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1 May

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Summer 2013: May 28th-August 2 Fall 2013:August 19-December 13

Welcome from Director Sandra Janusch

Spring 2014-: January 21-May 17th

New! Pre-Maters Bridge Program The Pre-Masters Bridge Program (PMBP) at the University of Montana (UM) is designed to support international students to pursue a graduate degree at a U.S. institution. The program provides a foundation from which students can successfully apply to graduate programs in a variety of disciplines. International students whose English language level is below TOEFL 580 PBT/90iBT, do not have experience learning in an American, Englishspeaking classroom, and/or need to prepare for a graduate entrance exam are especially appropriate for this program. By the end of the program, students should have the skills necessary to be accepted to a U.S. graduate program.

It has been a fantastic first year for me at ELI. I have been able to see our new students growing in their confidence and ability to use English in many ways, I have enjoyed all of our social activities and field trips to beautiful sights in Montana, and I have met amazing and talented students and teachers from around the world. The English Language Institute is truly delivering on the mission of the University of Montana – to help each other to THRIVE. Our students, our staff and our English Language Institute are continuing to thrive in many ways here in Missoula. I am so thankful that I get to observe this every day. This year, ELI turns 20 years old. As I reflect upon what that means to us, I think of the hundreds of students who have studied English here in the past and who have then gone on to accomplish amazing things in their home countries around the world. I think of the dedication and countless hours ELI instructors have put into helping their students learn. I think of how methods and materials, textbooks and texts, presentations and homework can so easily disappear from our memories. It is the relationships that are made while we learn together that last over time. I hope you have a wonderful summer – whether in Missoula, at ELI, or in your home country. I hope you continue to keep in touch with us if you are returning home and send us updates on your progress and activities. This will be my first real summer in Missoula and I am looking forward to floating down the Clark Fork River, eating ice cream at Big Dipper, and sitting in the afternoon sun on the oval. Wherever you are, I hope you will keep ELI in your hearts and minds, and always continue to thrive! Sandi

ELI Bridge Program

"Bella Vista is a story about outsiders in Missoula, MT. Revolving around a teacher and her class of international students, Bella Vista explores the themes of adaptation, transition, displacement and what it means to be home.

The English Language Institute and University of Montana (ELIUM) Bridge Program gives students an opportunity to register for one UM credit-bearing course

The cast includes ELI students Khadija El Aouni, Rway Alkheem, and Hiroka Masashima

(at the 100 level) while they are enrolled in the ELI. Students who will be in Level 5 or Level 6 are eligible for this program. New students must place into Level 5 or Level 6 to be eligible for this

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows

program. How can I apply to the Bridge Program? Complete the Bridge Program application form, including selection of university courses. Submit a letter of recommendation from your most recent English-language teacher Submit a copy of an original TOEFL score which shows that the applicant has a minimum TOEFL score of 480 - 499 (pBT)/55-60 iBT. Priority Processing Deadline for your ELI and Bridge Program application is two months before the start of the semester. Students who apply after the Priority Processing Deadline may be accepted on a space available basis. However, in some cases, you may be accepted for a future semester.

New students should contact for further

Bella Vista is written and directed by current University of Montana Media Arts Adjunct Professor Vera BrunnerSung and pro-

The English Language Institute at the University of Montana is one of ELI Welcomes Ariel Barrett! only two US universities to be Ariel Barrett was born and raised chosen to host the U.S. Departin Missoula, Montana. She has ment of State’s Hubert H Humphbeen actively involved with interrey Fellows Long-term English national friends and foreign culLanguage Program (LTE). The tures since childhood. Over the years, Ariel and her family have befriended many international student LTE is a five-month Language who have attended the University of Montana. Ariand Culture program and will el has also traveled around the world both to study begin at the end of March and and to explore. Her love of different cultures led conclude in August. The goal of her to study Anthropology. Ariel studied Cultural Anthropology at the University of Montana where the program is to assist the Hu- she received both her Bachebert Humphrey Fellows in inlor's degree and Master's degree. creasing their English Language ELI Welcomes Sara Proficiency and understanding of Schroder ! American Culture. Following their participation in the LTE program, participants will be placed Sara Schroeder grew up in Iowa and Illinois. She received a B.A. at Loras College, in Dubuque, Ioto serve as academic Fellows at wa, in Classical Studies and History, then studied other US institutions for one Spanish at Colorado Mountain College, in Leadville, Colorado. She completed her M.A. in Linguisyear. The Humphrey Program is a Fulbright exchange activity

tics here at the University of Montana. She has taught in a wide variety of environments— from elementary classrooms to college classrooms, rock-

Trivia contest! The first person to answer all the questions correctly wins an ELI coffee mug.


How many people live in Missoula, MT?

New! ELI Volunteer Program

2. How many teachers are there at

In America, people volunteer for many different reasons. Some people volunteer to gain valuable work experience; others volunteer to improve their resume and some people volunteer to support an idea or cause. Most importantly, people volunteer to help other people. By giving your time to volunteer organizations, you provide important services that would, otherwise, not be available in the community. As an international student, volunteering means meeting and working with native speakers of English. Being part of a volunteer organization will allow you to practice your English in a non-academic environment, while making new friends and experiencing local American culture.

3. When does the spring ELI se-

Through this program, ELI will help you find the right volunteer experience for you, and help you make contact with the organization. Your volunteer hours will be decided by you and your organization.

ELI? What are their names?

mester end? 4. How many elk live in Montana? 5.

Farmer’s Market start? 6.


Osvaldo Leiva ELI: 1996

ELI: Fall 2012

Owner of Rio Colorado Lumber

Accepted to the MBA Graduate Program at UM

Hi. My name is Osvaldo Leiva I'm 61 year old. I'm from Chile; South America

I'm Sinh, I'm from VN. I was ELI student last semester. I'm taking MBA class now. Studying at ELI helped me a lot to improve my

What is the capitol of Montana?


Where can you find the ELI Newsletter on our website? Where is Big Dipper Ice Cream?

10. What’s your favorite pizza place in town?

Alumni Spotlight! Sinh Hoang-Vietnam

How far is it to Glacier National Park?


If you are interested in participating in the Volunteer Experience Program , please see Sara Smith for an application.

When does the Missoula

I'm Forestry Engineer & I have a MBA as an up-grade I studied at ELI on 1996, in conversation level. I've three child; Pilar (31), she is working in Banff (Alberta, Canada) for 2 year in an hotel. Then Osvaldo (29), he works in forestry activities by himself. The youngest is Tomas (21) he is studying business at the university...during 2011 he studied at ELI for the full year. For the last 25 years I've been working at my own medium size sawmill.

Upcoming Events

International Food Festival a Success! Thanks to everyone who helped make the ELI tables at the International Culture and Food Festival a success!

Hassan Almomen Rway Alkheem

May: 20 Year ELI Anniversary Celebration!

June: Trip to Historical Fort Missoula

June: Trip to Garnet Ghost Town Living History days

July: Trip to Yellowstone National Park

July: Whitewater rafting trip

Saad Aldosari Abdulrahman Alotaibi Kei Kobayashi Ahmed Aljassa

Check the weekly ELI newsletter for more details

Students participate in the Clark Fork River Cleanup

English Language Institute 32 Campus Drive Missoula, MT 59812 Phone: 406-243-6141

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