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VP Academic Job Title: Portfolio: Term: Time Commitment:

Vice President Academic Academic 1 year 40 hrs total during summer months 10-15hrs/week during academic year

Job Summary:

The Vice President Academic is responsible for ensuring student academic growth at the University of Lethbridge. Through developing events that help enhance an individual’s academic experience the VP Academic must ensure students are gaining knowledge about relevant management issues and ensuring their academic careers go beyond the classroom.


 Maintain and further develop relationships with all members of the faculty;  Ensure faculty receives invites to all events in a timely manner;  Aid in the planning of academic enhancing events;  Develop new opportunities that academically enhance a management students degree;  Oversee the organization and execution of an Internal Case Competition;  Attend monthly faculty council;  Oversee the management of a database containing information on all undergraduate conferences and competitions available U of L Management students. This entails maintaining open communication with the organizers of the conferences as well as building awareness among the student body;  Oversee PDP Program as MSS representative;  Provide additional assistance to other portfolios as necessary;  Work closely with Executive Team in order to realize the goals of the organization;  Perform duties assigned by the President;  Ensure that MSS is represented in a professional manner at all times.


Strong analytical, critical thinking, professional and communication skills, outgoing, ability to multi-task  Enrolled at the University of Lethbridge as a part-time, full-time, or co-op student in the Faculty of Management  In academic good standing as verified by the Faculty of Management


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