. 94 modern apartments, from studios for 2 people to 2-room apartments for 4, fully equipped, located on ul. Bakhrushina, 2 minutes from the Paveletskaya metro station. The Adagio hotel offers great rates for extended stays, free W I F I , f i t n e s s c e n t e r, w e l l n e s s c e n t e r and all of the services of Combo Bakhrushina hotel complex, including the Mercure and ibis.

Single: USD 103.00 Twin : USD 130.00 *Rates include taxes and BB

RENAISSANCE MOSCOW MONARCH CENTRE 5* The unique 5-star Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre Hotel provides quick access to a museum, a c a t h e d r a l a n d a t h e a t e r n e a r b y. Operating in Moscow since 2010, this venue features functional architecture and modern comforts. This accommodation is located in a tourist area, 3.1 km from Dostoevsky M u s e u m . D i s t a n c e t o Tr i u m f a r e n a walk.

Single: USD 105.00 Twin : USD 128.00 *Rates include taxes and BB

RADISSON BLU B E L O R U S S K AYA 4 * The Radisson Blu Belorusskaya H o t e l s i t s a t Ya m s k o g o P o l y a Street, just off the main thoroughfares Leningradsky and Tv e rs kaya , one of Moscow's major commercial streets. This hotel's location in Moscow city centre also puts guests nearby popular attractions such as Bolshoi Theatre and Olympiysky Stadium, and is a five-minute drive to the Kremlin. Sngl – USD 111.00 Twin – USD 122.00 Rates include taxes and BB

Hyatt Regency Moscow Petrovsky Park 5* Leisure Hyatt Regency Moscow Petrovsky Park o f fe r s t h e q u i n t e s s e n t i a l location for both business a n d l e i s u r e t r a v e l e r s .y o u ’ l l find that productivity and relaxation are constants during your time in M o s c o w. Distance to Tr i u m f S p o r t p a l a c e 3 4 k m , c a n t a ke b e t w e e n 4 0 min up to 1 hour SGL- USD 130.00 TWIN-USD 160.00



TRANPORT Minibus up to 7 pax minibus up to 16 pax Minibus uo to 19 pax standard car business class car business deluxe bus 47-50 pax


price for transfer $70,00 $95,00 $99,00 $45,00 $50,00 $65,00 $250,00

MIN HOURS 3 4 4 2 3 3 4

RENT PER HOUR IN THE CITY extra hour for waiting is a price per hour must $20,00 1 $22,00 1 $25,00 1 $17,00 1 $20,00 1 $20,00 1 $50,00 2

Total per rent $80,00 $110,00 $125,00 $51,00 $80,00 $80,00 $300,00

M O S C O W C I T Y TO U R This is the best way to know the city and learn about the history of the Russian capital. On our waywe will visit many places of interest such as one of the largest squares in the world -Red Square - situated next to the walls of the ancient Kremlin, the Mausoleum of Lenin and St. Basil Cathedral of the 1 6 t h c e n t u r y. W e w i l l m a k e s e v e r a l photo stops; one of them is the worldfamous view of the Kremlin from the embankment of St. Sofia. Seven buildings - the towers that were constructed after t h e S e co n d Wo r l d Wa r - a re t h e sy m b o l s o f m o d e r n M o s c o w. O n e c a n e n j o y t h e excellent panorama ofthe towers and the famous Cathedral of Christ theSaviour from the viewing point of M o s c o w U n i v e r s i t y.

MOSCOW City tour & St Basil Cathedral City tour as described above and visit to St. Basil Cathedral. In 1555 -1561 f a m o u s R u s s i a n t s a r I v a n t h e Te r r i b l e ordered two Russian architects Barma and Postnik to build a Cathedral of Intercession (St. Basil Cathedral) on Red Square to commemorate the victory over the khanate of Kazan. After the the architects if they could build a cathedral that would surpass St. Basil in b e a u t y. A f t e r h e a r i n g a p o s i t i v e a n s w e r he ordered to blind them. In 1588 an annex over the tomb of Basil the fool for Christ was added to the structure. After that the cathedral has been bearing the present name - St. Basil Cathedral.

Metro & Arbat Street The metro of Moscow is arguably the most beautiful metro in the world. All the stations are different; each has a unique style. Some people say that stations are as beautiful as halls in a palace. As of 2013, the Moscow Metro has 192 stations and its route length is 320.9 km. After a tour of the most beautiful and richly decorated stations we invite you for a walk along Arbat Street. It is a pedestrian street about one kilometre long in the h i s t o r i c a l c e n t r e o f M o s c o w. T h e A r b a t has existed since at least the 15th c e n t u r y, t h u s l a y i n g c l a i m t o b e i n g one of the oldest surviving streets of the Russian capital.

The Kremlin & Cathedrals This stronghold is situated on a hill that is 40 meters high. Originally in the 12th century the Kremlin was made of w o o d a n d r e b u i l t i n s t o n e m u c h l a t e r. I t is surrounded with a 2 km wall with 20 beautiful towers. The presidential residence is situated here. The oldest square in Moscow which is called the Cathedral Square is also in the Kremlin. The Cathedral of the A s s u m p t i o n , I v a n t h e G r e a t B e l l To w e r, the Cathedral of Archangel Michael, the Cathedral of the Annunciation and the C h u rc h o f Twe lve A p o st le s s u r ro u n d t h is be autif ul s quare . We will vis it one of these cathedrals to learn more about the history of the country and admire f a m o u s Ts a r B e l l , a h u g e b e l l t h a t weighs 200 tons and the largest cannon i n t h e w o r l d - t h e Ts a r C a n n o n t h a t weighs 40 tons.

The Kremlin & Armory Chamber The Armory Chamber is located in one of the buildings of the Kremlin. From the 14th century till the beginning of the XIX century the Armory Chamber stored the treasures of Moscow tsars. In the beginning it was also a shop and a manufactory that equipped Russian warriors with side arms, firearms and t h e a r m o r s . To d a y t h e A r m o r y e x h i b i t s a unique collection: objects of applied art that were presented to Russian tsars by foreign ambassadors, a collection of arms of the 13th - 18th centuries, jeweler of the XII - XIX centuries. One can admire magnificent objects made o f g o l d , s i l v e r, p r e c i o u s s t o n e s , i v o r y, porcelain, clothing embroidered with pearls and the famous Easter eggs of FabergĂŠ.

The Kremlin & Diamond Fund In 1967 a fabulous exhibition of the Diamond Fund was opened in the halls of the A r m o u r y C h a m b e r. I t showcases a collection of unique objects made of precious stones and metals: the crowns of the tsars richly decorated with diamonds, including giant diamonds such as “Orlov” and “Shakh” and the largest sapphire in the world.

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