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Issue 1- October 2017

oice Of Bunts Newsletter

U.A.E BUNTS TOASTMASTERS CLUB Club No. 6588499, Area 21, Division B, District 105


Dear Reader, “If you have a positive attitude and constantly strive to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems and find you are ready for greater challenges” - Pat Riley It is indeed a great pleasure to introduce to you our very first newsletter which we trust you will enjoy. A huge thanks to all those who contributed in providing the wonderful and inspiring articles, without which there would not have been this newsletter issue. I would also like to thank our excom team members for their support throughout the creation of this edition. Please feel free to provide your feedback and send pertinent information with photos for inclusion in our forthcoming issues. I hope you enjoy this first issue and do let us know if there are any topics you would like to see covered in the future.

TM HARINI SHETTY Vice President Public Relation



“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist The above was what I experienced when my dream to form a Toastmasters club for the Bunt community in the UAE became a reality on 15th June 2017. Bunts, a progressive community who have made their mark worldwide hail from the southern Indian state of Karnataka and at present we are in excess of 2,000 members in the U.A.E. alone. Since I have been an active member in our community, I had the opportunity to meet several members who were successful in their respective professional arena. However, I noticed that there was a considerable potential to develop communication and leadership skills and in 2015 I started thinking about providing the Toastmasters platform to the members of my community. Subsequently, the idea was put into action with the encouragement of current Area 21 Director TM Ramesh Menon and in April 2017 the demo meeting was conducted with the support of immediate past Division B Director TM Deepak Gulati. The club eventually became a reality in June 2017, thanks to support I received from TM Savitha Shetty, our current VP Education and a member of City of Gold Toastmasters Club who supported me in this endeavor. We are now 10 meetings old and with each passing time the club has only raised its standard, thanks to the enthusiastic members who aim at blending objectives with creativity in all what they do. The highly committed executive committee also has left no stones unturned to ensure our meetings are conducted regularly in the most creative manner. In less than 3 months’ time more than 85% of our members have delivered their first speech and all our meetings have been led by our own members as TMOD. This is a true testimony to the words of famous American author, Neale Donald Walsch that “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” and our members have understood this very well. As a new club we also understand that growth is a collective effort and cannot be achieved in isolation. Therefore, we have collaborated with mentors from different clubs in Dubai to ensure that our new Toastmasters commence their journey smoothly. With the continued support from the Toastmasters fraternity and commitment of our members our enthusiasm is only set to soar in the future. This newsletter is also a part of our efforts to create value to the club by creating a channel of communication that will strengthen our association with other clubs. I wish U.A.E. Bunts Toastmasters all the best in the future and may you continue to make us proud.



MESSAGE FROM DISTRICT DIRECTOR “You gain strength, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face…You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”-Eleanor Roosevelt A Toastmasters Club is a powerful gift to its members. It gives people confidence, leadership skills and the ability to express themselves effectively. It is heartwarming to see UAE Bunts Toastmasters Club, since its charter on 15th June 2017, providing the best opportunity for its members to grow. This right start can ensure sustainable growth in the right direction. Toastmasters is a journey – a continuous one, where growth is directly proportional to the opportunities utilized. The club environment and regular meetings provide opportunities in the form of meeting roles. Many clubs assign roles to their members while others rely on members to volunteer for each meeting role. In either case, it is vital to the success of a meeting that once a role is assigned or selected, the member must take ownership of that role. That is when a member gains the maximum value from the role. A club can consider making it a mandatory rule that each member must find a replacement for their meeting role in the event of an emergency that prevents the scheduled member to be present at the meeting. This will ensure that the meeting roles are not under-utilized. The opportunities do not end at club level – there are many more at Area, Division, District and International levels. As it grows, may the club and its members reach out for many more opportunities at various levels. Seeing members becoming successful in every walk of their life, by effectively using the knowledge we shared through our program, is the greatest reward we can get. We are glad to see that the club has already achieved the SMEDLEY Award, and three goals in DCP chart in a short span of time. It is indeed a matter of great pride for the District to see the club climbing the ladder of success. Well done! Keep up the excellent job! Wishing UAE Bunts Toastmasters Club continuous empowerment of its members through their dedicated acts! “If you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams, and endeavor to live the life that you have imagined, you will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” - Henry David Thoreau

DTM SUNIL KOTTARATHIL District Director, District 105



Every time a new member is welcomed into the family, there is often a lot of apprehension – Will they fit in? Will they stay? How quickly will they start to flourish on their own and grow their own families? But once in a while, someone joins the family and makes you wonder why you were worried at all. As some of the newest kids on the block, the UAE Bunts Toastmasters Club have definitely put paid to any apprehensions we had within the first couple of months and taken to Toastmasters like a fish to water. The experience and passion of TM Jyothika Shetty and TM Savitha Shetty have come to the fore and will stand the club in excellent stead to tackle any challenges and move forward in leaps and bounds. And their passion is definitely contagious. I don’t know what’s more heartwarming - to watch the energy and verve with which your members have started their Toastmasters journeys or the fact that we see so many of your members stepping out of the club and supporting the entire division. We look forward to watching UAE Bunts grow from strength to strength into an example for others to take after. And if your beginnings are anything to go by, we’re definitely not too far away from realizing that vision. On behalf of Division B, I wish the U.A.E Bunts Toastmasters Club and its members all the very best in the years to come.

DTM VINOD RAMAN WARIATH Division B Director, District 105


MESSAGE FROM AREA 21 DIRECTOR The Greatest Leader not necessarily the one who does the Greatest things. He is the one who gets the other people to do the greatest things – Ronald Regon – former President of the USA. First of all my HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS to the leaders and all members of the UAE Bunts Toastmasters Club on the occasion of its 10th meeting and also celebrating its chartering ceremony. To express my right impression on the above progress, I would like to borrow the former US President Barak Obama’s words “Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the change that we seek”. This is exactly the reflection of all UAE Bunts Toastmasters, particularly the leader, the President of the club TM Jyothika (who were in urge to unleash the changes she experienced and evolved over her past few years of her selfless service within the toastmaster fraternity), in order to help her immensely potential community people, was in her a wild thought that she put across to many senior toastmaster leaders. Her subsequent sincere efforts to bring the changes to the Bunts community within the Dubai and UAE, supported by the community leaders who were fully aligning with her thoughts, had no time to waste in collaborating the much needed resources from the toastmasters fraternity within her reach, who reciprocated to implement the action plan, resulting in formation of the UAE Bunts Toastmasters club forthwith. As Area 21 Director, I can proudly say that this club has overcome its infancy and has been getting equipped, venturing to put up its talents through healthy competition among other senior clubs in the region. All the existing members are so talented and creative coupled with their sincere cooperation to help groom each one amongst the group make the miraculous toastmastering experience to watch in all their bye-weekly meetings held so far. This is because of the faith that the leader has shown and all the members evolved. A little faith will bring your soul to heaven, but a lot of faith will bring heaven to your soul. May this toastmaster club help bring and maintain the heavenly feel of pure toastmastering for all aspiring public speakers, communicators and leaders in the community, a place to indulge selflessly. I sincerely wish the UAE Bunts Toastmasters all the very best for continued success and may this club soon become an excellent one among other clubs in the Area and other region, with high quality of professionalism and perfection.

TM RAMESH BABU MENON, ALB, ACS Area 21 Director, Division B, District 105



TM Jyothika Shetty President

TM Savitha Shetty VP Education

TM Harini Shetty VP Public Relation

TM Shashi Shetty VP Membership

TM Devika Mally Secretary

TM Satheesh Shetty Treasurer


TM Amrit Shenava Sergeant at arms



Who are we? Who are Bunts ? Bunts are a Tuluva community of erstwhile nobility, feudatory and gentry from the region of Tulu Nadu in the south west part of India which comprises the districts of Udupi and Dakshina Kannada in the Indian state of Karnataka and Kasargod taluk of Kerala. The Bunts claim Kshatriya descent from the Nagavanshi lineage. They traditionally follow a matrilineal system of descent and kinship.

Etymology The word Bunt is derived from the Sanskrit word “Bhata” and means a powerful man or a soldier in the Tulu language. Out of the approximately 94 family names that the Bunt community uses, the word ‘Shetray’ anglicized as ‘Shetty’ is the most common last names for bunts followed by ‘Rai’. The Bunts community is colloquially referred to as the “Shettys”.

History The earliest available epigraphic evidence indicating Bunt presence in Tulu Nadu are the Chokipali inscriptions from 9 century C.E. At the present day, the bunts of Canara are largely the independent and influential landed gentry, some would say perhaps the substantial Yeomanry. They still retain their manly independence of character, their strong and well developed physique, and they still carry their heads with the same haughty toss as their forefathers did in the stirring fighting days. Both men and women of the Bunt community are among the comeliest of Asiatic races, the men having high foreheads and well-turned aquiline noses. As a military class, the Bunts established various kingdoms and independent feudatory states. The earliest one being the Kingdom of Alva Kheda whose territory comprised the coastal region stretching from Kasaragod in Kerala to Gokarna in Karnataka. The Kingdom existed for nearly thousand years (450 C.E. – 1450 C.E.) and the bunt dynasty who ruled this kingdom were known as Alupas. Bunts perhaps attained their greatest military success during the rule of the Vijayanagara Emperors belonging to the Tuluva Dynasty. The Tuluva Dynasty’s founder was a Bunt Chieftain called Tuluva Narasa Nayaka. After the fall of the dynasty the Bunts remained confined to Tulu Nadu where they took to large scale agriculture in the vast area of land they still possessed. The feudal life of society of Bunts began to disintegrate in the succeeding colonial British Raj period and the Bunts today are a largely urbanized community. *The above is an excerpt from the U.A.E. Bunts Aisiri Directory 2012 and U.A.E. Bunts Toastmasters Club do not claim any ownership or originality of the above information.



Jyothika Shetty

Savitha Shetty

Anup Hegde

Shashi Shetty

Harini Shetty

Guru Shetty

Devika Mally

Satish Shetty

Amrit Shenava

Ashwith Shetty

Chitra Shetty

Harish Shetty

Mohnisha Shetty Rakesh Bhandary

Reshma Naik

Sangeetha Shetty

Satish Shetty

Shailaja Shetty

Shubrath Shetty

Veena Shetty

Usha Shetty

Sharath Shetty


Sowmya Hegde

Sudeep Shetty

Shreya Shetty

Ramya Shetty

Karthik Shetty





Toastmasters is a journey that has taught me to organize my thoughts well before I speak it has taught me to be a better listener most important to try and communicate my thoughts and message more effectively with the purpose clearly laid out. UAE Bunts is the only Toastmasters community club exclusively for Bunts in the world so we are unique. We have some very prolific speakers and it’s one of the happening toastmasters club with very enthusiastic members who contribute in the clubs progress. We have participated in the internationally launched project by producing a video wishing the Smedley 1 club, being a club just about completing the 10th meeting its commendable. We are proud of our energetic toastmasters representing our club in the inter division debate competition it’s memorable as all the debaters were only 1 project old. I am in credibly proud of our members and look forward to attending meetings on Saturday.

TM SAVITHA SHETTY Vice President Education


Journey to DTM by DTM Anup Hegde Everything in life comes with a choice, of course there is an exception, you don’t get a choice to pick your parents, siblings and relatives. I must admit that every time I took a decision, whether it was the school that I went to, the college that I chose, the subject that I pursued, the job that I took, or for that matter the girlfriends that I had, I always let a doubt creep into my mind. Did I make the right decision? Could I have waited for something better? What if I chose something different? In the midst of all this there was one decision that I took and never let any doubt creep into my mind and that was the decision to become a Toastmaster. From the first time that I stepped into TM’s meeting in March 2007 till this date, it has been a wonderful journey, a journey that has transformed my life completely. Toastmasters has had a role in every success that I have achieved. Before I joined Toastmasters I was under the impression that I was already a good speaker but after my first Toastmasters meeting in Dunes, I knew I was in trouble. My first challenge was “Table Topics” and my Topic was to sell a cup of tea. Sounds simple for someone in Sales for 20 plus years right? Wrong! I don’t even remember what I said but I remember that I had stood in front of a room full of people and kept silent for what seemed like eternity and went back to my seat. That didn’t deter me one bit though, I used every opportunity that came my way and I reached a stage where everytime a Table Topics Master walked up I would say “Try Me” instead of “Why Me”? Within a year of being in TM, I had done every role in the club, from the TMOD, to the grammarian, word master, TT master, and general evaluator. I began to challenge myself by taking on leadership roles, first the VP Education, then the president of Dunes and eventually the Area Director Area 57. From completing my 40 Communication projects to doing educational sessions, from mentoring members to being mentor of clubs, from conducting Speechcrafts to Youth Leadership Programme, from forming Gavel clubs to TM clubs, I have been a part of every activity that I felt would help me become a better Communicator and leader. I have enjoyed every moment of my 10 years in TM, winning a few laurels along the way and ultimately achieving the DTM and just to make that event even more special I got my pin from the World Champion of Public Speaking Manoj Vasudevan. In 10 years that I have been in TM there never was a dull moment. Having started my 2nd innings all I can say is that “Learning never stops in Toastmasters”. For 10 long years I resisted the temptation of joining another club, but when an opportunity came in the form of UAE Bunts TM, I couldn’t resist it and decided to become a dual member. This club has the potential to reach great heights, and if I am able to inspire even one of you to achieve your DTM, I believe my purpose in life is achieved. One thing is very certain, if someone like me, who had no set goals (when I joined toastmasters), was able to achieve the highest award in Toastmasters, I believe that anyone with an aim and a passion can easily achieve it. I encourage each one of you to pursue this journey not just to become better communicators but also better leaders. Happy Toastmastering!


A Day in the Life of a young Toastmaster by TM Shreya Shetty

Welcome to a day in my life! If I had to use one word to describe a day in my life it would be “Productive” or at least that’s what I strive to achieve each day. Being an early bird, I am usually up by 6 am. I believe, early risers have their own perks as they have much more time in their hands to utilize. My first task for the day would be exercising for a minimum of one hour. Mostly, I opt to swim at around 7am-8am as my gym holds outdoor swimming pool with a serene view of the sun rising and its rays falling on the buildings around. At this hour of the day, the not so strong rays of the sun falling on me just doesn’t boost me with the required Vitamin B but also, I am pumped with energy to tackle the rest of the day. Following that, I head straight to the company I am working with as the accounting intern. Six hours at this institution doesn’t feel like work but a learning experience, as I face tasks which require cognitive thinking and not monotonous procedures which according to me encourages growth. After indulging into practicality of accounting, I move on to my CMA coaching classes for two hours where I learn the theoretical point of view of management accounting. The dual benefit I enjoy while interning as well as studying is that I can apply the concepts learned more naturally and easily to situations at the workplace. At around 7 pm, I catch up with my friends and family, as all work and no play makes Shreya a dull girl. Family time would be best defined as cooking together, meditating together, having dinner and playing chess. A good game of chess is s when I defeat my mom. Around 11 pm, my eyes feel drowsy and it’s time for a good night sleep. Each night, before going to bed, I recollect all the events and incidents occurred during the day, judge whether the actions taken by me was appropriate or not, ask questions whether I am a step closer to my goal or did I go two steps back? This introspection I assume, is highly needed if one needs to improve oneself. As they say, make each day count, I ensure that each day is a one step to closer to me being an auditor. I believe in the motto, “work every day until you no longer need to introduce yourself”. With that, I hope all of you readers, enjoy productive days in your life.



The club though it was born just a few months back, but it does not look as if it was born recently. The reason is simple the excom members of the club put in just not 100% but more than that to make the club ticking every second. The new members do not feel out of place and each excom member makes them feel as a part of the family and provide the necessary support at each level. Indeed the energy level is always high and positive.

Why I joined the Club As a marketing person I always felt that something is missing, either in my communication or my presentation specially in front of an audience. It was easy to communicate one-to-one but when it came to public speaking I simply avoided by making excuse. My objective of joining this club was to overcome the nervousness of facing people. Am sure I will learn a lot from the club and I always love to seek and implement the same in my day to day life.

TM Sudeep Shetty

Is Toastmasters beneďŹ cial? Joining Toastmasters is one of the best decisions you can make in your life. I have been in Toastmasters for almost 5 months now and trust me, Toastmasters is all about US!

So, to answer your question, Yes, Toastmaster is beneďŹ cial if you want to be the person you want to be. I have made friends, learnt new things, laughed a lot but the most important of all, I am developing my leadership and communication skills along

TM Amrit Shenava






OTHER EVENTS Debate Contest: The Debate contest was conducted in the month of September and was the first ever contest to be held in our new club. A total of 18 enthusiastic participants attempted the first round of debate following an education session by TM Sandeep Vengsarkar from City of Gold Toastmasters. After an interesting 3 sets of debate, final 6 contestants were selected for the next round based on their individual scoring. Finally, our club winners TM Satish Shetty, TM Shailaja Shetty and TM Sharath Shetty faced Desert Voices Toastmasters Club on the same day and put up a strong fight resulting in greater self-confidence and learning. We wish Desert Voices Toastmasters Club all the best in the future rounds and our members look forward to such challenges in the future.

93rd Anniversary of Smedley Chapter One Club Smedley Chapter One is the original Toastmaster's club founded by Dr. Ralph C. Smedley in 1924. To commemorate the 93rd anniversary, Smedley Chapter One ran an international project in August 2017 called "From Club ONE to the world and back", which was an effort to bring back home Dr. Ralph Smedley's vision. This project became highly successful as numerous clubs around the world participated in this prestigious project. U.A.E. Bunts Toastmasters Club was also one of the clubs who participated in this initiative and submitted a one minute video, supporting the vision of the founder. This was one of the rare opportunities to collaborate with the first Toastmasters club in the world and we thank Smedley Chapter one for the same. Wishing Smedley Chapter One Toastmasters Club a successful future ahead !!!


OTHER EVENTS Newsletter Naming Contest U.A.E. Bunts Toastmasters truly believe that communication is an integral part of building relationships right from the beginning. As such despite being a new club we decided to launch our first newsletter in order to strengthen our communication with the outer world. To begin with we needed a name for our newsletter that resonated with our spirit and enthusiasm. Accordingly, we ran a "newsletter naming contest" within our club in the month of September 2017. Amongst the various names we received the final winner was "Voice of Bunts" and our club mentor TM Ramesh Menon claimed the winning title. Congratulations to the winner and also wishing "Voice of Bunts" newsletter a great beginning to a series of interesting editions.

TM Ramesh Menon Club Mentor

CLUB ACHIEVEMENTS Won the Smedley award from TMI – Sept 2017 – For adding 5 members All 7 excom members attended the C.O.T. Training.

MEMBER ACHIEVEMENTS DTM Anup a dual member of U.A.E. Bunts Toastmasters was presented the Triple Crown and Distinguished Toastmaster award in Dubai by the World Champion of Public Speaking (2017), TM Manoj Vasudevan. Cheers DTM Anup !!!


18 Crossword Answers: Across 5 – Cooperate, 6 – Polite,,8 – Regret,12 – Pessimistic, 15 – Unfair, 16 – Generous, 17 – Patient, 18 – Greedy, 19 – Honest Down 1 – Content, 2 – Loyal, 3 – Respect, 4 – Wise, 5 – Compassionate, 7 – Envy, 9 – Trustworthy, 10 – Optimistic, 11 – Modest, 13 – Courageous, 14 – Proud


U.A.E BUNTS TOASTMASTERS CLUB Club No. 6588499, Area 21, Division B, District 105 Website: Facebook: /uaebuntstoastmastersclub We Meet on 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month at 3 pm @ Holiday Inn, Embassy District, Bur Dubai

Uae bunts toastmasters club voice of bunts newsletter  
Uae bunts toastmasters club voice of bunts newsletter  

The members of the UAE Bunts Toastmaster Club are very proud to have successfully launched our very first newsletter "Voice of Bunts" during...