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Platform of Preclinical models of ischemic stroke

An expert team on experimental stroke Original and reproducible rodent models of ischemic stroke and reperfusion to address your questions on mechanisms, diagnostic and therapeutic.

- to address your questions, - to validate your hypotheses - to test your diagnostic or therapeutic strategies - to organize your trainings A variety of permanent and transient models of ischemic stroke: Mouse: ♦ Thrombin injection ♦ Intraluminal embole ♦ FeCl3 application

Rat: ♦ Intraluminal embole ♦ Intraluminal autologous blood clot

Supported by : - Inserm team UMR-S U919 (head Pr D. Vivien) - the Centre Universitaire de Ressources Biologiques (Head B. Haelewyn), Caen Lower-Normandy UniverB2BIS : Bench to Bed for Ischemic Stroke


Platform of Preclinical models of ischemic stroke

Dedicated surgical facilities and physiological apparatus setup for rat and mouse models Anesthetic and mechanical ventilation systems, ♦ Surgical microscopes, ♦ Stereotaxic devices, ♦ Control of physiological parameters (temperature, PaO2, PaCO2, pH), ♦ Arterial pressure and blood flow monitoring (Laser Doppler), ♦ … ♦

Easy access to our facilities to make your experiments either by yourself, by yourself with our scientific and technical supervising or by our expert team. Possibility of partnership with the in vivo imaging platform (CYCERON) and behaviour labs. Contact: - Dr. Cyrille Orset, PhD, INSERM U919, Cyceron center, Bd. H.Becquerel, 14000

Caen, FranceTel: +33 (0)2 31 47 01 02 email: - Dr. Benoît Haelewyn, PhD, CURB, Campus Horowitz, Bd. H.Becquerel, 14000 Caen, France Tel: +33 (0)2 31 56 68 81 email : B2


Platform of Preclinical models of ischemic stroke

Scientific network and references in the field of stroke Kuopio



Manchester Utrecht




Aachen Heidelberg

Rouen Brest


Paris Basel Lyon

Pamplona Madrid

Nice Barcelona

List of firm collaborations: Paion, Germany Lundbeck, Danemark SANOFI, France SERVIER, France, Neurokin, France Sygnis, Germany NNOXe Pharmaceuticals, Canada

List of academic collaborations : University of Manchester (UK) University of Utrecht (NL) La Charite University (Germany) Val Hebron Hospital (Spain) University Of Heidelberg (Germany) University of Lyon (France) University of Kuopio (Finland) University of Basel (Switzerland) ‌

List of references: European network partnerships: Haelewyn et al., 2011; Anesthesiology Eurostroke Macrez et al., 2011; Stroke Orbe et al., 2011; Circulation Haelewyn et al., 2010; JCBFM Orset et al., 2007; Stroke Orset and Haelewyn et al., Rodent Models of Thromboembolic Stroke, Humana press 2010, Ulrich Dirnagl

B2BIS : Bench to Bed for Ischemic Stroke

Plaquette B2BIS  

Plaquette B2BIS

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