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How to: e, and Create a Timebomb with a Glass of Water, a Cold Capsul Sodium Metal


Open the cold capsule by gently twisting the gel- based capsule apart and e mpty out contents of the cold capsule.

Take small pieces of sodium metal (use tongs or wear gloves), place them inside the cold capsule and close the capsule by screwing the narrower section into the larger section.

Drop capsule into the container of water. BE CAREFUL. If the capsule was not completely sealed, then the capsule will explode as soon as the water hits the sodium metal.

Hide behind some crates or a file cabinet. After a short time (5-10 minutes) the cold capsule will dissolve in the water. At this point the sodium metal will become exposed to the water.

BAM! When the sodium reacts to the water, it will explode, creating an intense hot orange flame.

Why when it Sodium (Na) is a metal that forms a corrosive liquid capsule comes in contact with water. Once the gelatin- based dissolves, the sodium metal reacts rapidly with the water and to form a colorless solution of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) that g hydrogen gas (H2). The reaction is exothermic, meanin heat is released during the reaction. In fact, the sodium burns metal may well become so hot that it catches fire and If only bad guys apwith a characteristic orange color. preciated reaction chemistry like we do.


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